Best Retinol Creams

Best Retinol Creams

Skin Plumping Creams – Are They Safe And Will They Really Give You The Best Results?

I have just been looking at The Mayo Clinic site on skincare and they recommend quite a few ingredients which are useful in skin plumping creams. The first one that caught my attention was one called hyaluronic acid because I had heard a lot about it. I decided to investigate further.

The hyaluronic acid used in skin plumping creams is anything but natural. It comes from bacteria, rooster combs or from cows’ eyes. The problem here is that it does not have the really right molecular structure to get into the deeper layers of the skin.

When it is used in injections, the results are very mixed indeed. It can indeed plump the skin as it retains water very well. It can fill out those grooves which are in the nose mouth area and even help to smooth out some wrinkles in the forehead. I know that 12% of people actually have problems with swelling, bruising and even hard blotches afterwards. The whole process has to be repeated after as little as four to six months.

The other popular ingredient that caught my eye was Retinol. Supposedly Retinol makes short work of the free radicals. These are the arch enemy in the skincare wars. They are the enemy because they are capable of doing a lot of damage to the healthy skin cells and also they stop the growth of new skin cells too. Because of this, they are responsible for a lot of the signs of aging skin such as wrinkles, sagging skin and dull rough skin.

But Retinol can increase the collagen and that can lead to a plumping effect. The result is firmer and more supple skin. People with sensitive skin have reported problems after using Retinol because they suffer from irritation and redness. The findings from Consumer Reports about all these skin plumping creams was that the effects after six weeks were very ‘subtle’! That means there was no noticeable change.

Surely there must be better skin plumping creams on the market. There are but they are using none of the ingredients listed above. The reason is simply because they are trying to preserve our levels of hyaluronic acid, not by injecting or smearing on some artificial junk but by a totally different process. That ingredient is a Japanese seaweed called wakame which can really keep up our levels of HA and it is totally bio available.

The same goes for trying to add more collagen. What we need are natural ingredients in active quantities which can really get to work at the skin cell level and start regenerating our own collagen and hyaluronic acid. The outcome will be much healthier and plumper skin. In addition the visible results will not be subtle at all. In fact they will be really noticeable.

If you want to join this rather exclusive club where savvy skincare fans know a thing or two about skin plumping creams, why not click through to my website to join them. You will be in much safer hands!

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58 Responses to Best Retinol Creams

  1. Sarah L says:

    Is Eucerin Calming Cream water based?
    Is a Moisturizer water based if the first ingredient is water? I recently started using a prescription Retinol cream (Tretinoin Gel) and I know its best to use it with a water based moisturizer to help with the redness and peeling that occurs and I have a sample of Eucerin Calming Cream and it does not show the ingredients so I was hoping someone out there could help me figure this out. Is Eucerin Calming Cream water based? Is a moisturizer water based if the first ingredient is water? And if you have any suggestions as to an amazing water based moisturizer please let me know!

  2. smilethenscream7 says:

    Acne and Scars Issue BIG TIME!?
    I am 23 years old, and have a skin disease. I don’t really recall what it is, but its kind of rosacea, and acne in one. I get a few pimples every other day or so, and I’ve recently noticed some scars on my face. Now, I used to pop. Don’t anymore. I’ve used pretty much every face wash there is over the counter and from a doctor.

    Benzoyl, Retinol, Retinol A, Tetracyclin, birth control, clean and clear, bar soaps, lotions, creams, pads, microdermabrasions, acne free, pro-active solutions, neutrogena, oil of olay, loreal…

    Pro-Active seems to be working the best for me, but my acne and scars won’t go away. I’ve searched home rememdies too, and Ive got VERY sensative skin, so I’m afraid to try honey and lime juice or whatever the heck it was. Please, can anyone offer some REALLY good advice? Other than seeing my doc. ’cause he says there’s nothing else to try.

    Had acne since I was 11, and just want to get rid of it!!!!

