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The Best Skin Firming Face Cream – Discover the Ingredients That Firm and Tighten Skin

Have you ever wondered what the best skin firming face cream consists of? Have you been searching for a face cream that’s effective? Do you want to know what to look for in a facial firming cream? Let me give you a few points of what a skin care firming cream should contain that makes it effective.

What type of product helps reduce aging skin? Let’s face it, most firming creams being advertised today claim to be the best. But, do you know what amounts to a cream being called the best firming cream?

Many skin care manufacturers heavily advertise their products. Knowing that most consumers believe in their well displayed ads, these companies know exactly how to play on the emotions of the unsuspecting consumers.

So, let’s look past the marketing hype. As a consumer, you must learn to read the product label before your purchase. Try to learn as much as possible about the skin firming product’s ingredients. That way, you’ll better understand what you’re going to be putting on your face.

Saying that, here’s what you don’t want in your skin care creams. Any chemical ingredients like parabens, some alcohol, mineral oil, fragrances and doixane. Any of these harmful substances listed on the label can potentially damage your skin.

Now that you know this, you’ll be able to make out the difference between a good face cream and the one to avoid.

As for knowing what ingredients to look for in the best skin firming face cream… let me point out the safe, effective ingredients. When searching for a face cream, look for ingredients such as:

Cynergy TK — a new breakthrough in skin care ingredients. Clinically proven to stimulate the re-growth of collagen, elastin and new skin cells. It effectively smooths fine lines and wrinkles giving you firmer, younger-looking skin.

Functional Keratin — a substance able to help your body’s natural production of collagen and elastin. It will tighten and firm your skin while providing it with necessary nutrients.

Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10 — a special “nano-emulsion” form of CoenzymeQ10. It provides your skin with powerful antioxidants to fight cell-damaging free radicals and protects skin against harmful UV-A rays to keep your facial skin firm and toned.

Now that you know what to look for, continue researching safe, effective ingredients and find the best skin firming face cream for your skin.

Visit my website today and learn much more information on these, and other, ingredients to help you make a decision on the best skin firming product.

About the author: Marcia is a researcher, consumer and passionate advocate of natural skin care products. Visit her site now to discover cutting edge, anti-aging skin care products she recommends after extensive research:


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93 Responses to Firming Face Cream

  1. jiandang l says:

    Can I apply my Clarins body firming cream to my face?
    Just feel it is very natural and firms my body well. Wonder what if I apply it to my face and neck? Cheers.
    Just feel it is very natural and firms my body well. Wonder what if I apply it to my face and neck? Plus my skin type is combination–a bit oily at nose and xhin zone while OK at cheek and forehead area. Cheers for your advice.

    • Dada says:

      i think u cant because i read somewhere that the creams made for your body are more harsh then the ones made face…

  2. alwayscloud9 says:

    It it ever too early to start using anti-aging/firming creams for face?
    I am 27

    • Belinda says:

      Definitely not!!! I’m 26 and have been using them since 22. I was told by a beautician that the earlier you start the better as your helping to prevent the damage from happening. The sun ( unfortunately! ) is the biggest cause of facial lines, so always SPF your face. I’m such a sun junkie, but you can still tan even when wearing SPF. Also Lisa E is absolutely right, anti ageing creams can cause breakouts if you have oily skin, so if that sounds like you ( and me! ) just spot treat with eye cream and collagen filler. ( not the needle type, the cream! ) Hope this helps.

  3. purplecat says:

    What is the best firming face cream you have used? That REALLY works. Are there any really?
    I’m 32 and have pretty nice skin except that I can see that lower part of my face is not as firm as before. I don’t have wrinkles at all. My mother was the same, barely any wrinkles, but sagging skin on her cheeks and chin. Any suggestion? What can I do to prevent it happening to me? Thank you!
    missing my boo, thank you, really, but I asked about firming cream. My face is really smooth already:)
    Celine, which Neutrogena cream exactly?

    • ale says:

      you can also use Artistry’s 3D Lifting Serum. It’s exactly what you’re lookin for! This a FAQ on the site for this serum:
      Who should use 3D Lifting Serum?
      3D Lifting Serum was developed and is recommended for anyone who wants to help prevent their skin from losing its firmness. It’s also an ideal product for anyone beginning to see the early signs of loss of firmness, usually noticed under the chin and around the eyes first. 3D Lifting Serum will help to restore and rejuvenate skin for a firmer-feeling and more lifted look.

