Best Underarm Antiperspirant

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Drysol Antiperspirant is the Best Antiperspirant That you Can Find

You will find many different brands of antiperspirants that you can use. While most of these are very effective at stopping sweat there are times when you will need something that is even stronger. For people who suffer from excessive sweating the best antiperspirant that you can find is that of Drysol antiperspirant. While this antiperspirant is good for some people there are certain facts that you should be aware of.

The first fact is that if you are planning on using Drysol antiperspirant you should not be allergic to any of the ingredients in Drysol. Also if you have allergies to certain types of food, medicines or if you are planning on becoming pregnant you should avoid applying this antiperspirant.

Now unlike other commercial antiperspirants and deodorants you will find that Drysol antiperspirant is a prescription odor preventative. You will need to consult with your doctor before you start using this antiperspirant. The method of applying Drysol is quite unlike that of other deodorants or antiperspirants. Whereas with the commercial brands you can apply the substance at any time of the day or night, Drysol solution has other requirements.

For instance you will find that the Drysol antiperspirant needs to be applied to your underarms only in the night. This is because at this period of the day you tend to sweat less. Before applying the antiperspirant you will need to let your underarm area completely dry. You should make sure that you are not applying Drysol antiperspirant to any broken or recently shaved or irritated skin.

Once you have looked at these details you can apply the antiperspirant to your underarms. There is one other interesting facet which must be stated with regards to the use of Drysol antiperspirant. Most of the commercial antiperspirants can only be used on the underarms. With Drysol antiperspirant you can apply this solution to your scalp, feet or hands. Now once morning arrives you will need to wash the treated area thoroughly.

The prescribed dose for using Drysol antiperspirant is 2 to 3 nights. Once you have stopped sweating you can reduce the dosage amount to once or twice a week. There are a few minor side effects which can result from the use of this antiperspirant. These side effects are itching, burning, prickling, or a tingling in the areas that were treated with the Drysol antiperspirant.

As you see there is a marked difference to using commercial antiperspirants and Drysol antiperspirant. If you are suffering from excessive sweating and none of the other remedies have worked then you might want to try Drysol antiperspirant and see how it works for you.

About the author: Muna wa Wanjiru is a Web Administrator and Has Been Researching and Reporting on How to Control Sweating for Years. For More Information on Drysol Antiperspirant, Visit His Site at DRYSOL ANTIPERSPIRANT


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95 Responses to Best Underarm Antiperspirant

  1. † God Bless You † says:

    What is the best over-the-counter antiperspirant for men?
    i sometimes sweat more under my right arm than left. ive tried the 19% aluminum kind of gel, solids.. hardly anything seems to help keep my right underarm from sweating more than left arm. Is this a sign of something bad? Has anyone else experieced the same issue? What have you used to help?

  2. Hayley says:

    Is there any way to keep underarms from smelling?
    I’m 13 and I sweat a lot (it runs in the family). I shower every day, and I put on deodorant right after i get out of the shower, but in about 10 to 15 minutes I start to smell. At school i feel really embarrassed, and gross. I’ve tried every clinical strength deodorant and antiperspirant out there, but none seem to work. What is the best thing to use in order to keep your underarms from smelling?

    • Forever and Always says:

      Dove Clinical protection. It starts off as a cream and dries and it stops you from sweating throughout the day and you smell fresh!
      Or go to the doctor and maybe he can help.

  3. Justyne W says:

    What women’s antiperspirant/deodorant offers the best protection against underarm wetness?
    I’m looking for suggestions as to the best women’s antiperspirant/deodorant. I currently use Degree Clinical Protection at night and Lady Mitchum Power Gel during the day. The problem is that I’m still experiencing noticeable underarm wetness at times. I’m looking for suggestions as to what antiperspirants/deodorants really work at preventing underarm wetness.

    • Mattia says:

      i used to have the same problem and no kind of deodrant ever worked. I ended up finding some roll on that you have to order, you can’t find it in stores. I used to sweat really bad but this stuff stopped it. you need to use it. It’s called maxim.

