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Anal Bleach And Vaginal Bleach Creams 5 Tips For Applying Intimate Area Bleaching Products

Anal Bleach and Vaginal Bleach products are popping up all over the world. While the practice of intimate area lightening has been around in the U.S. for a few years, other places such as the U.K., Australia, South America, and parts of Asia are now also starting to add this very specific cosmetic procedure to their beautification regiment. Anal bleaching and Vaginal bleaching are simply extensions of a growing awareness of genital grooming.

In the 1970s, most women and almost all men did not groom nor pay much attention to their intimate area. Then, during the fitness craze of the 1980s, salons began offering procedures such as the mystical Brazilian Wax. Fast forward to this decade, and now pubic grooming has become the norm, not the exception. While woman are still the dominant force behind the need for new items such as anal bleaching cream and vaginal bleaching cream, men are also taking more interest in the appearance of the intimate areas.

If you are interested in lightening your intimate area skin and would like to purchase an at home anal bleach or vaginal bleaching cream or gel rather than going to a boutique salon or spa, there are some important tips you need to know.

About the author: For more information about intimate area bleaching, please visit my blogs: Click here—->Anal Bleaching Blog. or Click here—->Vaginal Bleaching Blog.


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96 Responses to Bleaching Creams For Face

  1. greekbabi941 says:

    Hair removal creams? Or Bleaching creams for face?
    Ok so I’m 14 and I had really really dark hair on my upper lip. And I was thinking about waxing it. But then I decided to wait until i came back from my vacation in Greece. And while I was there my friend told me about a bleaching cream she uses and it works really works very well! Its called Karaver: Golden Bleach Cream. And I bought 2 boxes so I can bring some here in America. Sadly I’m about to run out and I’m pretty sure they don’t sell it in America, so have you heard of a cream that works? Maybe nair or something? Or if you know that they do sell the cream I want in America that would help too!

    Thanks sooo much!

    • A.J says:

      jolen creme Bleach

      You can get this at a Pharmacy or Boots.
      Real good fast and just leave it on your face for 10-15 mins and your hair will be mugh lighter!

  2. ;] <3 says:

    sally hansen hair bleach cream arms legs and face question?
    I just used it, I actually tested it on on my belly but I wanted to use it for my lip.
    The thing is, the hair is bleached but my skin is doing something funky. Its like darker or something.
    The part I put the mixture on is lightly blue or something… Help !?

  3. Karriem says:

    Does anyone know a good skin bleaching cream brand for your face?
    Does anyone know a good skin bleaching cream brand for your face?

  4. Susiee says:

    Can bleach creams for the face be used on armpits?
    I have dark skin under my arms and I was wondering if I could use that cream, or does it have to be specifically for the armpits?

  5. angel says:

    what is the best face bleaching cream?
    Hey all i am wheatish and i have dark hairs on my face.I look more darker with it. i dont want to wax but would go for bleaching..can you suggest something cheap and best!!!
    I would really appreciate your help!!

  6. uzbechka says:

    Hi everybody. Does anyone know about, which cream is the best bleaching cream for face?thanks,good luck.?

    • Liddy is Lost says:

      Hydroquinone products – ‘Obagi Clear’ is very effective with 4% hydroquinone, lactic acid and ascorbic acid.

      Also ‘Skin Tech Bleaching & Blending Cream’ with kojic acid, liquorice extract, lactic acid and ascorbic acid if you do not want to use hydroquinone.

      Good luck : )

  7. PP1234 says:

    Face bleach n face cream?
    In switzerland wat is the brand for a face bleach?and what wud be written on the pack?? As its all written in German I cannot understand . Also pls suggest an oil free face cream as i have an acne prone skin . I am unable to find anything in shops like Coop n migros .

  8. Aurea says:

    I am looking for face bleaching creams. Which ones are best?

  9. E.F says:

    is there some type of bleach cream for the face?
    i m not dark skin but sometimes my skin looks dark like with spots and i don’t like how it looks. I have been using the anti wrinkles oley cream and for around the eyes Do you think this is making my skin dark? Is there a bleach cream for the face? and what is the name of it? Of course a cheap one plz


  10. A.Estelle says:

    Skin bleaching for my face?
    I have acne, and whenever a pimple heals and goes away I’m left with a dark scar/mark where the pimple was.

