Brazilian Wax How To

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Brazilian Wax

What in the world possesses us to remove our bottoms in front of a stranger, have hot wax smoothed over our most sensitive area and have it ripped off a few seconds later in excruciating pain, all by nothing more than our own personal desire to get a Brazilian wax?

Everyone has a different reason for why they get a Brazilian wax (convenience, less irritation than shaving, etc) but what’s the real process and the difference between a bikini wax and Brazilian wax. For some of the timid out there, let’s fill you in on the process.

1) Your friendly and licensed esthetician will allow you to dress out of your clothes in a private room. She will most likely give you something to wear or drape over yourself so you are not sitting and waiting uncomfortably.

2) The esthetician will apply some sort of product, like oil or talcum powder, to the skin so the wax will remove hair – not layers of skin. Note: If the hair is longer than inch, expect you esthetician to trim the hair down so it is easier to wax.

3) Now the fun part starts. Hot wax is smoothed over a section of hair to be removed and allowed to cool for a few seconds. There are different types of wax popular for a Brazilian: strip and hard wax. Strip wax is what is used, for the most part, for eyebrow waxing and also used in that infamous waxing scene of the hit movie 40-Year-Old Virgin. Hard wax, on the other hand, hardens without the need of a strip and is pulled off when it has cooled enough to change from a liquid form to a solid (this is Chemistry at its best!). Many people prefer hard wax to strip wax but it is a personal preference. You may want to ask when you make an appointment what type of wax will be used for your own knowledge before you go in.

4) The removal: The strip/wax is pulled in the direction opposite of the hair growth in one swift, pain-free motiona Ok, so maybe not pain-free but won’t it look and feel nice when you’re done? Some people say to take an aspirin 30 to 60 minutes before to handle the pain, but you can live without it. Really, it’s not too bad.

5) This process is continued until you are as smooth as a baby’s bottom from front to back. Note: It is very important that you make a note if the esthetician is double-dipping their stick. This is very unsanitary and can cause many bacterial infections.

6) Tweezers are used to remove any hairs that tried to escape the goopy wax. Some think this is the most tedious and painful part so beware.

7) Finally, soothing lotion or oil is applied to help with redness, irritation and ingrown hairsa Whew! So that’s it! You’re done.

I know it might not have been fun, but it’s like going to the gynecologist: You are forced by yourself to go and afterward, even though you hated it, you are glad you went for your personal well-being. Plus you only have to go back every 3 to 4 weeks.

Now I know you’re wondering the difference between a Brazilian wax and a bikini. Well, the Brazilian has a few options. You can have your esthetician remove everything from everywhere, or they can leave what many call a alanding stripa or a little vertical strip of hair in the front which will be trimmed. Estheticians can get creative by giving the remaining hair a design, such as a heart. A bikini wax, however, removes hair that follows the panty line. According to some estheticians, once you go past a certain point in the front it is considered a Brazilian so you may want to ask your particular esthetician where their boundaries are.

You are now a well-educated, informed individual about Brazilian waxing so go out and have fun getting waxed! And remember to thank your esthetician no matter how painful the session is – they are just doing their job.

Vicki Taylor — Marketing Director

About the author: Michele Miller is owner/operator of Simply Beautiful Spa and Salon


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98 Responses to Brazilian Wax How To

  1. Devil's Lil Angel says:

    What is a brazilian wax? Does it hurt to get anything waxed?
    One of my boytoys said that I should get a brazilian wax but I don’t know what that is. Is it somethig good or bad? Where does it wax? Will it hurt? How Long will the area stayed “waxed” for? What does that even mean?

    • Tiffany@NewfBrand says:

      A Brazilian wax is a bikini wax which leaves a think strip of hair behind (usually called a “landing strip”). The Brazilian is often confused with the Hollywood which takes it ALL off.

      Waxing is often rather painful and some people take ibuprofen before going to help reduce pain and inflammation. The skin will likely be irritated and a bit raw for a few days after the procedure since you’ve just ripped a bunch of hair out. There are after wax sprays available which can help to reduce irritation and inflammation — but always be aware of what you’re putting on your skin, especially in a sensitive area like that one. Natural, organic and/or vegan products are generally the way to go.

      The wax will usually last 2-3 weeks. It may last longer for some, but especially after your first wax when the hair is quite coarse, it’s going to come back fairly quickly. Those that have been waxing for years may not need to wax quite so often.

      Best of luck with your decision. It’s pretty painful but you’ll be silky smooth soon after…and won’t need to worry about shaving for a couple weeks until it’s grown in.