  4. TangoTerrific says:

    I sweat a lot during exercise, is there anyway of hiding it?
    I am an amateur athlete in ballroom dancing and I sweat a lot when I am training. I don’t have problem with sweaty underarm or any odor, it’s just my back. Every time after training, the back of my shirt will be soaked. Is there a particular colored shirt that hides sweat the best? Any other options? No antiperspirant please!

    • selphie1 says:

      I sweat a lot too when I work out. I think white might be the best to cover up the sweat.

      Sweating means you’re heatlhy though, so that’s good! 🙂

  5. raja m says:

    What is the best way to avoid underarms and groin perspiration without using antiperspirants or the talc.?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Best antiperspirant anyone?
    I am currently using a Gillette gel for deodorant though I do have the problem of sweating in my underarm area. I found that Gillette does a good job of eliminating the odor as I don’t have BO when I sweat but it doesn’t do much in the way of antiperspirant. So I just want your opinion on what is the best antiperspirant, I used to use right guard and I think that worked well so I might try that, I also heard Mega dry is pretty good. So for the problem of excess sweating which is the best?

    • Bob R says:

      I use Degree, but as soon as the next day comes you smell again. This is the same for most antiperspirants however I suggest the following:

      Arrid – X tra Dry
      Certain Dri
      Gilette Clinical Strength

      Hope these help

  7. alicia_scotia says:

    what is the best way to fiight underarm perspiration or the best antiperspirant deodorant?
    i seem to be perspiring more than ever but only under my arms which is unusual. Any ideas?

  8. atdadisc0 says:

    how can we test 3 different brands of deodorant/antiperspirant?
    see, we plan to buy 3 different brands and apply each one and test it through jogging.

    see where i’m going?

    Anyway, problem is, our teacher, who is going to grade the experiment, says that it’s going to be inaccurate because after jogging, there are a lot of factors already that’s going to affect my sweating for the next jog.

    and we’re only allowed to do this in less than 2 hours.

    how can we test 3 brands?

    the best way i can think of is putting one brand on my left underarm, another brand on my right….what about the other brand? sheeesh.

    really need your help.

    • DangermouseDavs says:

      What about the back of one of your knees? And then you could use the back of the other knee as the control knee to compare the others to! Maybe that’s what she had in mind all along…how devious!

  9. mitchum says:

    what is the best OTC antiperspirant for men?
    my underarms sweat like crazy and im using something called sweat defense…kinda works but not too well im looking to get a clinical strength antiper[irant which clinical antiperspirant do you think is the best one. also how well do cotton undershirts work to prevent underarm sweat from showng

    things to know
    yes i shower
    yes im overweight
    i dont care about scent i just want a quality antiperspirant

    • Anonymous says:

      Nothing can work on your sweat glands from doing it’s work.

      You have to wear cotton undershirts.

  10. Tanya S says:

    whats the best working deodorant/ antiperspirant?
    I have sensitive skin, and sweat a lot, even when I am cold! I really hate it, can anyone suggest a good deodorant thats also an antiperspirant?
    I was using Certain Dri and it worked very very well but it stopped working over time and I now have some dry skin on my underarms especially when using the night one. I have also tried Secret Clinical strength but it didn’t work at all. I’d prefer something I can apply in the morning b/c I shower in the morning, but a day and night system like Certain Dri wouldn’t be bad. Thanks
    plz read the whole question, Secret didn’t work for me

    • Alli says:

      I know you said Secret didn’t work, but they have many different types out…. Ive been using the new Secret FLAWLESS with Olay Conditioners, it will make your underarms feel like silk because it has Olay in it!! It always keeps me dry and my underarms moisturized! They have many great scents, i like the Powder scented kind. Go to for more info

  11. Tresa Elias says:

    How do i stop my underarm sweating?
    I am always sweating through my shirts and it is annoying. I can’t raise my arm in class or hug my best friends. What do i do? I don’t want botox or antiperspirants. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!

    • King Fez says:

      you need a deodorant.
      i use have a small problem about my underarm.
      if theres hair, then pick them out one by one. its really painful in the beginning but when taking a shower its easy but, when you get used to it, it should ok and no pain by picking them off.
      don’t use a shaver which will only make it worse.

