Red Spots On Skin Not Itchy Raised

Cherry Angiomas – Self Diagnosis Of Red Spots On Skin

Cherry angiomas are small, bright red spots or lumps on the skin which are typical in older adults. Their cause is not fully understood but they are what results when a cluster of little dilated capillaries gather near the surface of the skin. This article shares traits related with cherry angiomas to help you formulate a symptom diagnosis. You can also find the steps you can take to eliminate them from your skin.

Cherry Angiomas Causes And Symptoms

Cherry angiomas are due to the benign (non-cancerous) growth of blood vessels, yet the cause of the vessel growth is not entirely understood. They can be discovered on the body of any individual irrespective of race or ethnic heritage . Advanced age is a known risk factor for their development. They are very common after the age of 30 and multiply in number as a person grows more in age.
Signs or symptoms and identifying characteristics can range from a modest, red-colored, flat speck to a larger, rounded, brightly-colored cherry-red bump. Some may appear purple in coloration and in unusual circumstances the angioma may exist as dark brown or black.

These skin lesions can be seen anywhere on the body, but are much more typically identified on the torso, face, scalp, neck, arms and legs. They are not often found on the feet and hands. These little lesions do not lead to pain.

Cherry Angiomas Diagnosis And Treatment

Diagnosis should rely heavily on identifying the unique markings on one’s skin. This is generally a self-diagnosis but a medical provider may note them as well.

Cherry angiomas don’t normally call for any medical remedy and pose no danger. Nonetheless, they can be thought of cosmetically unacceptable and therefore, can be taken off. Tactics for removal may include:

  • Surgically removed by excision, that requires cutting away the region
  • Electrocautery, that requires burning away the location
  • Cryosurgery, that entails freezing away the region
  • Laser therapy, that involves treating the area with an intense light

About the author: Take an active role in your health by learning even more about skin conditions such as Cherry Angiomas.

You can read more about this condition and use a free tool that walks you through your symptoms and leads you to an online diagnosis. Prepare yourself before your doctor’s visit and figure out what your symptoms means using this Medical Symptom Diagnosis Tool.


Frequently Asked Questions

    Itchy red spots on skin (stomach) not raised up like a bite tho?
    Idk what it is. Its not raised up like a bug bite or any kind but its red, itchy, and hurts to scratch. I have two spots right by each other but ones a small oval and the other is an even smaller circle, then there are 3 red dots leading away from the both of them

    • ANSWER:
      I used to have something like that but a bit more like hives, and believe me i know the feeling of wanting to scratch but being afraid you’ll hurt yourself. I made myself bleed once by accident. I suggest just going off certain foods you eat daily a good way of doing that is on the day that you get the rash think about what you ate, or what type of detergent you are using. Mine have gone away but it used to be REALLY bad. The weird things is, as soon as i left my school to go into a new one with higher grades, it went away….Haha, well if those suggestions dont work for you if they continue and they start getting worse, I would probably go see a doctor and maybe get a prescription cream, it might be because your skin is really dry too.
      Hope i helped!!

    Itchy, red, dry, raised skin on my arms?
    I have developed a eczema like rash on both of my arms and can’t seem to find what is causing it. I am from a very humid climate and moved to a very dry area and developed a rash on both of my arms in the exact same spot (where my elbow is but on the inner arm). The Dr. said it was eczema, and put me on a ointment/ steroid which cleared it up within days. I then developed a dry spot on both of my forearms and it eventually formed all the way around my arms in the exact same spots. It looks as if I was wearing a bracelet and was having a allergic reaction to the metal, by the way I do not wear bracelets or watches. The rash resembles eczema but the steroid (ointment) that I was prescribed is not doing anything, and I am now taking an oral antibiotic which doesn’t seem to be helping either. My skin is very red, dry, itchy, discolored, and very raised in certain spots. I work in a nursing home, and it seems like when I get home from work my skin is very irritated which could be from stress/ nerves. However when I wake up in the morning my skin looks it’s best, still red but not raised. Sometimes on a bad day there are a lot of little red bumps too. I am at a loss, I have tried everything from switching my laundry detergent to my body wash, lotions, I take baths with special stuff, nothing works. I do not have health insurance and do not want to keep paying and not getting an answer. If anyone has any advice I would like to hear from them!

    • ANSWER:
      eczema flares are triggered by numerous factors such as harsh chemical ingredients found in skin care products, soaps, detergents and perfumes, dust, pollens, animal danders, scratchy clothes, too much heat, extreme dry skin, smoking, poor diet, alcohol, long baths and stress or low immune system.

      avoiding all these factors can guarantee that you can prevent eczema outbreaks from happening plus compliment it with the use of an all natural moisturizer. keep your skin and body hydrated by drinking adequate amount of water and have a healthy lifestyle. visit for more tips about natural eczema remedies.

    Red dots on skin, not itchy or raised. Should I be worried?
    As far back as I can remember, I’ve had a small red dot on my chest, right between my breasts. When I asked my mom, she said it was just a birthmark and not to worry. It isn’t raised or itchy or anything–just red, blood-red–so I’ve never worried.

    But now tiny red spots, the same as the first just smaller, have started showing up on my arms. It’s like one day, there’s nothing, then the next there’s a spot. They don’t bother me or anything, but I’m a little worried about WHY they’ve started showing up all of a sudden. Anyone have any insight?

    If it helps, lately I’ve been getting vertigo when I get up and move. Today I got up from a chair and walked over to the fridge, about eight feet away. As soon as I stopped walking I got really dizzy and I lost my balance; I had to crouch down and stop moving for it to subside. This is happening a lot, and I don’t know if I should be worried.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, I get them – if you pay attention they turn into little beauty marks, they eventually turn a medium brown color. They’re spots that your liver makes. Now, as far as the getting up and getting dizzy, that’s usually from low blood pressure and when you stand up quickly your body doesn’t adjust fast enough so you get a little lightheaded. First, make sure you are eating enough – it can come from not having enough energy, being weak. And, if that’s not it, then just take it slower getting up and be aware what happens.

    My boyfriend has red, non-itchy, non-raised red spots. What is it?
    It starts at the base of his penis, but not on his penis, and goes up his lower stomach and they are up past his belly button and on his sides a little too. He has no STDs, is 5″11 and 146lbs, his only real medical conditions are moderate/severe asthma (under control) and an allergy to tree-nuts (but he hasn’t had a reaction since he first discovered his allergy when he was 12 and was sent to the hospital in anaphylactic shock so he would have a more severe reaction if it was because of nuts) It changes shape sometimes, they look like nodules but are bright red to a more skin-tone pinkish hue and some of them look dry some of them just look like a red stain on his skin. Any ideas??? I keep telling him to go to a dermatologist but he refuses.
    They are NON itchy, NON raised. It feels like there is nothing there but his skin is red like it’s stained. A-symetrical marking, looks kind of like Granuloma Annulare, however -I- have granuloma annulare and I know it isnt that, its not quite the same but maybe that would give a better picture. He has no other symptoms of anything which is why he wont go to the doctor, they dont bother him so he doesnt care but I see them everyday and I worry.
    They have also been there for 2 to 3 months now at least.

