Best Over The Counter Skin Products

Best Over the Counter Acne Treatment – Dry, Oily or Sensitive Skin

What is the Best Firming Over the Counter Night Cream? – Finding Products that Really Work is Not a Matter of Cost

What is the best firming over the counter night cream? If you want a firming cream that really works, you need to look for a few key items in a firming cream. You want a firming cream that is not just a moisturizer. Moisturizers are essential for good facial skin care. But, you need more to get the firming results you want. Firming in young skin comes from high levels of collagen and elastin. As you age, those essential elements start to diminish from your skin. That is why you get sagging, fine lines, and wrinkles. You need a cream that helps reverse that process.

Ingredients, Good or Bad

When you ask, “What is the best firming over the counter night cream,” you need to know what ingredients are in it. Look for a firming lotion that has high concentrations of active ingredients. Many products contain good active ingredients. They do their jobs if they are at the right concentrations. Many of these products, however, have only minimal amounts of the active ingredients. They contain mostly filler ingredients that do nothing for your skin. For a firming cream that really works, you need high concentrations of active ingredients. With low concentrations, you are spending money on ingredients you do not need.

About the author: Joe Ellis is a strong advocate of natural health and healing. Researching skin care from a natural angle is one of his primary interests. For more information on choosing a skin care product that is right for you, check out Joe’s website and subscribe to a FREE five-part Skin Care Report at


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  1. J J says:

    Skin Tone Lightening Help? (10 Points Best Answer)?
    I wanna try and get an even Pinkish White complexion like Ivy from Soul Calibur for example.

    I have like a soft beige skin tone and I wish to lighten it to that classic ivory color. Is it possible to get a lighter skin tone with over the counter products? Will using a cream to lighten my skin get rid of my old blemish and freckles caused by previous acne flare-ups?

    Use this link below for reference, it has these little boxes next to the picture that have different skin tones in them. I wanna makes my natural skin tone go down five spaces.

    htt p://w ww.neutro m/product/hea lthy+skin+liquid+mak

    (I put spaces so the question would post.)

  2. mcperson2k says:

    Best over the counter product to help with poison something?
    I have some kind of poison ALL over my arms. It is horrible, I guess I am extremely allergic to it. It’s so bad that I am thinking about going to a doctor, because at this point, I know I am going to have scaring up and down my right arm. I’m currently using some type of soap, but its just drying the hell out of my skin, making it more itchy, therefor I cannot sleep without waking up every 30 minutes with severe itching. Please tell me the best over the counter solution so I can go buy it ASAP.
    Thank you!!! Going out to get it right now!

  3. natalie says:

    what over-the-counter product clears acne the fast/best?
    What over-the-counter product clears semi severe acne the fastest and the best without drying your skin out a ton?

    • Ivy says:

      Theres this bar of soap called Neutrogena, and its orange, and it opens your pores. use it before you go to bed, and when you wake up. it works so well. but anything that has salacilyc acid in it works well. you can get it at target or whatever.

  4. Renée G says:

    What is the best over-the-counter product to clear my skin up? I have a few of those deep cystic type pimples.
    They seem to take forever to go away!! Help!!

  5. Divahmo says:

    What natural skin care products work the best for occasional breakouts/oil skin?
    Hell everyone! I have been on my skin care journey for about 3 years. I’ve used so many products ranging from Proactive to regular over the counter products like Neutrogena. I have decided to change to non-chemical products, I want to try out natural skin care products due to the fact that I’ve noticed more irritation with the chemical products. My skin is oily and i also have moderate/minor breakouts mostly pimples/whiteheads. Can you suggest any natural skin care that i can purchase over the counter that will give me great results.

    Thanks in advance

  6. Lauren says:

    what is the best over the counter facial product(s) that you have used?
    i’m looking for something to clear up my skin, i have these weird bumps on my face, and when i squeeze them all of this white stuff comes out, they are literally ALL OVER, and you can’t really tell unless you look closely, i also have blackheads and some occasional break outs. what is the best OTC product that you have used that could help me with these problems?

    • insert name says:

      Proactiv helped me. But I guess it’s not suitable for everybody.. talk to a dermatologist or something.

  7. KristynMae says:

    what is the best anti acne product for my skin?
    my skin is a combination & it’s very sensitive & i have had acne since i started high school 4 years ago. i’ve been prescribed differin (that only irritated my skin) & i tried so many over-the-counter products like neutrogena, clean & clear, st. ives, etc. i am currently using cetaphil but it’s not doing my skin any good.

    i was thinking about trying philosophy products or maybe clinique.

    any suggestions?
    oh, i forgot to mention that i did try pro-active. there was no visible improvement on my skin though & thanks for your suggestion.