    I’m considering using a skin bleaching cream of some sort that helps lighten the scars/marks.

    Has anyone got rid of facial scars from acne using skin bleach? Are there any natural methods?

    • Zarnou says:

      You go to any beauty care shop and ask for something clearing natural cream based on the type of yr skin: ex- dry, mixed or oily. with a soap and that would help u, plus DO NOT TOUCH the pimple.


  11. Ayman Jeddah Guy says:

    Is there any permanent bleaching creams for thw whole body?
    I would like to know if there is any natural or chemical bleaching cream, which its effect stays for ever?
    And could it be done for the whole body, including the face?

  12. gerzy says:

    Could any black lady advice me which creams are good for lightening the face.?
    I would prefer creams without hydroquinon as this is bleaching. I have some darker patches on my face. Pls advice.

  13. roja says:

    bleach cream!!!!?
    hai there! can anyone tell me where the bleaching cream(for face) is available in france please give me where the shop is located am new here thanx

  14. lala says:

    does anyone know of a good effective bleaching cream for the face?
    i have skin pigmentation above my upper lip and it looks dark like i have a slight mustache and i hate it because i dont. so if anyone could recommend a bleaching cream that will lighten the spots up or get rid of them ? thanks
    whats a name of a prescribed 1? that u have tried/ works?

    • Echo Two says:

      The best thing to do for this is go to a dermatologist and get a prescription one. They work the best. Over the counter ones don’t work all that well. You’ll need to wear a high SPF sunscreen if you do this.

  15. Knowles-Carter says:

    What are the best Bath Soaps, Face Creams, and Lotions for skin bleaching and fading?
    Its not for vanity sake, but I have horrible acne scars all over that make me full so unattractive. Help me guys.

  16. Ms Awesome says:

    Effective blemish, bleach or fade creams for uneven areas on face?
    Do you know of any effective creams that could fade darker areas and give your face an even, lighter or brighter tone? I’m not tryin to look like Michael Jackson or anything. I just have some darker spots in my face that need to go away. I’ve used products such as Palmer’s Fade cream. It works but it takes FOREVER and a day. I wanted to try something different. Thanks in advance.

    • calipinay says:

      yes try diana staler products the licorice soap for only $7.75 and the cream for only $8.99 and that will work for your uneven tone…You can check this webstore they have the original packaging of diana stalder for better price. You can check customers testimonials and see photos as well.. Be wise by getting the best products..

  17. Me says:

    Laser Hair Removal and Skin Bleaching?
    I went in for a consultation today at a local clinic for laser hair removal on the face. The doctor suggested that I use skin bleaching cream on my face starting tonight before my first appointment in 2 weeks to avoid pigmentation problems. I am of Native American decent, and am by no means dark, but I’m not white either…I have the coloring of someone who is Hispanic. Now I’m not about to put anything on my skin that I don’t know the effects of or don’t feel is safe, and was wondering if this suggestion of skin bleaching is standard for darker-skinned people for laser hair removal is normal? I am very hesitant to even use this stuff because I don’t want to change my coloring, and I don’t feel like my face is that uneven in terms of coloring. Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • pelican says:

      I am glad that you are being cautious. I would not use any skin bleaching products. My suggestion would be to get a second opinion before doing that.

  18. doll face says:

    What is the best bleaching cream for a sunspot on the face?

  19. Janet C says:

    Went to dermatologist to get bleaching cream for my brown spots on my face. But cream broke my skin. help rep
    I need help finding a cream that will help heal my skin. I thought maybe honey would help?

    • shouldbworkn says:

      I went to Bath & Body & asked a sales clerk for the same problem. They sold me a bleaching roll-on. It’s been mmm 2 months & the marks are almost gone. I tend to have sensitive skin & no problems yet.

  20. Piffonyou says:

    Can anyone recommend a good skin whitening/bleaching cream for the face and body?
    I have olive-y yellow skin and I really would like my skin a bit lighter, but not translucent. Could someone recommend a good whitening/bleaching cream for the face and body??? As long as it has good results I’m willing to try it. Thanks!

    • LaurieLoves says:

      lemon juice and salt is a good natural skin lightener 🙂 helps lighten freckles so it should work for you. good luck!