  12. air says:

    what is the best antiperspirant?
    i have tried almost every antiperspirant out there. the one that seemed to work the best was Mitchum (in stick) but that leaves too much residue on my shirts and on my under arms that is impossible to remove so i end up irritating them as i try to remove it in the shower. and i still had to reapply that one. so now im using Mitchum in gel but it doesnt work as good. this is a big problem for me because there is never at least one second when my underarms stay dry. they get sweaty even after i just applied the antiperspirant before going to school. one thing also, is that i live where the summer heat reaches about 115 degrees! but my underarms are like that in the winter too! i really would appreciate some help. thanks.

  13. brii says:

    underarm sweating problem?
    I have an antiperspirant problem.I can honestly say I’ve tried almost ever deodorant and antiperspirant in the entire world.Nothing helps.My doctor gave me a prescription he have me 2 actually.Neither of them worked.So my question is what remedies,surgeries,deodorants/antiperspirant work the best? please help, im in dyer need of it!

    • ,,, says:

      i have that problem too…it doesn’t really bother me honestly…it’s natural and your body’s way of removing impurities. i just wear spaghetti strap or sleeveless shirts whenever possible, but honestly it’s nothing to be embarassed about.

  14. Emma B says:

    What is the best anti perspirant deodorant available in Australia?
    What antiperspirant deodorant, that is available to buy in Australia, will stop underarm perspiration? (for example, when wearing grey clothing)
    What antiperspirant deodorant, that is available to buy from supermarkets within Australia, will stop underarm perspiration altogether? (for example, when wearing grey clothing)
    supermarkets within Australia
    (not just online)

  15. Le Parrain says:

    What is the best perspirant for me?
    my underarms sweat but its not very bad. but its still sweats to the point where some of the sweat seeps thru my shirt, only noticable if i raise my arms.
    currently im using axe antiperspirant/deodorant, it works great but after like 2 hours im back to sweating.
    my underarms sweat even in cold. hell i dont even have to be doing anything, even if im just sitting there doing nothing it just comes and i cant do much about it.

    what are the best longlasting antiperspirants? i dont care if they are or arent deodorants, i just want one that heavily cuts down the sweat.
    ps: i dont use gel-type antiperspirants, because the gel seeps thru my shirt.

    • john s says:

      One of the best anti-persperants to use is Rightguard Extreme: Sports! This works very well to keep you dry and fresh smelling all day long! Make sure to pair it with something that smells good, and you’re set to go! It really is too bad that you won’t use gel, the brand new Gillete 3X: Gel!!! It keeps me Sweat free all day, and I don’t have a problem with it seeping through my shirt, but I always wear an undershirt!!!

  16. Eliza says:

    What is the best antiperspirant for people with hyperhidrosis?
    For those who don’t know, hyperhydrosis is severe underarm sweating, and mine is so bad that I can’t even have my arms at my sides without sweating! I can’t wear what I want because of it, and the only known medical treatment I know for it is Botox. My friend had the Botox treatment, and what they do in the treatment is inject Botox into your sweat glands WITH A NEEDLE. Every individual sweat gland. According to her, it “hurt like a bitch.” And I have tried MANY antiperspirants, but nothing works 🙁

    What is the best antiperspirant for people with hyperhidrosis?

    • Anonymous says:

      Generally, OTC antiperspirants are used for profuse sweating. The most effective are those that contain aluminium chlorohydrate. But, such preparations may themselves cause irritation. Inflammation and infection can result from the combined effect of shaving and chemicals.

      There are also conventional oral medications for controlling sweating, but again unpleasant side effects may occur and they should be used only for extreme cases. These work by drying bodily secretions, and tend to come with unwanted side-effects such as dry mouth, blurry vision, dizziness and cardiovascular concerns. As a last resort, there are surgical procedures to control perspiration, but they are usually reserved for cases resistant to all other form of treatment.
      Natural Remedies

      Many people are now turning to natural remedies as a first step towards treating excessive sweating caused by overactive sweat glands. There are a number of natural ingredients that can help reduce sweating and treat some of the underlying causes. Nat mur. helps to reduce excessive sweating and clamminess.

      Lupulus as well as Castoreum and Argentum Nitricum help to address sweating, especially when related to nervousness, panic, anxiety, or obsessive thoughts. Lastly the ingredient Syphilinum helps to control fluid levels in the body, while also helping to control body odor which commonly accompanies excessive sweating.

