Skin Bleach For Black Skin

Best Skin Care Products: Black Skin Care

3 Homemade Skin Bleach Tips That You Have to Know About

Homemade skin bleach can be an excellent way to look more youthful and vibrant. The 3 ways that I am about to share with you work wonders.

I have also tried many skin bleaching products that work well, but if you want more information on those, you’ll have to visit my website.

Skin discoloration is becoming more and more prominent in our society today, and more people are looking for solutions.

If your skin starts burning a bit with these recipes, this is normal, but if it starts getting extremely intense, wash your solution off as fast as possible. A good test is to try the solution on the inside of your arm where your skin is thin and look for adverse reactions.

About the author: Rebecca S. Purple is a passionate user of natural skin care products. She has done extensive research on the subject, and has learned what works, and what doesn’t. You can learn more about the cutting-edge skin care products that she recommends by visiting her website at


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97 Responses to Skin Bleach For Black Skin

  1. The Tragic Mulatta says:

    Why do pasties say that black women who bleach their skin and relax their hair want to be white?
    when its obvious they want to be mulattas not white. and who can blame them???

    why do you think horny african american men come looking for prostitutes in brazil it’s not only african american man but european white men. no wonder their women obsessively tan and curl their hair.

    sorry guys some of us were just blessed with the right genes. for those of you whites and blacks who were cursed with only being one part. sucks to be you.

    • I love women says:

      I would never bleach my skin and I don’t relax my hair (I once did), I think that black is beautiful in it’s own way just like white and biracial is beautiful in it’s own way. There are different types of beauty not just one.

  2. Jade2k392 says:

    I want to bleach my dark skin black skin to light skin?
    Well, I am 14 year old in 8th grade and every time the kids made fun of me for begin dark skin all the time. They would’nt call me by my right name they would come here black or come here Africa. I hate when the teacher show movies about black people cause they would say the darkest black one and the ugly one would be me. They treat the light skinned kids better than me and putero ricans,whites. They always put chalk of my face and say he lighter now. Why god got made me dark and made me look ugly i feel light skinned people look better than me. Should I bleach my ugly dark skin

    • 78%sarcastic♥ says:

      Oh my goodness.

      Listen, Dark skin is gorgeous and beautiful. Those kids are ignorant and absolutely disgusting for making fun of you for such a stupid reason. You should never let anyone put you down and make you feel like crap for being born with a skin color they dislike. Who gives a damn? who are they to judge you? Africa is a beautiful place with beautiful dark skinned people who have been kissed by the sun.

      I’m going to guess you are a male but I will suggest this. Go on youtube and type in beautiful Black women, you will fine many slideshows of women with beautiful dark skin than will be the same color as you, even though they are female look at how confident and beautiful they are in their gorgeous dark skin.

      They are the ones with issues, if that are that caught up in thinking there is something wrong with dark skin than there is definitely something wrong with them. You should ask them, “Why don’t you like dark skin?, what is so bad about it?” and I can guarantee that the answer they give you won’t be logical or make any sense at all.

      You have dark beautiful skin like people from Africa LOVE it. Because it is gorgeous.

  3. Lady V says:

    Are these black celebrities really bleaching their skin ?
    From all of these celebrities, are all of them really bleaching their skin? I already know Lil ‘ Kim does but is it really true with Rihanna, Beyonce, and Halle Berry. I need to know the honest truth because I want to feature them for my chemistry project about bleaching products and how they effect black/African skin. HERE’S THE SCOURCE JUST IN CASE YOU GET LOST AND CANT FIND OF WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT
    I agree with you J Barbie, honestly this happens with me too, I look more red them I look dark sometimes having to do with lighting exposure ,etc. Some people want criticize fair skin celebrities just because of her complexion that they’re trying “to be white” and just because when they take pictures,videos, and albums that is really a change to their skin.

    • J Barbie says:

      i wouldn’t doubt that lil kim bleaches her skin. however i can’t confirm it either.

      if you look at beyonce’s early photos from when she was a child, she was light skin then too. so is her mom. so i doubt that she bleaches it.

      i don’t believe that rihanna bleaches hers either.

      in some pictures black celebrities look lighter and then darker in the next one. but i think that it has to do with the lighting. you know they have a hundred cameras flashing at them.

      as far as how bleaching products affect black skin, they basically gradually lighten them. i’ve used some products where i’ve had hyperpigmentation. mainly bikini line scars, and scars in general. they may take about 3 to 6 months to even begin seeing results.

