Non Surgical Face Lift

What Is The Best Non Surgical Face Lift That Money Can Buy?

Try These 7 Easy Facial Muscle Exercises As An Effective Non Surgical Face Lift Remedy

Do you know that simple facial muscle exercises can give you an effective non surgical face lift? You may be the type of person who is petrified just by the sight of a scalpel? The good news is, there is a natural anti aging skin care remedy that will not cost you your bank savings. Yeah, you heard it right. This natural remedy involves simple facial muscle exercises that is proven to keep your skin healthy and young-looking.

Do this daily and see the difference. These exercises will reduce existing creases on your face and even put off possible aging. Below are 7 easy facial muscle exercises that will help you look better and looking young:

1. Nibble with your lips closed at the same time, sit and look up the ceiling.

2. Keep your lips together and drop your jaw while pushing it forward.

3. Push your lips forward as far as possible to form an exaggerated “O” with your mouth, and then smile as brightly as you can.

4. Gently apply pressure to your forehead from the two sides of your temple with your fingers.

5. Close your eyes and sit upright before you lift your eyebrows and stretch the eyelids down and up to the possible extent.

6. Frown and lift your eyebrows as far as you can while opening your eyes.

7. Sit upright and look straight, then start bringing your eyebrows down, wrinkle nose as much as possible and flare your nostrils.

Each routine can be done in ten repetitions, and doing those 7 steps will only take at least 20 minutes. All those routines will work on specific facial muscles and muscle groups. It allows your muscles to beef up as it contracts and resists the work out. Doing this facial muscle exercises increases the blood supply thus making your skin look more firm and toned.

Sagging muscles are evident signs of aging and it shows especially on your face and neck. It is very unsightly to see those muscles sag. Physical appearance can affect our self-assurance. Nothing can cover up our age. You see it when you look in the mirror despite how much you try to pretty yourself with your clothes and make up. But doing these facial muscle exercises can help you tone your skin. Exercising it daily with a few minutes of your time can result to a better look, more young-looking, vigorous and attractive.

Doing the simple routines may make you feel awkward. So by all means, do it inside your room where no one else may see you. Just so you know, the routines are fundamental isometric and resistance exercise. Even though it makes you feel gawky, it will help shape up and contour your face. It will give the same results that you desire when you submit your face to an expensive cosmetic surgical procedure. You can also use natural skin care products to complement your skin care therapy.

Facial exercises improve the tone of your skin and make you look young like before. Tightening the muscles is the key to stimulate your skin. This will improve your skin resulting to disappearance of baggy skin and even diminish your wrinkles. As you start this exercise in revolutionizing your skin, you will notice its progress every time you do the routine. Think about this, religiously doing the exercise everyday is a freedom from wrinkles and sagging skin. Seeing such improvements will propel you to keep on and reap the long-term effect. Facial muscle exercises are proven ways to have a non surgical face lift remedy. Try it today!

About the author: Always take good care of your skin. Check out this list of natural anti aging skin care products that will work together with your facial muscle exercises. Visit website:


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73 Responses to Non Surgical Face Lift

  1. johnfarber2000 says:

    Should you give a deposit, and should the surgeon inform you of all you should know before paying.?
    In many large cities plastic surgeons demand a non returnable deposit when the surgery is scheduled and demand full payment in advance of the surgery. The deposit is 10% of the surgical fee or about $500.00 for a simple face lift. If the surgeon does not inform you of all you should know before payment is made, and then after payment is made, inform you of some unacceptable risks,
    If you then cancel the surgery, should you demand that all your payments be returned to you.

    • alice r says:

      A doctor should tell the patient all important information about the illness and about the surgery. Reveling dangerous aspects of surgery after receiving a non refundable deposit is tantamount to bait and switch.

  2. jeanette m says:

    How often should I have a maintenance treatment following a non-surgical face lift?
    I have had a course of 24 treatments over 8 weeks using the Futura-Pro machine

    • msbengalfan says:

      In the derm office where I work, we didn’t use that machine, but one similar. We like to see patients back once a year after their treatments to see if any touch up treatments need to be done. That doesn’t mean that you would have to have 24 treatments by any means…just touch ups…

  3. Michael Last name withheld says:

    Why is NON Surgical PLASTIC Surgery so Expensive!?!?
    They want a small fortune for 10 minutes of work. IPL Was $450 for 10 minutes of her pressing a button. Blue light was $200 for me sitting in a chair for 5 minutes under a hot lamp. Micodermabrasion was $150.00 for moving a wand around. They also want $1,250.00 for laser resurfacing and commitment to 3 treatments at 10 minutes per treatment. Again from what I can see the machine does all the work. That’s $3,750.00 or $125.00 PER MINUTE.