      If you’d like samples let me know and i’ll send you some! Also, check out the site at

  4. :D says:

    Is the Skin Firming Bio-essence Face Lifting Cream suitable for teenagers?
    The product makes faces become slimmer, and i was wondering if it is ok for me to use it. Will it cause my skin to become immune to anti-aging products in the future?!

  5. Chingy says:

    Does using firming night face lotion have a negative effect young women?
    I am 19 years old and I had bad acne. I went to the dermatologist which work miracles on my face but now my skin is really dry.

    I use normal Olay lotion during the day and I thought it would be nice to use a night lotion. I read that using anti-wrinkle lotion is bad at a young age but is using the Olay firming cream at night bad also? Are they the same things? I really don’t know much about this stuff other than it makes my face feel great.

    • Lizzard says:

      Im 16 and i use a firmer also. i havent found any side effects…. but i agree with you that it works wonders for softness

  6. JassyJoules says:

    Is there a good firming cream for the face (specifically under the eyes)?

    • Anonymous says:

      Avon has some really great products for that. Anew Force Extra has a lifting cream and lifting eye cream that works really well, i use it every day, and also there’s Anew Clinical eye lift cream it has two different creams in the jar one is for the upper eye and the other for under eye area and it lifts and helps reduce the dark circles under the eyes. My sister uses this one and she loves it. If you have any questions about either of these email and i will give you pleantly of details about each.

  7. Maggie says:

    Can I get opinions on the best face cream, preferably for overnight repair?
    I am looking for a cream that reduces pore size and firms/lifts skin. Especially for bags that form underneath your eyes 🙂 I don’t have particularly sensitive skin, but I prefer treatments that aren’t harsh. Maybe a more natural/mineral treatment? I just want to hear what has worked for others!

    • burgundy says:

      i tried mens Clinique overnite repairs and it has done wonders.Try getting sample sachets if you cant afford the jar.Since mens skin is harder it is great and faster for women.good luck !!
      My cousin tried l’oreal spf 60 with clarins hydrating cream and her spots are gone and skin is looking good. Try that too.

  8. you know you love my answer says:

    What are your beauty secrets??? Face creams, masks, anything you do that help keep your skin/face lookin young?
    I’ll be 25 this year and want to know what I can do to help keep my face lookin young and firm as long as possible. Also, what kind of specific moisturizers and creams have you used that you would personally recommend. And should I really invest in an eye cream, or will my face moisturizer be fine for my eye area as well?

    • You Know If You Could You Would says:

      ok well first of all i am a “sample” junkie. i prefer to try everything in the small free packages from places like sephora before spending a lot of money. so with that said these are the products that i actually have invested in b/c they work for me:

      – i have Retin-A (from derm) for any pimples
      – i also like to get mild at-home chemical peels about every 4 months
      – i like using Dermatologica Multivitiamin Power Recovery Masque 2x a week. (i also recommend their sebum clearing masque to if you have that problem)
      – my favorite moisturizer so far is Dr. Brandt RP3 cream (its pricey though so i’m living of samples i ordered on ebay now)
      – i also hear good things about Amatokin but i haven’t tried it
      – I like Cosmedicine’s Opti-mologist eye cream. it works well for me by erasing the dark circles. i’ve tried many other more costly eye creams and got zero results, so its all trail and error (again try samples)
      – i use Cosmedicine’s Medi-Matte lotion every morning it keeps your skin from getting shiny for hours
      – and i like Tarte’s Clean Slate face primer under foundation (or you can wear it alone), it feels like your skin is made of satin.
      hope that helps some.

  9. says:

    Has any one tried superceutical face cream?
    This claims it erases wrinkles and firms sagging face skin.Before I spend 90.00, I would like to know if anyone can tell me if this is true?