  3. SAD says:

    Will pockmarks left by chickenpox fill in with time.?
    I know the redness will disappear but will the skin fill in more. Some are shallow some deeper. Will creams such as new skin scar therapy work. They are for raised scars, but will they still work for pockmarks. Also my doctor said to use Aha with Retinol but I read that the results with those are only temporary? Otherwise what works best, bio-oil or vitamin e or aloe and how to apply them. Thanks.

    • KittenKisses R Us says:

      I scratched myself when i had chickenpox as a kid. On my stomach I have three tiny dark brown circles and on my face a circle under my eye. The one under my eye is the same skin tone as my face. In due time it will blend in with your skin but its no big deal. If your using creams and other stuff ( i just used watered down calamine lotion!) you have a better chance at less noticeable pockmarks than I.

  4. Scuzorama says:

    What reduces or gets rid of redness/dry flakes around NOSE?
    How do you get rid of the redness/flakes around the nose? How do you rebuild the collagen there? Sometimes if you look real close it may have tiny broken capillaries there, too?

    Trust me I’ve tried: Nizoral shampoo (just in case it was psorasis, jojoba oil, coconut oil, olive oils, skin care products, Nurtura a soy based face cream and very emolient (and that worked temporarily for a day or two).

    I’ve tried cortisone cream, but long term that’s bad for you. After 4 or 5 days of that, it always goes back to normal again anyway.

    My ‘best” treatment has been Retroactive Avon Night cream. I’m assuming it’s the retinol in it supposedly it rebuilds skin cells? Or am I wrong? It’s still red a lot and I use concealer there.

    WHAT REMEDIES can you think of that work?

    • tateronmycouch says:

      I have the EXACT same problem. I used to get this as a lot as a kid and it’s suddenly returned again in the past month. What I do to keep it in check is to liberally coat the area with vaseline every night before I go to sleep (I keep it on my night stand so that I remember to do it). That way, it moisturizes it all night long while I’m asleep. In the morning, I just wash it off and apply my make-up.

  5. ♥smartypants♥ says:

    best evening moisturizer that is antiaging but also won’t cause me to break out?
    i’ve been using the Garnier Fructis night cream, i’ve used olay…..they all break me out. when i use a retinol cream like Neutrogena Visibly Even night concentrate, it doesn’t break me out. i love it but it dries my skin bad so i’d prefer to use it as a treatment twice per week.

    I don’t want a ‘light oil free’ moisturizer, cuz they don’t moisturize well. i’m 24 and starting to see signs of aging so i’m trying to prevent -_-
    i’ve heard that line is great! thanks 🙂

  6. Scuzorama says:

    WHAT’S the best RETINOL face cream/product for skin out there?
    I have tried (in the past):
    Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar (I give it about 4 out of 5 stars)
    Signature Club A’s 5 Essentials Creme (4.5 stars, lacks moisture)

    But my favorite is Retroactive from Avon. It is inexpensive, and about a 5 star product (but lacks a bit of moisture). I have also tried their retinol sticks, I like that too. When I use Retroactive I don’t need to exfoliate (I think retinol naturally does it) or use masks or anything else.

    Anyway…What’s your favorite, inexpensive retinol product and why? Does it reduce redness and exfoliate your skin? I would love to try something else (I like to mix it up a bit!)

    • Liddy is Lost says:

      I don’t know how old you are, but by far the most effective treatment is Retin A (tretinoin) cream, which you can get from a doctor on prescription. It’s relatively cheap and is not actually retinol, but far more effective and the results are well worth it. It actually thickens your collagen, reduces line/wrinkles, tightens up the skin and make it look young and healthy. HTH : )

  7. Fluffy ♥ says:

    How to even out Skin tone?
    What is the best way to even out skin tone?

    Would a retinol cream be good or anything else??