  2. one&only<3 says:

    how badly does a complete brazilian wax hurt?
    i have an appointment tomorrow to get my first complete brazilian wax (its getting rid of EVERYTHING down there!) i’m just sick of razor burn and having to shave all the time. how much does it hurt? i know it depends on the person’s pain tolerance, but just wondering what i should expect. should i take something before or do anything to ease the pain? thanks!
    i’m catching a 7 hour flight a few hours after the brazilian to go see my boyfriend…should i be worried of irritation?

  3. longshanks881 says:

    Brazilian wax?
    I want to keep my land down under hairless, and I was wondering should I go in for a wax or is shaving sufficient( I have to shave every day ugh) ? I don’t have much experience with waxing, about how much should a good Brazilian wax cost and how often do I have to get it done? also are there any tips on finding a good place to go? I don’t want to get waxed by an inexperienced waxer esepcally down there, thanks!

    • Livin'SD says:

      I’ve only had it done once, recently, but I did a bit of research online for the area I live in – just typed Brazilian Wax in Nowhere, NW into any random search engine and got lots of results back. It appears that the average price is about $45. For me it took about 2 months for everything to grow back completely – guess you wouldn’t want to go back any sooner than that or you would have hairs growing back at random times and would have to do major tweezer duty. Mine took about 45 minutes – I certainly would like to try a different place the next time around just so I can compare the experiences. I had it done at about 3pm and was on fire for the rest of the day/night and still a bit sore the next morning, but I felt that the results were well worth it. Good luck!

  4. elaine says:

    How long after shaving do I need to wait for Brazilian wax?
    I keep it shaved down there but would like to get a Brazilian wax. How long do I need to wait?

    • Christine says:

      Wait until you can grip the hair with your fingers and pull. The appropriate length is at LEAST a half an inch, otherwise the wax won’t be able to grip the hair, and you have to go through painful plucking! The longer the better. Good luck!

  5. Lucinda3000 says:

    Can a beauty therapist tell me how do you do a brazilian wax?
    Can a beauty therapist please tell me a step by step guide to performing a brazilian wax on another person, including what positions the person should be in, how to strech the skin to ensure as little pain as possible ( especially around the lips) and any other useful information to ensure the best possible results. Also i would like to know how far up a 3/4 leg wax goes up to. Thanks

    • Jack says:

      I am not waxing professional, but I have had the brazilian wax done to me quite a few times. It’s pretty simple as long as you keep the patient in a comfortable setting/environment. Just be sure to keep that skin warm when waxing, and ensure that you dont burn your patient. Also make sure that you take your time!!!! The patient/customer came there to leave feeling great, not with terrifying pain.

      When you are waxing, wax off the hairs in the opposite direction of hair growth. If there hairs are more than a quarter inch in length, I highly recommend you trim those hairs. If not the pain level only inreases. If the hairs are less then one-eighth of an inch in length then the customer should let them grow out a little more. When you do wax the hairs off, gently push or pull the skin in the opposite direction that you are waxing.

      I recommend you just watch a video on it or something. If you can practice on someone first, then great. Remind your customers to be well hydrated when getting waxed because you dont want them to have dry skin when you are waxing, and make sure they have not tanned recently either. You dont want that skin to be peeling off afterwords. When you are done waxing just apply so nice lotion or after waxing formula to the skin to help with any possibly reddness, swelling, or whatever.

      Attached I will include a link to a video that has an example of a girl (probably in her mid 20’s) getting her brazilian wax. Everything down there is shown, but I do want you to know this video was not meant to be a porn video…more like a live how to guide i guess. If you are offended seeing a girl get her brazilian wax, dont watch. I doubt thats the case though considering this new hobby of yours…

      Anyways thanks for reading and if you have any other questions or concerns feel free to contact me whenever you’d like. My email address is: and my myspace screen name is: fearless_interigator

      thanks for reading and good luck 🙂


  6. thatswhatshesaid01 says:

    How long did your first brazilian wax last before you noticed re-growth?
    Hey ladies – I’m having my first brazilian wax done before christmas (on dec. 21st)…and I’m concerned about whether or not it will start to regrow before new years eve. can anyone help who is experienced with brazilian waxes? thanks SO much!

  7. big m says:

    How long after a Brazilian wax will it hurt?
    I want to get a Brazilian wax for my fiancé. She has never ha one bedew or a bikini wax. She is scared about the pain but I’ve read to take ibuprofen. What is the pain like? How sore will she be? How long do we have to wait before we should have sex again? Any help or advice would be great.