  4. понятия says:

    hair bleach on skin????? PLZ HELP US?
    ok this is funny, but my friend and i both have tan skin and black hair, so we desided to bleach our face hair, with that Nair face and body cream bleach, so we put it on and left it for 7 mins, after that we both had black patches on our faces, and now we cant remove it, so my friend wants to know, what will happen if we both put clothes bleach, and in the bleach that makes clothes white, on our faces, will the black stuff come off?


    • gummy bears! says:

      oxy pads or astringent might help… if u try normal bleach make sure u dilute it and use a washcloth and not a lot on it so u dont get it in ur eyes or nething… lemon juice might also work since its so acidic… hope one of these help

  5. Miraya :) says:

    what is the best skin bleach cream for me?
    i am half black and mexican but more mexican and my skin is bronzed color and i want it to look like a golden glow. fair skin, pretty tan golden skin. also my arms and legs are REALLY bronzed color. can you help me find a skin bleach cream that will give me a nice tan glow and will even out my skin tone?
    anything that i can find a walgreens. thank you

    • jm2012 says:

      You may want to try looking arround on the internet. Most local drug stores and shopping centers are not going to have bleaching creams.

  6. Kai says:

    What’s the best skin bleach/lightener for black people?
    Like some real lightning not just alittle but
    without Mercury or Hydroquinone please!
    Thankyou to the people below <33 but its not that i want to be white but abit darker
    and I don't mean like legit bleach but that's mostly what its called. I need a skin evener anyways

  7. Ryan says:

    Should I feel ashamed and bad about my dark skin black? Is light skin better than dark skin?
    Every time i am at school someone always made fun of my dark skin color. They always be saying come here black” why do you do that black. You blackest person i ever seen and are you Africa? When the teachers have school projects no one want to work with me because they say i meant turn them dark. I always have to work by my self. All girls in my school like putero rican,Mexican,white,light skin black dudes because they have good hair and they look good and dark skin ones are ugly and too black. Why do everyone treat me bad cause i am dark skin they act like i not even a human bee. I wish God made fun light skin with hazel eyes and good hair. If I take pill or bleach my skin and turn light skin or Hispanic will people treat better. Why light skin people always get treated better. What Bleaching Whitening Cream will work for a 15 year old boy and made him light skin. What contacts will made my eyes look hazed. Can you have surgery to my hair look Hispanic instead of this black nappy hair. Why most girls don’t like dark skin guys is because they dark and ugly?

    • A Human Being says:

      Sir, this is self depreciation, and plainly, simple stupidity. Don’t listen to what others say because if they’re making fun of you, it usually means they have problems too. If you really want to get technical about it, dark skin is better because it provides a higher protection from the sun. Don’t feel bad. Feel good.

  8. Pooh Bear says:

    Is there something I can do to turn my skin black?
    I live in a predominantly black area, and everyone makes fun of me for being the only white person in virtually miles. I know people have skin bleach and chemical peels done, but is there something I can do for darker skin? I tried tanning immensely, but I was only able to turn dark dark orange. I also have a fear of skin cancer which runs in the family.

    What can I do?

  9. micheal2344 says:

    What the best and safe bleaching skin whitening product for dark skin black?
    What is it. I doing this cause lighter people get treat better. Cause lighter skin always get treat better than dark skin people and have special favors

    • John M says:

      if you really want to do this im not goin to try to change your mind. There are ways to bleach your skin that will be safe and unsafe it depends which way your willing to go. Fair and Flawless happens to sell a bunch of safe products that produce great results. I recommend starting with them.