    • ANSWER:

    What are these white round spots on my skin with little red dots in the middle?
    I just noticed that on my hand I have a few circular areas of hypopigmentation with a little red dot in the center. It is not raised or itchy or anything. Its possible they’ve been there a while because they’re very subtle but would like to know what they are (I always wear sunscreen so I don’t think it’s sun related).

    • ANSWER:
      blood vessels sometimes they bust if we carry something heavy and you get lil red dots on your hands!!

    What is my red itchy spot on my back ?
    I have one red itchy spot not inflamed on my back. Its only itchy at night. Skin is not raised , I have it constantly for 6 months What is it ??
    its not ringworm or herpes

    • ANSWER:

    Red spots on legs when exposed to the sun? Not itchy, doesnt hurt. What are they? Help plz! :(?
    They aren’t raised bumps or raised spots, they feel like my skin they are just red & it happens only on my legs and feet when i go outside or when i get out of a hot shower? I went to the doctor before but he said that I was just allergic to the sun? If that makes sense? But then I went to my other doctor & she said there was a treatment for it.. So im thinking about getting that done this summer.. The bad thing about it is that it leaves dark brown spots/scars on my legs which makes me feel very self-consious about my legs & im only 15! Keep in mind they are not raised like rosea, Psoriasis, or Vaculitis? theyre just little red spots that appear only when my legs are exposed to some kind of “hotness”.. can someone tell me what this is?

    • ANSWER:

    I really need some skin advice. Red, itchy, dry skin?
    For as long as I can remember, the skin on my face has been super irritable. Something as simple as my hair tickling my face or any type of skin makeup can trigger a small, smooth, raised red bump to appear. They’re itchy as all heck and of course if I itch them they get more inflamed. I get at least one a day and they last for an hour or two usually. They go away if I ignore them but it’s super super hard. I’ve tried switching from a harsh face wash to Cetaphil, which did no good. I tried switching from my clean & clear lotion to a generic of Cetaphil’s skin cream. No good. I tried using coconut oil and there’s been no difference. I’ve tried not using soap on my face but the skin still gets irritated later in the day. My skin is always itchy and I tend to have dry bumpy spots. I don’t have any acne except for blackheads on my nose. What is wrong with my skin? Should I go to a dermatologist?
    I only have this problem on my face by the way. The rest of my skin is a little dry but not nearly as sensitive.

    • ANSWER:

    itchy skin please help me?

    i’m wondering if anyone can help me. For a while now i’ve been getting itchy skin in patches. All of a sudden a red rash will appear, pretty roundish with the centre of it looking like a white spot (pimple) which is raised. Itchy and lasts about 30 minutes and goes away. I’ve been getting them on my chest, face, legs and arms.

    No idea what the cause is. Sometimes if i’m on my bed, i will get a few, therefore i would say it’s because friction of material on my skin. However, I can also get them just by walking around and at any time on my face, which isn’t in contact with anything

    just had about 7 crop up in the last 30 minutes but started to go now with itching going. they are always seperated and not too close together

    this is a picture of one of them (just took pict)…

    sorry if not clear,

    Any help appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      Urticaria or hives! Caused by environmental heat or intense cold, sunlight, pressure on skin, lesions usually last under an hour.
      Check any bath/shower stuff you use and any preparations on your skin.
      Keep cool, take lukewarm baths, don’t scratch, use an unperfumed gentle moisturising cream. Avoid alcohol and foods containing certain additives as colourings and check the side effects of any meds you might be taking.

      If it persists have a word with your GP

    itchy skin help please?

    i’m wondering if anyone can help me. For a while now i’ve been getting itchy skin in patches. All of a sudden a red rash will appear, pretty roundish with the centre of it looking like a white spot (pimple) which is raised. Itchy and lasts about 30 minutes and goes away. I’ve been getting them on my chest, face, legs and arms.

    No idea what the cause is. Sometimes if i’m on my bed, i will get a few, therefore i would say it’s because friction of material on my skin. However, I can also get them just by walking around and at any time on my face, which isn’t in contact with anything

    just had about 7 crop up in the last 30 minutes but started to go now with itching going. they are always seperated and not too close together

    this is a picture of one of them (just took pict)

    sorry if not clear,

    Any help appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      ask your doctor

    I have itchy red spots on the outer corners of each eye…?
    About a week ago I noticed itchiness on the skin by the outer corners of each eye, the sides closest to my ears. Later (after rubbing it without thinking much of it) the itchy areas had become raised and red, similar to mosquito bites. I took 2 benadryl, and the next morning the swelling had gone down, leaving a red patch of skin on each side with 3 or 4 small bumps (not pimples, just small bumps) in the patch. They have been very itchy ever since. I have been trying my best not to rub or scratch them, but the itching hasn’t gone away in a week.

    I have not changed any skin products within the past few months. I do not have any major allergies I am aware of. I also have oily skin and live in a humid, hot climate, so I don’t believe this is dry skin. Here is a link to a photobucket picture of one eye:

    I’d almost think they were bug bites if they weren’t just on the corners of each eye. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      It could be a herpes eye infection. Don’t worry about the name (herpes). It is very common and easy to contract. You do need to see a doctor.

    My fiance has a rash I need help with. Not itchy, but he has hundreds of small red spots? What is it?
    The spots are red but not bright, the size of dimes or smaller, most of them being .25 inches in diameter. They started on his chest, then spread across his back and now down his arms. I however have been with him for months sleeping in the same bed and haven’t gotten it. Knock on wood. The spots are not noticibly raised, no real skin texture change by feel, but in the light they look slightly scaly. Does anyone know what the name of this is? I really would like to have a fiance that doesn’t look like a dalmation.
    The spots are red but not bright, the size of dimes or smaller, most of them being .25 inches in diameter. They started on his chest, then spread across his back and now down his arms. I however have been with him for months sleeping in the same bed and haven’t gotten it. Knock on wood. The spots are not noticibly raised, no real skin texture change by feel, but in the light they look slightly scaly. Does anyone know what the name of this is? I really would like to have a fiance that doesn’t look like a dalmation.

    *FORGOT TO MENTION- this rash has been there since January*

    • ANSWER:
      Could be several things…. your best bet would be to have him see the doctor ASAP especially if it’s spreading.