      You may get more info here

  17. TJM1112 says:

    what is the best perscription-strength antiperspirant for excessive sweating?
    underarms.. please help

    • curator says:

      Certain Dri is over the counter. Drysol is Rx. Iontopheresis is a machine available by Rx. Botox is an injection given by your dermatologist.

  18. Bleeding♥Mascara says:

    what is the best deodorant/antiperspirant that really works for excessive underarm sweating?
    please i’m desperate. Please don’t say secret clinical strength cuz it doesn’t work that great on me. I need serious hardcore stuff (i mean like works real well.) Please help and thanks a ton!!!!
    Oh yeah, I would rather not go to the doctor to get something, and nothing outrageously priced. Thanks

    • Anonymous but yet Skeptical says:

      I’ve been using Dove Original Clean for about 10 years. And it smells pretty good. There are diffrent kinds, but i prefer this one. It’s great, i think you should try it!!! =)

  19. violinchic says:

    What’s the best way to stop or slow down underarm sweating?
    I’ve heard that the aluminum in antiperspirants maybe harmful, but I have a very bad problem with huge stains on my shirt under my arms. I shave every other day and shower daily. I’m not very concerned with odor, but I’m often embarrassed by the sweat.

    What can I do to stop it? And also, is it possible for the body to become immune to these kind of products?

    • Piggy Oinks 24/7 says:

      I’m not so sure that the aluminum is actually harmful. A couple years ago, people said using that in antiperspirants lead to breast cancer, but that isn’t actually the case. My mom even asked her doctor if that was true and he said it was not. So I think it is safe to use antiperspirants in deoderants, unless your doctor tells you otherwise. But still ask your doctor next time you see him in case for some reason I’m wrong. But I’m about 99% sure I’m right.

  20. c'est moi says:

    what is the best antiperspirant or other product to stop underarm sweating?
    my underarms sweat more than i would like, and i was wondering if anyone knew of a really good antiperspirant or some other product that could help with this problem. i have tried wearing an undershirt but i soak through anyway, brands like degree, dove, lady speed stick and secret just don’t work and i’ve even tried some mens antiperspirants but they don’t seem to work either. i just don’t know what to do. i can’t afford an expensive prescription medication. this problem is very embarrassing, any help would be very much appreciated! thankyou

  21. Belle says:

    I have sensitive underarm skin. What’s the best antiperspirant/deodorant for me to use?

    • ♥ cherie says:

      I love Dove. It keeps your underarms soft (no flaky rough skin) and it works well as an antiperspirant too.

  22. bite me. ♥ says:

    What’s the best deodorant/antiperspirant.?
    I have mad bad sweat in the underarm area, and it doesn’t smell usually, but I get sweat stains… :S
    What’s the best deodorant/antiperspirant out there? I need one that doesn’t show up on my clothes because it’s too white because I have to wear white shirts at school (uniform -_-) Oh and I hate gel deodorantsantiperspirants, they just don’t work for me and I hate how wet they feel.
    I’m a girl, btw.
    Any ideas?!

  23. XXblessthefallloverXX says:

    what is the best…. guys and girls!?
    I wanna know what are the BEST natural remedies that I can find in my house for excessive sweating. I’ve used antiperspirants and baking soda and those seem to help but whatelse can I do to prevent underarm sweat. ps I am not going for surgery and I would like to try more Natural find at home remedies to see which one works the best! any ideas??

    • Mckie says:

      Baby powder helps and try shaving your armpits, that will help. Also this deodrant will help it’s called Bionsen, I’ve used it for years and t really helps, hope this helps, and good luk.

  24. Calypso says:

    Best affordable antiperspirant?
    I’m 15 and it’s very embarrassing when I’m out with friends, moving around, for only so long when I start to sweat and sometimes stain the underarms of my white shirts… I’m not really overweight, just 135 lbs and 5’4″. Money’s a little tight, what is a good antiperspirant/deodorant I can buy?

    • titou says:

      Good for you asking! The best choice is not a name you would expect. MITCHUM Power Gel is consistently ranked highest by the magazines like Glamour and so on. You can find it in any store like Walgreens or CVS where it costs about $4.00 and is sometimes on sale for half that much.

