Loreal Face Cream

Loreal Face Cream Advanced RevitaLift Gel Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Loreal Professional: Uncover Your Beauty With Loreal Beauty Treatment Products

Loreal Professional company deals in beauty treatment products like skin cream, cold cream, moisturizer, shampoo, conditioner, hair color, hair dye, lip shiner, lipstick, nail paints etc. etc. It has been manufacturing beauty products for more than hundred years and for this reason its products are widely accepted in the world market. Today the company is an established brand and a well known name in the fast emerging beauty industry.

Beauty is the prime concern of men and women alike. We all are concerned about our look, color, skin, hair and glow. Everyone wants to look good, attractive, handsome and beautiful. And good looking starts with clean and clear face, shiny hair and maintained body. For body you have exercises, nutrients, proteins and much more but for skin and hair, you need extra care by experts. Hair are more sensitive than skin. In addition, hair break easily, however, skin takes some time in getting damaged. Growing broken hair is a far difficult task than repairing the damaged skin. So sensitive of the hair is proved beyond doubt. Therefore it is good if you avoid experimenting with hair. Skin gives you some time to change your cream but hair gets damaged beyond repair if treated badly.

Precaution is better than cure. Following certain hair care tips can prevent hair from damaging or premature graying. Cover your hair when going out. The air carries dust and fine particles which get struck between hairs and thus suffocate them. Covering hair with a scarf or wearing cap keeps dust out. Wash hair with normal water and avoid using very hot or cold water as both are harmful for hair. Massage hairs with quality oil at least two times in a week. Massaging should be done gently with finger pores. Simply put pamper hairs with oil and finger pores.

Premature graying is the common hair problem. The probable solution for this tricky issue is coloring the hairs. But you should choose right hair color rather than any cheap color. Loreal Professional manufactures quality hair color for covering grey hair. Before coloring, clean wash hairs with Loreal hair shampoo and let the hair dry before applying the color. Loreal hair color reaches up to the root of the hair and thus colors each hair from root to stem. Being a quality produce, it’s safe to use Loreal hair color.

Skin too needs some care and if we avoid going out in the sun and cover the face when out then we can save the skin from getting exhausted. Loreal Professional skin care products makes skin glow, erase dark spots and treat acne and pimples. Wash your face with cold water before sleeping. Loreal face-wash can remove all the dust and dead skin that is accumulated over the face. Applying Loreal skin cream makes the face glow even in harsh weather conditions. Beauty is something that is inherent and the beauty products are a way to uncover a beautiful face and hairs. Any claim to make you beautiful within a certain period is nothing but a marketing strategy to sell inferior products.

About the author: Saint Thomrts has been associated with providing the shoppers with an access to the information on those brands which deal in offering highly-effective hair care, hair styling, skincare, and nail care products. The author also helps the users to shop these products at very reasonable prices.For More Information Please Visit,Loreal Professional.

Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/hair-loss-articles/loreal-professional-uncover-your-beauty-with-loreal-beauty-treatment-products-4129730.html

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94 Responses to Loreal Face Cream

  1. ANToSa says:

    need a lil help in choosin a good face moisturiser?
    my sister is 35yrs old..she never used any beauty cream or anything on her face but her skin is smooth. but i wanted to give her a birthday present . can anyone of you give me an idea of a good skin moisturizer i can give her? i was thinkin of loreal hydrafresh..has anyone used it? please let me know thanks

    • dont call me what your thinking. says:

      yes loreal is the best kind better than pro active i would go with that. but if she has smooth skin why would she need that?

  2. Agradable says:

    friends plz tell?
    Hoz Loreal White perfect face wash and Loreal white perfect face cream………..

  3. Yahoo anwsers says:

    How often should i was my face?
    I am 14 (girl) and i have normal skin and i rarely get pimples and if i do they are usually around my nose area and not noticeable I also have freckles and fair skin. I also use loreal 360 cream cleanser

    • Carly says:

      Well, you should wash your face twice a day.
      Once in the morning and Once before you go to bed,
      I also use the 360 cream cleanser.
      But your only supposed to exfoliate your face once a week, which is what the 360 cream cleanser does.
      I found that out that hard way.. because my face is VERY dry now.
      So wash your face with regualr soap and water, and once a week use the 360 cream cleanser.

  4. nameless says:

    my face is very oily at times…?
    but, when i go to college, and stay under air-conditioner for a few hours it becomes very dry. im using himalaya face wash and loreal whitening moisturizing cream. pls help. besides, i have acne on my forehead which is quite bad. and my complexion has worsened.
    so, if u want me to change the products i use, what would it be?

    • naina says:

      Usually those drugstore shelf products with captivating labels and promising results make your face worse and more irratated.wot u should do is make your skin healthy..air contitioners natulally make skin dry givin no chance of perspiration..

      i shall list out a few home remedies n tips which mite help u deal better..

      1)rubbing ice cubes for 5 min after washing face with cold water or luke warm water before any make up or outing helps maintaing the oil in control

      2)take 2-3 teaspoons of rice powder and mix it in orange juice (sufficient amt so dat u get a smooth paste).apply it all over your face and neck n let it dry.wash it off with orange juice itself.it makes your skin glow..it greatly improves comlexion and removes acne in jus 2 weeks time..this will help u maintain the oil balance,givin it a glow

      3)if yo skin is very oily,apply egg white in layers until a thick mask is formed n wash it off after half an hour

      4)lemon(juice) and sugar mixture can b applied..apply 2-3 coats and wash it off when you feel its dry or after bout an hour.

      5)rubbin your skin with tomato juice n washing it off after 20 min s very good..keeps skin smooth and healthy

      6)apply honey on your face and neck and wash it off after 20 min.

      7)i ld suggest d use of st.ives face scrub for oil & acne prone skin for washing yo skin..don wash it wid soap or face scrubs more than twice a day as dis would again lead to excess oil production.dun rub yo face usin towel,instead use tissues..