    • Skin911 says:

      if you’re tight on budget, then a mild skin lightening
      soap might work for you.. i personally use black licorice soap
      to even out and brighten my facial skin tone.. 🙂

  8. Yanira says:

    Why I have more breakouts in my face if I use medication for that? please help me?
    Well I have a serious problem… since I have 12 years old I’m having breakouts on my skin… I used in the past, neutrogena… it was the first soap that I bought but don’t do anything… later my auntie send me pro active and I was expecting the best but it doesn’t happen my classmates are mocking me because I have problems of acne even my teacher ( but is not the case now). When I had money I started to visit a dermatologist and he recommend me retinol with antibiotics… that was working on me but I’ve been using that medications about three months and I was afraid because using antibiotics a lot produces liver disease… also I had monilia because of the antibiotics and I stopped the treatment. Now I have clearasil, I use the soap in the morning and the night also I have the cream of benzoil peroxide but I notice now it doesn’t clear my skin at all… I’m having new breakouts… I’m very desesperate… is a nightmare what I’m living. I think in the past all the time I need to get better just because is the only way to feel sucessfull about everybody has done to me… all the bad things they told me…. u know.

  9. WantsAWiiPerson says:

    Whats a good oil free moisturizer?
    It has to meet the requirements THANKS

    Even your oily, acne-prone skin can benefit from the daily use of good moisturizers. But choose the wrong moisturizer and it can be a skin care disaster: greasy feeling skin, blackheads and pimples. Obviously, choosing the right moisturizer is key. With a little know-how you can pick a moisturizer that will enhance your skin care routine without causing breakouts.
    Read your labels. This is the single most important step in choosing the right moisturizer. If you have oily skin or are prone to breakouts, choose a moisturizer labeled oil-free and noncomedogenic or non-acnegenic. Oil-free products don’t have added oils that can leave a heavy, greasy feel to the skin. Noncomedogenic products are much less likely to clog the pores and cause breakouts.
    Also, when choosing your moisturizer remember that creams are generally heavier than moisturizing lotions. If you want a lighter product, go with a lotion.

    Know if your moisturizer contains exfoliating ingredients. Many moisturizers contain
    alpha hydroxy acids, retinol, salicylic acid, or other exfoliating ingredients. These ingredients could be helpful in improving acne, especially mild or comedonal acne, by increasing cell turnover.

    But if you are using a topical acne medication, moisturizers with these ingredients can irritate the skin, and may increase peeling and flaking. In this case, it’s better to use a moisturizer without exfoliating ingredients unless your dermatologist recommends it.

    If your skin is sensitive, choose a hypo-allergenic, fragrance-free formulation. Fragrances can irritate skin that is already sensitive or acne-inflamed. And if you’re dealing with extremely dry, peeling skin caused by acne medications, highly fragranced moisturizers may burn or sting when applied. Your best bet is to choose a fragrance free, hypo-allergenic product. Be aware that unscented is not the same as fragrance-free.

    Don’t forget the SPF. So many moisturizers now contain SPF, and it’s a simple and easy way to be sure to get your sun protection. Using a sunscreen daily will help protect your skin from aging and skin cancer. This is especially important if you are using acne treatments that cause photosensitivity, or increase your sensitivity to the sun. Some common acne treatments that increase photosensitivity include (but aren’t limited to):

    taken from

    please not too expensive like max $20

  10. Alex says:

    Best Cream for Dark Circles?
    I’m a 23yr old male and I’ve developed really bad dark circles around my eyes over the last year. Probably from stress and too much time in front of the computer. I’ve been looking around for some creams. I’ve noticed that it is recommended that they include retinol and vitamin K. I can’t seem to find any good creams at local stores. What are some good creams for dark circles? Thanks.

    • MiSs CoMpLiCiTy says:

      dark circles are a result of toxins building up in that area. you can use creams, but they’re mostly for wrinkle-reduction and wont work that well. when i get them (usually following a night of boozing or not enough sleep), I close my eyes, roll them upward, and apply light pressure to the area using just my fingertips. An eye mask kept in the freezer is AmAzInG for this, too! I read that technique in one of my health mags, so it’s not bunk…it drains the toxins out of the area, allowing your skin to recoup (i know- sounds whacked, but it works)

      Other than that, just make sure that you’re eating right and not getting too dehydrated. Try to get enough sleep, too. Again, buying creams for dark circles is an exercise in futility. Try this out before you spend all the money…it’ll save you.

      good luck!