    Are you F ing kidding me?!?!?!?

    Isn’t the price supposed to go DOWN over the years???

    Honestly I’ve seen what they do. These are people with 2 year college degrees and the machine does most of the work!

    I can understand complicated plastic surgery like Rhino-plasty (nose job) breast implants or a face lift and other things that involve cutting and delicate artistic work.

    But why so much for the other things?

    Any way to avoid this? This is just ridiculas!

    • GLaDOS says:

      Eat right, exercise, and drink plenty of water. Those are the things that will help you age gracefully.

      Plastic surgery, injectibles, and other such procedures are expensive because the machines alone cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Also, they can afford to charge whatever they want because people will pay it.

      Plastic surgery consists of elective, cosmetic procedures. They are a luxury, not a right.

  4. cheri P says:

    What is the best non surgical face lift or beauty aid?

  5. Michael Last name withheld says:

    I’m looking to get the following:

    1) Laser Liposuction for the love handles, buttocks, and inner thighs, face and neck. I have hardly any fat but I want every drop gone on my entire body. Will it cost less if you have a low body fat rating?

    2) Non surgical face Lift. (not old enough for a real one)

    3) Laser Resurfacing for Acne Scars. I have some mild scarring from my teen years.

    4) Subligation – fill in ice pick scars with existing skin or silicone. I have a few ice pick scars.

    6) Remove cyst scar on face near nose. I had a cyst when I was 13 and left it alone. It just filled in with scar tissue. I’m not sure if this can be removed.

    7) Shave down bone on left side of nose to straighten nose. I had my nose broken in a kick-boxing match (I had 16 ring matches) when I was 24. Over time it misshaped my nose. So I need MILD Rhinoplasty.

    Which ones are SAFE to get in MEXICO? What is the cost vs. Los Angeles?


    I need to move on this quick. I’m concerned with SAFETY and quality of work over the price. But if the safety and quality is the same as Los Angeles I see no reasons to spend thousands of dollars more if I can get it in MEXICO for thousands less…

  6. ♥live .love. laugh♥ says:

    What is the best non-surgical face lift or beauty acid?

  7. chrisrear50 says:

    can anyone tell me who makes the equipment for the Dermalift (non-surgical face lift)?

    • xjess_starx says:

      I think its caci or perfector as there the 2 bigwigs in this industry allow i know carlton have recently bought otut a mircrolift machine if u try looking up these 3 companys websites im sure u’ll find ur answer

  8. Jerusha A says:

    is this really possible?? non surgical face lift by hypnosis cd? put details not just answers?

    • Gary Y says:

      I don’t think I’ve ever read so much pseudoscientific crap than what’s in that link. The first red flag is the word ‘Quantum’. Then NLP… But they do not say how it’s possible that this actually works. And they provide no evidence that it works.

      Its a scam.

  9. lutece says:

    Can anyone confirm that non-surgical face lift actually really works!!?

    • Answer Fairy says:

      Obviously, it depends on how old you are, how saggy your face is, etc. The non-surgical face lift is not nearly the same as a face lift, but it does make a dramatic difference. It’s for people who are between the ages of 30 and 45 who just need a little lift here and there. But, you’d be amazed at what a tiny bit of botox in your forehead alone can do to make you look younger!

  10. Peachykeen says:

    What is the best professional non surgical face lift micro-current machine?

  11. Babs says:

    Does anyone know how the “Lifestyle Lift” a procedure advertised on TV is done?
    It is some type of non surgical face lift has anyone had it done or knows how much it cost? Thank you!

    • timetravellingbunny says:

      Yes, stay well away from marketing ploys. Go to a reputable surgeon for any kind of work, LSL is just a fancy name a mini-lift, which is a less invasive kind of facelift. There have been lawsuits filed against these people because they have mislead people to believe that they will look like the pictures on the site when really those people are only just post op and very swollen. Also they underplay the recovery aspect making it sound like a walk in the park when it isn’t and you would have downtime and need to take time off from work and normal activities until the healing process has finished.

  12. MICHAEL S says:

    where can i find second hand facial toning machines for sale?
    its by body ultimate and its classed as non surgical face lifts

  13. Al 3 says:

    Help:Non-surgical Face Lift?
    Here’s the thing, I am thinking of buying a Cleo Q facial system.