      I am a man, and athletic. Still, I use this product ‘for women’ myself instead of any others on the market because it is the most effective — more effective than more familiar brand names or ‘For Men’ products. My choice is the ‘Shower Fresh’ fragrance, rather than the more feminine ‘Powder Fresh’ — and there is ‘Unscented’. Perfectly effective for me, and the clear gel does not leave white stains on the underarms of your clothes, or any residue.

  25. H W says:

    What is the best antiperspirant deodorant around? I need help asap?
    My Underarm smells like rotten fish, and chopped onion, no joke. I use Old Spice… but it wears off very fast for me. Maybe i should see the doctor about it because i might have some other health problem related to it. But anyway if anyone knows a really good deodorant tell me.

  26. Tanya S says:

    Whats the best working deodorant/ antiperspirant?
    I have sensitive skin, and sweat a lot, even when I am cold! I really hate it, can anyone suggest a good deodorant thats also an antiperspirant?
    I was using Certain Dri and it worked very very well but it stopped working over time and I now have some dry skin on my underarms especially when using the night one. I have also tried Secret Clinical strength but it didn’t work at all. I’d prefer something I can apply in the morning b/c I shower in the morning, but a day and night system like Certain Dri wouldn’t be bad. Thanks

    • Jennifer W says:

      I use Dove and nothing else. I love that it works and helps the skin stay soft. I have been using Dove for about 10 years and refuse to switch.

  27. anonymous says:

    what’s the best deodorant (that isn’t an antiperspirant)?
    what’s the best deodorant?
    one that doesn’t blacken underarms but isn’t an antiperspirant (because antiperspirants are unhealthy for you and do not let the bacteria escape)

    • ♥Jess126xo♥ says:

      lasy speed stick 24/7 shower fresh

      it works really well

      not sure about the antiperspriant but I’ve been using this brand forever

      i believe its one of the best

  28. Anonymous says:

    what’s the best anti-antiperspirant deodorant?
    i really need some because i sweat a lot on my underarms. is there any kind that i could possibly find at target or walgreens?

  29. Anonymous says:

    Degree or Old Spice: Which would be best at fighting underarm wetness and odor?
    I’ve been using different types of antiperspirants for a few years, and I still have problem with underarm wetness, and possibly, odor. Anyway, which would be better at fighting underarm wetness and odor: Degree or Old Spice?

    NOTE: Please, I don’t want cocky, immature answers; this is serious, and would like answers that will help me, not hurt me.

  30. Ace says:

    What’s the best antiperspirant underarm deodorant?
    I’ve used right guard extreme gel, and it works fantastic! BUT! I always get stains on my shirt from the gel that can never come out. So I switched to Degree For Men, and it’s horrible. So what underarm deodorants do you guys recommend.

    PS: I Don’t care how good it smells, I just want one that would help me stop sweating.

    • darque_orchid says:

      Mitchum is the best. you can go two days with reapplying its so strong. Also if you have excessive sweating you might consider botox injections in the arm pit. It paralyzyez the nerve so it doesnt react and sweat.
      Good luck

  31. year-zero says:

    Best antiperspirant for the body?
    ok i know people are always asking about the deodorants for the underarms but is there one out there for the body like my back or neck?? does babypowder work? suggestions?

    • Roxx says:

      Baby powder does work well, but if you have a tan or dark skin color it may look more obvious on your skin. If you have lighter skin, baby powder should work well. If you have a lot of sweat(not from heat) you should ask a doctor or dermatologist if there is anything stronger, possibly a prescription.

  32. Lauren says:

    Which works better for underarm perspiration: baby powder or talcum powder?
    when used in conjunction with antiperspirant? i already use “clinical” strength deodorants/ antiperspirants, but still need a little extra help.

    also, what is the best method of using these powders? do i apply after my antiperspirant has dried or while it’s still wet? and how do i apply it without making a big mess and getting it all over my shirt?

    and don’t say go to a doctor. i used to get botox in my armpits but insurance stopped covering it, and the rx antiperspirants didn’t work and irritated the skin so badly.