      Not itchy so that sort of rules out poison ivy but it could be ring worm, the raised roundness of it with sort of scales in the center sounds sort of like that…. in which case a simple anti fungal cream would work but if it Scabies he would need antibiotics and I think that is itchy if I’m not mistaken…. of course it could be a silly as a allergic reaction to laundry soap or bath soap…

      Men are hard to get to go to the doctors, I know mine is but now he has a real pretty southern doctor……. I told him it don’t matter she wont have him turn his head and cough EVERYTIME!

      Good luck…..

    Few red round patches, non itchy on my skin. What is it?
    Few weeks ago i noticed small red spot above my left knee. I didn’t think nothing of it but now that spot is 1/2 inch, and round with little raised borders and some scaly skin in the middle. I am had eczema in the past but only on my hands and feet and this rash doesn’t itch ,so that’s why I’m concern that it might not be just that.
    I’m 15 weeks pregnant and worried. In last few days i noticed few more spots on my stomach, breast and side on my back, so I’m scared its getting worse.
    I did changed my laundry detergent in last few weeks, but when i looked up on line for allergies for that- it usually said that rash itches.
    Does anyone know what is wrong with me?

    • ANSWER:

    RANDOM red dots appeared on skin?
    I justnoticed this. On my arm, a circular area mesuring at about half an inch appeared. It contains these mini reddish brown pink orange spots. It is not raised or itchy. I am a white 13 yr old girl
    Thy are light colored and mostly a pink.

    • ANSWER:
      it can either be a spirit comnig around. or if you have nervous issues..but idk soo dont freak out lol juss suggesting

    Please help me identify this dry, red, and itchy spot on my arm?
    Ok so I have this really dry read spot on my left bicep, I have a picture on my phone but it won’t let me put it on here anywhere from my phone. The spot is slightly raised and the skin is flaky on and around the spot. I noticed it the first time about a week ago, it started as what I thought was just a bug bite but after keeping an eye on it this is not like any bug bite I have ever see. It is roughly the size if a dime. Unfortunately I made the mistake of looking it up on WebMD last night now that’s got me thinking I have all these off the wall diseases, stupid WebMD. I will email the pic to you if it will help in identifying it…please help before I drive myself crazy thinking I’m going to either have to amputate my arm or Just flat out die from this little bitty spot…

    Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!!! I googled it and sure enough there was a picture that was completely identical to what is on my arm!!! Going to the store to get some cortisone as soon as I get home! Again thank you so much…you saved me from pulling every hair out of my head on the last 3 hrs of a 28 hr drive…not much to do in a car but think and that’s all I could think about!

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like eczema, which is dry skin. Can be caused from different things like lotions or perfumes, or laundry detergent or just the air. Look up pictures on google and see if what you have matches that. If so cortizone helps.

    Red spots on my stomach?
    I started noticing them about three weeks ago at my waist line. They were mostly painless and are not at all itchy in any way, but sometimes the big ones which my pants rubbed against hurt a little bit. Then they started to appear more and more working their way up the sides of my abdomen, but none are in the middle. When you scratch at them, skin peels off of them. A strange discovery I made is that on one side, they’re all almost healed, and have turned in to brown, scar-like freckles, but are still raised from the skin. The spots on the other side are still peely and red. I’ve already had chicken pox. I also looked up shingles on Google image search but I don’t think it is shingles because the “rash” as it is called is not nearly as bad as those pictures. The red bumps are also quite far apart. I hope this is enough information, please help!

    • ANSWER:
      it’s a disease definetly i’m sorry but i don’t have a cure!!! i am so sorry hope u get better soon tho!!! =D

    Why do i have itchy skin… please help!?
    Random periods through out the day i get itchy no matter what im doing. My back, arms, legs, stomach, thighs, lower back, chest just all over but not all at once. Its been going on for about 8 months now and i dont know what to do any more. When i do get itchy my skin gets very red, scratch marks show and are raised and bumps that look like mosquito bites show up. It starts in one spot then another spot starts getting itchy and i itch it and it feels better then it starts burning and itches worse to the point where im in pain and its annoying. I’ve tried anti itch creams and lotions but as soon and i dont use it for a day im itchy again. I’m annoyed and tired of the itching please help!

    • ANSWER:

    Strange rash, like tiny blood spots on skin?
    Over the past week or so when getting in and out of the bath, i noticed splotches of pink/red on my torso and back.
    Up close they look like small dots of blood on my skin, like pin prick sized dots all clustered togeather – the majority are fading, but i still have others coming up MUCH darker in other places, like blood red.

    They are not itchy or raised at all.

    What could this be? Ive searched all over the internet and i cant get a place at my GP’s before Christmas 🙁
    it is not all over my body, it is in clusters.
    i dont use any bath creams, lotions or moisturisers on my body area.
    It cant be heat rash as its winter and my house is kept at a cool temp.
    And yes, it is permanent but it fades and new ones appear over a course of a few days.

    • ANSWER:
      Are you using a new a new shower gel/bath product? You could be mildly allergic (doesn’t have to itch). Failing that you could also be describing heat rash.
      To be honest though sounds like a mild allergic reaction. No treatment needed if thats the case, maybe a bit of E45 or Aqueous cream.

      Is it permanent? I.e. doesn’t appear at bath time? If so it’s probably a fungal infection. Harmless but will need a cream from the chemist.

    What are these random small rough patches on my skin?
    So I went outside tanning the other day and i was wearing sunscreen spf 30. i dont burn that easily and i didnt notice any redness on my skin. later that day i noticed little raised patches of roughness on my chest stomach and neck. they’re not itchy or anything but one of them is kinda red. it doesnt look liek a rash either, just like small random raised spots. I was wondering if anyones ever heard of this or can help me? thankss !

    • ANSWER:
      Put a soft lotion like…..Eucerin or a moisterizerr witth at least 25% of aloe vera in it!!

    Extremely itchy, area gets hot and prickly with no rash, what is it?
    I used to get it as random spots with small raised rashes and only above the waist but now there are no rashes. My skin just gets itchy, very hot and I feel like I’m being pricked with needles. My skin is not dry. It happens anytime but almost always after a shower. It drives me to tears. Just yesterday my back started itching and it got so red all over it looked like a sunburn. I’m not on any medication.

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds similar to “Prickly Heat” (Miliaria rubra) which is a condition of the sweat glads that causes itching in warm temperatures and around heat. It is also known as a heat rash but can come in the form if little bumps or a rash and it causes itching.

      If your symptoms are made worse by a shower, try taking a cool shower or bath or stay out of the heat (air conditioning).
      Also, wear loose clothing and try reduce sweating. This can usually give relief.