      8)apply calamine at night n wash it off in d morning

      whatever u do, mak sure u don expose yo skin to direct sun..also make it a point u drink at least glasses f water on wakin up daily n atleast 8 glasses f water daily..
      keep yourselves free from all tensions n also maintain a healthy diet,which includes lots of green veggies..
      all these worked well for me…hope this helps u too..
      god bless

  5. V_T says:

    Self Tanner for face not working?
    I bought Loreal Sublime Blonzing self tanning cream…and only use it on my face. I tan my body in a tanning bed but cover my face.
    I need a self tanner for my face so my face can match my body.
    The cream I bought worked pretty well in the beginning but it doesn’t seem to do anything anymore! Anyone know why?

    Also I need a self tanner that will STAIN my face. not just wash off when I take a shower…this is what that Loreal stuff does. I want something natural and not orange, of course…and streak free.

  6. AshleyAvalanche says:

    Does Equate and Loreal (360 Clean) Acne Cream really work?
    I have been searching for a cream that i can just rub in along with washing my face twice a day. I need the cream for areas like my chest and back that i can’t wash when i wash my face. I heard Equate Acne cream from Walmart (yes, i know, walmart doesnt sound very promising) worked very well. I’m not sure if i should try a different acne cream. When i wash my face i use Loreal go 360 clean, and they also have a cream. Should i look into the Equate cream or the Loreal cream?

    • LilyPad says:

      If the ingredients are the same, then go for the cheaper option.
      Try the Walmart brand, and if it doesn’t work, try another one.
      There are acne body washes that work really well too. Might want to look into those as well.

  7. x.blondie.x says:

    iS There A Difference Between Some Mens Cosmetics And Womens?
    i know that some products are made just for men, but thinkg like eye creams or face washes… is there really a difference?

    the reason i am asking this question is because i am looking for a cream for under the eye that reduces/hides dark circles. i got a sample of the nivea visage one and it SEEMS to work quite well so i read some reviews on it but was dissappointed to find that 9/10 people hated it (1 star rating!) and seen as though its quite pricey, i am now wondering wether its worth it.

    so, anyway, i came across the loreal one for men which got a 5 star rating from most people. would i be okay to use it? is it made for men for a reason or just so the company gets more money?

    thanks xx

    • Christian says:

      They both do the same thing and work just as well and probably have the same ingrediants. The only difference is the smell and marketing for the product.

  8. Butterfly says:

    Do you use Loreal products?
    I’m beginning to really like Loreal. I bought some of their face cream and it’s lovely 🙂 I’m going off Nivea slowly but surely now, especially since they’ve changed their Q10 face cream .. Which I wore for 15 yrs and now they’ve gone and changed the scent. YUCK!!! I also love Loreal eyeshadows and hair shampoo.

  9. 23/07/92 says:

    Should I stop using moisturisers, toners, creams, etc on my face?
    Firstly, let me tell you a little bit about my skin. It’s combination to oily, meaning I have oily skin but sometimes I have dry patches here and there. My skin is also really sensitive, so anything can cause an allergic reaction to it if I am not careful. I didn’t use a moisturiser or toner for a while, but when I started a new regime a few days ago, my face broke out in rashes. This has happened before I stopped using a moisturiser and toner. I have experimented with nearly every product out there – Clarins Clean&Clear, Neutrogena, Simple, Garnier, Loreal, Clarity, herbal Chinese creams, Indian creams, etc. Every product, my skin HATES it. I can’t even use Tea Tree Oil anymore because it irritates my skin and causes dry patches on my face. I have tried just washing my face with a bar soap like Pears and using no creams/toners and my skin is happy. I also use yogurt on my face whenever possible because it helps my skin to cool down.

    Do you think it’s bad to leave my face alone and will this cause me any damage in the future?

    Sorry this was long, but I hope you guys helps me out 🙁

    • whycantigetagoodnickname says:

      Who says that you HAVE to use a product on your face?

      Now ask who is really behind the person telling you to use a moisturiser on your face…. is it someone trying to sell you moisturisers? Hmmmmm

      Next question, apart from those that have been long term smokers, look at the face of a 50 year old and older who weren’t necessarily brought up in their younger days using moisturisers daily – are their faces in such a bad condition that you would be ashamed of the condition? Thought not

      Anyway, you answered your own question – using pears and your skin is happy.

      Now for the future, ask yourself one last question – what will damage your skin? smoking, and sun and that is about it (few work places use strong chemicals that they used to so skin is better protected). So last thing to do is to protect from damage – don’t smoke and if you want use a sun screen on your face when you need to.

  10. spdrmnky says:

    Face belmishes… help?
    I have always had okay skin, with very minor acne when I was a teenager, but haven’t had it since probably 17 years of age. About a year ago, I had someone tell me I had large pores, so I decided to do something about it. I currently use Nivea with scrubbing crystals 1x week as instructed, Clinique face soap, Nivea shaving cream, Nivea aftershave, Loreal oil-reducing lotion 2x week, and Loreal under-eye lotion 1x week. I have been using all of this for 12 weeks now, but my face seems to be worse than before I started using it. My pores are smaller, but I break out with small acne all over and have dark blemishes coming “out of the blue” now. I need help… What do I do to fix this.

    • honey_bee28532 says:

      first of all, you cant do anything for large pores. its not a condition you get and can fix, its in your genes. all those products do is make it “appear” smaller, but its still big.

      second, your using WAAAAAYY too many products on your face!!! i just use neutrogena wash and astringent and also st.ives apricot scub whenever i feel it needs to be done (twice weekly). none of those creams really do anything, but i do use some type of cream (in winter only) just to put moisture into my skin-but thats the only purpose.

  11. jess b says:

    best face cream for ladies in their 20’s? unlimited price range!?
    what is the best facial cream for women in their early 20’s?? something that’s not by loreal or dove etc. thanks for your help.