  33. Ace says:

    What’s the best anitperspirant underarm deodorant?
    What’s the best antiperspirant underarm deodorant?
    I’ve used right guard extreme gel, and it works fantastic! BUT! I always get stains on my shirt from the gel that can never come out. So I switched to Degree For Men, and it’s horrible. So what underarm deodorants do you guys recommend.

    PS: I Don’t care how good it smells, I just want one that would help me stop sweating.

    • Most Valuable Playa says:

      No antiperspirant or deodrant stops sweat completely. If you’re anxious and nervous you will sweat. Its how our body works.

  34. bobert says:

    What is the best antiperspirant?
    I sweat alot, and would like a reliable antiperspirant. I used to use Arrid spray, but that stopped working as well. I’ve also used Certain-Dri, and while it kept me the most dry it irritated my underarms, and I don’t like having to put it on at night because I usually forget.
    I wanted to add, I won’t use any solids, they ruin my white shirts.

  35. Shawn F says:

    What is the best way to stop heavy underarm sweating? I’ve tried every antiperspirant possible. Help!?

    • onegrlme says:

      Im not sure if you can do this or not cuz I dont know yr age and stuff…but botox….It helps to not sweat at all and it cost like 250 but it stops for about 6 months…

  36. Moi? says:

    Best female deorderant and antiperspirant?
    I have tried them all! Which is the most affective plz? I don’t know if i sweat more than the average person or whether it because im highly active. but im SICK of wet underarm patches! So, aside from seeing a doctor- best female deoderant antiperspirant plz?

  37. Annie C says:

    overactive sweating? BEST ANSWER!?
    so i’ll be doing some physical activity tomorrow, and i don’t have any time to get mitchum/certain dri deodorant. i’ll be getting it tomorrow 😛

    but anyway i sweat soo much and everytime i go to my dance practice i get sweat stains so i have to wear a sweatshirt. but it’s supposed to be super HOT where i live tomorrow, at 3PM in the afternoon so i need something. i’ve tried baby powder with deoderant but it didn’t work. i currently use secret antiperspirant =P

    anyway do you think i should use duct tape over my armpits tomorrow? i do shave my underarms so yeaaa. afterwards i can get the good deoderant :). it would justbe once.

    thanks and BEST ANSWER=10 POINTS =D

    • Summer B says:

      For a quick fix put a thin pad in the armpits of your shirt. I have done this before and it worked great. I use to sweat like that and I used secret. One day I ran out and used my husbands Ban deodorant which is made for men or women. It worked great. I have never had that problem again. I have not had sweat stain armpits in years.

      A long term fix would be Doctors can actually give you Botox shots under your armpits and it will make you not sweat for 6 to 8 months under your arm. It is very safe and works great. Good Luck!

  38. rileeeeeeeeey says:

    Best Deodorant+Antiperspirant to stop underarm wetness?
    Hi there,
    I have tried quite a few deodorants that have antiperspirant and i was just wondering if you could reccommen any that i can get with out a perscription. Even suggstions that you do need a perscription for are welcome.I need help! thank you!

  39. Hollister Is says:

    What is the best deodorant and antiperspirant to use for excessive sweating?
    I have had excessive underarm and hand sweating for about 2 years now, and its driving me crazy!!! I put on a shirt and 5 minutes later… wallla!!! a pit stain 🙁 Nothing works for me and i’ve tried clinical strength and everyy thing… I dont smell or anything… i just sweat. Ive heard drysol works; but i want to hear what other people are using with my problem,

    • :) says:

      Omg, yes i have the same problem.
      i don’t know what to do about it at all apart from covering up but it worsens the problem. Thanks for posting this i will be reading the responses 🙂

  40. Steven says:

    What is the best antiperspirant to stop underarm sweating for men?
    I just bought a new dress shirt and I noticed after I put it on I had wetness on my shirt in the armpit area, what are some good anti antiperspirants for this problem?

    • e w says:

      I use Mitchum. They advertise it as being so effective that you can skip a day, which I find to be true, at least for me.

