Dangers Of Skin Bleaching

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Dangers of Skin Bleaching – 5 Key Pointers

Like any other type of cosmetic enhancement, there are dangers of skin bleaching. Just as there are dangers of dying your hair, you can also experience dangers of skin bleaching. Some of the dangers of skin bleaching include:

1) Trying to bleach moles

Moles are not discolorations and some irregular moles should be looked at by a doctor and not simply bleached. Skin bleaching is made to lighten up dark spots on your face such as freckles and other small imperfections that are usually caused by the sun. You should not use skin bleaching as a way of trying to get rid of moles. They will also not work on very heavy birthmarks. They may lighten them up a bit but not remove them. In the case of a very obvious birthmark, you can use laser surgery to correct this problem.

2) Bleaching when pregnant

Most women develop what is called the “brown mask” when they are pregnant. This happens to women as they move along in their pregnancy. They tend to get freckles and brown spots on their face. These fade after the birth of the baby. It is never advisable to try to use skin bleaching when you are pregnant. These freckles and brown spots will go away after the baby is born and the hormone levels are back to normal.

3) Over bleaching your skin

The purpose of skin bleaching is to even out your complexion, not change it. You should use it sparingly. It will work to get rid of freckles and age spots but only to a point. You should not try to use it to excess. Read the directions and follow them before you over bleach your skin – this can be just as dangerous as over tanning. Skin bleaching is just like any other cosmetic enhancement and people have a tendency to like what they see and continue with the process. Just like you should not over process your hair, you should not over bleach your skin. It will start to flake and may cause major irritation. Skin and hair are comprised of the same follicles so you want to be careful not to overdo the procedure.

4) Skin irritation

Some people have a reaction to skin bleaching. One of the dangers of skin bleaching is that it can cause an adverse skin reaction. In order to avoid this danger, you should test the skin bleaching solution on a small part of your skin before you use it. If you have sensitive skin, it may irritate the skin. In such a case, you should discontinue use.

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34 Responses to Dangers Of Skin Bleaching

  1. ♥Paris♥ says:

    Do you think Michael Jackson’s kids are his biologically or not?
    They may be lightskinned, but I think they’re his biologically. Paris is light as day, but if you put her and La Toya back to back they have the SAME skin color. And Paris has blue eyes. Joe Jackson has blue eyes and so does Debbie Rowe. She looks a lot like Debbie but seriously I hate to say this but Joe and Paris look alike. They have the same eye color and the same head shape. And both of their eyes are close to their nose. So I think that’s clear. And Prince looks like MJ a little. But he looks like Randy A LOT. And Joe’s father (Samuel Jackson) looks like Prince’s twin! They have the same eyes, skin tone, head shape, mouth, and ears. And Blanket just looks like MJ
    100%. Every single feature he has is all MJ. The eyes, the hair color, the facial structure, the mouth, JUST A LOT THINGS relate to them. I hate it when I hear “Prince had platinum blonde hair as a kid.” So? T.I.’s fiancee (Tiny) is mulatto and she has blonde hair. So does Mariah Carey and she’s mulatto. I know a girl at my school and she’s mulatto and has blonde hair, LIGHT green eyes, and tan skin. She’d slap you in the face if you called her 100% white. But either way, Prince’s natural wasn’t blonde. MJ dyed it because pictures were leaked on the internet of Prince and he thought he would be in danger so he bleached it to blonde. His real hair color is brown. And MJ
    wasn’t all black. Katherine is black and Cherokee and Joe is half white, half black. So that could explain why they look so white and why Blanket looks Indian/Hispanic. What do you think?

  2. WHATEVER says:

    What do you think about this poem?
    Anything you can say, as a critique?

    Protect what reflects
    shame clear on clean skin
    False eyelash white trash
    expected deadly sin

    Long waves cascade
    dip dyed black
    Dark familiar as liquor
    cornerstore man’s crack

    Spine coarsely aligned
    by hands of man cried wolf
    Calls love violence dressed
    in sheep’s white bleach wool

    Steel fist doesn’t miss
    swings his gold heart’s discretion
    Lace wrought lingerie misplaced
    over rouge blood cell stain infection

    Body full of lustful flame
    thick mane hides every snake eye
    She bears her cross under bangled wrist
    ignorance a flask against her thigh

    Dirty South – flirty red clay boys
    honeysuckle almost sweeter than tea
    the twang on the radio – what they know
    not the South revealed to me

    Tin can walls fall
    to the real world of rearrange
    angel danger far from here is less
    still young enough to change

    Brainwashed stash of new white trash
    there’s so much more than here
    I’ll be the pressure against the peddle
    if you’ll keep your eyes on the road and steer

    • yoyoyoyo says:

      This is the most metaphoric and symbolic poem I’ve ever read. Although some of it is a bit confusing to think about, I think you did a fantastic job.