    • Jenn says:

      im in my 20’s…im 23 going on 24…n e ways, the top ones i love are…
      for aging the minimal signs starting to appear: hope in a jar, apply in a 5 point way, forehead, cheeks, nose and chin.
      for brightening and lightening: clarins bright plus products (i prefer the night time stuff and sun screen)
      for everyday use to keep skin looking great:
      shiseido benefiance or La Mer products
      i think in youtube, there is a woman in her 20’s she looks great i think her user name is fuzkittie. she likes to do videos on makeup and skin care.
      my sister, in her 20’s as well, likes dermalogica as she has acne prone skin still and it works great for her. i have a breakout a month for the special time and i use philosophy’s on a clear day regimen for that week. what type you get totally depends on ur skin type though, but for skin that is getting to the aging processs but not quite yet showing it, try more gentle stuff than the stuff you used as a teen for sure. murad i hear works great for people, but it didn’t particularly work for me too well when i tried it out for a couple months…its what ever ur skin likes an d needs really…they have great reviews in sephora’s online store site that might help since some people describe their skin well in them.

  12. cleopatra says:

    Is loreal hair spa cream available in india?
    i want to know if loreal hair spa cream, and other creams like vitamin serum for hair and face available in india, bangalore or not .. 🙂
    thanks for ur answers in advance.

  13. potterfreakk18 says:

    I need my face to be clear before school starts!?
    Alright, so I want to find something that will make my skin p-e-r-f-e-c-t! I am 14 and going into 9th grade, soo I really want to make a good ‘first impression’ because I have always been the awkward one at school, and I want to start with a BANG! Lol, anyways, I already use tons of products including: Neutrogena oil-free acne wash, clean and clear acne cleanser(cream), loreal 360 clean(the one with the brush), and st. ives apricot scrub. I know that sounds like alot, but i am desperate. Oh, btw, my skin is combination and I have pimples on my forehead, and throughout my face. Thanks! (:

    • DREAMER says:

      I have very bad acne and I trie all the products and I can tell you 100% that you are using too many products and that can make your skin even worse. I have combination skin too and what you probably dont know is that combination skin really means that your skin changes according to how you wash it.

      If you dry your skin out by scrubbing it and trying to wash it a lot it gets irritated and then you get really oily and greasy, therefore causing more blocked pores and more pimples. But at the same time if you dont wash your face enough you get blocked pores too. I know..it sucks!

      So my experience (and I have a lot) is that you have to wash your face gently and dont use hard scrubs like St.Ives apricot because the beads in it are too big and your hurting and irritating your skin.

      If you use more than one product you will never know which one is working. Maybe Neutrogena works and will clear up your skin completely but if you use something else within the same 2 weeks or more then you will never know.

      My advice for you is to try Proactiv because it really works. It has a 3 step system; a gentle scrub and exfoliator, a toner and cleanser, and a cream that can be used on any skin type. It also has a really good sulphur cream that you can put on a single pimple and it will disapear in like 2days. You should really try it, I swear by it and your gonna see a difference so fast its awsome!!!!

      If you order it you should ask for the regular one and not the ‘NEW’ proactiv because that one is for people who have been using the regular one for a long time. I’m sure it will help you clear your face in a month or less.

      Just remember that you shouldnt mix products because when you do that you make it immpossible to now what works or what is making you break out. And also when you try a new product you have to use it exclusively for at least 2 weeks before you can truly say if it works or not.

      Dont scrub your face or use facial masks because they are actually hurting your skin and causing more acne. If you scrub your face make sure its with a scrub specially designed for acne prone skin and make sure it has a cream afterwards.

      Good Luck!!! I hope I helped. Email me if you have a question. =)

  14. wonderwomanswonderwoman says:

    Iately tried using Olay whitening cream for my face but didn’t work. Face became darker instead. Any help?
    Bought 2 Olay whitening creams but didn’t work on my face instead grew darker. Do you know if Loreal or Sk product is better. Please let me know. Thanks!

  15. rgowlikar says:

    whats the best skin lightening cream? and safest?
    i was out in the sun yesterday for a long time with no sun screen and i got really dark. What are the best products at reasonable prices to lighten my skin. So far Im looking at Ambi fade cream and LOREAL White Perfect Re-Lighting Whitening Soothing Night Cream 50ml. I want to use it for my face particularly.

    • LizaMarie says:

      you can try the surely whitening set of 3 with papaya kojic, surely whiteng cream and lotion from diana stalder products. Get the original labelled branded one rather than the unlabelled and in generic packaging with contain hydroquinone… The authentic products are very effective and low in price but best quality product.. You can see what customers said about their products and u can check it here

  16. sweetpetitegyrl says:

    Face lotion that: helps with wrinkles, gives skin healthy glow, minimizes pores and helps with dark circles!?
    I know, I know…I’m asking for a lot in one little tube. But I’m on the hunt for the crown jewel of face lotion – something that addresses all of my thirty-something concerns. I need a product that helps with the lines around my mouth, my huge pores, and the dark circles under my eyes…all while making my skin look healthier/glowier. Oh yeah I also get pimples on my chin/t-zone! So something that helps with that too! LOL

    When I google “best face cream” I just find a bunch of people selling their “miracle cure”, but I’d love some real reviews from women who’ve slathered their skin with tons of different products and finally found the ONE that WORKS!

    Currently I use Loreal pore minimizing face wash, close my pores with ponds toner (very gentle – not too harsh), and then lotion up with Ponds nutrients. It works…okay.

    Has anyone out there used a product that works and that they swear by? I don’t care if I have to spend a lot of money, I just want something (or combination of somethings) that works.

    Thanks ladies!!!

  17. veena m says:

    when i use lakme foundation i always use loreal hydro cream is it need a cream before foundation?
    do a face cream is needed before using foundation?

  18. roslee7 says:

    looking for face cream for protecting ageing and youth?
    Hi, i am a guy above 35 yrs and looking for a face moisturiser for maintaining my skin . I heard about neugeno and vitalift frm loreal. which is good for maintaining good skin and ageing? any other better product? not to expensive also

  19. simi says:

    i m using loreal rewhitening cream & facewash.my skin is dry.can u suggest me which cream is best for me in winters?