    • Katrina H says:

      tea tree stuff from The Body shop
      but this is what worked for me:
      Take 50 mg of zinc a day. It worked wonders for me. I tried EVERYTHING, and this is what saved my face. Stop taking it if you don’t feel well (nauseous/throw up).
      You can also go on birth control (if you’re a girl). That worked at first for me. Then I got off it to see if my face would still stay clear, but it didn’t. I went on again but it didn’t work for me that time.

  8. Daciana says:

    What are the best skin products for teen girls of 2009?
    hey I really need this… money is not an object… I will use perscription or over the counter… I just want THE BEST… btw I have slightly sensitive skin…

    • beenthere says:

      The best cleanser for any age is Cetaphil. It has been proven over many years to be the BEST! You can buy it at any drugstore or drug department of larger stores.

      Estee Lauder makes a foundation that looks like putty but matches your skin tone beautifully. I also like their Eyelash Conditioner. I like the Lancome Mascara most. Eye shadows from Dior are great because they carry colours that you cannot buy anywhere else. The Shiseido eyelash curler is the best that you can buy

  9. i have no idea says:

    What is the best line of skin products?
    I spent a lot of money 4 weeks ago on Arbonne products (cleanser, toner, age serum, eye cream, day moisturizer and night moisturizer). I have been using them faithfully morning and night as it says to do in the directions. My face is just as broken out as it was when I was using over-the-counter cheap products. I have to say I’m really dissapointed that it hasn’t helped. Can anyone recommend a good line of products that may help my problem skin? By the way, I’m over 40 and need plenty of moisturizer. I eat very healthfully, exercise and drink plenty of water.

    • FOZ says:

      I am a male over 65. I have been using Jafra products for about 5 years along with Congeplex by Standard Process & digestive enzymes (pills).

      Congeplex works in the digestion to promote the growth of collagen and senovail fulid. Must use for at least 2 months before you can see a difference.

      Jafra for topical is great for keeping the skin looking young. I have tried other products, but this one works for me. You may have to try several before you find one that works for you, but this is a good starting place.

  10. grable says:

    best over the counter face cleanser for 60 and older dry skin?
    I have aunt her skin is very dry and over 60 i want to tell her and also advise her which product to use. Any suggestions

  11. Anonymous says:

    Best way to remove acne scars on med-dark skin?
    I am African American and have medium brown skin. Basically the same color as Rihanna, but without the clear skin. I have a lot of dark marks on my face and neck from acne and a few from ingrown hairs. I rarely have any breakouts anymore, but the scars are still there. Are there any good over the counter products that would work for me?

    • Nicolus Shiffer says:

      Scars cannot be removed completely and traces will always be left on the skin. For scars to heal effectively, it is very important not to scratch or squeeze scabs, wounds or acne. There are several treatment options that can improve the appearance of a scar and make it less visible. Over-the-counter or prescription ointments, creams or gels are often used to treat scars.

      Sometimes corticosteroids or antihistamine creams are administered for scars that may cause itching. Scar plasters are sticking plasters that may help to reduce or soften the scar. In cases where scarring is a result of severe acne, your doctor or dermatologist may use pressure treatings or silicone gel sheetings to treat scars. For protruding scars such as keloids or hypertronic, steroid injections may be used. Collagen injections may also be helpful in treating pitted scars.

      Natural remedies
      More and more people are looking for natural and holistic ways to heal scars from acne, chicken pox, injury or surgery. While some topical creams and medical procedures such as dermabrasion and laser resurfacing may lessen the appearance of scarring, they are often very costly and harmful to the skin.

      Natural treatments such as herbal remedies are less invasive and gentle to use on the skin. Herbs such as Galium aperine (Cleavers) and Trifolium pratense (red clover) have a wide range of therapeutic benefits that act as a cleansing tonic, blood purifier and lymphatic cleanser.

      Homeopathic ingredients such as Natrium muriaticum, Kalium muriaticum and Kalium sulphate help to maintain skin health and support the regenerative processes of the skin.

      Oleum Lavandula is well-known for its soothing and healing properties and has been used for centuries to heal and prevent scarring.

      Symphytum has been traditionally used to promote healing and cell regeneration; making it useful for treating scars and skin disorders.

      You may get more info on these over here and and

  12. Jade says:

    What Is The Best Strongest Skin Numbing Product I Can Get Over The Counter (Without Prescription)?
    I know this is probably the strangest thing anyone could ask for but I need to know if there is a skin numbing (cream, spray or gel) out there that will completely or close to completely numb my skin. I’m a model and I’ve been asked to do a spanking video but the one time I did it I bruised for weeks & it hurt like hell!!!! The same guy is asking me to do it again and I really want to because it’s a free trip to Hawaii & $300 per day I’m down there but I can’t handle that kind of pain again!!