  10. ßRõWN§uGåR says:

    Why Do Black People Judge Skin Bleaching?
    i am simply wondering…once i bleached an iron burn but i’m not into skin bleaching…but i don’t see anything wrong with it.

    about 90% of BLack women perm their hair (or more)
    they are making their hair straight so it may look more like a caucasian person’s hair…it is a form of assimilation
    when someone perms their hair they must constantly flat iron it to upkeep it

    whereas skin bleaching is frowned on because it is a more obvious form of assimilation. a person bleaches their skin for at least 2 weeks to show some kind of result to lighten their skin

    if anything skin bleaching is better than hair perms. IF i bleached my skin i could go sit in the sun all day and be brown again. if i perm my hair i must wait like 2-4 months for the permed hair to grow out.

    No Michael Jackson comments.
    ASSIMILATE–the process whereby a minority group gradually adopts the customs and attitudes of the prevailing culture. This presumes a loss of many characteristics .
    what picture???
    music–i wear my hair natural and it is very manageable. you just think your hair is not manageable because you have been brainwashed to think black is bad. YOU CANNOT JUDGE ONE FORM OF ASSIMILATION AND THEN PRACTICE ANOTHER…YOU ARE IN DEEP DENIAL AND REALLY NEED TO THINK ABOUT THINGS
    actually FREEHURT you dumb ho black ppl call relaxers “perms” look it up in the damn encyclopedia.

    • Tell_It_Like_It_is says:

      I’m trying to lighten my skin because I do want to be lighter. Let’s face it, lighter skin women are most wanted, looked at as prettier in the black race because their complexion is close to white people’s color. Even in show business, lighter black women make it more, their the most successful, and considered the most beautiful. Dark isn’t very attractive. Black people are very self-hating. We try so hard to look white. The only thing black people are proud of is their butts but they want to look white, straighten nose, straighten hair, wear blonde weaves, wear blue and green eye contacts. It’s funny white women are getting lip injections, butt implants, and darkening their skin to look black but blacks are trying to look white because our features were always made fun of yet white women have them and because they have them their considered beautiful.

  11. Jade2k392 says:

    Should I bleach my my dark black skin?
    I want to bleach my black skin to light skin because lot of people always made fun of my black dark skin. Every-time i go to school someone always made fun about i am black and how black i am. No one at school wants to be friend it like everyone hate me for begin dark skin. They said dark skin people are ugly,gay and they hair is nappy. Why do light skin people and white people get treated better and have better life and jobs. They get the good looking men and woman. No girl like me cause they say i am dark skin black and they only like puerto Rican,white and light skin black guys and girls. I feel ashamed to be dark skin black cause i think it is ugly and we get treated bad. Why god couldn’t made me Hispanic or white i would have better life and have friends. So there any pills or creams that made me light skin and what is call

    • sh00t says:

      I’m sorry to hear that you don’t think your skin is beautiful.
      Tyra did a show a while back about black women who bleached their skin. There are potential side effects to it, one being that it could potentially make your skin darker rather than lighter.

      You should be happy with your color, there are plenty of beautiful dark skin women. Like Naomi Campbell, Grace Jones, and Alex Wek.

  12. Joseff Knowels says:

    How can I bleach my skin like Michael Jackson?
    Im black and whould like white skin ive thought about it alot and think it would be cool to become white for a awhile.

    • brownie_lover says:

      U “think it would be cool to become white for a awhile.”
      thats stupid, wtf is wrong with u :S
      plus “a while” i dont think u can go back to black, u sicko

  13. bondlincoln17 says:

    black skin?
    what is the best face creme for black skin. Something that makes your complexion pop!- Not bleaching creme ladies

    Skin brightening creme or something that works really well with black skin.

  14. Anne May says:

    How Can I Make My Skin Bright and Glow (for Black Skin)?
    I am an African American and my skin color is a milk chocolate complexion. It usually looks dull so I would like my skin to look bright, shiny, and glow without using bleaching creams/ skin lightners. P.S. I use St. Ives lotion, I’ve heard about Cocoa Butter but it usually makes my skin feel dry even though I have oily skin! Please Help! Thank you! : )

    • Amber says:

      They have this thing called Smash Box o’ Bronze.It i spretty cool cause when you put it on your skin and rub it in it matches your skin tone so it is really cool!!