    • Anonymous says:

      I had one 6 day ago for the first time. I was really concerned about the pain as well, but it was definitely tolerable. That isn’t to say it didn’t hurt. A few of the pulls really smarted (the places with the thickest, coarsest growth are the worst)–but if a wimpy guy like me can take it, your fiancé will be fine. Women have an advantage in that they usually can tolerate pain better, and they also generally have fewer and less coarse hair which translates into less pain. Yes, take some ibuprofen and Tylenol as well (you can take both at the same time for a better effect–but never take aspirin and ibuprofen together). Also, rub some numbing cream into the area a few minutes before hand (the person doing the waxing will probably have some on hand–ask ahead of time). The soreness afterward isn’t bad at all, though there will be quite a bit of redness. After the redness dissipates, she should exfoliate every few days, and/or use anti-razor bump cream to guard against razor bumps/ingrown hairs. Incidentally, if she shaves, she’ll have to wait about 10 days to 2 weeks before waxing. Also, the first waxing won’t get every hair. Some will break off at the skin’s surface, and some just won’t be pulled out, so the skin won’t be perfectly smooth. It’ll take 2 or 3 waxings a month or so apart to reach nearly perfect smoothness. As far as sex is concerned, there is no reason to cease normal activities, though whenever she feels ready should be the rule. Like I said, I experienced no significant post-procedure pain. Hope that helps.

  8. xo says:

    What is the procedure for a brazilian wax?
    I want to know all about brazilian waxs.
    A brazilian is when you wax ALL the hairs on and around your “ahem” right?
    Is there any I should do before?
    What is the step by step routine?
    How long does it take?
    How bad does it hurt?

    Tell me everything.

    Thanks 🙂

  9. Happy_Livin_My_Life says:

    How much does a Brazilian wax cost?
    I wanted to get a Brazilian wax but I wasn’t sure of the prices. Does anyone know any cheap places in Baltimore that does waxing?

    • Bluebee says:

      Honestly I wouldn’t go to a cheap place to get a Brazilian. That’s the one thing you want to spend the money on to go to a reputable place. I’ve heard horror stories of girls getting burned with too-hot wax, of skin getting ripped off, etc, and it was because they went to a place like a nail salon where they also do waxing in the back. I went to a high end salon that had great reviews for Brazilians and it was $60. Expensive, but worth it.

  10. Lisa says:

    When you get a Brazilian Wax, how long does the hair have to be so they can wax it?
    I am going to get a brazilian wax soon, for the first time. Usually i shave. I am wondering if anyone knows how long your hair has to be so they can wax it?

    • Tinkerbel says:

      Just don’t be too short… doesn’t matter if it’s long because they can always cut them short first before waxing… I just got mine done too for the first time last weekend… I’m liking it…

  11. Violet says:

    How to use Brazilian Wax for the FIRST time?
    Ok I’m fourteen years old and trying out brazilian wax on my bikini line and underarms for the FIRST time. I need tips, pain level, and cautions. I have course hair and sensitive skin the product I have is called GiGi Brazilian Bikini Wax. Please give me advice!?

    • ☼ωнιтє ¢нσ¢σℓαтє☼ says:

      First, you must be sure that you want to get a brzailian bikini wax. Consider trying first the standard bikini wax which will remove the hair from your bikini line or the full bikini which will remove most of your pubic hair apart from the most sensitive areas. A brazilian bikini wax removes ALL your pubic hair.

      I advice you to get your first brazilian bikini wax by a professional. Many women who try to give themselves a brazilian bikini wax, cause damage and their bikini area looks worse after the brazilian wax.

      You could find a salon that offers a brazilian bikini wax in any big US city. Just look in the “Yellow pages” or in any search engine for “brazilian wax” + “name of your city”.

      After locating a salon, find out how many brazilian waxes they do a week? Make sure that the persons who are responsible for the brazilian bikini wax are experienced. Ask to talk to customers that got a brazilian bikini wax from the same salon.

      Open your purse. A brazilian bikini wax may cost up to 100 US dollars. However, the average cost is about 50 bucks. We advice you pay not less than the average price to get a professional treatment.

      Come to your scheduled treatment with a good mood after taking a warm shower cleaning your pubic area.
      You will get into a separate room or a hole with a curtain. Then you will lie on a bed with your knees up or legs down.
      Then, the therapist will trim down your pubic hair with scissors to a length of about a quarter inch.

      Afterwards, the real thing will start. The waxer will start the waxing process. He will use a low temperature wax to cause less pain. When the wax cools he will pull it out with your pubic hair. This part is the most painful one. However, the first time is the most painful one. The hair can be pulled out easier in the following times.
      The waxer will ask you to get into some weird uncomfortable positions � holding your legs up, to the side and even over your head.

      If the waxer is a good one the painful part will end quickly. If you feel it takes too long or that the pain is unbearable, just tell the therapist that you need a little rest.
      When the waxing is done a soothing lotion should be applied to the pubic area.
      Your bikini area will stay smooth for at least 3 weeks with no maintenance at all. Make the most out of it.
      911 Corp. executed an independent research to find the best method for removing pubic hair. The results were clear. Find out more methods for removing pubic hair and more about brazilian wax on Brazilian wax and more.