  11. mkk says:

    What’s the best face cream out there?
    I’m looking to buy the best cream ever for my skin. I’m in my late 30’s, have few wrinkles but don’t want to get many more as long as I can help it. I’m willing to pay top dollar. I’v heard rumours that the amount of alpha hydroxy, retinol and salicyclate acid in drugstore creams are very minute and nothing to write home about, so I’m particularly looking for dermatological creams that would have very high concentrations of one or all of these products in them.

    • DAISEY MAI says:

      I really like pro-med cream, you can get it online. it has retinol in it. I use it, as well as vitamin e oil sometimes, and don’t go in the sun. it’s paid off bigtime i have no wrinkles and the microscopic one’s i have, i’m treating w/alphy hydroxy treatments at the school of aesthetics nearby, which is less than half the price of the day spa.
      I was also reading up on avacado oil. that would be really good too to use sometimes.
      do facial sauna’s as well. those are great. also TRY microdermabrasion……u will LOVE it
      there’s nothing good in the grocery store, you have to get good quality
      also honey masks homemade are awesome i do them 3 times per week but more during the summer
      i don;t care how much they may rave about coco butters, they are good for the body but NOT the face, it clogs pores, it really does. and the same w/products w/beeswax, stay away from those. also never get any creams w/mineral oil. that is so rotten for skin.
      vitamin e is heavenly

  12. nomore says:

    Ladies would you like to hear the best face remedy,for sun spots and scars,wrinkles?
    Well, here you go. I have spent countless amounts of dollars on make up,cleansers,spots removers, I have a linen closet full. Then two weeks ago I ran out of something then went through the closet.
    Lo`real line eraser,(pure retinol)
    Microdermabrasion crystals
    vitamin E capsuls
    I couldn’t believe after two weeks of this treatment, I really no longer wear makeup…
    It has done so good for my skin..It has great color, getting very clear, and new fresh skin.
    I am not a product pusher, but I had to tell you which cream i am using.
    I bough the crystals on ebay…1lb for $10.00..i mix with my cleanser. Then i put the retinol on every night,with the vitamin E . you can by liquid,it leave skin so plump and unreal..You have to try it adies..In less than 4 days i saw the difference, Everything else in my closet is out…Try it, you’ll love it.
    Would you at least give it a try to save your skin?

  13. xoxoxo says:

    Which eye wrinkle cream is the best?
    I have wrinkles underneath my eyes and I need to know which product is the best at softening/removing the lines and won’t irritate, dry out, or break out my skin. Also if you know a very good product that isn’t too expensive please recommend it. Thanks!

    RoC Retinol Correxion Eye Cream
    L’Oreal Advanced Revitalift Eye
    Olay Age Defying Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream
    Rejuvenal-C Orange Eye Pads
    Advanced Revitalift Deep Set Wrinkle – Eye
    Multi-Layer Cell Strengthening Daily Treatment Eye Serum
    Alpha Hydrox Eye and Upper Lip Cream
    Neautrogena Ageless Intensives Deep Wrinkle Serum
    L’Oreal Wrinkle De-Crease Collagen Filler
    L’Oreal Dermo-Expertise Wrinkle De-Crease Collagen Filler Eye Illuminator
    Skin Essentials ProVectin Plus Advanced Eye Cream For Deep Wrinkles & Dark Circles

  14. m says:

    What’s the best retinol or retin-a cream you’ve ever used? Does Lancome make one?

  15. Aviyanna says:

    Best Retinol anti aging cream you have used? Do they really work ?

    • jodinb says:

      Try Help Me! from Philosophy…it comes in a small tube and you can get it at Sephora. The product claims to have a strong retinol compound as well as some sort of time release technology. I use it more as an acne product than an anti-aging product, but it seems to be decent compared to other non-prescription options.

  16. Maria says:

    What is the best for anti-aging?
    glycolic acid or retinol creams?