  15. nobody says:

    if i use bleach on my skin will it damage my skin?
    I’m black and trying to lighten my skin, if I put bleach in my bathwater can it lighten my akin? Will it be bad for my skin?
    Well then what could lighten my skin? I want lighter skin

  16. Moonlight says:

    For the few people who skin bleach have you heard of any of them getting skin cancer? Or only tanning?
    Its extremely rare, but blacks can get skin cancer if they travel outside of America that has intense heat. I was wondering I never heard of anyone getting skin cancer and other deadly diseases from skin bleaching like tanning (Another form of altering skin tone) Have anyone else heard of someone getting anything from skin bleaching? Or because a very small percentage bleach so its no cause for alarm?
    I think its all ok, but only curious because I never heard of such a thing.
    Yikes no sun! Thats horrible!

    • T says:

      I doubt there are many blacks in America using skin bleaching products, however, it does seem to happen alot in places like India. There skin tone issues are really bad, to the point where they even advertise these products commonly. You’d rarely see that happening over here, and if it does it isn’t talked about openly.

  17. kt:) says:

    can i go into a store for black people and buy skin bleach? im white?

    i really didnt mean anything against anyooneee!! im so if i did! im not rascist at alll

    and its for a mole

  18. ║█║█║Fresh24k™♪ əиvy əит. ♪ ☠♛☆ says:

    What the best bleaching cream for dark skin black people?
    Cause at everyone at my school always made fun of me call me brant black that when i was born my mom left me in oven at 500 degrees and i came out black and they said I am form form africa live in trees and throw bananas at people . Why people always made fun of dark skin people is bad to be dark skin? No one want to be Friend cause they “said if i touch them i mean turn them black something like that or i get near them they going get the black disease . Sometimes wish I was Hispanic or White cause people don’t fun of there skin color and they have it easier than dark skin black people. If i bleach my skin will it give me light skin and better jobs and stuffs and also better treatment and respect.

    • radioactive_vampire_juice says:

      Uh.. I totally agree with dtown, except for the making fun of Hispanic people back and the whole jealousy thing. Yes, you should be proud of your appearance and heritage, but a supremacist attitude is not the way to go about it.

      Honestly, the best way to handle your situation, in my opinion, would not be to give in to them by changing your appearance. That would only show them that they have enough control over you with their stupid insults that they can make you insecure and force you to change yourself. If you started thinking “I like the way I am and you’re just ignorant,” it might show them that they can’t touch you. If they want to be racist and ignorant, you don’t have to cave in to their oppression.

      As for the better treatment, that’s really untrue. In most places, people won’t begrudge you a job because you’re darker than white. Unless you live in a town mainly populated by Ku Klux Klan alumni. Also, having light skin doesn’t get you respect. Really, if the people who make fun of you see you change because of that, they might lose respect for you, because it would show you don’t have any confidence.

      So, overall, don’t just change because people make fun of you. They are ignorant and unhealthy to pay any attention to, and if you change the color of your skin for them, you will only show them how weak you are to their power.

  19. Lisa J says:

    Why do black girls bleach their skin? For ex. Lol Kim. Why do they want to be light skin?

  20. Sikorski says:

    Skin bleaching and black women?
    I just watched a Tyra Banks show where she basically criticizes the black women for choosing to bleach there skin-alot of the causes of the women skin bleaching was because they were made fun of and called things like “darkie” or saying they looked “burnt” at first I was a bit confused-then I thought about it, if we can criticize these women and act like they are idiots-what about plastic surgery? what about makeup?-and hell like the movie “good hair” by chris rock-alot of black women get there hair done-perm it, relax it, get a weave-but they aren’t necessarily criticized…yet that isn’t there natural hair..that isn’t what they were born with…yet other people feel the need to scream and call these women idiots when 99.9% of the black audience of women have there hair altered…with chemicals and other things-just like these women put on there face.
    Please don’t give me any hypocritical comments like: “It’s different” because in the end it really isn’t-its like people who say animal cruelty and meat slaughter is different..its really not-pigs have been proven by scientific studies to be as smart as dogs-and if you look on youtube they can even be house trained and taught tricks-please don’t go thinking I am some Peta freak-but even I can admit what is hypocritical and not regardless if I still partake in it.
    Also please no finger pointing or assuming.
    Thank you

    • Sur La Mer says:

      Tyra have gotten smarter, due to being around more with NORMAL people. People watch her show to get inspired, to listen to her being critical or whatever, and that’s another reason why I stay away from talk shows, all they do is talk talk talk talk, and it just pisses me off! Good role mode? My foot!