  12. renee says:

    How bad does a brazilian wax hurt?
    Im seventeen years old and im planning on getting me a brazilian wax soon. What can i do to avoid the pain? Could i listen to music or what? I just want to know. Only women with experience.

    • Uncle Leroy says:

      Reach down and grab a couple of hairs and pull them out… Multiply that pain by the number a wax strip is going to pull out. Itz going to hurt like hell! My best guess would be for you to use ice or something that will numb the area.

  13. crazyguzmans25 says:

    Brazilian Wax: How long does it last before hair starts to grow?
    I am a voluptous woman, is it okay for me to get a brazilian wax?

    • georgina13 says:

      yeah sure

      it takes between 4-6 weeks to grow back but it grows back much softer and not as thick

      its different for everyone though so this can vary

  14. lovestar says:

    How can you avoid getting ingrown hairs after brazilian wax?
    also.. is it common to get ingrown hairs from a brazilian wax?

    • Lynn says:

      I have opted for nair bikini cream , i am sick of ingrowns and scars and although its not as easy as getting someone else to do it i dont have any ingrowns from nair!

  15. anonymous123 says:

    How can I prepare for a brazilian wax?
    I’ve never had a brazilian wax before, and I’m thinking about getting one done soon just because I absolutely despise pubic hair. I just want to be bare down there, and obviously I know it will hurt so I was wondering what I could do to lessen the pain as much as possible, if at all? Any experts willing to give a first timer some tips and/or advice? Thanks so much! 😀

    • ∰ Hot ∰ says:

      If you’re not willing to go through the pain, then you can try shaving. Shaving removes the hair and it’s just as effective as waxing.

      Trim your public hair because the hair have to be in a certain length before wax can be applied. Hair can grow back after 4 – 6 weeks.

      You skin is very sensitive when you are near your period. Don’t get a Brazilian wax during that time.

  16. Jess says:

    I’m planning on getting a brazilian wax, how do i know if the place is sanitary?
    I’m getting my first brazilian wax, i’m planning to talk to a couple places for pricing, but i also was going to talk them about sanitary issues (making sure all utensils/products are clean that they’re using on me). I read something in a magazine a while ago, and am kind of concerned. Should i be? Or are places usually pretty sanitary about it?
    And also, when i book an appt, how should i address this issue? I don’t want to affend anyone.

    • Babycakes says:

      I agree with the last person. High end spas are the way to go. I am sure it is more expensive but when you are dealing with something this important, sanitation is key! So, it would be worth the price! Something that has been established and is known for their good reputation. They maybe even reviews on the spas online if you google it. You can google everything & anything! You can also tell by looking at the place when you go in. You know dirty from clean so trust your judgement. Also, how the people present themselves, too. If they look dirty, then I would head out! That is so mean but…. Go with the high end spa & you will not regret it. My friend has the girl from the spa come to her house and do it. She feels more comfortable in her own home so that maybe an option for you. Since this is your first one, I found a great site. I put the link on here so you can check it out.

      The link is really good. Its got TONS of info. ALmost every ? you have is answered. I was like WOW!! I read it and it has gotten me a little curious about it as I have never had one before but I love the look of the Brazilian wax ! Im 28 with 2 kids and maybe I will get one sometime soon!!….. so enjoy the link ! 🙂

  17. Jen! says:

    How do i get rid of bumps after getting a brazilian wax?
    I got a brazilian wax last week and i still have bumps from it and want to get rid of them fast, how do i do it?

    • dorislongstocking says:

      you need to gently exfoliate the skin there.use a creme or exfoliating cloth but dont go to hard…what these bumps are are ingrown hairs. next time you get a waxing you can buy a bump minimizing lotion to apply the day after or just exfoliate 2 days after and that should stop them from forming. good luck!

  18. Treese says:

    How long does it take to heal from a brazilian bikini wax?
    My husband is returning home from a deployment soon and I wanted to get a Brazilian wax. I just want to know how long before her gets here should I get it done? How long does it take to heal and how much does it hurt?

    • Nicole says:

      I would say about 4 to 5 days. That’s what I am trying to do before my husband comes home as well. I had one Deon while he was here on mid tour and I got that done about the 5 days and it was perfect. Everything was healed.

      Good luck! I know how excited you are!!!!