  10. tina G says:

    tell me opinion about face cream from Avon.I’m 23years old,normal skin?
    Especially I need opinion for creams: Avon Care extra firming face cream (200ml), Avon Care vita nourish face cream, and Avon Care Rich Moisture Face Cream. Are they suitable for my age and for normal skin? Witch one from them is the best for me?Can I use it like a night cream too?(I want to buy avon care extra firming face cream, but I’m not sure, mabye it is for older people?)
    Thank you

  11. florence says:

    am 29 and my laughter lines show. ANY BEST firming FACE CREAMS (night/or day) i could use?
    AM 29.
    TRIED a lot of brands in my life and apart from my fab (pricey) EVE LOM cleanser that clears my skin and leaves it fresh/smooth, my laughter lines are still there and show no signs of getting better.
    i drink lots of water and eat vegetables but love my cakes. i exercise and i am a size 8. i think it may be genetic ….
    brands i have tried previously are: CLINIQUE/ LAUDER/ ORIGINS/ OLAY/ CLARINS/ ORGANIC PHARMACY, and probably in the past cheap stuff like GARNIER/L’OREAL. any TIPS ON GOOD EXPERIENCES FOR COMBINATION SKINS THAT AGES Like mine?

    • jdrinkar says:

      Creams don’t work very well on deep lines because they can not penetrate deep enough to really stimulate collagen. If you exfoliate first through a chemical peel or microderm then your product will go deeper. However if you are really wanting anoticeablee result you should go to a medical spa and check into laser treatments. For more information go to Winter Park Laser in Orlando FL has photo-rejuvenation and fractional skin resurfacing for wrinkles.

  12. ☺ Jaker Maker ☺ says:

    What product do you use for firming under face and around eyes?
    Hi ladies! I’m 38 and am noticing some pretty wily wrinkles and puffiness forming around my eyes – especially under them.

    I want to buy some cream to help, but I notice that they’re quite expensive. So, before I buy, I’d love to hear what you’ve tried and whether or not it actually made a difference for you.

    Thanks a bunch!
    Vanessa – thank you! I visited already and it looks perfect. I was thinking about the Regenerist line given the ads, but I wanted to hear that someone else has had luck with it.

    My youthful Cover Girl days are over. Time for Olay!!

    • Vanessa L says:

      Olay, which is available at drugstores/mass retailers, makes some great anti-aging creams that have the same active ingredients as higher end skincare lines such as Clinique, etc. In fact, Olay products have been shown to work even BETTER than some $300 creams! The line has something for everyone, and offers products for the eye area, lips, etc. They’re much less expensive than department store brands. You should visit and check it out. 🙂 Good luck!

  13. desperategal says:

    Can i apply dr johnson 5 days bio-serum firming cream for anti cellulite and anti wrinkle skin on face?
    it indicates can apply on neck how about face??

    • Mukunda M says:

      If it was effective on face don’t you think it would say so?
      Consumer Reports – it’s the only trustworthy, independent reviewer and tester of products – recently found that out of 16 wrinkle products tested (specifically meant for face wrinkles), no matter what price you paid – most expensive one being $96 – ALL failed to noticeably reduce wrinkles. A simple over the counter moisturizer that was also included in the tests was found to be just as effective as those specialist anti aging products tested. See Consumer

      A main cause of wrinkles and lines or worsening of them, is chemicals and toxins in cosmetic, skin care (cleansers, moisturizers, exfoliating ones included) and skin medicating products. They sicken skin and so prematurely age skin resulting in wrinkles, lines and bags. Check out this site- “Skin Deep Cosmetic Database: A Feelgood Resource”. The Database tested many thousands of such products and found that there is an alarming number of skin harming and health harming toxins and chemicals in such products. You can use the Database to find products that are not skin harming or only minimally skin harming.

  14. R. W says:

    What is the absolute best firming cream?
    There are many I know, but what has the best research, track record etc. Not just for face but firming in general. Thanks

    • Mukunda M says:

      If you do an Answers search you will find many say they do not work. Anything you simply apply to skin is going to do very little if anything at all. And many ridiculously expensive designer products have so many skin harming, skin aging ingredients. Some users have reported they have caused itchy, blistery skins, rashes, bumps and even acne.(You can verify with a Google search). This safe treatment gives really good fast results and it’s using low cost natural oils. Pure olive oil is excellent. It naturally benefits skin in many ways, and is a perfect moisturizer. If you massage thoroughly you will quickly see the results even in one day. Skin will tighten, start to glow and look and feel smoother. You have to tighten and flex the part being massaged and in doing so it exercises and conditions all face (and some neck) muscles whilst skin is being firmed and conditioned by massage. This is the best treatment to to revitalize and rejuvenate. It’s safe to use on wrinkles (see users comments in my B.A). Rub them over and over they will quickly start to diminish and even in a day or two they will have greatly diminished. Try it – you and your bank balance will both benefit.