    • ♥ Sarah ♥ says:

      Best Cleansers

      * Almay Cleansing Lotion for Dry Skin with Cucumber ($10.99 for 4 ounces)
      * Clean & Clear Foaming Facial Cleanser Sensitive Skin ($4.39 for 8 ounces)
      * Kiehl’s Ultra Moisturizing Cleansing Cream ($14.50 for 8 ounces; for sensitive or rosacea-prone skin)
      * Laura Mercier Oil-Free Gel Cleanser ($35 for 8 ounces)

      Best Moisturizers for Dry Skin

      * Jason Natural Ester-C Lotion Anti-Oxidant Regenerating Moisturizer ($16 for 4 ounces)
      * Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Intensive Night Cream ($19.99 for 1.4 ounces)
      * B. Kamins, Chemist Redness Defying Lotion, for Normal to Ultra-Sensitive Skin ($75 for 1.7 ounces)
      * Babor HSR Lifting Décolleté Cream ($84 for 1 ounce)
      * M.A.C. Strobe Cream ($29.50 for 1.7 ounces— a good moisturizer for boosting radiance and giving skin a “glow”)
      * Remede Complete Treatment Anti-Aging/Maximum Moisture ($105 for 1.7 ounces)

  20. bvtogether says:

    What is the best face care for teens?
    I want to use face lotion,milk,facial wash and cream for me,but I don`t know which brand to use?Which is the best for me?In my country have just:Garnier,nivea,rosal,afrodita,deba,loreal,cliven,dove.Please tell me wich is the best for me.Thank you, I respect your opinion.

  21. annette_zaya_2000 says:

    How to get rid of my face pimples?
    Hi, I am 35 years old woman, with very dry skin so always use eye cream around my eyes as well as creams with high oily nature to keep my face skin soft, but recently (in spite of not making any change in my creams types), I noticed small fat pimples as well as pimples with inflations (which their heads finally gets white color), which annoys me, can anybody suggests me how to get rid of them? I should point out that every day after work, I wash my face with Loreal washing Gel for dry skins and then apply the creams.

    • mallimalar_2000 says:


      1. Don’t pick, press, rub, or otherwise manipulate your pimples. If you do, you risk spreading the bacteria and increasing the chances of scarring.

      2. Use an over-the-counter product containing benzoyl peroxide once or twice a day. It helps break up the plug of dead skin cells, bacteria, and oil that clogs the pore and forms an acne blemish. And it cuts down on the bacteria, too. Start with the lowest concentration, and work your way up.

      3. Try over-the-counter products containing sulfur or resorcinol, which help unplug oil glands by irritating the skin. However, most dermatologists believe that benzoyl peroxide is the most effective over-the-counter ingredient for acne.

      4. Don’t just spot-treat acne; put the product on acne-prone areas, too. That can include your entire face (avoid the lips and eyes), back, and chest.

      5. Go easy on your face. Washing removes oils from the surface of the skin, not from within the plugged ducts. In fact, if you’re too aggressive in your quest for cleanliness, you may end up drying out or irritating the sensitive skin on your face.

      6. Wash properly once or twice a day, using a mild soap, and rub lightly with your fingertips and warm water. If your skin is oily, use a soap with benzoyl peroxide for its drying properties.

      7. Don’t use brushes, rough sponges, cleansers with granules or walnut hulls, or anything similar on the delicate facial skin.

      8. Don’t use oily products, such as hair pomades, heavy oil-based facial moisturizers, or oily cleansers.

      9. Use water-based make-up.

      10. Don’t get a facial. You may end up doing more harm than good.

      11. Don’t rest your chin on your hands or constantly touch your face.

      12. Protect your skin from cancer and wrinkles without aggravating your acne by choosing an oil- free sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher.

      13. Don’t worry about what you eat, unless you notice a correlation between a particular food and your skin breaking out.

      14. Watch out for iodine, which can be found in multiple vitamins and iodized salt. Some doctors believe iodine may encourage acne.

  22. y!a IS CRAP. says:

    Which loreal or other cosmetics do you use?
    For hair[shampoos/conditioners/hair packs]
    and face[cream/face wash]

    • anonymous_me says:

      Treseme shampoo and conditioner
      Garnier Fructice sleek & shine serum
      Alterna Hemp Organic Leave in spray conditioner

      Neutrogena Face wash (orange bottle, with pump)
      Noxzema Face Cream (Big Blue jar)
      Stridex Face Pads
      Mac Studio Moisture Cream

      I get a lot of compliments on my complexion so yeah the ^above^ are my secrets ;]

  23. teala says:

    Permanent Pimple-like bumps on face?
    I get these very small but very visible bumps on my face that look like a pimple, but don’t have a white head or a black head or a red tip. Three years ago I got two on my frown lines between my eyebrows after applying a Loreal antiwrinkle cream in that area. Obviously, it clogged my pores and I still have the bumps. I don’t know what to use to treat them because they are closed bumps. Any suggestions?

    • Y ε ѕ. says:

      You know what i think it might be keratosis pilaris, but seeing as they havent got worse or bigger im not too sure, but the first step you should take is research that.. and then get a moisturizer which contains alpha hydroxy acids, do they itch sumtimes?

      very small but very visible bumps on my face that look like a pimple
      are they..
      Skin-colored bumps the size of a grain of sand

      “An excess of the protein known as Keratin, accumulates within the hair follicles forming numerous tiny rough bumps on the skin. Sometimes, these bumps can become irritated causing the follicles to redden excessively.