    Can anyone suggest anything? Also please don’t make smart ass comments on how I shouldn’t do it if I can’t handle it or the fun of a spanking is the pain because I’m not doing it because I like it. I’m doing it because I need the money and I’d love to go back to Hawaii for the weekend.

    • sokokl says:

      Check for something like Emla. Emla is a numbing topical agent and last I heard it is sold over the counter.

      I would recommend checking with the pharmacist as well to see what they say.

  13. Dave says:

    what is the best over the counter acne product?
    ive tried clean and clear ad some other things didnt work or dried my skin.. what can i buy at my local store that will make my skin look new

  14. SerenitySmile says:

    What’s the best over-the-counter acne product?
    I don’t have bad acne or anything, but I’m looking for a product that will just keep my face looking fresh and clear. Also, something that won’t dry my skin too much.

    What’s worked for you?

    • Claire says:

      I have really bad acne on my forehead, but it’s faded away now that I’ve used Neutrogena’s Oil-Free Acne Wash. You don’t even need to get the scented one, because it’s more expensive and useless. 🙂 It’s orange and smells…. well, I don’t know. It’s good, I guess? Haha! But anyways, just make sure to moisturize after you use it. Your face will feel as light as ever!

  15. HANABI- says:

    over the counter best skin toner for dark spots?
    any good products where i can use something to get rid of my dark spots. im not looking for cocoa butter and ambi i’ve used those products and never noticed any result. probably with quick results.

    • pelican says:

      The truth is that there are no over the counter products or toners that will get rid of dark spots in the skin. Those spots are caused by the pigmentation of your skin and are part of you.

  16. crvpa says:

    What is the best Over the Counter Self Tanner for fair skin.?
    I am fair skinned, and when i try to tan I just burn. I have an event on friday that i would like to have a little more color. What Over the counter product can I buy that will make me tan, not orange? Any suggestions? Thanks

    • G! says:

      St tropez, dove, garnier, nivea gradual self tanners all work for me and are not orange at all.

      Good luck.

  17. chica says:

    my acne is very bad and wanted to known what would b the best product to use over the counter?
    my skin has bad acne and getes worse with emotions and even worse while on the time of the month. they are deep in my skin and hurt sometimes. ive gone to a doc and they gave me some pills that almost killed me and theydidnt even work. ive tried proactive and it didnt work i jsut need somthing that would work and keep working after using em for a while. any tips or references are very much needed anything at this point i will b open too.

  18. jESSx says:

    Which do you think is the Best?
    Clean & Clear, Clearasil Or Neutrogena?
    Do you recommend any other over the counter skin care products?

    • kimmayyxo says:

      i use clean & clear oxygenating facial scrub. Just make sure that you use a moisturizer afterwards. Its not amazing if you have a ton of acne but i only have a few blemishes here and there and it works well. It also clears up blackheads! I had one that just wouldnt go away and i used this and it worked great! I heard that clean and clear fizzing facial scrub stuff is good, too. Clearasil was allright and ive never used neutrogena. Im going to stick with clean & clear forever (:

      edit: whenever i do get a bad pimple, i use clean & clear persa-gel 10 and just dab it on at night and let it dry, put a lotion on it and then go to sleep and in the morning, its a ton smaller! i love it!

  19. America's Favorite Cracker* says:

    What is the best over the counter skin cleansing product?
    I have many small bumps on my face, but most are the same color as my skin, which appear all over my face There are other small bumps that are light on top, but appear around my eyes. I also have some reddish pimples.

    What over the counter products, or remedies, can I use to clear up my face, and what products can I use to maintain a clean and clear face?

    • Alexander says:

      Exfoliating helps out a lot if you’re breaking out. I use St. Ives Apricot Scrub, myself. It works for me. Use noxzema right after you do that. Aveeno lotion is a good lotion to use because it doesn’t make your face greasy. It is important to use lotion, though. Take hot showers as well to open your pores up (not too hot). Switch to cold to close the pores up again and prevent dirt from going in.

  20. Morgan says:

    Best over the counter acne products?
    I have been trying so my different over the counter acne products and even went to the dermatologist for a while and nothing worked. I was wondering if anybody knows of any acne products that work for (preferably) combination skin types that you can buy over the counter?
    Also products that work fast, thanks you guys
    I stopped going to the dermatologist because she had me using 5 different things at the same time and that was costing us way to much money, that’s why we stopped going their,
    The only makeup I wear is mascara and eyeliner and sometimes I fill in my eyebrows. I stopped wearing (foundation and concealer) makeup because I thought that was why I was braking out but it wasn’t, but I didn’t feel like starting to wear it again because it was a pain.