      Have you seen what Tyra used to look like, when she was modeling? She’s been in the business for over 3 decades.

      Like you & me.
      The FDA have banned whitening products.
      The reason cited for the proposed ban is that studies in rodents show “some evidence” that hydroquinone may act as a carcinogen or cancer-causing chemical, although its cancer-causing properties have yet to be proved in humans. Hydroquinone also has been linked with the medical condition known as ochronosis in which the skin becomes dark and thick. Dome-shaped yellowish spots and grayish-brown spots also are observed in ochronosis among black women and men in South Africa, Britain, and the U.S. Ochronosis has been observed in conjunction with hydroquinone use even in persons who have used hydroquinone-containing cosmetics for a short time. Some studies also report abnormal function of the adrenal glands and high levels of mercury in people who have used hydroquinone-containing cosmetics. For these reasons, hydroquinone has already been banned in Japan, the European Union, and Australia.

      Any skin-lightening products containing hydroquinone would be considered new drugs, according to the proposed FDA regulations. The products would require FDA approval before being sold to the public and would only be available with a doctor’s prescription.

      If you’re gonna preach, do what you say you do, etc. . . and I’m not pointing fingers @ you or Miss Tyra knows-it-all! It is a billion dollar business, btw, and she’s just another Oprah.


  21. Jade2k392 says:

    I feel ugly cause I am dark skinned black? Should I bleach my skin?
    Well, I am in the 8 grade and everyone always made fun of my dark skin they say it ugly and I am African but i am not i was Born in America. When the teacher talk about Africa in history they be asking me do you chasing lions and eat lion blood Africa. Everyone always hate me for begin dark skinned. The Putero Ricans,White,Asians always get the boys and the girls. I am jealous of white,Spanish,Asian girls they always get the boys,attention and have pretty skin and long pretty hair and pretty hazel,blue eyes. I wish that god made me Latina cause every man want one. Why dark skin black people have it hard and have no attention and called ugly and nappy hair.

    • sx says:

      Do , not let people change the way you feel about yourself. You are just as american as they are. People like that are extremely rude and inconsiderate , don’t let it get to you.

  22. fisticuffs says:

    why do black people (especially women) feel the need to bleach their skin?
    i for one like a woman with a beautiful natural skin. no freakin 2 colored faces. if a woman is ugly, its ususally not because of her skin color, its usually because her facial features dont complement each other and she has a bad shape, its not because she is dark. so my ladies, throw away those poisonous lotions and learn to love yourselves.

    • Black Dragon says:

      You are talking about a minority of black people. People have all manor of insecurities. The media doesn’t help, few black stars are dark skinned, some folks feel the need to try and look like those people.

  23. Jade2k392 says:

    Should i use bleach my dark black skin?
    Should I bleach my black skin because people always made fun of me because i am dark black. Light skin get more attention and better jobs and opportunities. When i am at school people always made fun of my dark skin. No one at school want to be friend cause they said i am dark and they said if touch i meant turn them black. Everyone hate me cause i am dark. Why god made me dark. What is best bleaching cream for African America that lighten skin up to bey-once or marah Carey competition. If i bleach my skin will i get a better job and people will like me and i get friends.

    • goneglobal09 says:

      Stop your whining! Honestly, as a person of color you don’t hear me complaining. How dare you say why did God make you so dark. Seriously when kids are growing up they don’t know better, let the past go. You need to come to terms with who you are as a person and accept it. If people don’t like you for the color of your skin that should tell you something. Realize that people like that are not needed in your life.

      There is some truth to your claim of not finding work but not every employer is like that. Have faith and you’ll get work. stop complaining you sound ignorant. I wish you all the best and God Bless

  24. Farmvilleneighbor Two says:

    Skin lightening products for black skin?
    Which skin lightening products (the safest possible) for african americans (or whatever) safest for young teenagers?