    The Cleo Q system is a facial toning machine which stimulates the crucial foundation muscles in the face. It is suggested that it develops ” younger and healthier, stronger with more defined features, brighter eyes, fuller lips, a defined jaw line and a tighter, smoother neck”.

    It costs £ 319 that is US $ 633!!

    If you want to take a look at it, its on this website:

    Has anyone ever tried it? or maybe tried something similar?
    Please Help me decide!!

    • Megita says:

      This machine will nothelp you unless you have the interior work perfect meaning the right diet and supplements. I will recommend something far better and less expensive Royal Jelly fresh from Bee Royal Products. Com I will quote this from a book called THE LONGEVITY SOLUTION by DR.CASS INGRAM, where he writes ” Dozens of studies indicate that Royal Jelly blocks the aging process. This benefit is seen with continuous internal use, it must be certified fresh and pure. Royal Jelly keeps the skin supple, that is it helps the skin retain moisture. It also provides nourishment, helping regenerate skin cells. Royal Jelly Contains steroid hormones, which eliminate sweeling and inflammation. Taken internally, it is such a potent tonic that fights aging in evey organ. Dr. Saenz emphasizes the fact that royal jelly is the richest source of a potent anti-aging factor: Pantothenic Acid. This Vitamin is one of the most versatile anti-aging substances known, this is because it helps to block aging within the skin plus it keeps adrenal glands in optimum health.”

      Now I personally do recommend only Bee Royal Products out of Arizona I believe they are because after years of personally consumming royal jelly I found many companies aldulterate it, this company does deliver 100% fresh royal jelly I am 40 and everyone thinks I am lying they all think I look 28 to 30 and I have 3 kids ages 17, 15, 14 It works and a 5 month supply is only 90.00 a much better bargain.. Look into it .. Good Luck

  14. ~ MOCHA SKiNNED EXOTiC MAMi ~ says:

    Extensive plastic surgery question (details) ?
    WARNiNG: please ONLY answer the questions that are posted here.
    any answers that are not helpful or telling me not to get this done will be deleted and you will be reported for spam. thanks.

    WARNiNG PART 2: if you are going to answer the questions,
    make sure to answer them ALL please.

    I am looking to get some extensive plastic surgery done soon.
    I am looking for a little help and guidance on some of the surgeries.

    1.) Is there a surgery that will make my face more symmetrical?

    2.) Is there a surgery that will make my eyes look less downturned?

    3.) I want higher, more exotic looking cheek bones.
    Will cheek chone implants help me get that look?

    4.) I want a minor nose job so that my nose is smaller and more feminine. What kind of nose job will help me achieve that look?

    5.) What kind of lip injections look the most natural?

    6.) Along with cheek bone implants, I want a more exotic and model like jaw line. What kind of surgery could I get to help with that?

    7.) Will veneers help make my face look more symmetrical overall?

    8.) I also want to get my breasts reduced and lifted to a full D cup.
    Currently I am a 36 G cup. Which technique of breast reduction offers
    the most minimal amount of scarring possible? Which technique makes the breasts look the best?

    9.) Is it possible to get liposuction done on only part of my thighs in order to get that little diamond gap in between my legs?

    10.) What are the best treatments for reducing the apperance of mild cellulite on the butt and thighs? Are there any surgeries or non surgical ways to permanetly get RID OF cellulite?

    11.) Finally, who are the best plastic surgeons in Brazil?
    Which plastic surgeons in Brazil have the best reputation and results?

    Thank you so much for your time and patience.
    I know that this is a lot of questions, but it is very much appreciated
    and I will pick a best answer so long as the questions are fully answered. =]

  15. Claireeeeee says:

    what is a non surgical face lift?
    how does is it done? Do I have them weekly or once a month and do they work?

    • david b says:

      A Non surgical facelift may include different procedures. It may include injections or heating up your skin. It may also include creams and impulse light treatments. It all depends what procedure you go for.

      Each treatment of botox lasts up to 6 months. The other procedures I mention will last many many years just like a face lift except its cheaper and less invasive. Non Surgical Face Lifts do work.

  16. Jigsaw's Dad says:

    What do you make of ‘my dream’ and was I a hero or a villain in it ?

    22 thousand feet above the atlantic ocean – and a sudden explosive decompression rips off the rear end of our boeing 747 (747-400 series) airline name unknown in the dream.

    I’m sitting in an isle to the right, overlooking the right wing and its engine. This is a big plane and there is a middle isle.