  21. Kendra M says:

    Best whitening/bleaching cream for face?
    I am looking for a cream to get rid of dark spots from sun and acne on my face. Is there such thing? I want something more natural and that doesn’t cause cancer. Please help. I am so conscious of my dark spots.

    • Science_Jock says:

      The best are the prescription ones with hydroquinone and AHAs. Alphaquin is one:

      There are others (not sure which have AHAs):
      • Eldopaque
      • Eldoquin
      • Glyquin
      • Lustra AF
      • Melpaque
      • Melquin
      • Solaquin

      I also recommend combining it with an exfoliation regimen – that helps get rid of the skin layers that are damaged. You can use a lotion with AHAs daily or do glycolic acid peels.

      I now use a 40-50 spf on my neck and hands and 30 on my face – every day!

  22. Akanksha D says:

    hey r there any home remedies to bleach face ,apart from the normal chemical bleach cream..?
    i m lookin for a alternative way to get my face bleached by natural their any such way of gettin rid of those hair on face or bleach them naturally..cause a bleach cream does make ur skin dark after a long time..n dull too..plz help

    • Rizr says:

      Use lime juice and allow sunlight to hit your facial hair while it is on your face – this bleaches hair.
      For removal, use some “besan” (chick pea flour) paste mixed with some water and tumeric powder (haldi) – try to get a thick paste so it doesnt drip off of your face. Apply all over, avoiding the eyes. Once dry, rub off gently, it will pull the facial hair off.
      It’s fairly painful, I warn you.

  23. anuradha h says:

    Which is the best bleaching cream for acne blemishies and other spots on face and body?

  24. xoh_myblueheaven says:

    What is best for eyebrows and face: hair removal cream, bleaching, or waxing?

  25. CAtherine D says:

    where can i find marvel lo bleaching cream for the face?

  26. Ask ME says:

    what is the best face cream for a dark skinned 20 years old woman?
    i want a cream that’ll do wonders for my face ..NOT a bleaching cream..just something that’ll add glow and enhance my natural beauty thanks…

  27. Vicki says:

    Are the skin bleaching creams for your face really effective and safe?
    The bleaching creams are supposed to remove the overpigmentation caused by sun damage found under the outer layers of the skin. Are there some creams we should stay away from?

  28. College Nerd says:

    Has anyone used Sally Hansen Cream Hair Bleach for Face, Arms & Legs or a similar hair bleaching product?
    I want to dye the hair on my arms and was wondering if these products work well? The only thing I am worried about is: if they have bleach in them… will it dye my skin as well? If anyone knows anything about it let me know! Thanks so much.

    • Cathy says:

      You should first try it on a small piece of skin…if it works, then do the rest ur arms. But it shouldnt dye ur skin….just make sure you wash it out on time, otherwise, it will burn ur skin…..

  29. sheila says:

    Does bleach hair body cream tends to bleach your skin color?
    I have this bleach hair called GiGi hair removal gentle bleaching cream for face, leg, and arm. I used it, and it worked out great. But, it bleached my skin. Are all bleach hair cream products bleach your skin? Or, are there other creams that only bleach hair body?

  30. tamz says:

    what are the side effects of applying Bleach creams on face?
    I had applyed a branded cream bleach last year since that the dirty hair has grown on my face. it also caused me irritation for a couple of hours when I applyed it for the first time.

    • Zom-bee says:

      Allergic reactions can occur from skin bleaching, and would result in severe burning or itching of the skin. Large skin areas, such as the entire face, should not be bleached at once due to the possibility of skin discoloration.

  31. kim says:

    bleaching cream for face?
    is using bleaching cream have some side_effects?is it ok for sensitive skin.can l have the names of some good bleaching cream.thanks

  32. Iris says:

    Cream bleach for face and other, lightened my skin too!?
    I’ve been using this cream bleach for in between my eyebrows and things like that. I decided to put some around my belly button on the little peach fuzz hair. After I washed it off, I can really tell my skin is lighter on the place I put it on! Has anyone had this experience? Will my skin color go back to normal? Please help. BTW, it says keep on for 8 minutes and I only left it on for 3.

  33. raj says:

    Is there any homemade bleach for the face?
    hi m 22 n i have very fair skin but have dark upperlips hair so have u any idea about natural bleach. i dont want to use any bleach creams that r available in mkt. so please suggest a homemade remedy to lighten them. my skin is very sensitive n it should b homemade which i can make by myself.