    I have dark skin and im at the point where it lowers my self esteem so i wanted to try one. Ive seen asian skin lightening things but their skin is like whitish so i was thinking that instead of like…slowly lightening it itd just make their skin straight white which is not what im trying to do, im trying to make it lighter a few shades. Im just saying, correct me if im wrong.

    Also for al the people i know are gonna say “LOVE YOUR SKIN, WERE ALL BEAUTIFUL, GOD MADE YOU THIS WAY, MJ DID IT LOOK AT HIM”
    Micheal jackson didnt bleach his skin…?
    Im at the point where it lowers my self esteem so i see no reason why i shouldnt be happy. In other words, i dont but would you like to have pitch black skin by choice? I Dont think so. Not trying to be rude but i did some research and i see people time and time again say “LOVE YOUR SKIN” its just plain annoying..
    and anyways im 13 and i wanted to know a skin lightening thing that works . id prefer like a body wash or lotion other than creme but whatever works and which ever is the safest. i looked up fair and lovely but i couldnt fine any legit looking results or reviews,so if i cant see reviews or results and such dont tellme to use it because that makes me think its unsafe or not legit.
    Kay so yeah..

    • AK-September says:

      Lemon and milk are natural skin lighteners. What my mum does is she mixes lemon, milk and honey and applies it on her skin, when it dries just wash it off – do this once a day for as long as you want. Btw fresh lemon juice works better than lemon juice you buy in shops.

  25. Johnny2k10 says:

    Bleaching cream for dark skin African American to made them lite skinned.?
    What is the best one. I want to bleach my skin cause the light skin blacks and the Hispanic ,white always get treated better. The girls always they have pretty hazel and brown eyes and nice hair. They always made fun of my dark skin and treat light skinned better and say they all beautiful and all way. I want to be light skinned cause I think it more beautiful and things easier in life like jobs and stuffs.

    • CHITOWNZ NENA says:

      leave it the way it is. in my opinion, i think all skin tones are beautiful. i love the diversity of the world. we have all types of skin colors and you know, everyone wants to be tan 😉

  26. Whitney says:

    why do black women get nose jobs for Caucasian nose and bleach their skin?
    i’m seeing it a lot now more than ever. black woman “especially in holly wood” get nose jobs for Caucasian nose and they bleach their skin and have the nerve to tell other black woman to “love themselves” and ect. when their role models are doing everything they can to look “less” black

    and getting eye surgery so their eyes would permanently be another color
    bleaching their skin making themselves look light skin and ect. and have the nerve to blame it on the “weather” i know that happens sometimes to but the change shouldn’t be that dramatic and they usually go back to their regular skin tone in the summer.

    i mean why do they do this
    and yeah some people say
    white people do things to make themselves look “black”
    like breast implants and tanning
    lip injections for fuller lips but you dont see them getting wider noses or making their hair kinky

    i mean their is a list
    a long list of celebrities whose bleach their skin
    change their eye color and got nose jobs and people
    idolize these people

    halle barry
    nicki minaj
    michelle [from destinys child]
    gaberial union
    tyra banks
    lil kim
    alica keys

    and each of those people i’ve listed has done one or all of those things and their suppose to be role models

    why do you think they do things like this whats your opinon
    yeah didnt know that i had to write an exact date. and the subject of the matter isnt white celebs getting nose jobs i was talking about black ones and you can go look at their pictures from when they were beginners to now and see that they’ve dont it and if you read what i said either they have done ONE of those things or ALL not saying everyone i listed got a nose job but everyone i listened did one of those things.
    insulting is so immature. when are people going to wake up and see the real world

    • britt22 says:

      because of the nonsense idea of white superiority. the belief that white is better blah blah. they are taught by there parents that they are beautiful but society tells them another thing. how many black models do you see how many black people in politcals posistions or how about any positive display of african american women, there arent many. these women for whatever reason just want to fit into society. the pressure on them ishuge. and the should be supported more. black is beautiful and that needs to be displayed in american society. i garentee you would see a change in these women and young girls. switch rolse if it was displayed that black was beautiful and only here and there was it beleived that white was beautiful would you be as proud of your ethnicity or race. we would inherintly try to fit into society and we would see whitewomen doing the exact same thing balck women are doing now.