    The flight departs from Heathrow London, and is scheduled on a non stop flight to JFK International Airport (New York USA).

    I spend the entire flight eyeing the young fertile impressionable air hostesses and make the most of a mundane depressing flight surrounded by people of an inferior intellectual worth, ah such a joy air travel they say. I order a series of beer’s to begin with and a father of a young 8 year old brat asks me if his son could sit in my seat and savour the view whilst I keep him company. The Kid seems nice enough at first and his old man seems like a nice humble guy, so i remember thinking ‘why not ?’

    I GRIP a suitcase tightly as it contains some very valuable surgical tools, tools which will be utilised in their extremest sense in a ‘game’ that I will play with a detective in NY Brookyln.

    An hour passes by, and I’ve drank a little too many Jack Daniels on the rocks (I drank 9 beers prior to this) and I get up and request that I be allowed to open my violin case as im ‘bored’.

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    Now, bare with me – this is important.

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    anyway, the seats in our plane are pulled back with immense force and I remember a bitter cold wind of up to 200mph smashing into my face, as my tie flaps over my face and my shades vanish out of a window.

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    I make a series of holes and kick the door one last time – im inside.

    I sit down, put on the headpiece and analyse the controls before me.

    I check altitude, i check fuel levels, engine power etc etc

    I manage to establish coms with air control and they help me guide the plane to boston airport instead.

    we land safely and everybody on the ground claps for me.

    Was a great hero in this dream or a mere alcoholic c@nt who killed the little kid ?

    • sp00k13 says:

      An alcoholic hero, ridding the world of an annoying brat whilst consuming one last, greatly required beverage and saving a plane load of passengers, but most importantly, yourself. I like this story. Now stay off the cheese tonight. Or in second thoughts, maybe not.

  17. sammi says:

    Looking for a non-surgical face lift product or procedure.Has anyoneever used ‘the lift’ or other product?
    like this.Do they work?What about salon procedures?what is the best?

    • J D says:

      ARBONNE! Their revolutionary result oriented anti-aging system is specifically formulated to reduce the affects of sun damage, decrease fine lines and wrinkles, while it works to combat the visual signs of aging. The system consists of botanically based products that contain natural collagens (hyaluronic acid), giving your skin a natural lift. They’re all pure, safe, beneficial, hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, formulated without ingredients known to cause irritation, dryness, and other skin related issues (pimples, blemishes). They’re unlike any others on the US market with all 9 KEY anti-aging elements (KOJIC ACID, NANOSPHERES, COPPER, VITAMIN C, ALPHA & BETA HYDROXY ACIDS, PEPTIDES, BIO-HYDRIA, ELHIBIN & STIMUTEX, and ALPHA LIPOIC ACID), giving you maximum benefit.

      Their products are also formulated with nanosphere technology which makes them beneficial for all skin types and adjusts to your skins specific needs by applying more moisture in dry areas and less is oily areas. Research shows that 6 months continued use of this system will give a 68% decrease in DEEP density lines and wrinkles; however I started to notice results within a week or two. Oxygen magazine wrote an article on Arbonne’s anti aging line and said that it was “the new alternative to cosmetic surgery”!

      Most products on the US market you’ll find contain alcohol, wax, dyes, chemicals, fragrances, acetone, and mineral oil. These can all cause irritation, dryness, and have little to no long term effect. If you want a fountain of youth, Arbonne’s it! This system came out in 2002 and has fueled Arbonne’s growth with over 111% every year and 164% growth in 2005 over 2004.

      Take a look at some of the before and after results! Arponne has anti aging products for your entire body including a hydrating body wash, body serum, hydrating body lotion, and essential fatty acid dietary supplement, a concentrated blend of flaxseed oil, CoQ10 and beneficial elements to support younger-looking skin and good health … from the inside, out … and formulated in a vegetarian capsule. It’s made of Flaxseed oil, vitamins A, C, E, Coenzyme Q10, alpha lipoic acid.

      If you’re open to trying a free sample of the skin care, I’ll be happy to send you one.

  18. Here4u says:

    Do Non-surgical “Life Style” face lifts work?
    I have heard that they look great for a short while but are costly and do not last more than a few months. Is this true?

    • penguine.soup says:

      Well from what I’ve heard from people that have had it done, most of the time the results are lets say…disappointing. Results are either minimal, temporary or both.

      I would find a highly regarded doc who specialises in facial rejuventation rather than going for a heavily advertised procedure that sounds too good to be true.