      SOURCE(S): 20+years research into natural treatments/cures of skin, scalp and hair problems and anti aging/rejuvenation treatments

  15. Cynic 2 says:

    After a night time eye firming cream?
    Day time creams aren’t convenient for me at all so I am after a night time cream, not necessarily for the entire face, just for the eye area. Looking for one that firms, helps to reduce puffiness/lines, moisturizes and such. Price isn’t an issue but it would be great if anyone knew a cheaper one that worked great.

  16. sally says:

    I am looking for a good face cream that will help with my wrinkles.?
    I have wrinkle all over my face and I am looking for a good product that will help firm and make the wrinkles smaller

  17. Sabby says:

    Am I too young to use firming and anti-aging creams?
    I’m 20, turning 21 soon…I was thinking of using firming cream on my face because I feel like I’m starting to see wrinkles around my eyes and crows feet. Is there negative effects from using it too early? I don’t really know much about when to start using products like that so everyones thoughts would be great!

  18. Gigi says:

    How to tighten/firm your face and neck?
    I have lost almost 60 pounds in the last year & you can really tell in my face, plus I am 37 and I am not getting any younger. I have tried some of the over the counter facial firming creams & mask but they are not working for me. Could you please help me with some at home remedies?

  19. jjgrl says:

    I need suggestions on firming creams, serums, or anything that works.?
    I will be turning forty next month and I noticed my eyelids starting to sag. I need a firming cream or something that will firm up my face and eyes. Has anyone tried something that you found works really well? I have somewhat sensitive skin, as I am light complected with freckles. I know I am predisposed to early aging and I wear makeup with SPF. All I really need is a new product. Any suggestions will be helpfull.

    • Mukunda M says:

      There are not any magical creams, serums. Anything you simply apply to skin is going to do very little if anything at all. And many ridiculously expensive designer products have so many skin harming, skin aging toxic ingredients. Some users have reported they have caused itchy, blistery skins, rashes, bumps and even acne.(You can verify with a Google search). This safe treatment gives really good fast results and it’s using low cost natural oils. Pure olive oil is excellent. It doesn’t harm skin but naturally benefits skin in countless ways, keeps it youthful and is a perfect moisturizer. If you massage thoroughly you will quickly see the results even in one day. Skin will tighten, start to glow and look and feel smoother. You have to tighten and flex the part being massaged and in doing so it exercises and conditions all face (and some neck) muscles whilst skin is being firmed and conditioned by massage. This is the best safest treatment to revitalize and rejuvenate. It’s safe to use on wrinkles (see users comments in my B.A). Simply rub them over and over they will quickly start to diminish and even in a day or two they will have greatly diminished. Try it – you and your bank balance will both benefit. For eyelids and under eye there is no better treatment than facial yoga exercises. And they can assist in rejuvenating entire face and neck. See TIME magazine website dated Thursday, April 24, 2008 enter “facial yoga” in SEARCH. The “lion face”will come up.
      Click on it and you will see a selection of other ones. All poses have been developed for conditioning and toning of various face and neck muscles and they greatly reduce wrinkling and can reverse face and neck aging. Lion face and a variation – protruding tongue upwards as if trying to touch nose tip with tongue tip are good for eye areas.

      SOURCE(S): 20+years research into safe, natural treatments/cures of skin, scalp and hair problems and anti aging/rejuvenation treatments

  20. sandra says:

    What is the best neck firming cream?
    There are many firming creams on the market, but some are very pricey and don’t have great reviews. What is the best firming cream for the neck and face that don’t cost a fortune and have good results?

  21. Courtney says:

    What is the best skin firming creams/lotions (I would like separate face and body lotions/creams)?