      “I’ll be the pressure against the peddle
      if you’ll keep your eyes on the road and steer”

      Great job.

  3. →ℓσuιsɑнн!♥ says:

    I’m bored of my hairrr – have you guys got any style and colour ideas for me? :)?
    Okay so I’d like to change my hair altogether. New style, haircut, colour, the works.
    I’ve had my hair dyed + bleached before so I know the dangers and precautionaries I have to take. I get my hair done at the hairdressers anyway.
    At the moment my hair is a gingery, orangey red colour on my top layer and on my bottom layer it’s a browny black colour. I got this style done last year sometime and it was originally meant to be red on top and black underneath but the hairdresser did it wrong and it turned out orange on top and black underneath. All the colours have faded now and my natural hair colour has grown back alot on top (my natural hair colour is ginger).
    I’m not going to go back to my natural hair colour, and I’m stuck as to what colour(s) I should put in my hair next. I’m open to any natural hair colour except ginger (jet black all over & blonde all over may not suit me as well) and I can’t have any “extreme” hair colours like pink, green, etc but purple and red is acceptable. Also, I would like a new haircut and style. At the moment I have shortish side swept bangs & two layers in my hair that have grown out. I’m pale skinned, a few freckles on my nose and I have a oval-to-square face shape.
    Here’s a picture :
    SORRY if the link doesn’t work. Tell me if it doesn’t and I’ll send a link to another one. 🙂
    Thanks for your time guys. If you need any more information please do ask. :))
    Also, my hair falls to my shoulder blades at the back and just above my chest area at the front (but below my collarbone).
    Oh and by the way, you don’t need to tell me I’m Ugly like certain people have ¬¬. I already know I am but that doesn’t allow me to not want to do something with my hair. If your only here to insult me then don’t bother.

  4. blondie says:

    Hydrogen Peroxide and it’s dangers?
    I just bought some 3% Hydrogen Peroxide, not the Benzyl stuff, my friend recommended it to me for putting on pimples, he said that if i dab a little bit with a cotton ball at night, the pimple will be practically gone by the next morning. I got the stuff and put a little on my face, now i’m reading on all these websites as to how it will bleach my skin, burn it, and cause skin cancer.
    can anyone tell me the actual good and bad effects of Hydrogen Peroxide? Because i’m a little afraid now…

    • Frank says:

      Please don’t be bothered by internet paranoia. Hydrogen peroxide is perfectly safe, which is why it is available without a prescription.

      It won’t do as much for acne as you’re hoping, but since zits often diminish overnight on their own, you’ll think the hydrogen peroxide did it.

      Get a cream with benzoyl peroxide. That is the most effective non-prescription acne medicine.

  5. Anonymous says:

    IS this is danger for my skin?
    i am pakistani bt my skin is white..nt pure white bt it can be listed in white people

    So here in pak i bought a cream name four formula which is mixture of many creams like fair and handsome,acne cream,stillmans skin bleaching cream,blesso ance cream,mena facial cream and brido whitening cream..

    and when i applly it my skin really turned white like Europian people after only 10 days use..

    bt will continouisly using this effect my skin?will this will destroy my original skin colour and i hav to do it for rest of the life?

    or it is nomail

    plzz plzz reply

  6. Cammy_M says:

    Is White Skin Becoming Less Fashionable?
    Tanning has only become a cosmetic habit within the past hundred years and as the years go on it seems to more and more fashionable to singe our skin, opening the door to the dangers of skin cancer and aging.

    With whats being said about red haired people becoming extinct in the not so distant future, is it also safe to say that those with celtic skin (the lightest tone of skin colour) are being bred out as well?

    I have Irish decent, and with that comes genetics that leave me with fair skin. I am proud of my fair skin (but then again i believe its important to be proud of yourself in general).

    All skin types are beautiful! black, white, ebony, ivory, olive. So why are people with naturally fair skin unhappy with their complexion? The world would be boring were everyone the same!

    (I understand that some countries find skin bleaching and fair skin more attractive such as in japan and india, although this question is towards western countries)

    • Bored Again says:

      Let’s go Irish!!