    • Anna Neu says:

      Burt’s Bee Acne Solutions work great for me! and I also recommend getting one of those brush meant for cleaning acne prone skin. Also I have gone to the dermatologist and somethings the medicines are too harsh on your skin. Stop for a week and see if it gets better or worse. If you are uncomfortable about this go back to the dermatologist and request a different medicine.

  21. wednesdays child says:

    Best face moisturizer for combination skin?
    whats the best over the counter product that doesn’t leave your skin looking oily?

  22. Rebecca Johnson says:

    what is the best over the counter product to treat Dyshidrotic eczema?
    I just found out by my symptoms that i have Dyshidrotic eczema. I doesnt itch it just peels, cracks and slightly burns or stings every so often. I know there is no cure i just want my skin to clear up.

    • Sumiko says:

      Hi, you can try one of the natural treatments for eczema from the Internet – some of them do work. For my eczema I use herbal cream by Champori quite successfully. It takes just a couple of weeks to clear the spots and they stay clear for months on end.
      Try it: champori comes with money back guarantee so if it doesn’t work for you – it’s free.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Which over-the-counter/drug store skin care products are the best?

    • honey1 says:

      If you have acne: After the meal of the day containing the most fats or oils, take beta carotene, vitamin C, and natural vitamin E. The best vitamin E is d-alpha tocopheryl acetate. The label should say natural; dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate is synthetic. Mixed tocopheryls aren’t as good.

  24. Hi. says:

    What is the best over the counter skin product or face mask?For Spots!?
    Need Help what is the best thing for your skin

    • JOANNE says:

      use freedom, its great, spots gone by the morning, strongest product for spots which you can get over the counter,its the same stuff you can get from the doctor for acne.

  25. Eric F says:

    What are the best acne products(over the counter or natural) for acne and oily skin? I need help quick?
    I need help. I have a big important event coming up in 4 days and I need to help clear my skin up before then. I know there is no miracle drug to work over night and it won’t be perfect. I don’t want to use proactive which doesn’t work for me. My skin is extremely oily. I would like to find the best over the counter or natural products I can use to help my acne disappear over the next few days until I can get to a dermatologist. I heard clean and clear doesn’t work but don’t know much about that one. What products are good my oily skin and moderate acne and which work the fastest until I can get to a doctor. Also I’m guessing my acne is hormonal along with my oily skin because I’m a 22 year old male not just the regular teenager with acne. I eat healthy and drink water.

  26. QueenADRock says:

    What’s the best solution for extremely dry skin/scaly? Diet? Products? Etc.? What’s worked for you?
    I have extremely dry, scaly skin. I’m only in my early 30s but my skin looks like someone in their 70s. Has anyone been in my shoes and tried a regimen or products that worked? Whether over-the-counter or prescription (I use Palmer’s Cocoa-Butter now)? Diet (I don’t currently drink a lot of water)? Exercise (I don’t currently exercise)? Loofahs? Please help. I want to show more skin for the summer!

    • kelly e says:


      I am in your shoes but since I have started using Arbonne’s awaken sea salt shower scrub (the oil helps so much)
      and the re9 body lotion my skin has never been better.

      It’s not cheap but to me not having snake skin, I am thrilled.

      Also be careful not to use any products that contain mineral oil it hardens skin not softens it (most brands use this as its cheap) not good for you!!!

      Good Luck…

      Drink water.

  27. Cindy R says:

    What is the best over the counter skin care product? Specifically for pimples, breakouts and redness.?
    I hate my skin. I always have pimples! Mostly they are around my eyebrows and my chin… that is where they are worse. I always have redness. I try not to pick them, but sometimes I just can’t take it anymore. They are gross and no matter what I use I cannot get rid of them. So it comes down to two things: 1. I am not using the right products and 2. I need to be educated on skin care. Right now I am using just a basic face wash – Biore Pore Minimizing Foaming Face Wash in the morning in the shower. And when I get out of the shower I use a toner/astringent – Biore Triple Action Astringent then I will sometimes use a moisterizer – Biore Skin Balancing Moisturizer. At night I admit I all too often forget or just not wash my face, but when I do I use – Biore Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser. As you can tell right now I am only using one line of products. I have used several though, but never just one brand. sometimes I use masks, and facial cloths too. I need HELP! I want to be pretty!