      P.S. the lifestyle lift is a surgical procedure that requires downtime. It’s not quite the walk in the park they want you to believe.

  19. canadianbadboy says:

    Can you actually eliminate wrinkles naturally?
    I used leigh valentine’s non surgical face lift and it gave me more wrinkles!

    I need to get rid of them naturally…


    • Madelinn says:

      I heard that Egyptian Magic Cream works wonders, it is expensive ($33) but it lasts a long time,
      I recommend that;; you can always google/youtube reviews on it.

  20. diane b says:

    Has anyone tried the Leigh Valentine Non-surgical face lift? Does it work?

  21. Brittney L says:

    Can Botox Injections Tighten and Lift?
    Can botox injections help to tighten and lift your face a little? I know not everyone agrees with plastic surgery, but I would like some real information please. I’m young so I don’t have wrinkles or frown lines but I am interested in having my eyebrows lifted slightly and since I am getting older my face is starting to loosen up. Just curious if botox could help to tighten and lift without having to have a face lift or something. I don”t want to do any surgery on my face. I would just like more information on what non-surgical procedure would be best for the results that I want. Most info gets best answer!

    • Kathleen Leonard says:

      Botox likely will not help you achieve the results you’re looking for. There are, however, several non-surgical options that will help tighten and lift your face.

      Titan– Average cost $1,000

      Titan Tissue Tightening is a non-surgical facelift alternative that uses infrared light to tighten skin and reverse the signs of aging. Titan™ laser treatment works by heating the natural water in your dermis, your deepest layer of skin. This heat rises to a very specific temperature, which causes natural collagen production. Titan™ laser skin tightening provides a more uniform dispersal of energy than other methods, like radio frequency. Titan™ facelifts can tone and tighten facial skin, returning it to more youthful contours.

      Thermage®– Average cost: $2,200

      Thermage® is a non-invasive treatment that tightens skin, restores facial contours, and builds healthier collagen; it has often been referred to as the non-surgical facelift. Thermage is not a laser or light based system. Thermage treatments use a powerful radio frequency (RF) technology named ThermaCoolTM. RF energy heats the skin and naturally provides collagen to your epidermal surface. This stimulation occurs over the next 4 months after your first Thermage procedure, and slowly tightens and firms your skin. The result is a rejuvenated face with more youthful contours. Thermage facelift procedures are safe for lifting your upper eyelids.

      Thread Lifts– Average Cost $3,500

      Thread Lifts or Feather Lifts are quick and easy facelift alternative. Known as the “lunch hour facelift,” thread lifts use a hollow needle to insert a feather like thread under the skin, starting near the cheekbone. Since a needle is used, the Thread Lift incisions are minimal and shouldn’t leave any trace of scarring. When attached, the surgeon can gently tug on the thread to adjust and tighten skin around the eyes, neck, lip, or brow. New collagen forms around each thread to maintain the lifted effect. Four threads are the minimum number needed to lift even the most moderately sagging skin. Results of Thread Lifts are generally compared to those of mini facelifts.

      The best way to learn which procedure might be best for you is to schedule a free consultation with a doctor near you. This way you can make sure you will achieve your ideal results before making a commitment. Once place to do this is at (here you can schedule free consultations for both surgical and non-surgical treatments)

  22. xTikTokGlamRockx says:

    Question about tightening facial skin/face lift?

    Basically when I’m not smiling or not annoyed my natural facial expression makes me look like I’m really really upset or depressed. My lips turn down, my eyes look droopy – I have dark eyebags/saggy-ish under eye skin. I look hideous. I only look good when I’m smiling. So if I’m not smiling my face is just depressing-looking. And the whole facial skin, my cheeks etc – there is no definition to them, no tautness, it just looks saggy and it all just ‘droops’ lol. I’m only 21, and it annoys the hell outta me. I want to look good and pretty without having to smile all the time. What can I do, as in treatment for tightening, lifting the skin on my face and also under my eyes? You can include surgical options but I would prefer non surgical, maybe even creams? Thank you to all those who answer :))

    • Mukunda M says:

      This natural, minimal cost treatment rid me of all sagging and gave me a tight, firm, young looking and vibrant skin. I am often thought to be many years younger than I am.