      I’ve been on both sides of this one, Being an Irish Mexican, I’m naturally fair but tan very easily and honestly, look good both ways. But for me, the risk of skin cancer is just too much to ignore. It’s disgusting to me (and yes, I hate myself for my past tanning behavior) how many young (literally sometimes as young as 10) girls feel that in order to be ‘beautiful’ they MUST be tan. They have ZERO concept of the risks that they are taking and what they are doing to themselves. Anyone who gives the standard ‘I know the risks don’t lecture me on them’ obviously doesn’t, or they wouldn’t be asking the best method for frying their skin.

      As for why people are unhappy with what God gave them? As much as I hate this answer it’s the truth: the Media. These airbushed photoshopped models are held up as the ideal ‘if you don’t look like this you’re ugly’ standard and because parents no longer feel the need to parent, kids believe it. We live in a consumer culture, it’s all about having the right clothes, the right skin, the ‘right look’ or you might as well go join a convent because no one will ever want you mentality.

      It sucks, but maybe in 20 years, darwin will kick in and all those stupid people who baked themselves into wrinkles and skin cancer will die out and the stupidity will go with them.

  7. Armani says:

    Why do black people get cussed for bleaching but yet ppl dont see anything wrong with tanning?
    I dont understand. I was answering a question on a black girl who wants to bleach her skin professionally to go a bit lighter and everyone was cussing her, telling her she is sad, pathetic and should be happy for the colour god gave her. Yet so many white girls tan and burn their skin to try and go darker and no-one says anything about it. They are both damaging to the skin and both parties are unhappy with their natural skin colour.

    Whats the difference is terms of danger? or does bleaching just SOUND worse?
    I mean tanning from the sun bed to try and get a darker colour. Some people will see tanning as a problem, but im sure if someone on here asked about where can they go to tan, they wouldnt be attacked and insulted by strangers in the same way that this girl has been for asking where she can go to professionally bleach her skin instead of doing it herself

  8. Rebecca says:

    Ok found this ? Is it safe to use bleach on poison ivy rashes?
    Many of the other people were really downing using bleach on poison ivy, that it was danger, cause your skin to blister, not generally put on skin, only use vinegar, and oatmeal… now they can do what they want. But they need to do more research. As a seasoned pro. who has to deal with many things in the animal kingdom and people who work outside all the time. Bleach water is the best way to get your rash over fast. like in a day or two, so it dose not have to go on for weeks, it also kills germs, it even saved my live once when trying to give an animal a shot and missed and got all over my arm. Now for not general used on skin they say, well swimming comes to mind chlorine anyone and if you live in the city you even drink it, you bath in it, you even wash your hair in it. And come to think of it I do not know many real swimmers that the p-ivy and other things don’t really bother them. I was told when I turned into a teen to go swimming by a Skin doctor, wash your face with bleach water every night, and low and behold, I do not get bumps,.. I even did a test and rolled in p-ivy and I never got a thing Again.WOW! Should you drink it NO! should you put it on your skin Only if you want it to stay nice, You do what you want but I am going to always use it. Oh and I should let you no the only thing the vinegar did was burn and make me red and smell like a acid salad. It did stop itching for about 10 min’s the one and last time I tried it, and if you have it on your face with Vinegar, don’t get it in your hair, I know people wash there hair with it but it turned it red. luckily I only got it on the front and in a few days it went away. If you do use the bleach read directions, don’t put it in your eyes, watch your hair, and don’t huff it, or ingest it. You know like common scents stuff. Hu sounds like the same rule’s for the steroid they try to give you for acne medicine. Oh wait that has bleach in it too… so is it the steroid that makes you grow hair on your face, or is it the bleach killing the germ and controlling your rash… I don’t know, I’d think about that. But as for me no more pricey skin doc trips, and always have nice skin, I like that choice better.
    No, med’s for me I have been put through the ringer, tried the mentioned below and they did nothing, not one thing, exseped made things worse, I will stick to the bleach water because, I now always have nice skin, why would I try to do something I already tryed, that didn’t work. I will use my bleach water and be happy I don’t get bumps anymore.

    • pelican says:

      Personally I would not use bleach. Soothe itching with cool, wet compresses.

      Add approximately 5 c. ground oatmeal or baking soda to a cool bath and soak for 15 to 30 minutes.

      Add baking soda or Epsom salts to your bath, or make a paste of either of these and apply it to the rash.

      Opt for lotions containing calamine, alcohol and zinc acetate; these will dry the blisters and help speed healing.

      Leave the rash open to air. That will help it heal.

      Talk to your doctor about taking an oral antihistamine if you are extremely uncomfortable or if the rash is covering a large area of your body.