    I have been going to the gym, the muscles in my arms are toned and my arms significantly smaller, but I feel like an old lady with excess saggy skin on them. My face is also thinner and I just feel as if I look older, much older, because the skin isn’t as toned and tight as it should be.

    • Mukunda M says:

      Consumer Reports recently tested 16 skin firming, anti wrinkle, anti aging products and no matter what price you paid – the most expensive one being $96 – all failed to even noticeably have any effect. A low cost over the counter moisturizing cream that was also included in the tests was found to be JUST AS EFFECTIVE as those products. It clearly proves that these products are scams. See Consumer for more info.

      See some of my many answers that give detailed information of treatments that will firm and greatly tighten skin facial skin, greatly lessen wrinkles.

      I have had wonderful results by specialized massaging using pure natural oils. They gave me an unbelievably flawless, healthy, young looking and vibrant skin. I am often thought to be many years younger.
      Oils feed and nourish skin vital nutrients that benefit it in countless ways. Massaging quite vigorously is even better for skin tightening and firming and giving you a vibrant, glowing skin. Don’t be afraid of doing it vigorously. If done right it is only beneficial as many users on Answers will testify, There is no pulling if tighten it by opening mouth 3/4″ and by pulling lips firmly back against teeth. Massage exercises/conditions face (and some neck) muscles – and so combats weakening of muscles as we age. Weakening leads to sagging and in turn wrinkling and lines. Best do forward and back massage(not circular) using palms, front of fingers and finger tips depending where on face you apply it.
      In first few days skin will be much firmer, will visibly tighten, look and feel smoother. It will totally revitalize and rejuvenate skin and face. I can send you testimonials from users who swear by the treatment.
      Use extra virgin olive, almond or grape seed oils – they are suitable for all skin types. They are noncomedogenic so do not clog or cause breakouts. They are perfect, natural moisturizers. They benefit skin more if not removed. Only wipe away surface excess with water and tissues. Does not leave face oily looking.

      Review some of my many other answers for detailed specific treatments that greatly prevent wrinkles and lines, crows feet, and that can remove or greatly lessen existing ones
      Best find with an Advanced Search “Mukunda M anti aging skin healing rejuvenation wrinkles” and other similar searches

      SOURCE(S): Many years researcher/consultant – safe, natural treatments/cures for skin conditions, skin enhancement and anti aging/rejuvenation treatments

  22. Poopsy says:

    What’s the best firming face cream?

    I’m really starting to notice my face heading south!

  23. ★♥ KillerBea ♥★ says:

    Are there any good face firming creams to get rid of a double chin?
    I’m not fat just have a double chin :[

    How can I firm it up? Are there any good, fast working creams?


  24. Heather says:

    Does anyone know of a really good face firming cream…doesnt have to be a moisturizer.?

    • Kate T. says:

      I reccommend definity from oil of olay. it is great I have been using for one month now and noticing the fine lines are dissappearing.

  25. Bree says:

    Allergic Reactions to Eye and Face Creams?
    I have had an allergic reaction of sorts to eye and face creams labeled as lifting and firming creams…what could possibly be in these creams that cause redness of the skin..the eye cream left my eyelids and under eyes swollen and red. Some hand cream I had that was lifting and firming made my hands rough and red. This was Estee Lauders Intensive Line and Avons Lifting and Firming line of products…Any one else had these sort of reactions and what was the cause….any good products you might have found that worked would be appreciated too!

    • Cosmetologist07 says:

      Whatever the component, you are allergic to it, so try a completely different line! I like Vichy products, you can get them online. From the drugstore: Neutrogena and Olay are among the best.

  26. Ree says:

    I am 23. Is that an OK age to start using firming cream for my face at night or is that too early?

    I also heard that once you begin using products such as a firming cream, your skin becomes dependent and you have to continue with the use of the this true?
    The product I am wondering about is the Oil of Olay night firming cream…

    • Dana says:

      No…you are probably starting to get little wrinkles so it seems ok. Some 20somethings are getting botox and stuff, that’s too early.

  27. Betty76 says:

    What are the best anti-wrinkle cream products of 2006 for the price?
    anti-wrinkle under eye & face creams? I’m 30 yrs old, but I have always looked older than my age. I’m looking for the best anti-wrinkle cream and the best price for a great product. I’m also looking for a great face firming cream.