    • reddhotz2000 says:

      how many times are you gonna ask the same question? Go to the store and buy what you need….or you’ll end up in the ER…..for sure!

  34. fairydreams says:

    am i over using face cream bleach, is there side effects…?
    Im using face bleach cream for parts of my face and body, i was just wondering will i get bad side effects if i keep using it, will my skin be ok when i get older, will it over dry??

    • The E says:

      I’m assuming that’s what Michael Jackson uses too, and look at him. I wouldn’t use it at all if I were you.

  35. cutegurl1 says:

    face bleach cream?
    whats the best facial hair bleach cream ,is it good for sensitive skin n v oily skin? some ppls says it grow hair on face more .any natural remedy or herbalto completly get rid from facial hair?

    • ♥{JuicyyBabii} says:

      I dont know any facial bleach cream but i do know some that removes hair completely. Theyre by avon thou so you will most likely have to go to their website or to someone who sells avon to get them.

      Theres a 3 minute creame that removes hair you dont want but it also exfoilates while doing so, it cost eight dollars and its just called Hair Removal Cream.

      The second one I know of is a pen that twistes up with a brust tip applicator, you just keep twisting and apply the cream to your face, wait a few minutes and the hair will be gone. Its called “facial hair removal cream twist pen” and it cost six dollars.

  36. says:

    Psoriasis cream bleaches my face, what makeup should i apply to make everything look even?
    I have cream for my psoriasis and it bleaches my skin
    as my psoriasis is only on certain parts of my face, not all over, i have clusters of normal skin and patches of really light, white skin
    it looks horrible
    what makeup should i use to cover and even it out, as in foundations, concealers etc.

    any help would be EXTREMELY appreciated

    • Javaria says:

      pick out a foundation that matches ur natural skin color, i recommend rimmel in the 16 hour lasting one. it comes in a tube look it up online at their website. if ur color difference is really bad use a concealer that matches ur natural skin color on the light areas. finish off with powder to help the makeup look matte and stay on longer. use some mascara and eyeliner too other wise itll look wierd, rather bald.

  37. Sasori says:

    face Bleaching cream?
    Whats the best bleaching/whitening cream to use to white someones face?

    Im trying to get REALLY pale, for a project im working on.

    best products to use?

    • Beatles says:

      if you have redness on your Cheeks Don’t use whitening
      cream this is only going to make it more Red as tomato
      use a nice powder for the project to achieve the pale complexion

  38. alizenena says:

    what is the best type of bleaching cream for the face?
    i have a light birthmark on my forhead and i’m trying to lighten it up.

  39. Maridem says:

    I read that bleaching creams for brown spots in your face can make it worse. How risky is it to try?

    • wants 2 know says:

      yes it can be true, if you use them in the summer, they should be used in the winter, when there is no sun.

  40. Smoke W says:

    can someone please recommend an over the counter skin bleaching cream that works for the face please?
    i need something strong and that works. last month glue was thrown on my face and my face broke out everywhere. i scrubed my face with an exfoliator everyday and it was pretty painful and my face was red(that was pretty stupid) and like a week later my face was extremely dark. i thought it were clear up but it didnt and a month later it still looks the same. i really need yaw help because school opens up in one month.

    i dont look people in the eye anymore because it will bring attention to my dark face. i kno about all the dangers of using the creams and i am ready to face them. please dont ask me why i wanna do this or ask mj. the reason yaw ask questions like that because yaw probaly dont have hyperpigmentation or a face darker then your the rest of your body

    • crazychick:D says:

      I think that you should visit your dermatoligest because she would know what to do better than anyone on here… besides what if it is just a simple thing that makes it go away? you should visit her, but if she has nothing for you, just go ahead with the bleaching. I know how being really self consious feels…

  41. amith s says:

    I am having pimple marks on my face. how to get rid from that. Bleaching is good for face. If so how to do?
    I am having pimple marks and on my face and chest. i consulted many doctor but i did not get good result. i want to get rid of this marks and i want a smooth n bright skin. can any 1 help me. Is bleaching for the face is good. If so how to do. which bleach cream i can use and what is the procedure i need to follow to do bleaching.