      If you are worried about these rashes or the cause you should check with your doctor.

    Nurse or Dr!! large red spots on legs (quarter size)?
    My mom has some flat red spots or circles on her lower calf on her leg< just one leg. Their are not itchy, raised or anything she said she wouldnt even know they were there if you couldnt see them .their pretty big i would say the size of a quarter, they dont touch each other just about 5 or so randomly on her calf and dont go below ankle. what could these be??? our doctor is out of town for a while! She is 46 and has MS and has had quite a few skin cancer patches that have ahd to b taken off but it doesnt look like skin cancer at all so we no its not that, and not sure if it has something tod ow ith the MS just putting it out there. The spots come and go but i'm starting to get worried what it is. She went to another doctor but they gave her a creme for it, but that did not work. - Also not sure if this has anyting to do with it or not but her gland in her throat on the same side as ehr leg is swollen and has been for 3 days

    • ANSWER:

    I have red itchy bumps all over my body, what is it?
    just yesterday in the morning, i noticed my legs were itching. i didnt think much of it though.. so i went to school, but during 2nd hour i noticed my arms were itching too. so i rolled up the sleeves of my sweatshirt to find that i had little raised red spots all over my arm.They are not as much bumps, but just red splotches on my skin that are slightly raised. It was mostly on the underside of my arm, but by the end of the hour it had gotten to the top of my arm and even my hand!

    I went to the nurses and got a benadril pill. the itching stopped for a short period but started up again. when i came home i realized that these bumps were all over me. my legs, thighs, arms, hands, stomach, back, chest, feet, and starting to get up on my neck and a few on my face.

    i have no known allergies, i have not changed any products or soaps or even done anything different than i usually do! I have no idea what these are or why they are here. It is the day after (around 30 hours after i first noticed them) AND THEY ARE STILL HERE, just as clear as ever, if not more than before! and very itchy!!!

    Please Help!!

    • ANSWER:
      You have Chicken Pox !

    I have a red rash around my eye with swelling?
    I went to a party one night and when I woke up my eye and face itched really bad and now it’s getting worse. At the party, I didn’t really do anything out of character, the only thing I was around that I am not normally around was people smoking but even then, I have been around a smoking crowd a few times before and it never effected me like this. I thought it could have been my bedding so I stripped my bed and didn’t sleep on it but that didn’t help. a day ago, a red ring formed around my eye almost like I got punched in the eye and it’s mostly pink with some purple. today I woke up and it spread to my ear(the same side as my infected eye) and my chin has an itchy raised spot. Also, my eyes themselves are not red just the skin around my eye. I also know it’s not poison oak or ivy because I have had those before and also I am not oozing puss. It’s more of a rash then anything else and my skin is not really flaky.
    I have had shingles before so I know it’s not that but thank you all for your help so far.

    • ANSWER:
      Go see your GP as soon as possible.

      It may be something simple as just an allergic reaction to something, or it may be shingles. In any case, a sudden rash on the face that spreads, especially near the eye needs urgent medical attention. Eyes are very sensitive and easily damaged, and are a direct pathway to the brain

      If your GP is not available, go to a local emergency department. As I said, it may be nothing to get excited over, or it may be something potentially serious. It is better to be safe than sorry.

    What can I do with my skin?
    Basically, I’ve been using this cream (that was really amazing in the beginning) for a year and a half. Whenever I do not use this cream (I only put it on my face) for a day or more, my skin gets many raised spots like irritated skin and i get red under my nose & its really itchy.

    I can not find any answers on the internet, I’ve been researching for over 6 months. I do not know whether it is because my skin is addicted to it or something else.
    Has anyone else experienced this?
    What can I do?
    I am really reluctant to go to the dermatologist because I don’t think they have an answer for me.
    Please help, thanks.

    • ANSWER:

    petechiae, itchy skin!?
    So my skin has been itching like mad since yesterday and I have vigorously been scratching at it. Yesterday and early today there were no marks on my skin, now in the light i notice small, red dots that are not raised (my friend told me the name) are primarily in the spots where i scratched. what does this mean?

    • ANSWER:
      It means pinpoint tiny hemorraghes under the skin. Nothing serious, if you don’t stop itching you may need to have that checked out.

    horrible itchy skin rash #2?
    I have had this rash for about 6 weeks now. Started on my scalp, spread to a patch on my forehead, then across the nape of my neck from ear to ear, then down my back and around my hips, one small patch on my belly and a few spots on my forearms, the left side of my left breast and one patch behind my right armpit. When I went to the doctor it was still only on my head and upper back. He gave me a steroid shot and prescriptions for steroid and antihistamines. Obviously they did not work and now I have come down with a cold. I cannot begin to tell you how miserable this all is. Does anyone know of a lotion or cream that can numb the skin so I can at least get some sleep? I’ve tried lanacaine and hydrocortisone creams, oatmeal baths, and about 10 other lotions. I doubt if the doctor will give me any more steroids since I have a cold, and it didn’t work the first time anyway. The rash doesn’t look as bad as it is, just red and raised with some small bumps. Help!

    • ANSWER:
      Go back to your doctor. Could be an allergy. You can still take steroids when you have a cold.

    Odd itchy spots on my cousin?
    Hello all,
    My cousin has something very strange on her body. Basically, she has these round, either red or white bumps all over her body, particularly legs but NOT on her face that started about a month ago when she was sick. They itch fairly often and some are dark red-filled papules. And just recently, one is raised. She went to a derm, but they want to do a puncture skin biopsy which she absolutely REFUSES to get “unless I’m going to die from these things”. Beside the itching, they have caused no other symptoms, but she is embarrassed to go out in public with shorts on because they look like she has chicken pox or something. Does anyone have any idea what these mystery bumps could be, and how to treat them? Here’s a quick recap:
    -Red, sometimes white small bumps
    -Occasional dark red papules
    -Started when she had a cough/sore throat
    -Have been around for about a month
    -She recently found that one is raised
    -There are none on her face

    • ANSWER:
      These could be due to suppression of the infection that your cousin had during the cold and cough and may now be manifesting now. U may like to try a dose of homeopathic remedy called Ambra Grisea 30 c and see if that helps. This remedy has been found to good in people who get embarrassed feeling in public about their Personal appearance. It just might help your cousin

    My boyfriend has red patches of skin on his back and belly, what could be the cause?
    Hes had this condition ever since ive known him, so at least for a few years. The patches are a pinkish red, sometimes they are a bit more prominent than normal. He says he doesnt know what it is and hes never had it checked. It doesnt bother me a bit to look at and ive never caught it.