    • Amber ♥2000 says:

      gah, I am 32 and dangit if the wrinkles aren’t starting to rear their ugly head. I feel ya.

      You know I use this product I got on ebay, it is basically this Vitamin C eye cream and I like it fine–also, walgreen sells a vitamin E eye cream I use.

      I really am not sure if any of those wrinkles creams work better than the others. I think just keeping your wrinkled area well hydrated is the key.

      I have spent a lot of money on face creams. I bought that Strivectin for $135 and it didn’t work for me @ all.. I also bought Dr. Perricones stuff (sold at sephora and VERY expensive)..I liked his stuff because of the feel and stuff, but I didn’t see my wrinkles lessen–so it wasn’t worth the $.

      I have heard great things about Retin-a…which you get in a prescription-I am sure you know what that is. Besides something like that OR plastic surgery (including botox, chemical peels, etc) –I don’t think they make much difference, so why pay $100+ for a cream when you can get one for $4 that works the same.

      Also, there is a lady who tests out all the skin creams, makeups, etc. her name is Paula (forgot her last name).. She has a book called “Don’t go to the Cosmetic counter without me” —- she looks at the ingredients, etc and has determined that a lot of the generics are superb, while the high priced ones are packaged crap. There are some high end ones that she says are good products (which she admits are WAY overpriced) but there are a lot of low-cost ones that do the same thing.

      She has a website and she rates a few things on it– she, also, sells her own stuff. i have never tried it though.

      (this is SO long, I apologize..just wanted to answer as good as I could–since I have been on th e same plight)

      PS- I went to the bookstore one day, and looked at her book- I didn’t buy it, but I wrote down a few creams, but I forgot what they are now—I need to do that again. You can find her book in the beauty section of Barnes and Noble. —or the library (although theirs might not be as current).

      Goooooooood luck!

  28. crystal lee says:

    Equate firming face and neck cream?
    Do you use it and think it works better than the Loreal products? I think so.

    • coloradosnoflake2 says:

      if it say “compare to _____” then look at the ingredients. Most generic brands are exactly the same thing for the main ingredients. I use the equate brand in place of a Neutrogena face wash and they are pretty much the same. The ones that are really going to be different are certain products by Avon, Loreal, Oil of Olay, and maybe a few select others that say they are under patent approval.

  29. BarbieBreakdown. says:

    LADIES: face cream/night cream!?
    I need one or two creams that I could either use morning & night, or just night time and then one for just the morning .

    (keep in mind that this needs to all be drug store. ) I was thinking olay but i’m not to sure .

    I need a night one that puts a lot of moisture in my face, i could use around my eyes as a eye cream, anti-aging, helps complexion and firms face, oil-free non comedogenic so it doesn’t clog my pores or irritate acne.

    or one that i could use morning & night . 🙂 please help .

  30. dee b says:

    best to put on face at night to firm skin and reduce wrinkles–Vitamin E CREAM or Vitamin E OIL?
    Will either clog pores?

    Know any other night cream that doesnt clog pores?

    • shimu says:

      use neutrogena healthy skin face lotion which contain vit A,E, C , Pro-V B5 .
      it does not clog pores. and it wokrs.

  31. tularegal06 says:

    is there a face cream that really firms your skin?

    • KellyJemmy says:

      Different brands promise different things. Results shown that applying cream can help improving skin. It is the same thing as you put lotion on your body, and it feels better. But cream can only give limited result. It will improve a little, but don’t expect miracle.

      Try Olay Definity line…one of the most popular and trusted brands.

  32. Poopsy says:

    Can anyone recommend please a high street, reasonably priced, firming cream for the face?

    • MinaF says:

      Garnier Ultralift – it’s in a red jar, contains ginger and I really like it. Can get day cream, night cream and eye product. Costs around £6 – £8 per jar.

  33. ryeeeeit says:

    What is the best face firming cream you can get under $30?
    From places like Wal-Mart, Belk, and Rite Aid. I don’t live in a very big place so we can’t get the high end items and I really don’t won’t to spend all kinds of money on it.