      Quite vigorous massaging with pure natural oils works wonders, They are noncomedogenic so do not clog, cause breakouts or make skin oily. They feed and nourish skin rejuvenating beneficial nutrients, Make massage quite vigorous for skin tightening and firming. There is no skin pulling/stretching as you first tighten skin by partially opening mouth and pulling lips FIRMLY back against teeth. Tightens most of face.
      Doing this and the massage itself exercises/conditions face muscles and so combats their weakening that leads to sagging which in turn leads to wrinkling and lines. Do forward and back massage with tips and front of fingers and sometimes palms depending where on face you apply. Circular massage is not effective.
      Try to build up to 30 min daily massage (not necessarily in one session) for best and fastest results.
      In the first few days skin will be firmer, will visibly tighten, will look and feel smoother and any wrinkles will diminish and it will develop a radiant glow. Keep it up and it will totally revitalize and rejuvenate skin and face
      I can send many testimonials from users who swear by the treatment. Use any oil. I had great success with extra virgin olive oil.

      Review some of my many other answers for treatments that will greatly lessen and/or prevent specific wrinkles and lines, crows feet, under eye eye bags, etc

      SOURCE(S): Many years research – safe, natural treatments and cures for skin conditions, skin enhancement and anti aging/rejuvenation treatments.

  23. nickynich says:

    can anyone advise me what would be the best non surgical procedure for skin that is not quite firm anymore.?
    I am a 42yr old woman, who has become very insecure about the way I am looking. Although I eat healthy, I seem to keep gaining fat around my middle, my facial skin is starting to sag abit, giving me a slight pouch appearance each side of my mouth. The right side of my face, seems to be worse than my left and my lips seem to have lost some volume on each side, so when my lips taper out, they look abit flat and are starting to point down alittle. I went to see 2 plastic surgeons here in the UK, and one of them said to come back in five years, as if he did anything, it would only be a small difference, although it would have probably made me look better. The second one I saw, was more than willing to take £7.750 from me for a mid face lift, with fat transfer to my lips and cheeks. I came out feeling very deflated as I just havent got that sort of money at the moment. I have heard good and bad things about fillers and I am frightened of something going wrong. I just would like to improve on what I have and make myself feel abit more confident when I look in the mirror, and not dread looking at myself. what would be the best route for me to go down with good results?

    • debratna says:

      You are spending money and do it and along with that do some PRANAYAM and yoga exercises.You will see that your medication will not be required any more.You will be hale and hearty physically and mentally.Only condition is that you have to do it in an empty stomach

  24. Michael Last name withheld says:

    What kinds of Plastic Surgery can you get in Mexico that are SAFE and what is the cost vs the USA?
    I’m looking to get the following:

    1) Laser Liposuction for the love handles, buttocks, and inner thighs, face and neck. I have hardly any fat but I want every drop gone on my entire body. Will it cost less if you have a low body fat rating?

    2) Non surgical face Lift. (not old enough for a real one)

    3) Laser Resurfacing for Acne Scars. I have some mild scarring from my teen years.

    4) Subligation – fill in ice pick scars with existing skin or silicone. I have a few ice pick scars.

    6) Remove cyst scar on face near nose. I had a cyst when I was 13 and left it alone. It just filled in with scar tissue. I’m not sure if this can be removed.

    7) Shave down bone on left side of nose to straighten nose. I had my nose broken in a kick-boxing match (I had 16 ring matches) when I was 24. Over time it misshaped my nose. So I need MILD Rhinoplasty.

    Which ones are SAFE to get in MEXICO? What is the cost vs. Los Angeles?


    I need to move on this quick. I’m concerned with SAFETY and quality of work over the price. But if the safety and quality is the same as Los Angeles I see no reasons to spend thousands of dollars more if I can get it in MEXICO for thousands less…

  25. joe says:

    What is the cost of Non-Surgical Face Lift – Aptos Surgery ?

  26. Miss Q says:

    How long does a non-surgical liquid face lift last?
    Like that woman on NJ Housewives had done, with the Restylane and Botox in certain strategic areas to tighten the skin of the face and neck without surgery or fill-ins for wrinkles?

    • Mukunda M says:

      You can find this answer on
      Liquid face lift vs a true face lift
      Helpful? Yes
      By Andrew B. Denton, MD – Vancouver Facial Plastic Surgeon

      The name “liquid face lift” was coined by Allergan (the makers of botox and juvederm) to describe a combined treatment using botox to smooth wrinkles in the forehead and around the eyes and juvederm to add volume to the cheek, tear trough and nasolabial fold areas. Both botox and juvederm are very safe when used properly and, therefore, carry less risk than face lift surgery. However the answer to your second question is absolutely not. If your prime concern is loss of volume in the cheeks, deep nasolabial folds and wrinkles in the brow, forehead and around the eyes, a combination of fillers and botox would be an excellent option for you. However, if your concern is jowls, loss of tone along the jaw line and excess skin under the chin and in the neck, then fillers and botox would provide no benefit to you and a face lift would be a more appropriate choice.