    The patches are quite large, about the size of my hand in some spots. They are not raised at all and the texture is the same as the normal skin and he says they are not itchy. Its literally just a different color. There is a definate line where the skin changes, it is not a gradual increase in color. They are darker when he gets out of the shower or when its hot.

    • ANSWER:
      Dry patches of skin? Use lotion. Otherwise, see a doctor because it may be a skin disease. Or possibly, they could just be birthmarks.

    Small red outlined patch on skin with a white center?
    I have noticed that on my upper, inner thigh I have a very small red blotch thats not raised, itchy, or bumpy at all. If I press it gently, the inside of the spot goes white but if i press it hard enough (which has to be fairly hard) it all goes white. Sometimes it just stays with the white centre. This is the only one I am aware of on my body. Im 16, so I obviously do have spots/acne but its not a spot as its flat and has nothing in it. Its only about a centermetre, if that. I am slightly worried as to what it could be because I have looked on the internet (i know its not the best place to find answers) and I cant find anything of relevence.

    If anyone can help or has any idea of what it could be, I would be really greatful if you could let me know :). Thank you. x

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds as though it could be a boil.

      I found your question by trying to search for the same thing, mine is on the outside of my leg, like a red round, flat, ‘patch’ of skin that’s not itchy or painful at all. I’m googling like mad and looking for pictures to see if they look like what I have, and some of them look pretty close. Though mine doesn’t have a head or anything resembling a ‘spot’ – in fact it looks more like a bite than anything… red with just a very feint white middle area.

      I am currently putting tea tree oil on in (under a band aid) and a hot poltice to see if I can prevent it from forming into a full-blown boil.

      My dad had one once, it was an ugly, puss filled, painful, full-blown boil that he had to have lanced. Ich!

      I don’t know if that’s what you and I both have, but I’d try googling ‘boils’ or ‘carbuncles’. good luck and if you find out what it is, let me know!

    How to cure red, itchy, swollen, slightly bumpy eyelids/area around eye?
    Please help!
    A few days ago, my eyelids and the area around my eyes became itchy. I itched them, and they became slightly bumpy (more like swollen bumpy, NOT like a sty or acne bump or mosquito bite). They also became very red. The bumps are a slightly lighter red, or they are about the color of my skin tone. The affected area is above my eye to my eyebrow, and also in the area below my eye (like in the place where dark shadows appear when you are tired). I put lotion on my skin and stopped itching them, and the bumps went away for a bit, though the redness did not. I figured they would go away by morning. However, the next morning, my eyes were itchy and bumpy (admittedly less bumpy, but still bumpy) and because of the bumps they felt swollen. When I put ice on the area, I feel practically normal. But a few minutes after I take the ice away/the ice melts, my eyes go back to being itchy, red, and swollen.
    Today my eyes were still itchy and red. They were also swollen, but there weren’t bumps. Why are my itchy red area around eyes persisting for so long? And how did I get them?

    Other details:
    – Again, the bumps are not like an insect bite or sty. more like swelling, like when you itch a spot a lot, and then your skin kind of becomes raised in that area.
    – I have been applying lotion that is gentle and safe for use on face. I don’t think that I am allergic to the lotion because it feels a little less itchy when I apply it. Also, I have used this same lotion on my hands and my hands have never had a reaction to it.
    – Yesterday and today I put on concealer. Could that perhaps be what is causing the symptoms to persist? I only keep it on for short periods of time… And I’ve never had a reaction to it before.
    – Ice helps but warm compresses have been making my eyes appear redder.
    – They became itchy after I was crying. Could my tears have started the reaction? I have never had puffy eyes after crying until now.
    – Most of my friends think that I am allergic to something, but I haven’t had sinus problems… So I don’t know.
    – The affected area also feels warm and sometimes hot.

    PLEASE help me identify and cure these red and itchy eyelids! I hate feeling uncomfortable and itchy all the time, and I hate looking like a weirdo at school!
    @Sammy_miles: Thank you, I will look into that. I have not used eyeliner, eyeshadow, or mascara for the past few months. The concealer is fairly new; I got it last winter. Nobody else has used any of my cosmetics.

    @spottedsheila: It does feel hot but not numb!

    • ANSWER:
      One’s eyes are arguably the most sensitive area of your outer body. Since it is both eyes, it is possibly due to a product you have used. I would not advise putting lotion or anything else in or around your eyes. People have damaged their vision or gone blind due to self-treating their eyes. You should see a doctor; you may have an infection (redness, itching, swelling, higher temperature in the eye area) and antibiotics are not available over the counter. Until then, it is alright to use ice wrapped in a CLEAN/STERILIZED cloth if it helps. Also, do not use any eye cosmetics or products until this is resolved. (Note: Any eye cosmetic should never be shared, which is good that you know, but also eye cosmetics/products should be thrown away if over six months old or have been exposed to excessive heat which can cause bacteria growth.) Be careful, and I hope you feel better.

    what are these little red itchy bumps?
    i have red itchy bumps on my skin scattered around my stomach and they look like enlarged/raised hair follicles. but when i itch them they grow and swell up to the size of a small pimple. these bumps are only apparent after i get a shower/rub them or irritate them with a towel. they seem to go away after i get a shower and not itch the rest of the day. (i know it isn’t my body wash or shampoo because i have been using them long before the small bumps occured) there is about 10 of them in different spots everyday after my shower. any help on how to stop these would be greatly appreciated. PS they do not hurt they are just very annoying and go away if i don’t itch them.

    • ANSWER:

    Lumpy red spots all over arms and hands!?
    I had the same reaction last week to a LUSH cosmetic shower jelly, however the bumps were skin colour, were tiny and not very raised. Last night, I was going through my lush products, and I woke up this morning with itchy, bright red raised bumps on underneath my forearms and on my left hand =[
    soooo itchy and it looks like arm acne!
    please help me, I have a party tonight.
    thankyou so much x x x
    Also, tiny red pumps on my chest and bottom of my neck and inbetween my breasts.
    I am 13 year old female
    Should I go to the doctor?

    • ANSWER:
      first you need to tell you mom or dad then u should go to the doctor and get it checked….

    Red Itchy Bumps/Rash on my Chest & Shoulders. . . . ?
    I woke up saturday morning with red itchy lumps. All the skin around the area was red and raised. I don’t know what it is. They’ve now gone into spot type things but then sting and are still itchy. I’m not sure if it is an allergic reaction, or heat rash? Anyone know what it is… or a way to get rid of it, it looks scabby! thanks x
    I only have them on my shoulders and round the neck area. nowhere else on my body

    • ANSWER:
      maybe it’s shingles. you can get rid of the pain by using a pain killer

    i have one small red dot on my left breast but it’s not itchy. what is this?
    it does NOT look like a pimple nor is it raised. it’s just a very tiny spot on my skin.