  9. Shadows in the water says:

    Chlorine in my well water?
    Lots of bacteria were found in our water a few days ago, and so my father decided to disinfect it by putting chlorine in it. I don’t know how much, but supposedly it’s safe to bathe in etc. I am NOT drinking it.

    When I wash my hands I can smell it so strongly, and it irritates my eyes and skin. I was wondering if this stuff is even safe to bathe in, it worries me. I can’t really do anything else, other than forfeit showering for a week or two, so it looks like I’ll be taking showers in water that has enough chlorine in it to smell like a public pool. It’s disgusting.

    Anyone with well water ever had to do this? Was the smell THAT bad and irritating to you?

    It also seems like my dad just put a bunch of random household cleaners together that had bleach in them and dumped them in there…how is THAT safe? I thought cleaners like that could interact with each other and possibly cause some serious danger with the result. And, maybe I’m just being paranoid…but I kinda feel a little dizzy right after I’ve been around the water running for any length of time.

    Thanks for any info/advice.

    • Greenth says:

      Chlorine is an effective sterilising agent but the dosage rate needs to be carefully calculated. To treat well water is very tricky because it is constantly being replenished from the water table and at different rates.

      My advice would be to encourage your father to investigate the possible sources of contamination for example a broken septic system, effluent leakage from a livestock yard, old waste pit. These maybe a long way from your house so it may well take a while to track down the source of the contamination.

      Depending on where you live you also need to get help from the local authority and certainly more professional support to ensure that your health is not at risk from the effects of the treatment used and ongoing use of your water supply.

  10. Will says:

    Will Comet or White Out harm your skin?
    So me and my friends were having fun and they drew all over my stomach in White Out and then they were trying to get it off and we tried soap and water but it didn’t work! So then they pulled Comet bleach out of the cabinet and put it all over my stomach along with water and they scrubbed it and it worked….but we used a lot of it! Will I be ok? Are there any side effects or dangers with White Out or Comet?

    • Smoking Gun says:

      If the chemical reaction did not become caustic or explosive – and it sounds like it didn’t happen – then you’ll be fine.

  11. gitty789 says:

    what to use to bleach/lighten hair at home: clorox, hydrogen peroxide, or lemon juice?
    I want to lighten/bleach a very small section on the underside of my hair. i’m debating between Clorox bleach, hydrogen peroxide or lemon juice.

    I know the dangers of clorox (turn hair to mush, make it fall off, burn skin, etc.) but I want something that will really LIGHTEN my hair.(I have dark – med. brown hair)

    i don’t know much about hydrogen peroxide only that it can lighten hair but not as drastic as bleach.

    i really wanted to do the lemon juice, but it’s winter outside and i’m not about to sit outside for an hour to lighten a small section of hair.

    any suggestions?
    (BESIDES GOING TO A SALON. I’m not going to do that so DON”T suggest it please. I know about a box dye but i really don’t want to spend $ on that.)

    has anyone tried one of the 3 methods above? did it work?

    P.S. I don’t care if the hair turns orange. I just want something different.

    • xzgdfh says:

      Hydrogen peroxide would prolly be your best bet, one of my friends have use it before
      pour it on your hair for ten minutes or when ever it seems lighter (depends on current hair color) and then rinse it out
      or you can be loreal frosting it works really great ive used it before its only like 13 dollars but its worth it

      please best answer me

  12. amber g says:

    what should be the frequency of facial bleach so as to avoid causing any danger to the skin?
    Is it cause any harm to the skin if bleached every month?

    • tamisara sez says:

      What do you mean facial bleach? If you are talking about the bleach that lightens hairs on the face then using every month wouldn’t hurt, though I’d use a sensitivity test first. If you’re talking about lightening the skin then it would depend on the chemicals, and again do a sensitivity test first, as the skin can react no matter how long you’ve been using the product. I do hope its not for lightening the skin though.

  13. shimmerglow says:

    Should I continue bleaching my skin?
    I recently went through a crazyy stage where I decided to bleach my face (cos its the darkest part of my body so i thought to get a more even skin tonee i would), but reading up on the dangers of bleaching made me quit. I was using quite a mild cream for about 4 months. Now that i’ve stopped my skins actually a bit more darker. Does anyone know if it will go back…I really want to avoid bleaching, i dont wanna end up really regretting it.
    Thank you

    • cherry says:

      bleaching is just not the right idea hun. but hey you can start using any cocoa butter cream its really good for the skin…or try palmers cocoa butter. dont mess up your skin especially your face

  14. PARK says:

    wah are the dangers of skin bleaching?