  19. kmarbone says:

    Can someone please explain the process of a Brazilian wax to me?
    I know they wax everything with a brazilian but I’ve never gotten waxed down there before and I’m considering it. The major factor stopping me is pure humility.
    Exactly how embarrassing is it? Is there any cover at all for your vajayjay or is it similar to visiting the gyno? What about the whole landing strip option? I know that leaves a small strip in the front and waxes the sides but what about the actual inbetween the legs area?

    • Natalie M says:

      Ok…so im not a shy person but I decided to do this myself about 6 months ago and definately was a bit hesitant. Its not bad at all. The give you a litle paper thong..and when i say little, I mean t wouldnt sufficiently cover a 5 year old lol…but you get to keep that on. Its kinda like saying im going to give you this little shard of fabric in hopes you will be able to keep a shard of self respect. Haha, im just kidding. My waxer made me very comfortable and talked the whole time so it wasnt as ackward. The remove every single bit of hair, from the top of your bikini line to the top of your bum crack. It feels great afterwards! As far as pain goes, it various depending on how course your hair is. For instance, a friend of mine did it before me and it was extremely painful for her because she had course curly hair. As for me, I have thin, fine hair and it barely even fazed me. Take about 3 ibuprofen about an hour before you go to help with the pain. Best of luck!

  20. Maria says:

    What’s the difference between a regular bikini wax, a French bikini wax and a Brazilian wax?
    Also, is it weird to have someone wax your butt crack? Does anybody get that part done? How painful is a Brazilian, 1 being not painful, 10 being the worst pain ever? And do the women wear gloves while doing the waxing? I hope they do!

    • unhelpful says:

      Bikini takes the least hair (just around the bikini line), Brazilian takes the most (everything). French leaves some on the buttocks and the labia.

      It literally feels like your labia is being pulled off. You’ll feel inclined to ask the waxer, “Is a part of my vagina on that strip?”

      The women wouldn’t wax your snatch bare-handed even if you paid them extra.

  21. Happy_Livin_My_Life says:

    How much does a Brazilian wax in Baltimore cost?
    I’m not used to spas but looking for places in the Baltimore area that do Brazilian waxes because I want to have one done really soon.


  22. owizeisme says:

    How many women truly get a brazilian wax?
    This is a serious question, not a perverted one. So when your about to do the horizontal rump with your partner, how many of you girls like to get a brazilian wax done. Im talking the full thing too (vaginal, a**, undercarriage, etc). Sure women like to be nice and neat, but how many of you go for the full thing, or is it all just t.v.

    • Tectonic French Toast (w/syrup) says:

      I had a friend who was learning how to do them for people, she offered me a free one if I would volunteer to go to her class and let her do it in front of everyone. Like, lol, thanks but no thanks.

      Most women I know don’t do that. I think it’s easier just to do it yourself with a razor. Which does require a little contortion in the shower. And a steady hand.

  23. em3322 says:

    What exactly does a brazilian wax consist of?
    I’m thinking about getting one and I want to know all the details. Do they wax everywhere? What about your butt? How bad does it hurt? Please be very detailed, thanks, o and I’m a girl if that changes anything.
    I don’t mean to be too graphic but what about like between you butt cheeks?

    • I Love LA says:

      yes in between ur booty cheek cuz yes sum girls do have hair there. im a guy and when i do doggy with a gurl u can see it. they wax everywhere down there. but i luv it when a girl does it cuz it shows she can take some pain for a really great smooth skin 4 a guy. its great!!!

  24. loganslover says:

    Should I see a professional to get a Brazilian wax?
    Has anyone gotten a brazilian wax professionaly done? Was it awqward for the first time? Did it hurt? How much did it cost? Am I better off doing it myself? Should I buy a wax for the whole body or specialized for that area?

  25. ~ems~ says:

    Brazilian Wax – How to prevent ingrown hairs?
    Just wondering if any one has any tips to prevent ingrown hairs for Brazilian Wax’s.
    Everytime I get one, I get all pimply down there and I’m thinking it’s ingrown hairs. It’s gross and defeats the purpose. Any tips anyone?

    • Rach ♥ says:

      Yes, begin exfoliating – gently – on a daily basis, but don’t begin exfoliation until 24 hours have passed since you had your waxing done. Also, right after waxing, you can apply a skin lotion which contains salacylic acid to the area. It doesn’t matter what kind, just look for one which has a high percentage of that ingredient. Use it right after waxing, and twice a day thereafter. That will help to prevent bumps and ingrown hairs. One other thing, try to not wear tight clothing for at least 24 hours after waxing. Tight clothing which rubs against your skin are almost certain to cause ingrowns and red bumps. Avoid this if you can.

  26. Anonymous says:

    How much should I tip for a brazilian wax if I have a monthly membership?
    A salon in my area charges a monthly fee of $35 and for that price you get 1 brazilian wax every month… Now, that is much less than the regular price of a brazilian so what kind of tip should I leave? (keep in mind I personally work for tips as well so i like to be a generous tipper!)