  34. Prize45 says:

    What’s the best face cream for skin beginning to show age?
    Serious answers only please — am beginning to show my age — mid 40’s. I have combination skin, but beginning to show my age around my eyes and forehead. What’s the best skin care line for me that would include firming qualities?

    • Bella says:

      I am in my late 40s and for the past 2 years i have been using the Dior Capture R60/80 ultimate wrinkle cream.The condition of my skin has improved so much i cant believe it.This product is pretty pricey £30/35 but well worth the expense.If you go to the Dior counter of your local department store they will be happy to give you samples of there products for you to try.
      I hope that this advice helps you.

  35. shellja says:

    has any 1 used Olay Total Effects Night Firming Cream for Face & Neck ?
    is it effective in removing fine lines ? pls share your experience.

    • mong-kee says:

      Yes, it’s effective. My mother used to have those fine lines but now her face is more brighter.

  36. Unknown says:

    Cream that reduces facial fat and causes firming?
    Is there any cream that reduces facial fat and firms the face? How much does it cost?

    • Funny Bug says:

      most creams like that dont work. they are a sham. i would look into “oil of olay” though..they have a lot of products that have been tested and proven to work.

  37. Vanity19 says:

    What is a good Face Cream for saggy skin???
    I need to know what would be the best Skin Cream to lift saggy skin such as L’Oreal or Olay. Firming lotions too.. but it has to be just for the face. Anyone that has experience with a certain product, please tell… (This question is not for me, but a friend, so any answers that could help me out will be appriciated!!)

    • Annie L says:

      Philosophy hope in a jar moisturizer is great. I aslo add in their firming serum which tightens the skin and gives a radiant glow.

  38. innercitychick<3 says:

    How well does Olay firming night cream work?
    Hi .

    I was wondering if olays FIRMING night cream actually worked you know for firming the cheeks , Jawline etc.Or if you have personally used it or know someone who does how well did it work from 1 to 5.Thx. And if not what drugstore face cream actually works for FIRMING the face and neck with beautiful reults thx again.;)

  39. lidiya5 says:

    What are the best skin firming creams/lotions for the face?
    Asking for my mom…

    • Merelina P says:

      None really firm the face. I have the Eva Lom facial workout DVD with exercises for the face, it is really good and the results are really startling. Only takes about 5 minutes a day.

  40. Caitlin D says:

    What is a good skin firming/anti aging face cream?
    I am 22, almost 23, and when I was younger, I was out in the sun and never wore sunscreen. I know I will have some long term affects, such as wrinkles, and now that I am older, I want to try to take better care of my skin and keep it looking younger.

    So what are some good anti aging skin firming creams that are good to use long term?

    • cheezit says:

      I watched the Insider the other day and they were doing a whole show about how Hollywood stars get their skin in shape and ready for red carpet events. They had a dermatologist who was inside a CVS pharmacy picking out some cheaper alternatives to much higher-priced, high-end creams that the stars use. She was profiling stars by age and said that in your 20s a good pick is Lumene Energy Cocktail which is a dupe for some $95 dollar cream that I completely forget the name of now. I am totally adding it to my shopping list. I have already discovered Lumene and have had great results from their products. Truly a top-quality brand 🙂

  41. libra x mom says:

    best firming face cream for oily skin?
    what is the best (relatively inexpensive) firming face cream? something light for daytime/night use. i have oily skin, and am allergic to sunscreen. i’m only 27 but starting to notice some fine lines and less resillence in my skin. i figure now is the best time to start. thanks.
    if you are recommending products from a mlm business, please do not link to your personal mlm site (mary kay, avon, artistry, etc) that discredits your recommendation.

  42. Jeanette says:

    Does skin firming cream work on your face and/or your eyes (like to help bags)?

  43. Em says:

    what is a good face cream for really dry skin?
    right now i use merle norman luxivia firming defense cream for norma/dry skin. In the winter my face is dry all over and very noticeable. Help!

    • Marty O says:

      Here is a site you can get a lot on information on your skin. The product is 100% natural ingredients

  44. luvjc77777 says:

    What is a good firming cream for face and eye, I’m starting to droop?
    Laugh line more prominent now that I face drooping, surgery not an option, no money.

    • motherof3 says:

      If you have enough money for a good eye cream, I’d recommend going to and check out their products- they got rid of my dark eye circles and sunkenness and they have a firming eye cream too!