    • Titanide says:

      Some chemicals like hydrogen peroxide LOOK like they’re making your skin whiter, but they’re actually causing skin damage. If you use too much of it, it can cause premature aging.

      Best idea for making your skin lighter? Suntan lotion, at least 50spf, and use it EVERY DAY.

  15. faseyj says:

    red devil and all others?
    why is it when in India you ask questions about the why they shit and piss in the street, and why the middle classes have no control over their kids all hell breaks loose.
    I make a comment about danger and 6 year olds playing with 5 ruppee crackers near a parked cars and innocent passers by being subjected to explosions that can cause death?
    You will always get a hundred replies all from indians saying that you must be Australian for saying that?
    What a stupid answer? just shows how bloody racist they are towards whites and yet they are so jealous of them that they bleach their skin with fair and lovely.
    grow up.
    reolise that Diwali is for celebration and not for spending the night in a burns unit or attending a cremation of a loved one who was blown up by a car that expoloded because a 6 year old threw a fire cracker, that feel into a little leaking petrol,as his parents watched the news and his servant sat there sleeping.

    • Vid15 says:

      Wow,you’re back and you’re asking a question about me?First time someone’s done that.Here’s a star.

      I didn’t say anything about you being Australian.All I wanted was for you to be a bit more polite and clearly you’re not acquainted with any kind of etiquette.Well if you want to think I am racist,then keep thinking because I don’t think anything I say will change that.

      I’ve said this before and I am saying this again:I take all necessary precautions while handling fireworks and so do those around me.There are some who behave recklessly but I cannot speak for them.

      I hate em’ fairness creams.They smell like shite and leak like grease.I don’t even throw toffee wrappers on the road.I keep them in my pocket till I find a dustbin.I don’t piss,poop, or have sex on the street,thank you very much.

  16. Anonymous says:

    How many times do you have to tan at a tanning salon before it’s permanent?
    Okay so I just want to go to a tanning salon a few times to tan. I DO NOT want to be those nasty looking girls with pure brown skin and bleach blond hair but I want my skin tone to be a little more golden and browner. Im part Puerto Rican and I look it but I’m pretty pale.

    And yeah yeah I know the dangers of cancer and all that but I don’t want to waste my money spray tanning month after month like some addicted junkie.

    🙂 Also do you know the prices at Desert Sun?

    • Lauren the Football Princess says:

      Honestly tanning is never permanent. People that are tan are regulars at tanning salons and go all the time. Some people even go every day! The whole thing is so annoying! You`re better off trying sunless tanner, and good news I have a brand that I am going to recommend to you! Its called Mystic Tan and you can buy it at Sephora, sephora.com, or QVC.com. I absolutely love it because it gives you the perfect golden brown tan, no fake orange! It comes with a mitt to rub the tanning lotion into your skin, but I like to use a makeup brush to get an all over even tan! Just make sure to exfoliate first to get off the dead skin cells on your skin, face too! There is a spray version available also. The only down side of this is that you have to keep it up 2 times a week, but hey its way less annoying and harmful to your skin than tanning at a salon! Don`t waste money on a spray tan because you`ll look orange! I know many people who have tried this and turned out like a neon glowing pumpkin, LOL! Tip: If you have streaks while tanning, use lemon juice, sugar, and water to get rid of it! Hope I helped!

  17. Smoke W says:

    can someone please recommend an over the counter skin bleaching cream that works for the face please?
    i need something strong and that works. last month glue was thrown on my face and my face broke out everywhere. i scrubed my face with an exfoliator everyday and it was pretty painful and my face was red(that was pretty stupid) and like a week later my face was extremely dark. i thought it were clear up but it didnt and a month later it still looks the same. i really need yaw help because school opens up in one month.

    i dont look people in the eye anymore because it will bring attention to my dark face. i kno about all the dangers of using the creams and i am ready to face them. please dont ask me why i wanna do this or ask mj. the reason yaw ask questions like that because yaw probaly dont have hyperpigmentation or a face darker then your the rest of your body

    • crazychick:D says:

      I think that you should visit your dermatoligest because she would know what to do better than anyone on here… besides what if it is just a simple thing that makes it go away? you should visit her, but if she has nothing for you, just go ahead with the bleaching. I know how being really self consious feels…

  18. Cris A. says:

    how does skin bleaching work?
    Does anyone know how it technically works, meaning what layers of the skin does it effect? Are the results permanent? What are the dangers and so on a so forth really need help on this one thanks.

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