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Rosacea Natural Treatment

A person that wants one can find a rosacea natural treatment on almost any drug store or department store shelf. There are literally thousands of commercial products with natural ingredients that can help a person suffering from rosacea. So how does a person decide which one to choose?

Since these products are based on treating specific symptoms, a person can keep a weekly journal to help find when he or she breaks out the worst. This journal can include specific information about when symptoms like the redness and skin irritation show up the worst, or when the more severe break outs occur, and can help the individual suffering from rosacea determine specific factors that may be aggravating the condition.

Then the person can use the journal to determine what product or products, if any are necessary. Rosacea is best treated with preventative measures like light exercise, low exposure to direct sunlight, and a low-protein diet, with plenty of water. But if these measures have been taken and the out breaks are continuing, a natural rosacea treatment can be the answer.

There are topical creams that can be applied. These creams contain ingredients that can help with one or more of the symptoms:

Aloe Vera – adds moisture to hot, dry skin
Zinc – helps to strengthen the immune system and helps with skin renewal
Evening Primrose Oil – heals flaky dry skin
Tea Tree Oil – an antibacterial oil that can be used to fight the bacteria that cause rosacea
Borage Oil – can be used topically or orally to reduce itching, dryness, flakiness and skin irritation
Chamomile – stimulates skin cells to repair them and helps to bring down the inflammation caused by rosacea
Chrysanthellum Indicum Cream – strengthens the blood vessels in the face to reduce the redness in the skin
Green Tea Cream – proven to reduce bumps and pustules on the surface of the skin and to reduce the appearance of blood vessels
Niacinamide Cream – derived from vitamin B3, has proven beneficial in strengthening the skin barrier, increasing the skins own ability to heal itself.

This ingredients, when used on a regular basis, can be beneficial in bringing about positive changes that are noticeable to everyone.

There are other lesser known treatments that are still considered effective as a rosacea natural treatment. These include using Epsom salts to soak the affected skin in. This can be done by soaking a small hand towel or wash cloth in an Epsom salt and water mixture and applying it directly to the affected area on the face. Epsom salt is known to take the swelling and inflammation out of the skin, which helps to reduce redness, as well.

With a rosacea natural treatment, a person can get relief from symptoms that can add a sense of enjoyment and well-being to his or her day. A rosacea natural treatment might be the answer to expensive prescription medicines or high dollar creams that do not provide the results they promised. With the natural moisturizers and other ingredients, a person can find everything he or she needs for effective rosacea treatment at home.

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