    • Macy says:

      To help educate yourself about skincare, you have to try out different brands of skincare and see what works best for you. Also don’t use the same product for too long. When you’ve run out of something i.e your face wash try something else instead, that way you get to experience different products and there effects. The problem you have, is that you’ve been using the same products for too long and now you can’t see there effects on your skin anymore, as your skin has become desensitised against them. You need to keep your skin constantly on the beat by surprising it with new products that work differently to your old ones.
      From the sounds of your skin you have a oily/combination skin type so you need to buy moisturisers/creams that help combat this. You obviously have excess oil production occuring around your forehead and chin. To help this keep your pores clean and go for skincare with salicylic acid (the best pore unblocker). Salicylic acid is great for exfoliation so dermatologists use it to clear clogged pores and acne.
      Try Acne Serum Tx £30 by Leaf & Rusher at Space NK.
      Or All- Over Blemish Solutions by MD Skincare.
      Or Anti-Blemish Sloutions Cleansing Foam £13 by Clinique.
      Also you could try using a cream which shrinks your pores. Look for any product which builds collagen and firms skin helping to keep your pores tight.
      Try Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher £34 by Estee Lauder.
      Or Pore Minimizing Serum £18.50 by Clarins.
      Make sure you wash your face morning and night with a cleansing face wash.
      Try Special Cleansing Gel £19 by Dermalogica. This product is designed to throughly remove impurities and gently foams away toxins and debris.
      You could also try using a night cream. Night creams are designed to clear congestion during the night and soften fine lines by helping dead cells shed faster. This will help your spots as dead skin blocks pores and results in spots.
      Look for a night cream which contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids.
      Try Invigorating Night Gel-Firming Treatment by Ole Henriksen.
      To help rade redness skip spicy foods, hot drinks and alcohol and use products containing anti-inflammatories like caffine, aloe and chamomile.
      Try Sheer Tint Redness Relief £25 by Dermalogica.

  28. charles k says:

    what is the best fade cream for African American skin?
    I have some dark spots on my cheeks from hyperpigmentation. Which over the counter product works well for a medium to dark skinned African American person, to fade away these dark blemishes and give me a nice even skin tone?

  29. Friggy Frigg~la bella vita~ says:

    what’s the best product to use for oily skin?
    I feel like I”ve tried every over the counter product.. any suggestions? I don’t have acne, my skin has just been oily & I”m not sure what to use anymore…

    • amudha r says:

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  30. *Ashley* says:

    What OTC (over the counter) product works best for acne and blemishes??
    I’m looking for a product that is under $10 dollars and has worked well for acne and blemishes. I’m recently using noxzema deep cleansing cream, but I’m not sure if it’s doing anything. I pretty much tried every otc product but can’t seem to find one that actually shows any amazing results. So, I’m woindering if anyone found a sucessful product that has worked in as little as a week. (I start school in a week and half). I tried proactiv but it just made the problem worse. What do you think about nuetrogena products?
    I have skin that tends to be drying and very acne prone.

    • fallen_star says:

      Nuetrogena works but its drying. You need a cleanser for day to day use, an astringent for those flare ups,a lotion to ease the redness as well as marks and sunscreen since your skin will be more exposed and sun will darken the marks. I recommend: cleanser by olay,neutrogena[soap maybe better for you], astringent by seabreeze or neutrogena [this one is stronger and ur not using it all the time so better option],lotion aveeno clear complexion [this is has vitamin a good for supple skin,it takes of marks an eases the redness while mositurizing] amdi fade cream [works faster but only ligthens marks an has a mild sunscreen] as for the sunscreen go for a high spectrum and gentle. Now these 4 items may cross ur budget so here’s your priority list;cleanser,lotin,astringent,sunsreen. Your routine use cleasner 2x mornin,nite wash wit water in between,then lotion sunscreen. At nite cleanse,astrigent,lotion. Hope tis long ting helps!

  31. blaker22 says:

    What’s the best over-the-counter microdermabrasion cream?
    I’m 20 years old and I suffered from acne for 8 years. It’s starting to get better now. I don’t really have breakouts anymore just a few small spots at a time. That’s all fine and dandy, but I’m left with a number a scars. They’re all pretty shallow, nothing too bad, but there’s a cluster of them on one cheek, which makes it look pretty bad.

    I’m a poor college student so I can’t afford microdermabrasion treatments or pricey skin products. My question is, what’s the best over-the-counter microdermabrasion cream out there. I’m willing to spend 20-30 bucks. Maybe 40 if it’s a great product.

    Thanks for any help!! (:

    • Raache FuturePhd-Hawthorne says:

      Avon has one the is 28.00. I like it because it make my skin brighter, however I do not use it as much as it states because it will break me out. I am 29 and i think i am going to try the Revlon microdermabrasion and chemical peel set because it is cheaper 23.00 (at Walmart). Now with the Avon one, I use a sulfur mask right after so I won’t break out. If you try the Revlon one let me know how it does, I this hope if helps.