    • Spike007 says:

      both of them is not that good….is beta to have health diet and stay happy. Use skin care that is for anti-aging but dun be lazy….all these are routine

  17. very_452001 says:

    Looking for Eye cream containing Vitamin K & Retinol?

    I have dark eye circles and was told by my doctor to look for eye cream with vitamin k & retinol. I been to that sells lots of eye creams but i like to know which eye cream is the best on that site that contains vitamin k & retinol?

    Or which other site sells these eye creams? Please advise.


  18. sparkle <3 says:

    best drugstore anti wrinkle cream that contains retinol that would be perfect for a 20 year old…?
    who wants to prevent wrinkles, and age gracefully. & other anti aging skin tips. please recommend a retinol spot treatment not so much a “lift cream” that can be found at a drugstore.
    thank you in advanced.

  19. phil says:

    i need help with what to buy?
    i want a cream that you can buy in local shops like superdrug and boots for a price that people can afford.. i coped this information to see if it would help get the best cream please help, 10 points for best answer

    Check the labels. You want something that contains Vitamin K, kojic acid and licorice extract. Both are natural lighteners. Vitamin K heals damage and constricts the capillaries that are showing through the thin under you eye.

    Look for a professional strength product. Dermal K Clarifying cream, for example, used to only be available through a dermatologist (see resources below).

    Consider Vita-K Solution gel, Puritan’s Pride Vitamin K cream or Peter Thomas Roth Power K Eye Rescue.

    Compare prices and ingredients. Most Vitamin K products come in two ounce jars or tubes (see resources below).

    Mix Vitamin K with a Vitamin A product. Apply a Vitamin A derivative such as retinol every other night. Scientists have found that combining the two is more effective at lightening dark

    Ask your dermatologist for recommendations. She may be able to write you a prescription for a stronger Vitamin K cream.

  20. Andrea Answers* says:

    What’s the best daily acne skin care routine for me?
    I’ve been switching from drugstore to drugstore brand for 4 years now, ever since I started having acne [adolescent]. My mom has been complaining that I buy too many skin care products and in a way, I do because I can’t find the perfect daily regimen!

    I have some really weird skin. From my mother’s side, I get ridiculously [and I mean ridiculously (my sister had to go to the doctor for prescribed acne medications)] oily, pimply skin. From my dad’s side, I get dry (occasionally greasy) skin w/ allergies (I have ezema).

    My face right now suffers from acne and even worse acne when it’s “that time of the month”. My skin is super sensitive and I have red, dry spots.

    In this economy, I want to do my mom a favor and keep it to drugstore brand skin care products. Here’s what’s under my sink [there’s A LOT]:

    `St. Ives Oil Free Apricot Scrub – Invigorating
    `Neutrogena Deep Clean Oil Free Gentle Scrub

    `Clean & Clear Morning Burst Detoxifying Facial Cleanser with Oxygen-infused formula
    `Biore Revitalize 4-in-1 Self-Foaming Cleanser

    Acne Cleanser (2% Salicylic Acid):
    `Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash – Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub
    `Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Cleanser

    `Biore Nourish Oil-Free Moisture Lotion SPF 15
    `Neutrogena Pore Refining Cream Daily Moisturizer SPF 15 (Retinol and Alpha-Hydroxy Acid Formula)
    `Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer – Combination Skin

    `Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily Cleansing Pads (0.5% Salicylic Acid)

    Don’t worry! I don’t use all of these everyday =D. Right now, I’m picking aand choosing one to use every week and then I usually switch around.

    Anyone care to help w/ what I should do for a day and night routine?

    Also, I’m also starting to look into make-up (foundation, consealer, loose powder). Any tips on that routine as well?

    the few facial make-up products i have lying around but don’t use:

    `Covergirl TruBlend Minerals – Mineral Pressed Powder
    `Almay Clear Complexion Oil-Free Concealer (1.0% Salicylic Acid)
    the few facial make-up products i have lying around but don’t use:

    `Covergirl TruBlend Minerals – Mineral Pressed Powder
    `Almay Clear Complexion Oil-Free Concealer

    • Shea says:

      Oh my gosh, me too! I have an extreemly oily face, but it also gets extreemly dry after I wash it and peels, I also get acne all over.