    • ANSWER:
      It it’s red it’s okay, if black, go see you MD.

    What is this itchy spot on my elbow?
    i have a spot on my elbow, right where my arm bends, its my skin color so its not red, but its raised and kinda bumpy. it itches really bad. i’ve tried putting cream on it but nothing seems to work. last year at this time i had the same thing too but it went away on its own but i want to know if theres anything to make it go away sooner and what it is.

    • ANSWER:
      its probably eczema . you have to go to the dermatologist and get a cream for it because over the counter creams and lotions wont do the trick

    Insanely itchy red oblong bump on lower back. I am worrying about it a lot, should I?
    Yesterday at about 3pm, I noticed some red streaks in a small spot on my lower back, like what would be the back part of my hips. I noticed that along one streak, there was a small raised red bump. It wasn’t clear or anything, it was just my skin but red and raised. This didn’t itch at all, I just happened to notice it when I was getting dressed for work.

    It got bigger while I was at work and it started feeling hot and itching intensely at times. On the way home I spoke to a pharmacist who said I should put Cortizone on it. I did, but there was no dramatic change except that it was less elevated from my skin. It didn’t shrink at all otherwise.

    I woke up this morning and noticed that its still the same size, just not as raised, it’s bright red and it’s intensely itchy. I haven’t scratched it at all through this ordeal. I’ve also had a bit of an upset stomach since this started, should I be alarmed?
    No health insurance, or I would. I don’t have a lot of money.

    • ANSWER:
      It is probably a bug bite or a something scratched you that your having an allergic reaction to. It’s probably nothing really to worry about. It is normal for it to take a few dys to start to reduce in irritation.
      The upset stomach is probably do to all of the worrying you are doing about the bump.

      Give it a few days without worrying, still hasn’t gotten any better in a week? Then you should go to the doctor.

    Tiny red dots on skin?
    Most of the time occur in small patches (less than 10 dots), dots are no bigger than a needle. Not painful, not itchy, not raised. Burgundy or close to it in color. Occurrence isn’t that often, maybe every other month. And has happened over the past 6 or so years. Location varies, the places I remember are a few places on my arms and legs, one spot on my left breast and one to the right of my bellybutton. They don’t last very long, a week? And they go away by themselves. I researched purpura, petechiae, ecchymosis… I’ve looked at images, and my dots are FAR from that bad. I’m thinking just capillary bleeding. What do you think?
    I also researched ITP, and spleen disorders. Other than tiny dots, I don’t show any other symptoms. Something to worry about? Inb4 “Go see a doctor.” I’m not paying for a visit if it’s nothing severe. Thanks all.

    • ANSWER:
      On fair skin persons sun damage can result in cherry angiomas, looks like small red dots under the skin. That tend to happen as we age, but do not go away, & are small broken capillaries. Normally they are not a cause for concern by can also result from internal problems that need medical care. The only way to know for certain is to have them checked out by a medical provider so you will know if they are a problem.

    Red speckles?
    I went tanning, and the day after after my second session (10 minutes), I noticed a few red speckles on my feet. The day after I had a lot more of these red speckles on my feet, ankles and up my calves. They’re very small, and resemble blood spots… They do not go away if you press on them, they stay red and apparent, they are not raised, and sometimes if you rub a spot of my skin it gets a bit itchy. Any ideas? Oh- I also got very very itchy after tanning, but not where I have these spots. My feet did not itch. Only my upper body and upper thighs itched and I turned all red and blotchy for the night. maybe I’m allergic to my lotion? But these speckles are only on my lower legs and feet…

    • ANSWER:
      You just got hot and to much UV or UVB and possibly the use of the tanning lotion.

    help please large flat red circles on lower leg?
    Nurse or Dr!! or somebody that thinks they actually have a good idea please
    My mom has some flat red spots or circles on her lower calf on her leg< just one leg. Their are not itchy, raised or anything she said she wouldnt even know they were there if you couldnt see them .their pretty big i would say the size of a quarter, they dont touch each other just about 5 or so randomly on her calf and dont go below ankle. what could these be??? our doctor is out of town for a while! She is 46 and has MS and has had quite a few skin cancer patches that have ahd to b taken off but it doesnt look like skin cancer at all so we no its not that, and not sure if it has something tod ow ith the MS just putting it out there. The spots come and go but i'm starting to get worried what it is. She went to another doctor but they gave her a creme for it, but that did not work. - Also not sure if this has anyting to do with it or not but her gland in her throat on the same side as ehr leg is swollen and has been for 3 days

    • ANSWER:
      Do they look like this:

    Skin problem…please help me, i’m worried!
    I have a patch of skin that is all bubbly and kind of dry…I think that’s mostly from me scratching it though. It started with like 3 spots that looked like bug bites and they were itchy so i scratched them and now i have a whole patch of skin that is really red and itchy and it’s raised above my normal skin. It’s been there for over a week now. I’ve put hydrogen peroxide and lotion on the area, but it’s not helping. What can i do besides going to the doctor?

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like eczema. Eczema can be caused by a number or things such as soaps, perfumes, toiletries, clothing, temperature, sweat, stress or some foods you may have eaten. It can be anywhere on the body but is normally on the arms, behind the knees or on cheeks.

      I used to have it and instead of going to the doctors I bought a cream in Boots. This made it literally 5 times worse and stupid me thought it was just getting worse so I put more and more on. I went to the doctors and he gave me a prescribed cream. It went after 3 days and it’s never come back since 🙂

    red dots all over but not itchy?
    Hi! About a 3-4 weeks ago I started noticing red spots on my upper stomach and then they got kinda raised up like a rash. now, just within a week, I have them on my arms, back, and inner thighs.
    They dont itch at all & I’ve never had chicken pox( im 14) and my skin is becoming very dry. the side of my legs are dry and my nose and skin beneath my eyebrows is dry. and then after a few days they start getting dry I guess? and kind of peeling, i have one on my side and boob that are like a inch long and they look like hickeys. does anyone know what this might be?

    • ANSWER:
      Well by how you describe it it seems you might have shingles but you only get shingles if you get the chicken pox and as you’ve said you never got them. It could either be an allergic reaction to some substance or it could possibly be from being dehydrated which would account from you having dry skin. Try using a good moisturizer or a nice long hot shower then a an ice pack on the spots if it persists some more.

    small sort of patchy red spot on breast?
    I was changing out of my bra and I noticed theres like a patchy red spot on the breast. It doesn’t hurt and its not even itchy. There is no lump or a raised bump. I did use a different fabric spray today so I don’t know if it could possibly be a skin reaction? I’m only 14, help?