    • lEauFly says:

      I’d tip about 15-20% of the $35, or about $5-$7 per wax. 15-20% is my base rate as far as tipping goes. You can always tip more if the person who did your waxing did a really great job and was very professional and speedy.

  27. TasteeUkubit says:

    How can I get a brazilian wax at home?
    Best way to get a brazilian wax, but not comfortable with a stranger doing it. Any other way i can do it at home or is there a safe cream or product i can use to remove hair in that area.
    Thanks Kat.. stil lmao from the blog

  28. Amber says:

    Do you recommend a Brazilian wax or a bikini wax?
    I need to get waxed for swimsuit season which is just around the corner. I want to get my legs done for sure, but for the bikini/behind area, I want to be completely bald.
    What I want to know is about your experiences with bikini & Brazilian waxes and how much they hurt in your opinion!

    • She Ain't Got $h!t On Me says:

      if u want it all off then get it all off.
      asking how much did it hurt isn’t gonna stop the pain when ur getting it.
      but it hurt for me like getting my first tattoo, and that wasn’t even as bad as getting the wax, but u’ll live

  29. Amber says:

    How hard is it to give yourself a brazilian wax?
    I have really good (hard) wax and a really good warmer as well as numbing cream. I’ve done my research (like to use talcum powder before and oil to get the wax off and a calming lotion). I even plucked a hair down there to see if I could tolerate the pain, and it hurt me less than when I get my eyebrows waxed. Is it hard to do yourself?

    • Meet me in Montauk... says:

      nope. you just gotta rip it off in the right direction, do little sections at a time, you’ll be ok. if you see blood you’re doing it wrong

  30. Aishy says:

    How is a brazilian wax done?
    When you go to a professional to get it done, how does it happen? Do you have to fully expose your area to them?

    I was told about bikini waxing that you just have to lift your knicker up and they dont need to see. But no ones ever said how a brazilian wax is done.

    • Andi says:

      Yes, you’ll need to remove your pants/underwear to make it easier for the beautician. You could consider wearing a skirt that day, but you don’t want wax on your underwear, so those will need to be removed regardless. You can always ask to place a towel or some other kind of covering on the area they aren’t immediately working with. Keep in mind, that this person is at work, and it’s not likely that they’re ‘checking you out’ in any way. They’re just doing their job. 🙂

  31. Shorty06 says:

    When is the best time to have a Brazilian wax How long should my hair be?
    I stop shaving since last tuesday I have an appointment tommorrow friday at 12 noon is should that be long enough for a brazilian wax ?
    yes I stop shavingsince last tueday and yes it will be my first time !!!! Im excitied but scared at the same time !!! thanks guys so much for answerind my quetion!!
    yes I stop shavingsince last tueday and yes it will be my first time !!!! Im excitied but scared at the same time !!! thanks guys so much for answering my question!!

  32. Jessica says:

    How long should your hair be to get a brazilian wax?
    How was your first time getting a brazilian wax?

  33. needabrazilianwax says:

    Who does the best Male Brazilian Wax using Alexandria Body Sugaring in Charleston, SC?
    I had this done in Las Vegas and prefer the stripless Alexandria Body sugaring method. I liked it because it lasted longer than any hot wax brazilian I’ve ever received and I liked how it was not hot. I want the sugarist to be experienced with male brazilians. Anybody have any leads?

    • DeAnna says:

      Go see Julie! She is located in Lexington, SC right outside of Columbia. She does body sugaring male & female brazilian waxing. The sugar is so much better than wax. It isn’t hot and we love it. She body sugars me and my husband. My husband is a cyclist and she body sugars his back, chest, legs and male brazilian. She is a really fun lady. We have a blast with her. Her business number is 803-315-3469. Tell her DeAnna and Scott sent you!

  34. Brittany says:

    How do I prepare for a Brazilian wax?
    I’m 31 weeks pregnant, and because it’s become a little hard to maintain things down there myself, I made an appointment to get a Brazilian wax.
    I’ve had several bikini waxes before, but never a Brazilian. Any tips on how to prepare??

  35. sweet says:

    How can I do a brazilian wax at home without having to go to a salon?
    I never got a brazilian wax before and never shaved down there. I was wondering how I can do this without going to a salon and save some money?

    • Anonymous says:

      Seriously, don’t do it yourself, you could end up with an ugly rash down there, go to a professional, it may be expensive but at least they know what they are doing!

  36. Anonymous says:

    How old do you have to be to get a Brazilian Wax?
    How old do you have to be to get a Brazilian Wax?
    Well,i’m 15,not sexually active or planning on being sexually active till marriage,but i was just wondering,how old do you have to be to get a brazilian wax at a salon?