  27. jinta6c says:

    non surgical, low cost and no pain face lift?
    Can I purchase a transparent face lift tape. Saw it on a home shopping show a couple of years ago(eg. QVC or HSN), can not remember which one. There were no hooks or strings attached just tape.

  28. Brittney l says:

    Plastic surgery (pic)?
    Ok i’m just curious ok. I’m 24 and I’ve never had any surgery done to my face. I consider myself attractive the only thing I don’t like is I notice that my skin isn’t as tight as I’d like it to be. Like if my skin stretched back just enough to make my eyebrows higher and my cheek bones come out more that that subtle difference could really make a noticeable change. What procedure would be best for what I’m looking for? I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to do a complete face lift cause I’m young and i don’t think I need something that drastic. I was thinking Botox but I keep hearing that it’s just for wrinkles and it might not be enough for what I want. What procedure would I need and is there a non-surgical way to achieve the results that I want? I included a pic so everyone can see that I want something very subtle O’m not trying to change my face just tighten and lift so my eyebrows raise a little more. I included a pic so you guys can see that I’m talking about a real subtle change.

  29. Jessica says:

    Trade Show Booth ideas…?
    I work for a facial plastic surgeon (he does surgical procedures like face lifts, eye lifts, brow lifts ect as well as cosmetic things like Botox, Latisse ect). We are going to a trade show for women and need creative, NON cheesy ideas that tie into what the company does. We need ideas for:
    – decorating/designing our table/booth
    – drawing attention to our table/booth
    – give a ways

    What are your ideas? We already purchased a table cloth with our logo on it. We are considering scratcher tickets designed like his business card that will give the winners prizes like % off certain procedures or free consultations. We are also planning on having candy out with candy wrappers with the company info on it. What else can we do to help stand out and be memorable?

    • Heart says:

      Wow… this one is hard. I think I would lean toward setting up some mirrors, and do a mirror mirror on the wall like theme. Mirrors attract everyone, how many times have you passed one without looking in it?.

  30. NIRJHARI says:

    Ladies!What have you preferred to keep Looking Young and Goddess of Beauty? Give the Order of preference also?


    • दुर्गाश्री शक्तिदिव्याDURGASHREE says:

      My Dear Nirjhari!
      I have preferred to keep myself Looking Young and Goddess of Beauty. I share my Order of preference also:
      a.FACE LIFT< YES>





  31. Radio Jingles says:

    Question about Distinction by Leigh Valentine Non-Surgical Face Lift Mask Activator?
    I bought 4 bottles (2 FL oz) today of this product. It is blue in colour. It states that in order to use this product I have to use Mask Powder and one level tsp of Mask Activator.

    I already sent a letter of inquiry to the company. However, what can I use an an alternative in the mean time with the stuff I got?

  32. EdD says:

    Something moving on my elbow?
    There is a piece of ‘i-think-its-ligament’ moving over the corner bone of my inner elbow, facing my waist everytime I bend it all the way. It will only slide over the little corner of the bone if I lift my fist towards my shoulder. A tugging sound can be heard if I lift weights while training, though no pain is experienced. I do not know how long has it been like this but I only realized it like a year or more back since I started training.

    First I need to know why is it moving?
    Will it pose any future problems to my arms?
    Is there any non surgical way to correct it?

    Thanks in advance for the advise.

  33. chrisrear50 says:

    could aanyone tell me where I would find professional Dermalift non-surgical face lift equipement.?

    Anyone out there who could tell me who are the makers of Dermalife non-surgical face lift equipment?

    • Jeff J says:

      Dermalift Non-Surgical Facial Treatments
      Microface and Body
      The dermalift microface and body system offers treatment for:

      The face
      – Reduces lines and wrinkles
      – Facial muscles lifted and toned
      – Firmer facial contours
      – Increased elasticity, finer pores
      – Improves acned skin and scaring
      – Fresher complexion and skin texture
      – Improved moisture retention
      – Reduced puffiness and dark shadows
      – Firm around the eyes
      – Lymphatic drainage

      The Body
      – Inch loss
      – Cellulite reduction
      – Weight loss
      – Slimming and toning
      – Body lifting and firming
      – Lymphatic drainage

      Technique Infusion
      A range of specialist masks, including Collagen, anti-wrinkle, anti-acne, skin lite, Vitamin C, herbal, repair complex etc. that when used in conjunction with the Dermalift microface system produce long lasting and remarkable results. Suitable for all skin types.