  41. petite_ gurl says:

    I am allergic to Antiperspirants, what are the best deodorants out there for women, that actually work?
    Please list as many good ones out there. also my underarm odor smells so bad, what deo also helps with odor. it is so embarrassing!!!!!!! any home remedies out there that can help me out w/my odor? please tell me something and i dont need any rude comments….thank u

    • Ashley says:

      I have the exact same problem and as long as you don’t sweat like crazy ,old spice the guys deodorant works like a charm and you cant tell that it smells and there’s a natural deodorant crystal you can use too that’s scent free but its hard to keep up with because you have to wet it every time you use it just look at the active ingredient and if it has anything to do with aluminum avoid it.

  42. Titanicly Obsessed says:

    What is the best anti-antiperspirant deodorant ?
    I have a very bad underarm sweating problem, and it’s very embarrassing. At this point, I have to wear a jacket everywhere, even though it’s 80+ degrees out. I currently use Secret Sheer Dry Antiperspirant, but it doesn’t work to control my sweat. Any suggestions on the best deodorant for me?

    PS. I hate the gel-like deodorants, so I would appreciate any plain powder recommendations!

    • ~tru♥fashionista~ says:

      lady speed stick NON SCENTED!! the scented deodrants mix with your sweat and stink!

  43. spider367 says:

    How to stop underarm from sweating really bad?
    I’m a male college student and sweat A LOT under my arm pits. It can be embarrassing and I was wondering what the best solution would be. I’ve tried all kinds of antiperspirants but I still continue to sweat really bad but only under the pits. Any suggestions for a product or something else to get rid of this problem? Thanks!

    • Live! Laugh! Love! <3<3 says:

      This was the same answer that I just answered for another young man. It’s a little different but all along the same lines. Be sure to check out the attached links.

      wow. i am so glad i came across this question. i’m a 16 year old female and have suffered with this my whole life also. it’s totally 100% embarrassing when i go to shake someone’s hand or if our pastor makes us hold hands in church to pray… i hate it!
      i also sweat uncontrollably from my feet and underarms.
      we have recently asked our dr. about it and they just called yesterday and now we are looking into a treatment called, iontophoresis. it’s almost considered a therapy treatment and i would go to a physical therapy place to have it done. both my parents and i have been doing research about it, and from most of it i’ve done the effectiveness is pretty high, while others say that it doesn’t work and is slightly painful, but at this point in my life i’m willing to try anything!!!

      i’ve attached some links about the intophoresis treatment as well as several just about hyperhidrosis and treatments

      there are topical solutions that a dr. may recommend at first. and these can include: drysol, hypercare, and Xerac AC.

      and lastly there is corrective surgery that you can have done as well.

      i hope this answer has helped give you more insight into this condition and that you will be able to find an effective treatment that works for you!

  44. lettinggo09 says:

    what is the best drugstore sweat protection deoderant?
    I have an embarrassing problem with underarm sweat, and have tried several available drugstore deodorants and antiperspirants with no avail. can you tell me what the best prescription strength but drugstore available antiperspirant is? I just want to stop having sweat rings on my shirts! thank you!

  45. qebesenuef2003 says:

    Most powerful ‘normal’ antiperspirant?
    Have tried Driclor for excessive perspiration, with the result of extremely painful and irritated underarms. Have persevered, but it’s just too sore, so can anyone tell me what they think are the best ‘normal’ antiperspirants? I live in the UK, btw. Thank you!

    • Rozzi says:

      mitchum is pretty good, and it doesnt make you itch, it is probably the strongest one in the “Normal” anti perspirants. If not buy the ones off the internet which stop you sweating for a whole week!

  46. strictlyquestions says:

    What is the best unscented antiperspirant/deoderant?
    I have sensitive underarms, and if I use an antiperspirant/deoderant that has a scent, I break out into a rash that takes forever to go away. I need suggestions that fall under all of these categories:

    -staying dry, not sweating
    -keeps me smelling good

    If you could help me that would be amazing.

  47. Charlotte says:

    What’s the best antiperspirant deodorant?
    So, summer is coming up, the days are getting warmer..
    I’m always so self conscious because I tend to sweat more than I’d like to, just on the underarm. I’ve been using that ‘Dove’ antiperspirant, and also a few others, like Rexona girl.. but none of them seem to stop the perspiring.

    Just wondering if someone can recommend me a brand that will do the trick?

    Much appreciated!