  32. slowhand says:

    What is the best over the counter, anti-aging, facial skin care product?
    Looking for an effective, readily available, anti aging facial cream. What to look for when shopping for one.
    I am lookiing for a brand name here, not generalized information on how the products should or can work.

    What products work. What ingrediants to look for. None of us have time to try them all.

  33. bonbontaj007 says:

    What over the counter products are best for getting rid of excess body hair (i.e. legs, face, underarms)?
    i’m on this whole homeopathic-holistic lean and i just wanna get a serious answer…also I have sensitive skin and eczema…thanx

    • Amy says:

      I have very sensitive skin as well and I think I have tried every OTC hair removal product. I would recommend self waxing to those who are cautious. I have found that the hot wax works extremely better than the cold strips. Razors caused more irritation to my skin and lotions and creams burn your skin. If they disintegrate your hair imagine what it does to your skin. My ultimate solution (although expensive and not OTC) was laser hair removal. Well worth the pain and expense.

  34. Amanda says:

    best over the counter pimple/black head products?
    im guessing all this stress i have had lately is making me break out like crazy….and there kinda under the skin pimples and then i just have a lot of black heads…so any advice on some good over the counter products?
    price…doesnt matter…i just wanna be able to go to like a drug store or target to get it lol

  35. Kay says:

    best over the counter acne products… proactiv sucked.?
    mainly do peels do good things for your skin? or just irritate it? and what is a good moisturizeer…. i have a good facewash…. and a zit zapper stuff (benzoyl 10%) and i have gloycolic acid lotion stuff…. its supposed to work wonders…. my face is cleaer… but i need a good moisturizer, and wonderin if peels are good… oh, and my face wash is Salisylic acid, very nice, works well, all my stuff does….. but what works for you?

    • happy2beme60 says:

      our son has a problem with those zits too and we tried that stuff and he said it sucked, but prid is great for large zits overnite gone!! but for the most part clearisal (check spelling )works as good as anyhting we ever used

  36. teews22 says:

    what is the best over the counter product for oily skin?
    i bad oily skin right now because of the warm weather. I can also see my pores. Does anyone know what i could get to help this annoying problem??

  37. Shyness says:

    what is the best over the counter product for a black person with light skin?
    i just want to know what i could buy to help my face’s skin tone look smooth and even while removing the whitheads on my chin. my acne is mild but my skin always looks dull to me especially in winter i just want my face to have a glow and my skin color to look nice

    • mot says:

      IT’S ALL HERE:

      Here is what it contains:

      1 SYMPTOMS
      3.1 Timeline of acne treatment
      3.2.1 Exfoliating the skin
      3.2.2 Topical Bactericidals
      3.2.3 Topical antibiotics
      3.2.4 Oral antibiotics
      3.2.5 Hormonal treatments
      3.2.6 External retinoids
      3.2.7 Oral retinoids
      3.2.8 Phototherapy Blue and red light Photodynamic therapy
      3.3 Less widely used treatments
      3.5 Preferred treatments by types of acne vulgaris
      4 ACNE SCARS
      5 See also
      6 References
      7 Footnotes
      8 External links

  38. Me says:

    What is the best over the counter make up?
    I really don’t like my skin because I have blemishes and redness from my acne. I don’t have much acne left but I do have some. I feel insecure when I go places because I feel like people are focus on my skin so I never look in the mirror. Well I want to start wearing make up to make my skin look clear.
    I’m looking for something that would make my skin look natural and not like I’m going to a club, something for everyday use. I’m tight on money so I can only afford over the counter products. What products would you recommend?
    Also If I wear make up what can I use to protect my skin? I was thinking if I wear a little bit of blush only would it hide anything?

    • Lara says:

      The best make up to match skin colour is Prescriptives. If you ever have the money, visit a Mecca Cosmetica and ask them to suggest the best make up for your skin.

      For middle range, I would try Clinique perfectly real make up
      For low budget, I would try MaxFactor, Loreal or Maybelleine.
      If you want to eliminate redness, you can purchase a green based concealer. Green is the opposite of red on the colour wheel, so it dulls the redness. You then cover with your regular concealer. Rimmel sells a green concealer, though I have never tried it.

      THIS WOULD BE MY CHOICE (and is what I have found works best)
      Purchase a really good concealer, such as Prescriptives Flawless Skin. (Have the colour matched to your skin for free at Mecca Cosmetica)
      Purchase a concealer brush from a large well known pharmacy or anywhere else you can find one.
      Use the concealer brush to put concealer only on your blemishes and red patches.
      If necessary, blot it with your finger, as the warmth from your finger can help to blend it.
      Set it with a small amount of powder and a large powder brush to avoid it coming off during the day.
      If you look pale, you can add some blush for colour and warmth. If often will help to disguise blemishes, as long as you have covered them first.
      You can use a primer to help stop the make up clogging your skin, but if you have good make up in the first place, that should not matter too much.
      A good sunscreen is always great too, sun damage is the main cause of skin aging.
      ALSO try to eat low GI foods, as High GI foods have been scientifically proven to cause acne. (Some examples of HIGH GI are White rice, white pasta, white bread, and LOW GI are Brown bread, brown pasta, brown rice.)