    • ANSWER:
      I had this last year (at least from the sounds of it) and it was eczema. I went to a dermatologist but check with a local pharmacist and see if they have an over the counter med they suggest trying.

    Help my dog has skin issues!?
    I have a 2 year old Belgian Malinios/ German Shepherd…I have lots of problems with him. He is terrified of people…what he does is he will bark at you and back away with his hackles raised…if you ignore him..he will try to approach you to sniff you. If you even breathe he backs away. He is great with dogs. I have been told that is fear I have been told its dominence, I have been told its aggression..he would chase someone..not to bite..but to investigate. If someone comes into my house he acts all high and mighty until they approach…instread of fight…he chooses flight and will do anything to get away. If he is cornered he will snap. If I sit him at the benches at my local grocery store and if someone even talks to him he is barking and hiding under the bench…what is all this? I have tried everything…any suggestions. I have tried local dog tainers…7 of them including Bark Busters and now my finances are shot. After neutering him at 8 months these problems got worse…if I tell him to lay down…he will..but will get right back is almost like he doesn’t hear me or care..if I tell him to lay down and stay and I leave the room…he gets up..if he hears me coming back he flies back to where he should be. Also barking…since I am moving into an apartment…the barking needs to stop..I tried shock bark stoppers, then those Shock field collar where I control the shock…the only thing I havent tried is citronella or ultra sonic…anyone suggest these?

    Also he has very itchy skin. It doesnt really flake…the only place i notice is his butt..I notice on his neck he has two bare spots..on fors a vertical line about 2 inches right where the tags would sit..but down further..also where his lower shoulder meets his chest…then I noticed on his one shoulder it was starting to go bare…about 5 months ago he lost fur on his butt..a small patch but it grew back….he is always itchy..I have tried so many shampoos my shower has more dog shampoos than human shampoos. Even ones from the vet. I have tried diets like all the crap vets reccomend…prescription diets, Orijen, Wellness, Canidae, even RAW. The only thing that improves on raw is his weight. I have tried flax seed supplements, Omega 3,6, oils…I have so many products from stores and my vet I could open a damn pharmacy. The vet said it wouldnt make a difference if I had him on Science Diet or Kibbles and Sh*ts…he has had numerous blood tests, skin scraps…fecal floats…everything. he doesnt have worms, scabies, dermatitis, mange, walking dandruff….heartworm. Last year the tips of both ears cracked and split..the vet wanted 4500 to test for vasculitis. He said that was where the ears have next to no flow of blood to them. I didnt test for that because if he had no blood flow to his ears..then why do his ears go red when he gets excited. Or when exposed to something a dog?

    Also do you use heartworm preventative on your dogs? Why shoudl you do it? Cause i heard the dog needs to be bit in the same spot twice by infected skeeters to contract it. Oh also..he doesn’t have fleas…I am in Ontario…so we get snow November through March…any questions post them and Ill answer them in the details part…

    Also he is a service dog (certified) I only have him certified so I can take him with me when I move into another apartment…I have a contract worked out with the company who certified him that I wont take him into stores with me…so the barking needs to end…

    Also can I try a Human Tar shampoo on him?
    He also pees in his crate. If I leave him in his crate and he decides he needs to go whether im home or not..he cocks his leg and pees outside his crate. But if I leave him out when im in bed…I can sleep for 12 hours straight…he is fine and won’t pee…but chews my shoes, slippers, litter pan, wood, toilet paper rolls…then when I wake up..he bolts. If I ask him if he did this..he puts his head down and goes to his crate and pees…little dribbles. If he knows its wrong..why does he do it? If I keep him int he plastic crate..he chews it and will pee and lie in it..and it is a pain to clean…

    • ANSWER:
      I think you should seek out a dog behaviourist, not a trainer or bark busters. Contact a local shelter, or dog club to see if there is a behaviourist they recommend. This behaviour is very extreme, and he sounds very scared and fearful. Have you had him from a puppy? I wonder if her was beaten in his last home if he was older when you got him. Medication may work, as he seems highly strung. Valium and chlorocalm are used to calm the dogs nerves, so it is easier to do behaviour modification with them.
      It sounds like you love your dog a lot, i wish i knew all the answers and could help u more

    What are these spots on my chest?
    I have recently returned from Italy where I stayed for 2 months. I’ve been back in the UK for about 3 weeks now and almost since my arrival here I developed these spots of my chest. I have never had spots on my chest before. I’m 20 and normally only have the odd spot here or there on my face. At first I thought it was a rash but now I’m not so sure.There are about 15 individual little red spots that are raised off the surface of the skin. After I’ve showered they’re itchy but otherwise they’re not. It’s isn’t heat rash as I’ve had that before.

    I have been eating really well (lots of fruit, veg, fish etc) and drinking lots of water to shed the holiday pounds I gained and haven’t been using any new moisturiser or medication. The only thing I can think of is that it is the new washing powder, but if this was the case then surely I would have a rash in others areas too?

    Please help me, I haven’t left the house in 3 weeks as I’m so self-concious.

    • ANSWER:
      There are so many different causes of rashes that it is very difficult to narrow down any specific cause of one. Common categories of rash are:

      scaly patches of skin not caused by infection,
      scaly patches of skin produced by fungal or bacterial infection,
      red, itchy bumps or patches over the body, such as on the chest and back.

      Although rashes are seldom dangerous, self-diagnosis is not usually a good idea. Proper evaluation of a skin rash requires a visit to a doctor or other health-care professional. Check these sites for good information and you may be able to figure out what is going on.

    Help I have a skin rash…?
    I don’t know why but a strange rash has appeared on my lower arm, just after my elbow, on the outer side.
    It’s basically a load of raised bumpy spots and the area around them is red. There’s also red patches around my wrist. They’re both very itchy and some of the spots are bleeding/oozing.
    I don’t use any artificial chemicals on my skin and I’ve not got eczema or any known skin condition. I’m not allergic to anything as far as I know.
    Any idea what’s causing it? How do I get rid of it?

    • ANSWER:
      Pop to the chemist and show them and they will more than likely be able to help.

    Cuts/Missing skin around vagina opening? what can it be?
    so it started itching down there pretty bad a couple days ago but i thought it could have been the soap i was using (im really sensitive to fragranced soap) but then it didnt stop & when i took a look down there i had some raised bumps NOT red or painful just raised and at times itchy. a day letter those bumps were missing the skin on top it burned when anything touched it. (im not sure if i scratched it off, my nails are pretty long and tht night i tried washing extra good)
    i looked up the symptoms i was having and the closest i came to was either a yeast infection or herpes.
    i had the weird whitish discharges and one i used monistate (3day) all the symptoms went away except tht same burning and a itching just in tht area.
    so i deciede to look down there just to make sure everything was alright and when i looked down there i still had thos missing chuncks of skin it just looks like a peels off my skin but in spots. this was on both side of my lips. and along with this cuts i have another cut about 1 inch long in the middle of my anus and vagina hole?
    is my skin just irritated or was it part of the yeast infection?
    sorry for the spelling mistakes!