  37. Dani Lynne says:

    How often to get a Brazilian wax?
    I just got my first Brazilian wax about two weeks ago, and I already want to go back and get another one! My question is, will the hair eventually be slower to grow back? Cause two weeks just isn’t worth the money. Unless, with a few waxes done, the hair growth is stunted.

  38. Stephanie says:

    Brazilian WAX???
    I am going to be leaving for my honey moon in 2 weeks .. and I want to get a brazilian wax done …

    How soon before I go should I get it done??
    How long does it usually last?
    AND DOES IT HURT alot alot alot???

    I’M SCARED!! lol

    • Jimbo says:

      Get it done a few days before.

      It lasts at least 3 weeks.

      My girlfriend says it doesnt hurt that much.

      They look really sexy though

  39. sallyfrmdavalley says:

    Is there any way to avoid the pain involved in a Brazilian wax?
    Once I went to get a brazilian wax and after to peels I had to stop because it was so painful. Is there any kind of numbing stuf or techniques someone could fill me in on. How do girls tolerate this?

    • ♥Future Mrs. Chandler says:

      not unless you supply your own topical numbing agent, or ask if they have one. and that won’t even work very well. beauty is pain, hun! lol

  40. Vintage L says:

    Brazilian Wax?/????????
    I’m planning on getting a Brazilian wax for the first time soon, and ive heard it hurts like hell. so i was wondering if theres anything i can do beforehand to make it hurt less? or any tips in general to make it hurt less lol.. someone said take aspirin but i dont know how effective that’d be…thanks!

  41. Delcarmen says:

    brazilian wax? what does it feel like and what exactly do they wax?
    im searching for places to get a brazilian wax done because shaving is horrible!! but i really dont have all the info on it… what gets waxed, how long does it last, how painful is it? any experienced people can answer if you havent got it done or dont know anyone who did dont bother answering please!
    umm hello i know its going to be painful i didnt ask “does it hurt?” i asked how much for all you fuckin know it alls out there! why are people answering who havent got it done go read another question and shove ur opinion where the sun dont shine hopefully its waxed!

    • Jimbo says:

      My girlfriend gets this done about once a month. They wax all your bits and around your @$$ as well. It doesnt hurt that much if you take a few painkillers, but the pain gets less when you have it done regularly. When she first had it done she got drunk before and that helped alot. But after its done it makes that area look really sexy.

  42. baybee_cakes7787 says:

    What exactly gets covered in a brazilian wax?
    It may sound dumb but I can’t seem to get a straight answer out of anyone. Exactly how much ground is covered? Would my bikini line be included or would it just be my labia? Would the ‘triangle’ area above my labia be done? Would I need to schedule a brazilian AND bikini wax to get both done?
    Note: I’m not shy about it, my main issue was the bikini line. i figured everything else would come off but the last thing i wanted was to go in fo a brazilian and have the bikini line be a seprate service to pay for.

    • Jimbo says:

      It includes the bikini line. A brazilian will get rid of all the hair apart from a trimmed landing strip at the top. You can even ask them to take everything off. So yes, the brazilian will do the lot and it would be the one you want. Plus they look really sexy.

  43. jiveleigh says:

    What are some tips for getting your first Brazilian wax?
    I want to get a Brazilian waxing job but I’ve never had one done before. I typically shave but My skin is just getting too irritated from it. Besides being scared shitless, I’d like to know:
    – how long you are supposed to to let the hair grow before?
    – how long does the redness usually last (I have VERY sensitive skin)?
    – how long does the pain/uncomfort last?

    • Paigeybear says:

      The hair needs to be long enough so the wax can grab onto it. This may mean you’ll need about a week’s worth of growth.

      Getting waxed before/during your period can make the experience more “ouchy”. Your whole vulval-area tends to be more sensitive during those times.

      I never got red when I got waxed, even my first time. But I got a bit puffy down there and it was a little sensitive. This lasted a couple of days. When you’re actually getting waxed, it only stings for a couple of seconds when they take each strip off. It’s completely bearable. The first time you get waxed tends to be the worst because your hair will grow back thinner and softer afterward. This will make the following visits easier.

  44. Leahshariff says:

    Where in Singapore is the best place to get a Brazilian wax?
    this is my first time trying to have to brazilian wax. i would like it to be as painless as possible. *wink*and it would be great if you know how much the cost will be…. thx

  45. Lisa says:

    How can you do a Brazilian wax yourself?
    I use to go to have Brazilians done every month, but I just don’t have the money I use to. So I want to start doing it myself. Does anyone have any tips on what wax to use, where to get it, or anything would be great.
    No pervs, please.