      Moisturizing lotions are often soothing and may help the appearance of the skin. Skin creams with medications containing urea, lactic acid, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, tretinoin, or vitamin D may be recommended by your physician. However, improvement often takes months and the bumps are likely to come back. “

  24. nickynich says:

    what type of cream/serum would be the best to use on face. Fine lines visible in cheeks.what do I use to help.
    I am in the uk, in my early forties and am getting fine lines in my cheeks. My skin looks very blotchy and a bit red at times and I am starting to get spots when it comes to the time of the month, or is it what I am using on my face. I have combination skin. I dont know what type of creams to use. I have used “protect and profect” for three months, and although it may have reduced my pores slightly, it has done nothing for my lines. I have used Loreal products, No7 uplifting day/night creams and am currently using Avon “ageless” but am coming out in spots. I am due a period though but it also could be down to the creams I am using. I am worried whether I am overloading my face and blocking my pores. I have used Olay in the past also. I dont know whether I should just stick with one product. If anyone knows of a cream that will help me or advise me how often and what to use, I would be grateful. What foundation looks natural on the skin without making your lines look worse?

    • magda_santiago says:

      You should try Arbonne’s it is new in the UK. I can provide you a free sample if you are interested. You are going to love the results. It is botanical based, vegan, no mineral oil and prevents age spots and discoloration. I have been using this products for 5 years and my skin has never looked better. that is the reason why I turned into the business 2 years ago.

  25. Anonymous says:

    which is the best face cream for indian usage?
    1)ponds 2)loreal 3)lakme 3)revlon 4)recova 5)olay 6)any other
    please help me with suggestions.

  26. Pretty says:

    How do i check the expiry date on Loreal products? is it the symbol that says 12M inside a picture of a jar?
    Does the mean it has 12 months shelf life?? if not.. how long is the life of loreal face creams? any idea??

  27. hello says:

    L’Oreal Face&Neck Day Cream?
    If anyone has used L’Oreal Advanced RevitaLift Face&Neck Day Cream, (http://www.riteaidonlinestore.com/loreal-advanced-revitalift-face-and-neck-day-cream-anti-wrinkle-and-firming-moisturizer/qxp167545?fromsrch=face+cream) can you tell me if it makes your face look oily/greasy? And is this a good product?
    Also.. does it smell good?

  28. slams revolving doors says:

    help me decide my skin schedule!?
    Lately ive been having a little bit of trouble with acne.I dont have that much, but more than usual. I’ve been trying to figure out when and what cleansers n’ such to apply, when. these are the products i currently have and im open to buying another one if needed (not to expensive though!)

    aveeno clear complexion cream cleanser
    loreal 360 face wash (with the little scrublet)
    nuetrogena shine control cleanser/mask (with the rice protein exfoilting sponges)
    nuetrogena spot treatment

    i have kind of shiny skin, and an uneven skin tone also. So, when should i use each one, and how many times a week?

    ANY answer is appreciated except for stupid ones. thanks!!

  29. Just Wondering... says:

    PLEASE HELP!! How can I remove hair dye from my hands and face?
    I used a new dye today, and somehow didnt see it as it developed on my skin…its really bad I have to go to work in a few hours…please HELP!!!!!! (its black hair dye, loreal excellence cream…if that help…)

    • Goth Girl says:

      hey, don`t worry,hot water and soap will take the dye off your skin you need soap hot water and alot of scrubbing, also there are wipes that you can buy at wal mart in the hair dye section that will take it off your hands and face. i have dyed my hair black for many years fom boxes and always had this problem, i now get it done at a hair dresser and i`m telling ya it`s much easier and alot less mess on your skin. good luck

  30. C N says:

    What soaps/hair products are you loyal to?
    Random thought, Just went to wash my hands and thought to ask everyone,

    Are there any facial cleansers, shampoo/conditioners/styling products, body wash, lotion… etc. that you are loyal to, IE get the same thing every time…. or try something else and end up going back to the same thing?

    I just got a different face cleanser at walmart yesterday, used it and decide I hate it and wonder why I didnt get the same thing I know I will like. So….. tell me what you like (OR dont like, and why if you are really bored.)


    I like St Ives apricot scrub. I hate creamy cleansers that dont foam up(but the apricot scrub doesnt either?)

    I used to be loyal to Biolage shampoos/all their products , but that got too expensive for me so I switched to Tresemme and like those pretty good. I bought some Fructis stuff and hate it. so went back to tresemme.

    Lotions I always switch up but I’ve found Loreal Daily active wear face cream to be good. Oil of Olay is ok too….

    • DanLynn27 says:

      you know i really don’t have anything i’m loyal too except my skincare from clinique, and i’m even thinking of going to lancome or estee lauder because my skin is changing.

      i used to use the biolage too and then the bottle emptied and i am trying out cheaper shampoos.

      right now i am using bumble and bumble seaweed shampoo(well i know it’s not cheap, but ya know lol), not sure how i like it just yet. i got dove shampoo to use a couple of times a week so i don’t use the bumble and bumble so fast, as it’s around twenty dollars a bottle….

      as for soap … i always have some dove laying around…i am a bath and body slave…every new thing that comes out i try … right now i am into victoria secret’s beauty rush stuff … i love hello sugar from bath and body … smells like lemon 🙂 … er … bath and body works sugar scrubs i’ve always used because they last a long time and are fabulous to use twice a week …

      i am LOVING the caress brand with oil in them? something like exotic oil infusion or something? it is the first soap i’ve ever used that i haven’t had dry skin after my shower, and my skin is like sand paper. i live in lotion …

      anyway, i could go on and on as i love questions like these but i’ll stop here because i’m sure you guys are bored lol … 🙂

  31. chie_bee says:

    what brand of night cream is best for treating acne scars? for 10 points?
    Currently I am using the Loreal Revitalift facial wash in the morning and at night before sleep. Then I also use the Maybelline liquid foundation as a base then Clean and Clear face powder for that whenever I am going to school or outside. Then when coming home I use a toner to wipe the base and the foundation. I want to use a night cream for my acne scars, and btw I bought a bb cream from maybelline hoping it will be effective. Thank you!

    • alzoxox says:

      ex foliate, then cocoa butter scar serum/oil!
      within a week, all of my scars were gone and i mean just vanished!
      everyone also said how my skin looks so healthy and radiant 😀
      try it, you WON’T be disappointed 😀

  32. bvtogether says:

    Is good to use loreal day and night creams for face?
    I`m 17 and i wanted to know is anything wrong if i use loreal creams ?I`m affraid my skin will become older using their products?please help me

    • Ebie says:

      Use as little cream as you need. If you don’t have dry skin, then don’t use special night creams.