      Actually, I found I new product, though, that doesn’t dry out my face after I use it and keeps it remotely normal throughout the day. I’ve only used it a couple days, though, and I don’t know that it’s helping my acne much, but besides that it really feels (and smells) quite good.

      It’s Organique by Himalaya. I’ve been using their Exfoliating Walnut & Wood Apple Face Scrub, which is incredibly gentle (I also have sensitive skin) but effective. It doesn’t dry out my skin at all. I’ve also used their Neem & Turmeric Face Wash, which kind of dries out my skin but not near as much as popular brands (such as clean & clear or Clearasil). It smells really good (at least to me) and makes my skin look incredibly fresh. I’ve only used this twice, so I don’t know if it’ll help my acne, either. But I’m already in love with it.

      I really suggest you try that brand. But, as for your current routine it sounds pretty good. Just trade off using each one. Use a cleanser, then exfoliant, then a moisturizer in the morning (to remove dead skin cells and rejuvenate the skin). At night use your most gentle cleanser and a moisturizer if necessary (because oils drip from your hair at night, causing more acne, so if you don’t need a moisturizer don’t use one). Also, be sure you clean your hair really well because that may be part of the reason your face is so oily.

      For a make-up routine, since you have an oily but dry face, use a packed powder after putting on your moisturizer (make sure it is all the way dry before putting on any makeup). Then mascara and a lip gloss or balm is sufficient. Physicians Formula is a fantastic drugstore brand for sensitive, acne-prone skin.

      Since you do have extreemly oily skin, as do I, I highly recommend getting Oil Blotting Sheets (Clean & Clear and Neutrogena are the most popular brands that have them). I use the Neutrogena ones and just carry them in my backpack then use them after a gym class and during Lunch (so, mid-day). They will remove oil and shine from your face, without removing your makeup.

      Good Luck!

  21. Fluffy ♥ says:

    Which is Best for My SKIN????? Help!?
    Which of these creams will be the best for anti-aging. The one with GLYCOLIC or the one with RETINOL???


    I want the best one for keeping the skin plump and dimishing lines?

  22. purpleperly says:

    best anti aging retinol cream?
    need something not hugely expensive, but good quality… mainly for eye area.

  23. fairy_cake says:

    which brand of Retinol based night cream/moisturiser is the best?

    • DC says:

      RoC is quite good, I’m told. I’ve never used them, but they always carry great reviews. And they are relatively inexpensive too.

  24. Elle says:

    which best gets rid of wrinkles?
    olay regenerist daily regenerating serum, alpha hydrox retinol res q, or neutrogena healthy skin anti wrinkle cream. and are the results permanent and how many bottles would you have to use to get rid of fine lines

    • Enya's Mama says:

      You didn’t mention Arbonne in your choices which is what I recommend. None of these products is going to completely eliminate, but ours is botanically based and healthy for your skin. If you are interested i would be happy to pass along my discount. And we have a 45 day money back so you can use the product for 6 weeks and if you not happy return it for a full refund. Let me know!

  25. tangerine says:

    Are there any really good cruelty-free anti-aging creams out there?
    I just recently turned 34 and I try to take the best possible care of my skin to slow down the effects of aging. I know that there are some products that have retinol, but if I’m not mistaken, I think it comes from animal sources. Are there any really good cruelty-free skincare products that exfoliate, increase skin cell turnover, and boost the production of collagen?

  26. non-cupid says:

    does retinol cream really work and what is the best brand?

    • ahoo_04 says:

      I tried retinol, it dryed my skin very bad. now I am using Mary Kay skin care products and it works very well. Try the merical set and I am sure you will love it. they have 100% customer garantee and free shipping

  27. Doglover1998 says:

    whats the best medication/cream is the best for removing eye bags?
    Do any of these work? Have you had any experiance with any of these?