  39. anna says:

    Can anyone please tell me the best skin lightening cream over the counter?
    i’ve ordered one from safariskin has anyone tried them before if you have can you please tell me how their products are.

    • smart_mind89 says:

      I never use lighting cream it is not good for skin to use more cream , because if i use i become look like Vanilla Ice cream. lol

  40. pastanus says:

    i have oily skin, and its also sensitive to chemicals and fragrance! What are the best products?
    I use Cetaphil to wash my face, an exfoliating scrub w/salicylic acid every other day, and I use Neutrogena On the Spot treatment to avoid any major break-outs. However, my skin still is not as clear. I go to a dermatologist, and he says that I have Acne Vulgaris, which is a medical description of simple acne! So frustrating. I don’t want to use major chemicals on my face, so I stopped using Tazorac, which is a prescription Retin-A product, and I just stuck with the over-the-counter stuff, which my dermatologist approved.

    • CB says:

      Check around local spas and salons where they give facials..The Dermalogica line is amazing…they have great products for acne/oily skin and the whole line is free of chemicals and artificial ingredients…it is professional so you should only get it from a lisenced esthetician but it’s the best i know of…

  41. onehundredproofer says:

    Best Brand Over the Counter Skin Care Product?
    What are the best brands for “OTC” skin care? Oil of Olay, Neutrogena, Aveeno, etc.? I currently use Mary Kay Timewise but really want to switch things up and be able to buy my products at my local store instead of hounding down a Mary Kay rep.

    • chosen_isaiah61 says:

      I really like pore diminishing.. Biore gace wash its gentyle makes your skin feel good.. but i use chella spf 15 day moisutrizer after that you have to send away for.. but the biore products are great oil of olay makes my skin greasy, aveeno.. never smella to good, neutrogena i am noy sure about

  42. keq1950 says:

    What are the best products to remove age spots?
    Are any of the over the counter skin treatments effective for age spots?

    • RPM says:

      To a degree, though patience is required. The active ingredient in most (if not all) OTC age spot creams is a concentration of 2% hydroquinone, and may take two to four months before you begin to see results. Your best bet: have your doctor write you a prescription strength 4% hydroquinone (around $20 for a 1-ounce cream). A little goes a long way, and you will see positive results much faster! But if you go the OTC route, beware: many of them simply don’t work, or work so slowly that you’ll wind up paying more in the long run. My 4% hydroquinone worked almost immediately and made all my age spots disappear! Good luck to you!

      (I did use products by Olay, Neutrogena, Roc & Ambi, but nothing worked better, faster and cheaper than the 4% prescription!)

  43. Shera Princess of Power says:

    Is it worth buying organic skin care products?
    I was checking out a web site (can’t remember the name! Sorry!)

    And it was a listing for every over the counter product on the market for Hair care & skin care. Each product is measured on scale from 0-10, 0 being the best, 10 being the worst. Most of the products I use for my skin falls in the middle (Moderate Hazard) with the exception of my Carmex lip balm (they said it was EXTREMELY hazardous to my health because of the ingredients)
    Now I have made a step forward in terms of an organic lifestyle. (I drink organic milk and eat organic eggs. I’ve stopped relaxing my hair almost 2 years ago and use organic products in my hair)But I am afraid of trying to switch to Organic products in terms of skin care.

    I have had acne for 11 years and it has ranged from a mild case of zits to a horrible case of Cystic acne on my back, chest and face that has left scarring and dark marks. I feel like for the first time in a long time I have some control over it.

    1. I drink alot of water.
    2. I use Dial Gold Bar soap to wash my body.
    3. For my face Noxzema Triple Clean Antibacterial Wash, Noxzema Triple Clean Acne pads, Neutrogena’s Invigorating foaming scrub and Retin-A.
    (I know that is alot for my face, but nothing else has worked up to this point!)
    4. To moisturize I just use Cetaphil Moisturizing Body lotion and the facial moisturizer with SPF 15.

    But according to this website, I shouldn’t be using any of my skin products because of the risks with the ingredients.

    I fear that if I start to experiment with Organic skincare products, all of the Acne I fought to get rid of will come back tenfold!

    Not to mention I’m on a very strict budget!