    • jho1 says:

      trust Clinique products.. they offer skin analysis over the net to know your skin type… or go to any SKIN FOOD shop.. they offer natural products… i use skin food products coz i have pimple marks too… and it works…

  42. unknown says:

    whats the best face bleaching product?
    the best cream for bleaching facial skin to make it whiter?
    not perminatley lol just to make it whiter and cover up little dimples and spots. when its darker its more noticable
    and i dont mean bleach! i mean just cover up kind of thing

    • pseudonym says:

      I know I’m not answering your question but I make no apology. You don’t need to bleach your face. Its dangerous and silly.

  43. Oswin says:

    Looking for customer reviews for Gigi Hair Removal Gentle Bleaching Cream For Face?
    Where can I find reviews and opinions online for Gigi Hair Removal Gentle Bleaching Cream For Face

    • caldwell says:

      GiGi Honee is the No. 1 selling Professional Hair Removal Wax in the Industry.
      GiGi Professional products include a complete line of Soft and Hard Waxes, Pre and Post Waxing Products, and Waxing Accessories. Plus, GiGi has a complete Paraffin line, featuring seven therapeutic waxes, and all of the essential Accessories. With GiGi’s high quality formulas and wide range of waxes, we have a wax to meet your every need.

  44. FaNgEd_VaMpIrE says:

    Bleaching cream for face?
    I wanted to know whether the bleaching creams used for facial hair would change the color of the skin as well? Like if I had tan skin, could I still use it, and how? Thanks–I will choose best answer 🙂

    • indiehoney says:

      Nope they will not 🙂
      I used Jolen and it’s pretty good. I used it even on my arms and it was awesome 🙂 go for it 😀


    I’ve got dark blemishes on my face n started using Nadinola Bleaching cream, but its making my face wrinkly
    Also very tender, my aim was to have smooth n clear complexion for summa, but thats jus a dream now. Help plz

    • FairLady says:

      bleaching will involve skin peeling, and in the process will make your skin dry and flaky.. moisturize at night to keep skin hydrated.. don’t worry, that wrinkly skin will peel off in a few days and should resurface a fresher lighter skin tone (hopefully will remove your dark skin spots).

  46. berkeley_09 says:

    the right side of my face is pretty red after using a bleaching cream for 2 weeks.?
    anyone know what i can apply to relieve the redness? aloe-vera, etc?

    • pinkyismygirlfriendniluvhur says:

      when I get a bad rash spreading on my face like that, I just stay out of the sun for awhile, and I just keep it clean

  47. coyotehowlsfullmoonrises says:

    i am a Caucasian { white] i have black stuff on my face[skin] Ive used bleaching creams?
    over @ over for at least a year and sunscreen its awful what can i do to get rid of it looking for suggestions HELP

    • pkbuddy says:

      first of all, why would you use bleaching cream if you are white already? Second, wash your face, that might get the dirt off.

  48. isabel b says:

    What is a good bleach cream or non bleach for the face? . . .?
    I wanna get rid of some face spots…and my husband wants to get rid of some scars…Please help if u can. Thank you.
    oh and not 2 expensive =)
    juju- Have u tried it before? I’m Hispanic…Do u think I should use it?

  49. NaDaKa says:

    Can I put hair bleach on my face?
    I as well as many people have very tiny unnoticable pieces of hair on our face but although it’s not noticable I’d still like to get rid of it. I know people sometimes wax it but I just want something like bleach to lighten the color. Is there such a cream for the face that won’t harm my skin?? If so where can I find it and for about how much?

    • wwhrd says:

      NAIR for the face is great, you can remove the hair totally, it’s very mild & has never irritated my skin. Why bleach? Then you’ll have zillions of blond hairs on your face! Those ultra blond hairs are noticable, trust me. And if you don’t get it light enough they just look orange. Not pretty. Just get rid of the hair with Nair for Faces.

  50. Kustaa says:

    Do you know any powerfull white bleaching cream for the face?
    I wanna be as white as micahel jackson or at least really really white , do you know any product or procedure that really works ?

    • beauty guru says:

      Be happy with your natural skintone. why do you like to be so white ? It looks so pale as if you are sick. Bleaching cream can be quite harmful to skin.Look at Micheal Jackson’s face, the colour look so bad and unnatural. Embrace with your own skintone and work with it. Everyone looks good in their own skin/skincolor.Unless you are born naturally white otherwise no one will look good in a different skintone

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