      Ampoule Therapy
      Dermalift skin care ampoules contain highly concentrated, biological active ingredients, which offer immediate results when dealing with many different skin conditions. They also aid the constant fight against the signs of ageing. When used in conjunction with the microcurnent they penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin at a faster rate.

      Single treatment Facial
      Dermalift Plus

      Also offering treatments incorporating treatment mask, ampoule therapy and lymphatic drainage.

      (1 hour)
      (1 hour 30 mins)

      Eye Boost Treatment
      This treatment is ideal for removing dark shadows and fine lines, leaving the eyes feeling rejuvenated and revitalised.
      (30 mins)

      Body Treatment
      Dermalift body treatment offers immediate results, including lymphatic drainage, cellulite reduction, inch loss, firming and body purifying, ultimately improving circulation.

      20 minutes treatment is equivalent to 350 sit ups / buttock raises.

      For additional information I have added some Frequently Asked Questions that we get in the salon.

  34. Char says:

    I’m trying to start a business selling non-surgical face-lifts and I need help promoting it?
    They also have spa collection,Lexlips, Drenched moisturizer, Noni juice. Its pretty much all natural. The web site is . That might help.

    • Music T says:

      Check out the article at there are some great way there to get free and paid traffic to your site. I would recommend you at least sign up for instant buzz and 1on40 both these programs are free and you can find them in the article along with other ways to promote your site. Also if your budget allows for it sign up for spin success this program is amazing. You can find that one in the article also.

  35. Jessica says:

    Creative ideas for a trade show booth?
    I work for a facial plastic surgeon (he does surgical procedures like face lifts, eye lifts, brow lifts ect as well as cosmetic things like Botox, Latisse ect). We are going to a trade show for women and need creative, NON cheesy ideas that tie into what the company does. We need ideas for:
    – decorating/designing our table/booth
    – drawing attention to our table/booth
    – give a ways

    What are your ideas? We already purchased a table cloth with our logo on it. We are considering scratcher tickets designed like his business card that will give the winners prizes like % off certain procedures or free consultations. We are also planning on having candy out with candy wrappers with the company info on it. What else can we do to help stand out and be memorable?

    • James says:

      You could have a prize wheel. people get drawn to those. Maybe hire a model to spin the wheel. prizes could be not only things you offer, but other items, such as gift baskets, dinners, etc. Also use technology to show your business. Digital photo album, laptop, etc. have your logo everywhere, from magnets to ink pens. Have fun

  36. suzanne says:

    CACI non surgical face lift?
    Has anyone tried the CACI non surgical face lift. Does it work?

    • Mukunda M says:

      After much research and experimentation I found the following can work wonders at totally rejuvenating the face and if you see my Best Answers you will find glowing reports from users.
      It’s a simple, safe, self massaging technique. Using a natural oil, massage quite strongly and somewhat vigorously over and over and with a forward and back motion using palms, finger tips and front and sides of fingers depending where on face you are massaging. Try to build up to a 20 to 30 minute or even more daily massage. A circular motion will not be effective. Depending on how vigorously/how long you have been able to do it, you will see noticeable results in 4 to 5 days and in 14 days will see even better ones and overtime quite profound results.You will be amazed at it´s effectiveness. FOR NECK: Use palms/fingers to energetically massage(one hand at a time) repeatedly from front to almost back of neck and back again. Do many, many times. Also the following are beneficial.
      Find with library or Google search “Yoga for face/neck”.or “facial yoga”. Or go to TIME magazine website dated Thursday, April 24, 2008 enter “facial yoga.” In SEARCH box click on “lion face” photo to see series of other photos. Do Lion face and one basically the same as it except you protrude tongue upwards as if trying to touch nose with tongue tip. “Baby Bird” is a also good for jowls and fat round chin. Hold poses for as long as you can and repeat several times.
      SOURCE(S): 20+ years of research and self experimentation using natural treatments to treat and cure skin disorders and anti aging and rejuvenation treatments..

  37. naturespencil says:

    Has anyone ever bought those tension springs you put in your mouth to exercise face muscles?
    I saw them advertised in magazines. They are like tiny thigh masters and as you squeeze you cheek muscles in and out the resistance supposedly tightens your face muscles- a non surgical face- lift so to speak. So who has one and does it work.? Fess up!

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