      A dermatologist told me that if you use too many creams, then your skin “forgets” how to regulate itself – and then your skin will really need them.

      So go easy on the cream! I just wash my face once, not twice a day, and still have really young and healthy skin, and I’m 34 now!!

  33. Skeeter says:

    Extremely dry, flaky face?
    Lately the skin on my face has been soooo dry and flaky. It’s terrible.

    I was using Olay face cream, then some Loreal stuff, but it didn’t work at all. I’m also taking the antibiotic tetracyclin.

    What should I do to make the flakes go away? Please help, i’m so embarassed. 🙁

    • Kevin A says:

      i was in your exact position and i used proactiv solution that advertises on television all the time or if you are looking for something cheaper you can get a lotion called cetaphil that you can apply anywhere and in your case the face. Cetaphil can be found anywhere in your local walmart, target, kmart, cvs, walgreens, places like that and in the cosmetics section.

  34. deej says:

    has Anyone ever bought n tried LOREAL White Perfect Re-Lighting Whitening Soothing Night Cream ?
    Is it worth buying this cream?Accoring to the instructions on the bottle, it says it will give my face a clear look and will get rid of uneven skin tone!!
    So shud i go for it?anyone used it ?

    • Cαη∂y ƒℓoss x says:

      Me me me!

      It totally works, go and buy it, it’s worth every penny 🙂

      Hope I helped!


  35. natasha w says:

    allergic reaction?!!?
    i have oily skin, but in the last weeks or so i have red spots, which painfull when touch, like a bumps everywhere.and my skin red.i didnt drink or eat anything unsual.in a last year.can be make up?i bough nivea face cream and loreal powder cream.or its can be something to do with the diet.i also have red spots like reaction on my arms where elbow bend sometimes.i do use body cream dove.what can i do?dont know what to eat or drink?bicarbonat of soda somebody told me can clear my sistem.
    dont eat junk food for long time now.im cooking most of time.i do drinc coffee decaf and red bull sometimes.thats eat

    • mmrn says:

      It sounds like an allergic reaction. Drinking bicarb will not “clear your system”. If you are using new body lotions or powders, those are probably the culprit. Stop using those, wash with dial soap when you bath (or something antibaterial) and apply hydrocortisone cream to the affected areas. If it does not clear up in a day or two, see your doctor or a dermatologist.

  36. Tanya B says:

    does anyone know if the collegan cream from loreal is any good.?
    i have terrible scars on my face from boils and i’d like to do something to make me feel bit better.

    • Donne R. says:

      It works, i had a scar over my eye brow and under my eye, now you can hardly tell i had them!

  37. Abid says:

    hi.. i am 25 yrs old male on the my face one light wrinkle line has come that’s i don’t like. how can remove?
    can i use Loreal collagen filler cream is it ok for me because i don’t know my skin type. for this cream any side effect or not please give me advice?

    • Pocky says:

      You can go to a dermatologist and they will help you pick the right product.

      Try anti-wrinkle and anti-aging creams for day and night.

      There is also skin care for men, I know Biotherm has them. I’m not sure if there is a difference, probably just the smell.

      Always test new products on your hand before trying it out on your face, if anything happens it would be because of allergies and sometimes from mixing different brand products together.

      Skin care cream isn’t bad or dangerous, you might even want to try out a few different brands to see which one works best for you.

  38. crystal lee says:

    Equate firming face and neck cream?
    Do you use it and think it works better than the Loreal products? I think so.

    • coloradosnoflake2 says:

      if it say “compare to _____” then look at the ingredients. Most generic brands are exactly the same thing for the main ingredients. I use the equate brand in place of a Neutrogena face wash and they are pretty much the same. The ones that are really going to be different are certain products by Avon, Loreal, Oil of Olay, and maybe a few select others that say they are under patent approval.

  39. Luna says:

    what is a great moisturizer for the face?
    hey all well im 24 f and im starting to see some wrinkles in my forehead, i have really dry skin and i do sometimes put on oil of olay or loreal creams but i dont like them at all, ive been use them for years and they dont do nothing, my skin is still dry and i am getting wrinkles.I also do put vitamin e on my face but i dont do it everyday, any one has any good sugestions?? thanks

    • :) says:

      try st ives collegen elastin.
      i think it helps with wrinkles,
      but it moisturizes amazingly.
      also, its really cheap :]

  40. can't think of a nickname says:

    Can a wrinkle cream make wrinkles worse?
    ok i don’t have “wrinkles” but I am bothered by my smile lines. Two lines on the left of my mouth and one line on the right. I think I’m too young to have any kind of lines on my face.
    I bought Loreal Avanced Revitalift Anti-Wrinkle concentrate (with Pro-Retinol and Pro-Lastyl) and I’ve been using it for the past 2-3 weeks. Maybe its my imagination, but since i’ve been using the cream, the lines have become more visible!!! I knew before I bought the cream that it was not going to erase the lines like the package says, but I thought it would fade them, not enhance them. I also use a Olay age-defying suncreen spf 15 evryday. I let it dry before I put the Loreal. I only put the Loreal on the lines not my entire face.

    Don’t bother suggesting another cream cuz I don’t want to become one of those people who has tried every cream in the store!

    • Alyssa says:

      Yes,especially if your skin is youthful and not mature enough to handle the strong chemicals in the anti aging products.
      I recommend just using a regular night time moisturizer such as Biore Hard Day’s Night Moisturizer or Neutrogena Light Night Cream,they are simple,moisturizing and work well,although they are not for wrinkles.
      And drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to keep skin hydrated internally.