  45. hello says:

    L’Oreal Face&Neck Day Cream?
    If anyone has used L’Oreal Advanced RevitaLift Face&Neck Day Cream, ( can you tell me if it makes your face look oily/greasy? And is this a good product?
    Also.. does it smell good?

  46. ΦΦ says:

    Best face firming cream? Or best face products for an aging face in general?
    I’ve noticed since my late 20’s that my face is changing…not as firm as it used to be, and I’m getting more noticeable “parentheses” around my mouth. I just turned 31 and I want to fight some of this if I can….

    What’s some of the best products to try? I’m looking for something that is good for face firming, and wrinkles too although I am skeptical there is anything that truly works for that.

    • Mukunda M says:

      You should be sceptical. Consumer Reports – it’s the only trustworthy, independent reviewer and tester of products – recently found that out of 16 wrinkle, anti aging products that were tested, no matter what price you paid – most expensive one being $96 – all failed to even noticeably reduce wrinkles and lines. A simple over the counter moisturizing and firming cream that was also included in the tests was found to be just as effective as the anti aging, wrinkle reducing creams. It clearly proves that these products are scams. See Consumer for more info.
      Many firming creams, cosmetics , cleansers, moisturizers, and skincare products have been found to harm and sicken skin and prematurely age and wrinkle it. See these sites “Not Just a pretty face” and “Skin Deep Database: A Feelgood Resource” for confirmation

      See some of my many answers that give detailed information of treatments that greatly lessen wrinkles and fine lines with safe natural treatments. I have many glowing testimonials from those who have had the same wonderful results.
      Massaging with safe, natural oils works wonders. Organic or extra virgin oils are the purest and best. They are only health promoting, skin healing and they are perfect safe moisturizers. Oils are non-comodegenic so do not clog, cause breakouts, do not make or leave skin oily.
      Quite vigorous massage is best and gives the fastest results. Fist make skin tight by partially opening mouth and pulling lips firmly back against teeth. Tightens most of face. Do a forward and back massage – not circular – using both hands together. Use tips and front of fingers and palms (where you can). Build up to vigorous as skin has to adjust. If do for several minutes daily, even in the first few days skin will be softer, be firmer and tighter and look and feel revitalized.
      Oils also quickly rid my face of ALL blemishes and gave me a clear, healthy and glowing skin. .

      SOURCE(S): Many years researcher/consultant – safe, natural treatments/cures for skin conditions skin enhancement and anti aging/rejuvenation.

  47. Linzi LEW says:

    what is the best face cream?firmer skin?
    i am in my 30’s and have noticed my skin is starting to sag a little,which of course i hate its making me look hagged and older than what i am.ive seen all these adverts for lifting and anti wrinkle creams but im confused …..there are so many and do they realy work?im looking more for toning and lifting other than wrinkle cream.has any one used any thing that is good?thanks for your help.xx

  48. . says:

    What’s a good firming cream for the face?
    I’m in my early 20’s, the only lines I have are those ugly parenthesies lines around my nose and mouth because my face is pudgy…and it’s been pudgy ever since I’ve gone to a normal weight, slightly under for my size…(when I was in my mid-late teens my face was a lot more slender because I was a bit underweight). Anyhow, it’s kind of saggy as well for my age. I’m looking for a good firming cream that is oil free, won’t clog my pores or cost an arm and a leg. I have dry skin with the slightly oily t-zone so I need something that won’t make my skin too oily, just balance it out.

    Are there any products you users have tried that worked and might be what I’m looking for? Preferably less than $30.

  49. Courtney B says:

    What is the best firming cream?
    What product works best to firm your face and get rid of those side of your mouth wrikles?

  50. stepykim says:

    For women in late 60’s, is it better to use face firming cream or hydrating moisturizing cream?

    • Lilechka says:

      Most creams that claim to reduce wrinkles or firm up the skin are complete snake oil products that don’t do what they promise, and the more expensive ones that you might find in Sephora, with collagen and the like, only work by filling in your wrinkles temporarily. A hydrating moisturizer is always a good part of a skin care regime, especially for older skin, and will make your face feel softer, smoother, and healthier. I recommend you go with that.

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