    • Rei says:

      I’ve investigated this very same thing myself. I asked a lot of people, who all basically shot me down saying the only way to safely and tolerably do a brazillian wax is to get it done by a professional.

      However I did some more research on the internet about a way to pull hair out using a technique called body sugaring. You basically make a sticky paste out of sugar, water and lemon juice thats been boiled for almost 30 minutes until it turns really dark… almost black. Then you let it cool completely until its hard and take a spoonful and form it into a little ball in your hand. Then you smear it onto the patch of hair in the opposite direction of how your hair grows and yank it off quickly in the same direction the hair grows. You just keep doing it all over the bikini area until its clear and you can pluck strays with tweezers.

      The great thing about it is that you do a tiny area at a time, so you have total control over what you’re doing. Its super cheap to make the paste and you pretty much have enough to last you like 5 times. Also you don’t have to deal with getting burned from hot wax and its not as messy. If the sugar paste gets stuck to your skin/hair you can just hop in the shower and wash it off. It comes off easily with warm water. You also pull it off in the direction the hair grows so supposedly it doesn’t hurt as bad. (Take that with a grain of salt though.. its still hurts like a B, especially since you’re doing it to yourself)

      Get a mirror and angle it on the floor so you can see well enough to do the backside. Oh and do NOT forget to get some lidocaine spray, to spray over your bikini area before you start. Because you will DIE if you don’t. Pull the skin tight before you pull, that will help with the pain too.

      Heres a website with instructions on how to make the paste

      Heres a website on how to use the body sugar paste:

  46. gopitt157 says:

    How long should i go without shaving before my first brazilian wax?
    I want to get a Brazilian for my boyfriends birthday but i hate the idea of not shaving and having hair down there. I’m planning to not shave for 11 days before the wax. Will the hair be long enough? Sorry this is super personal. Thanks!!!

    • Asd Asd says:

      it hurts, no matter if its your first or your 100th time.
      yeah 11 days should be enough im guessing.
      the longer the hair the bigger the pain
      the shorter the hair doesnt hurt as much
      but it cant be too short its not picked up on the strip.
      its rly confusing you’ll know when you get it done the 2nd time anyway
      grip something tight when its being done that always helps 😀

  47. Mila says:

    How to reduce redness and red bumps after a Brazilian wax?
    I got a Brazilian wax about 36 hours ago, and it is still very red with lots of red bumps. I have tried gently exfoliating the area, applying aloe and also the store “bikini zone” cream but with no luck. When I had the wax done, she did make me bleed.

    Do I need an antiseptic, or some other soothing cream? Thanks I really need this to go away fast!!

    • PrairieDog says:

      Your skin is very sensitive around that area, and so it is natural for it to be red and irritated. Generally, try to get this area waxed about a week before you need it, so that it has soothed before you need it. But, in this case, try using some aloe vera gel (I know you already tried this) but put it in the fridge for around an hour before you apply it, so that the cool gel can soothe the area. Also, try to wear loose fitting clothing around the area to give it room to breathe.

  48. enna says:

    How do I perform a brazilian wax on myself?
    I’ve never done anything to that region, but I’d finally like to. The hairs are really long so I’ve tried trimming them, but when I try to wax off a small portion other hairs get caught and it creates red dots.
    I’ve bought a Sally Hansen wax kit.
    Can anyone give me any tips for doing this properly and easily? Any help is appreciated!

    • Cheryl_h says:

      trim all the hairs to the correct length, then smooth down a strip, and pull back quickly in the direction of hair growth. the hairs are growing downwards, so you pull the strip upwards. be quick so you pluck, rather than break, the hairs from the roots. if you find it too painful to do it properly, get a numbing cream and apply to the area before.

  49. Rockstar says:

    What age and is it safe to get a Brazilian Wax?
    How old should you be to get a brazilian wax and is it safe?

    Yes I heard it hurts Lol.

  50. inquisitivemind says:

    brazilian wax?
    brazilian wax seems realli painful, rite? anyway, how long will the hair take to grow back if i go for brazilian wax? how to maintain it if i realli go for it?

    • rjmpc says:

      I have been getting the brazilian done for almost 2 years and would have started doing it before then had I known how great it would be. Before you go in you want to shave and then let the hair grow out so it is about 1/4 in long. Sometimes it hurts and other times it doesn’t, depends on a lot of things for ex. stress, lack of sleep and you want to make sure you don’t go in before your period because of the hormones. As far as the upkeep of it you can pick to go every 4-6 weeks depending on how fast your hair has grown back. The more you wax usually the thinner it gets which is definitely worth it!!! Just take a few ibuprofen before you go in and it won’t hurt as bad.

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