  41. Mindless Self Indulgence says:

    What is a good overnight acne cream (read the details please)?
    I have a few little blemishes, but not anything severe. I think it might be because of my new face wash…Loreal 360 Go-Clean, but I’m not sure. Before I was using the neutrogena grapefruit wash, it dried out my face but I didn’t have any little zits. Now, this new one feels good, but my face has been getting more zits. I know the obvious thing may be to switch back, but I really hate having my face dry. Any advice?

    I’m thinking about using acne cream.

    Thanks for answering!

    • Dhea1000 says:

      1) Acne Dry Spot
      This night time treatment will noticeably shrink existing blemishes while you sleep. Just dab it on effected areas before bed and wake up to clearer skin. Intended to treat existing blemishes, this product is not a preventative solution and should not be applied to unaffected areas. When you see or feel a zit coming on, just grab this little bottle and dab it on. The zits won’t know what hit them!

      2) Biore Blemish Bomb
      Another overnight treatment, this product works like a acne patch. It goes on as a liquid but dries to form a protective seal around your breakouts. While sealed up, the active ingredients in the “bomb” go to work shrinking the blemish. In the morning you peel away the patch to reveal a much smaller zit. After only 2 nights all but the most stubborn blemishes will disappear.

      3) Neutrogena On-the-Spot Acne Patch
      These night time use patches are coated with 2% salicylic acid to dry and heal blemishes while soothing skin with their cooling properties. They will visibly reduces the appearance of pimples and won’t rub off while you sleep.

      4) DDF Infusia, Blemish Patches + 1oz Activator Mist
      Patented blemish patches containing salicylic acid to control, prevent and minimize acne blemishes. The exclusive system delivers anti-bacterial and oil management ingredients deeply into the skin, quickly reducing redness and inflammation. These patches should not be worn overnight, 30-45 minutes is ample time for the medicine to take effect. This spot treatment is listed here because it is not suitable for daily wear. An excellent cure for sudden blemishes or persistent and stubborn acne.

      5) Clean & Clear Overnight Acne Patches
      Tiny patches that work to help control breakouts by directing maximum strength acne medicine straight to the pimple. They work like mini band-aids, you simply place the medicated disk right on top of the blemish you want to eliminate. Leave the patch on overnight and wake up to a noticeably smaller blemish. After a few nights of use, even the most stubborn zits will be gone. The unique acne fighting formula is in a soothing base of aloe and vitamin E to treat pimples while minimizing skin irritation.

  42. sonu says:

    i am 29 yrs old, i am see wrinkles on my face, i have satrted to use loreal ‘s wrikel cream. is it usefull
    & at what age one should use it?

    • - says:

      29 and your writing sample is this jumble mess? Good god.
      To answer your question, no. Creams will not restore the underlying structure of your skin. Waste of money.

  43. HT says:

    Is this a good face routine?
    My skin is oily. Not too oily, but I’m pretty prone to acne.
    In the morning, I use Loreal Skin Genesis cleanser, then neutrogena oil free acne stress control toner, and olay moisturizer with SPF 30.
    At night, I use the cleanser and an acne cream.

    I’m planning to switch to using Clean and Clear exfoliating cleanser, toner, acne cream, and moisturizer at night. Is that better?

  44. Folin says:

    What products have you brought and it doesnt do what it says on the package?
    Hi All.
    I brought Nivea- aqua sensation face cream.

    The product said it is for very tired skin, dry, etc. Which is what i need.

    mY skin always feels tired and dull.
    Its really annoying when product like these say it will do this and do that, but doesnt work.
    The cream i brought is cr@p.
    It doesnt do anything that says on the product package to my skin.

    Isnt it annoying when you buy a product but doesnt work.

    Does anyone have any solution to tired and dull face skin?

    I also had loreal eye cream, which reduces dark cirlces and fine lines, that didnt work either and cost me £12
    Husband did say to me ” dont beleive everything product say, thease things are said only a selling point” which is true, but still

    • H.L.A. says:

      Garnier Fructis Curl & Shine conditioner. I used it on my permed hair and all it did was weigh it down so I had less curls, it made it frizzy and it made it dry. My husband who has naturally curly hair tried it, and it produced the same results.

      Aveeno Daily Moisturizer. I bought a small bottle of it once because I have severly dry skin. I would put some on, both dry and damp skin, and although the bottle says it lasts 24 hours, I had to reapply it every hour. I was putting it on clean skin, on my hands, but after a few minutes from it soaking in, it smelled really bad.

      Matrix Volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Naturally I have very fine, straight hair, so I used this. Sometimes in combination with blowdrying m hair upside down. The end result was dull hair that felt greasy (I have very dry hair, so I know that was from the product), limp, wouldn’t do anything, no volume whatsoever.

      Same thing happened when I used to use Lanza Volumizing shampoo and conditioner, and also the special liquid gel to apply to damp hair to lock out frizz and make hair more volumized. Flat, dull, greasy hair.

      Most CoverGirl products I hate. They don’t last very long through the day, all of the shades are horrible and I can never find anything to match my complexion, even though it’s light. Most everything from them leaves you feeling greasy and dirty, and their mascara…I bought one once to do a specific job and it didn’t…I can’t remember what it was though. I just know I will never buy CG products if my life depended upon it.

      I’m sure there are more. But perhaps it’s just the beauty industry making something for one, maybe two different kinds of people, and I’m that third kind of person that nothing ever works for me. I guess they don’t understand that there are a variety of people on this earth, even more than 3.

      I just remembered one more. It was from a company online. It was a lip plumping cream, a 3 step process of them. I used them once and they tasted disgusting, despite what the ad had said about a great taste. It didn’t exfoliate my lips like it said it would, it just felt like I was rubbing tiny little rubber balls around on my lips for a massage, and it felt really gross (my washcloth method works better), and the 3rd product I never got because they sent me two of one. Not to mention…it didn’t plump my lips. It’s from this website http://www.firstimpressionlips.com/firstimpression/index.cfm?action=promo&pc=FI050106sAH1&acode=994C13B8-0D6E-4E9C-9810-59A44CA9F331&nopop=5&pcode=E7B703E9&potype=1&rotator=yes Complete garbage and definitely not worth the few dollars they charge you for it.