    1. Booth’s Black Licorice Eye Cream

    2. Olay Regenerist Eye Lifting Serum

    3. Garnier Ultra-Lift Anti-Wrinkle Firming Eye Cream

    4. Almay Anti-aging Eye Cream

    5. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Intensive Eye Cream

    6. Merle Norman Luxiva Preventage Firming Eye Cream

    7. RoC Retinol Correxion Eye Cream

    8. Clinique All About Eyes

    9. Aveda Tourmaline Charged Eye Creme

    10. Relastin Eye Silk Zinc Firming Complex

    Any other suggestions

  28. octo75 says:

    Opinions please?
    I have a case of what appears to be psoriasis on the back on my head right above my neck.
    It itches like crazy at certain times, and I would like to treat it
    with the best over the counter remedy possible.
    Eventually I will get a prescription medication, but right now I do not have the means for that.
    I’ve heard that Vitamin A retinoid or retinol creams work well,
    and that coal tar works well also.
    Does anyone have preference to either of these or can anyone recommend something better?
    Thank you.

    • mispriss says:

      I just took pharmacology last semester and your best option over the counter is going to be hydro-cortisone 1% or coal tar if you can find it. Also, exposure to UV light can be very helpful. It could be something else if you’ve never had psoriasis before. Consider ringworm ( a fungal infection) or eczema (also treated with hydrocortisone plus a good unscented lotion). Good luck

  29. ♥Alexis♥ says:

    What’s the best retinol cream for acne prone skin?

    • Paula84 says:

      Differin (adapalene) apply every other day on spots in the evening on clean skin. Avoid isotretinoin or tretinoin as they are teratogenic.

  30. Fluffy ♥ says:

    Anti-Aging Advice?????
    What is best for anti-aging…creams with glycolic acd or those with retinol?

    • evelinka420 says:

      Glycolic acid allows retinols to penetrate deeper into your skind so they are often used in conjunction– one supports the other. Diacneal is a prescription cream that uses this combo and many love it. Many people use a reinoid at night and glycolic int he morning because the glycolic exfoliates your skin thus far allowing the retinol (when you apply it later at night) to penetrate your skin more.
      However, this may be too much for yours skin, esp. if it is sensitive, so know that irritation may occur.

  31. Ace says:

    What is the best way to use retinol creams?
    So I have a problem with adult acne. I have tried everything (salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, oil free moisturizers, toners, different cleansers, exfoliators, and face masks, and literally EVERY conbination of the above). I eat healthy and drink lots of water too. I need to try something new.

    I read about retinol being a good thing to try. They say it is an antioxidant, but it also helps prevent acne. When is the best time to use it? Normally at night, I use a 5% tea tree oil solution. Can retinol be used after that as a lotion? Or should it be used at the end of my morning regimen?

  32. nomore says:

    Ladies would you like to hear the best face remedy,for sun spots and scars,wrinkles?
    Well, here you go. I have spent countless amounts of dollars on make up,cleansers,spots removers, I have a linen closet full. Then two weeks ago I ran out of something then went through the closet.
    Lo`real line eraser,(pure retinol)
    Microdermabrasion crystals
    vitamin E capsuls
    I couldn’t believe after two weeks of this treatment, I really no longer wear makeup…
    It has done so good for my skin..It has great color, getting very clear, and new fresh skin.
    I am not a product pusher, but I had to tell you which cream i am using.
    I bough the crystals on ebay…1lb for $10.00..i mix with my cleanser. Then i put the retinol on every night,with the vitamin E . you can by liquid,it leave skin so plump and unreal..You have to try it adies..In less than 4 days i saw the difference, Everything else in my closet is out…Try it, you’ll love it.
    OKAY, the question is…would you try it…geesss, I was just trying to pass along something that can help us all….get a life answerer #1
    Microdermabrasion crystals

    • says:

      do you mean like real crystals ?
      EDIT: sounds like a great idea!! i think i’ll give it a try!
      thank you very much!=]

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