    • ANSWER:

    dog skin problem again…?
    My other q was deleted in “violation” so I can’t reply anything to this one…

    Does anyone recognize thisskin problem, on my dogs ears that are itchy, there’s hair loss and it’s scaley and very dry, pink color and scabs, and in one area on his ear (outer flap side) it’s a grey patch.

    The backs of his front legs have hair loss and scabbed and bleeding..very dry scales again.

    His stomach has small round un-raised red spots that are VERY itchy..there’s about 4 i found on his stomach..his stomach is not scaley or dry though.

    He has been to vets. But seriously if this sounds like sarcoptic mange, I’m just going to get themedicine myself and treat it because no vet is considerng it and no other medicine is helping. He’s miserable and lethargic. I can’t treat him with revolution though because he’s part collie breed..if this sounds like sarcoptic mange..does anyone know what else besides reolution that is ok for border collies? thank you.
    my mom went away on vacation with my aunt…and took my camera. I have an older pic
    this was 2 weeks ago i think

    I’ll try getting a pic with my cell phone cam
    my cells cam is not good.
    this is the spot on his belly

    the spot looks more red than in the pic.

    this is is his ear

    that grey in the middle isn’t hair, that’s his skin
    AH THERE ***IS** A SMELL!!!!
    it says a smell for sarcoptic mange.
    although i think his stomach looks more like ringworm…
    but this sort of like mold
    wait that’s fungal then isn’t it.
    i hope the test results will be in tomorrow.
    what I read here though
    about sarcoptic mange sounds exactly what is going on though..
    i’ve only read Ivermectin to treat it, not interceptor…..
    WAIT one site says interceptor does treat sarcoptic mange…OMG I AM giving my dogs the interceptor tonight then.
    oh no. their interceptor expired 9/2009…
    I read this
    “Newer treatments include Interceptor, also used as a heartworm preventative, administered daily…it has to be continued for three months. ”
    so i guess i have to ask a vet anyway because i don’t know if i’m supposed to give a heartworm pill every day for 3 months that doesn’t sound right.

    • ANSWER:
      Still no results on the fungal infection? It really sounds like Ring worm to me…

      I know you already did a skin scraping to rule out the Mange though – And then they decided it was Fungal, not mange, am I right?

      The odds of both of your dogs having sarcoptic mange is very slim.

      Can you post pics of your dogs problems areas?

      Here is something that helped me learn about S-Mange:

      The scabs on the ears could also be eczema.

      ***EDIT: Mitaban dips are VERY TOXIC!

      **EDIT: Yes, I wasn’t trying to be rude, so sorry! Yes they are VERY toxic and almost NEVER used. I wanted to point that out because she is more of a “homeopathic” dog owner if you’ve read her other questions 🙂 🙂

      Those dips are NASTY and only for extreme EXTREME cases.

      Found another great resource. It has info on Mange, and Ring Worm like I had suggested earlier…

    Red Rash on Cheeks & Jawline. Help!?
    I really need help with my skin, a few months ago i got a few dry red bumps near my chin only slightly raised no heads and abit itchy but not painful at all i tried using salicylic acid face wash & pimple creams etc they just seemed to irritate them so i left them recently they have spread all over my jawline and cheeks small red spots that are itchy they have no heads and are small. i thought it could be an allergic reaction or stress related as i’ve had a similar rash before i went to the doctors and he told me i had adult acne which is weird because i rarely got pimples and i have dry skin and they itch, he gave me topical antibiotic pimple treatment which burned like hell and today and really irritated the spots & i’ve woken up and they’ve spread all over the other side of my face and my whole face is red & inflamed. i went to another doctor and he told me he agreed with the other doctor and gave me a milder treatment but once applied the whole area was red raw and extremely sore it felt like my face was melting off and more bumps are popping up by the hour. can someone give me any suggestions does this sound like acne it looks more like a rash and now its so swollen and red its really embarrasing

    • ANSWER:
      There are so many different causes of rashes that it is very difficult to narrow down any specific cause of one, especially without being able to see it. Common categories of rash are:

      scaly patches of skin not caused by infection,
      scaly patches of skin produced by fungal or bacterial infection,
      red, itchy bumps or patches over the body, such as on the chest and back.

      Although rashes are seldom dangerous, self-diagnosis is not usually a good idea. Proper evaluation of a skin rash requires a visit to a doctor or other health-care professional. Check this site for good information and you may be able to figure out what is going on.

    Mystery round circle on side of neck, not scaly, itch or raised… what is it?
    I have this perfectly round spots in the crease of my neck. They are not scaly, itchy, or raised. It started as just two that if I bend my neck to the side, the two circles can touch. there is another one forming to the side. They are not dark, but they are just a little redder than the rest of my skin. I do have a red pigment, especially on my face. (It often looks like a rash on my face or I look flushed when I don’t wear makeup) I can not find anything online about this… I’m concerned… should I be?

    • ANSWER:
      Im not a doctor, but it sounds like u could have ringworm, which causes red round rashes on the skin. I would look at the link in my sources box, and if u have the symptoms phone the doctors and ask for some treatment. Hope i helped 🙂

    White, itchy allergic reaction around eyes?
    Hi. I’ve been experiencing a really itchy and frustrating allergic reaction on the skin around my eyes, across my cheek bones and to the sides of the bridge of my nose.
    The reaction looks like a blotchy, raised swelling and is always pale in colour (not red.) The size of the reaction can vary from a cluster of white blotchy spots the size of a 50p piece to just one tiny spot. The spots are very itchy and very irritating.
    I always get to reaction in the afternoons or evenings indoors. I’ve got it both at home, my college dorm room and at school. I went to hospital a while ago to get it checked out (although not while suffering from the reaction but describing it) and was it suggested that I might have an excess of histamine. The reaction went away but has been really, really bothering me since I started college. I’ve got it almost every single evening.

    Do you know what it might be and how I could help relieve the symptoms? I’ve been prescribed allergy meds. At first I was nervous about taking them as they cannot be taken with alcohol but am now taking them.
    It’s really driving me mad! 🙁 Any help would be brilliant!

    • ANSWER:
      Your eyes are a gift/blessings of God, difficult to advise any medication online. No risks OK. consult your Opthalmologist.

      This information is not individual medical advice and does not substitute for the advice of your health care professional. Always consult your health care professional for complete information.

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