    • Ashley is so hxc~*~**~*~ says:

      The only antiperspirant that stops me from sweating is Certain Dri. This is a prescription strength product designed to be used a few times a week at night. I’ve been using it since 2008 and have only purchased it twice, so it lasts a long time with regular use. If you cannot find that locally, look for other prescription strength brands like Drysol, or perhaps ask a pharmacist/doctor what you could find locally. This is definitely something I’d recommend checking out if you find that you sweat quite a bit, even if you are not extremely active at the time.

      As for products to use during the day, the only brand that works for my body chemistry is Secret, and I’ve been using their Scent Expressions gel. Everyone has a different body chemistry, so not all brands will work the same for everyone.

  48. xD says:

    Does Botox for underarm sweating hurt?
    I’m going to get Botox injections for my underarm sweating next week. I have had excessive sweating since I was in sixth grade and i’m in tenth now. Ive tried home remedies, different deodarants/antiperspirants including Secret clinical strength, Certain Dri, Drysol, and im even taking a daily supplement of iron to stop it. Botox seems best to me as reccomended by my dermatologist, but i was wondering if it hurt a lot???

  49. chita says:

    what is the best solution for very sweaty body with body odor?
    what is the best solution for very sweaty body (underarms,palms,feet,under the breasts and groin) with body odor and dark underarms and groin?eventhough i take a bath often and use antiperspirants and perfume..nothing seems to work people still cover their noses when im around.pls help,its very hot here in our country and i cant weare sleeveless.

    • oliviamegan_x says:

      Try getting a stronger antiperspirant from the pharmacy, they are more expensive obviously, but that’s because they work.

      Make sure the antiperspirant you’re using is actually an antiperspirant and not just deodorant.

      Also antiperspirant with aluminium chloride AND deodorant both used at the same time is a good idea. Because the aluminium chloride blocks the sweat pore temporarily, and deodorant stops sweat from smelling.

      Spray body spray regularly.

      Also, visit your doctor if it’s really bad. There’s a condition called hyperhidrosis, which is excessive sweating. I don’t think it will be since you live in a hot country, but better to be in the know!

      Hope this helps 🙂

  50. reece says:

    What is the best way to prevent underarm wetness?
    Even at rainy season and i feel cold but still my underarm sweat. I already use antiperspirant deodorant but it doesn’t work. Please, i need your help.


    • renardmuldrake says:

      Hey Reece,

      It’s possible you have what is called Hyperhidrosis, which essentially is excessive sweating of the underarms, forehead, palms or feet. Over 8 million people around the world have it and many have found ways of dealing with it.

      The first thing I’d suggest is a antiperspirant like “Certain Dri” or a prescription antiperspirant like Dryclor…Other than that, here are a few other methods you can try out:

      1. Coffee And Sugar

      Out of all the ways to stop excessive sweating this one is probably one of the biggest. Everyone in today’s society drinks coffee and plenty of it. Thing is it is packed with caffeine and sugar, both of which increase your anxiety and thus your sweating. Cut back on the coffee drinking!

      2. Alcohol

      Alcohol tends to dilate your blood vessels and in so doing, increases your overall body temperature. An increase in body temperature means an increase in sweating, so watch your alcohol intake.

      3. Potatoes

      Potatoes are a natural way for you to stop excessive sweating. Simply cut one open and rub the inside of it on your underarms, don’t ask how, but it works!

      4. Charcoal

      It’s not only good for the barbecue, but if you try eating this on an empty stomach you can see results in as little as two days.

      5. Wheat Grass

      This is very high in many forms of vitamin B which has been shown to aid those who sweat excessively. Try drinking a glass of this a day.

      6. Water

      cold water can help you to reduce your body temperature and thus reduce your sweating. The whole purpose of sweating is to regulate our body’s temperature, but if we help it out by drinking lots of cold water, we will be able to reduce our body’s need to sweat.

      7. Spicy Foods

      Cut out the spicy foods in your diet and you won’t be stimulating your sympathetic nervous system as much. Ever notice how your body reacts when you eat something extremely spicy? Notice how you tend to heat up a bit? Your sympathetic nerves react to this stimulus by signaling your sweat glands to excrete more sweat.

      You can find more treatment methods at the link below…best thing is to try several of them at once, you’ll see the best results that way.

      Good luck!


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