    But I would like to use more Organic products in the future, but I’m afraid they will not serve their purpose and I will be stuck with bad skin and empty pockets!

    What should I do?

    • Bored Again says:

      Personally, the fewer chemicals and junk in my products the better, my body doesn’t seem to like them very much. You’d be amazed at what little gifts nature has hidden in the world and how well they work. And you’d probably be surprised how many pharmaceuticals are made from plants (ephdra for example has been used in China for 5000 years to treat asthma and other respiratory aliments, I used it two months ago to treat a very severe asthma attack I was considering going to the hospital for).

      I like Burt’s Bee’s, it’s more natural than a lot of other products out there but isn’t that expensive. Just go online and see what you can find, Tea Tree Oil is just as effective as benzoyl peroxide but without the harsh side effects. You can make your own products which in the long run will cost you less.

  44. Sejla says:

    Does anyone know what makeup/ hair products are best ( over the counter) ?
    i have oily skin.. & i love full coverage for my foundation, what should i use ?

    what type of hair curler should i use to make my hair look extremely nice ? ( doesn’t matter where i get it )

    fake eye lashes?
    mascaras ?
    concealers ?
    blush ?
    eyeshadow ?

    whatever you suggest ill try 🙂

  45. alexandria says:

    how can i have the best skin care w/out going to derma because it is quite expensive?how to have a good skin?
    i am 24 years old. i am quite shy sometimes when facing people. i am not that prone to pimples ever since i entered college way back in 2001.
    but there are scars already. i cant put on a face powder or foundation. do concealer can do the works? the scars are deep.
    its so expensive to go to the derma.
    and sometimes going to the derma, is not enough. they would check what’s the best treatment. there are many sessions.
    and when you stop the treatment, there are probable side effects. so what is the best regimen that i can do with my scars. what are the best over-the-counter skin care products for scarred skin(mild ones) and the best way to conceal them and with othe other breakouts especially when going out, so i would not feel shy when i socialize with people and still feel confident. please help. i need all of your advices.
    thank you..

    • benthehen100 says:

      put this in another section besides “religion and spirituality” and you might have better luck.

  46. Bara. says:

    Best over the counter products for breakouts?
    I have small breakouts that are the same color as my complexion but then I have a lot of small red breakouts on my cheeks. What is the best over the counter face cleanser that actually really works to clear breakouts? I don’t have really bad acne at all but then I have a lot of small breakouts all over my face. Something that won’t irritate my skin and cause it to dry out.

  47. Evilish13 says:

    What is the best cosmetic for evening out skin tones?
    Im in my 20’s with descent skin. For some reason though its so many shades. What is the best over the counter product to give you a nice even skin tone? Im looking for a cure not a cover up
    Where do you get it? How much does it cost?
    Maybe I should add, Im italian so i have tanish olive skin tone but my face is so uneven and much more pale than my naturally tan looking body.

    • Mandy says:

      You should try Ambi fade cream. Over time it should even you out. Or… there are many other lotions you can try. Like the lotions that include a sunless tanner in them. It won’t happen over night but you should see a difference in a couple of weeks.

  48. NoCo says:

    Best way to unclog pores and even skin tone!?
    I have a darker complexion and it is hard to find over the counter products that work.

    I really need a good deep cleaning for my pores and I am trying to even out the really dark areas on face.

    Are there any good home remedies or something over the counter that I can use?

    • Donegal Rose says:

      Try an exfoliating scrub or using a Buff Puff with regular soap lather. A clay based mask could help. There are creams for uneven skin tone. Go to your local Walgreen’s and ask the pharmacist for advice on which one would be good for you.

  49. Sylvia L Carter-Robertson says:

    What’s the best over the counter product to clear dark spots on a woman of color face and neck?
    I’d like clearer skin and not sure what to use to get the dark spots off on different area of my face and neck.

    • kvkvn says:

      You could try using a dark spot fade cream… there are different types but I think the common ingredient is hydroquinoine. I use the one called Porcelana.

  50. vpatelpurple says:

    What company makes the best all around skin care products for acne-prone skin, regardless of price.?
    I am 21 searching for the best skin-care product for my acne-prone skin. I have tried many prescription drugs for my skin, and over the counter treatments, none of them seemed to please me. I am looking for something that will deliver dramatic results, and even erase the scars that my acne has left behind. I have tried just about all of the prescription methods except acutan. The over the counter methods include Neutragena on-the-spot treatment, clearsil, nothing too fancy.

    • blackngoldfan#1 says:

      I hear good things about PRO-ACTIVE. Walmart sells a product that is comparable to the pro-active. My sister in law swears by DERMOLOGICA. She owns a beauty salon and sells it there but i don’t know where else to buy it.

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