      One product that has worked and I would think it wouldn’t at all…Since I have very fine, very dry hair…I use Pantene Relaxed & Natural to help control the static. And despite the fact that it has oils in it, for African American hair (of which I am not, I’m mostly German) my hair never gets weighed down from it. It’s amazing!

  45. guapaq says:

    do i need to wash my face with this loreal cream cleanser or not?
    i just got this, i like the scrublet but i dont think its really cleaning my face and it feels weird too, it’s like soap, i dont know if i need to wash it or not? it didnt say to wash
    i was supposed to ask if i need to wash it after scrubbing it

    • Ashley :] says:

      Yes your suppose to wash your face with it, it’s not decoration, lol.
      See if the product works for your skin. Give it about a month, use it morning and night to see if your skin reacts good with the product. The downfall it seems with facial cleansers is as soon as there is a breakout, we immediatley stop using the product when this product is getting all of the junk out from your previous cleanser.
      Hope this was helpful 🙂

  46. Gina says:

    i need a face cream that dosen’t make my face greasy….i am over 50.thanks..?
    it makes my eye makeup run. I have tried loreal and avon, both give me the same greasy results. my eye liner ends up under my eye instead of over, where i put il…thanks

  47. EndymionSpilos says:

    Why do I breakout anytime I use any product on my face?
    Please help! I am 27, male. I know I need to use mositurizer and sunscreen, but everytime I do I breakout. I’ve tried all sorts of stuff from cheap stuff to exspensive stuff. I’ve tried stuff that claims not to clog pores, and I’ve tried stuff for acne. Though I always break out. Even when I wash my face with any sort of soap, I break out. Same situation, good stuff, cheap stuff. They all make me break out. What can I do to get a clearer complexion. So far that only thing I have been able to do to get a clear complexion is to not put ANY PRODUCT on my face at all, and just rinse my face clean. Then my skin clears up. Just to mention a couple of things that sitting in my med cabinet right now that have made me break out are: VitalCare Vitamin E Oil, ROC Retinol Correxion Eye Cream, Loreal Visible Results Moisturizing Cream, Neutrogena Men Face Lotion

    • Tor says:

      It seems that you are putting way to much products on your face. Years ago, I have experienced getting breakouts and when one facial cleanser doesn’t work I change it immediately. I think the key to your problem is finding one cleanser that doesn’t make you break out and stick to it! That’s what I did. I think it might also be a reaction of chemical residues left on your face from the different products you have been putting on. So stick to one product.

      I have been using Saint Yves for years(8Years). I use their apricot facial radiating scrub, the renewal cream moisturizer, and most recently their eye and face stree free gel. and I have to say it works for me.

      I exfoliate twice (morning and night) a day.

      After my morning exfoliating routine I dab on the renewal cream moisturizer all over (it has alpha and beta hydroxy acids which renews the skin cells) and the eye and face stress free gel(only around my eyes to relieve it’s puffiness).

      At night, after exfoliating to remove the day’s grime away I put Panoxyl Benzoyl Peroxide), which i have also been using for 8 years,on my face. It’s main ingredient is oxygen and oxygen is what prevents the pimple from growing into this huge balloon on my face. Oxygen is what kills the bacteria in the pimple. One down side though is that it creates a black mark, that makes the pimple look burnt. BUT one good thing with Panoxyl or any benzoyl peroxide brand is that it prevents scarring. So just live with the black spot for a while and it will naturally come off as you exfoliate without leaving a pock mark on your face.

      If you want a gentler facial cleanser, there’s always Cetaphil. Apparently it’s so gentle that doctors advice mothers to use this for bathing their new born babies. I have not tried using Cetaphil though, so i can’t give you sound advice on how the effects would be like on adults.

      For me, one key element in maintaining your skin is to drink Vitamin E. Vitamin E renews the cells and promotes to having a good heart and healthy muscles. I also eat apples, apples also do have alpha and beta hydroxy acids (just as i have stated above it revitalizes the cells on your skin) . I also drink fresh orange juice. Aside from the Vitamin C you get from it, it also helps boost the immune system.

      Lastly, I excersise. When you excersis, you pump in more air into your body. Getting oxygen into the system makes every cell of your body healthy. But most of all, sweat. Sweat is the skins natural disinfectant. Sweat is acidic in nature so when it comes out, it also cleans your skin cells.

      I hope this entry can help you in your problem. Good Luck!

  48. RaechelG says:

    Any suggestions for a good face cream & sunscreen which wont break my bank?
    I have heard great reviews abt Olay regenerist and Loreal brands but they are veryy pricey, could some one suggest any other options which arent so expensive but yet they get the work done. I have a combination skin and have few blemishes too.
    I meant something like the olay and loreal skin whitening cream plus a great sunscreen cause the place where I live is extremely sunny and hot.

    • CHICK says:

      I use the Ariona Skincare Facial Cream with SPF 20 its 100% Natural and I belive 97 percent organic (correct me if im wrong lol) also all their line is with unrefined Argan oil, and Amazonian Camu Camu berries, this really helps firm my skin and the rich cream is very quickly absorbed. their site is http://www.arionaskincare.com Luck!

  49. slams revolving doors says:

    help me with my skin please?
    Lately ive been having a little bit of trouble with acne.I dont have that much, but more than usual. I’ve been trying to figure out when and what cleansers n’ such to apply, when. these are the products i currently have and im open to buying another one if needed (not to expensive though!)

    aveeno clear complexion cream cleanser
    loreal 360 face wash (with the little scrublet)
    nuetrogena shine control cleanser/mask (with the rice protein exfoilting sponges)
    nuetrogena spot treatment

    i have kind of shiny skin, and an uneven skin tone also. So, when should i use each one, and how many times a week?

    ANY answer is appreciated except for stupid ones. thanks!!
    btw im 15 and actually have a really healthy dieet because im an athlete, i can only imagine what my skin would be like if i didnt :/

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