  27. Travis B says:

    What are some skin lightening/bleach products for sensitive skin?
    I am black. What are some good products to lighten skin with my sensitive skin?

  28. Stranger Danger says:

    Why is the Black community offended by the Loreal – Beyoncé, skin bleaching thingy?
    For you that don’t know, here is a picture, it caused a lot of anger amongst Black people.

    What I would like to know is the reason for this anger? They bleach skin all the time, even with White models.

    • lovelyday says:

      Where do you get the idea that the Black community was offended, I havent heard ANYBODY even mention that ad., much less be angry about it. Nobody. Black people do not bleach the skin either in general, maybe women who have uneven complexions might. Your information about the Black community is false, you might consider changing your source. EDIT: the media knows that white America feels more “comfortable” with light skinned people representing Black people since lightskinned looks closer to white, it is a marketing tool to use beauty to advertise your product and once again beauty in the media means white.

  29. K says:

    Why do people still do it EVEN THOUGH they know the side effects of tanning and skin bleaching?
    some argue that “tan” is natural and when you step out of the door you can easily tan BUT the whole notion of the word “tanning and tan” comes from the idea of “browning the skin” which implies a person making their skin brown by lying out in the sun or tanning bed after intensive exposure to unltraviolet rays.

    Then there is the whole argument that skin bleaching is deliberately bleaching which is a choice someone makes… unlike “tans” Which happen by natural sun exposure apparently.

    The fact is, is that skin bleaching is done for the sole intent to bleach the skin. “Tanning” however is derived from the word “tan” which then becomes an action word, making it an intentiful purpose which is to darken the skin which is also a fact.

    So why do people argue that Tanning and bleaching are different when BOTH are done for the soulful purpose of darkening and lightening the skin?

    They are alot more alike then different even though the purpose is completely two different things.. the intent and meaning behind it are the same, to become something that you believe and feel is seen as “attractive”.

    Apparently super pale is seen as unattractive and super dark is seen as unattractive as well.. and the media is definitly to blame for this.
    srry i just finished waching an episode on tyra banks on this topic and it got me thinking! so thats why i posted this up.

    Share your thoughts and oppinions on this, thanks <3
    actually tan skin is not natrual if your pale skinned.. TRUST me.. inorder to get a brown complexion on pale skin you would have to have been outside for a LONNGGG time to get darker.. Im biracial and my dad is white and the ONLY way he or my cousins and grama can tan is if they are out in the sun for a LONNGG time.. it doesnt happen by simply walking outside like that.
    now if you already have a brown or olive coloring to you then getting a tan can very well happen by walking outside for a bit but even so to drastically change your skin complexion to the point where your not your natrual color you would have to have been outside for a long time..
    "moo" you do know that what you just said is all YOUR oppinion.. there are NO facts in what you said. MILLIONS of people die from tanning and the harmful adverse effects of the UV rays.. which DOES cause skin cancer.. When people "tan" for the sole purpose to get darker which is USUALLY the case it is usually something they are use to doing.. and there for will continue to do it.. tanning overtime CAUSES skin cancer.. Now thats not saying that bleaching isnt bad cause it IS.. but just like tanning.. if done regularly overtime you will develop skin cancer just like tanning.
    There you go again Moo with the “many people dont do this and that” where are your facts? TONS of people are tanning now and it is increasing now so more then ever.. same with bleaching. And like i said before if your PALE you CAN NOT natrually tan by just walking out the door.. it doesnt work that way .. it takes HOURS and days sometimes to get a pale person TAN. And for DARK skinned folks it takes MONTHS and YEARS to get them light.. both are intentional regardless.. and share the same purpose
    I AM BIRACIAL “moo” My dad is white, pure irish and he can NOT tan even if he wanted too.. and if he does end up tanning he goes red.. Some people just cant tan. I mean he has never tried to actually tan cause he doesnt care about that stuff BUT my cousins however (on my dads side) who are fully irish as well have tried tanning and it took them HOURS and DAYS lol literally to get a brown color.

    Moo you may be Not tan colored but you are definitly NOT pale.. you must have an olive undertone like me.. I can tan easily within a matter of minutes actually.. I am natrually tan complected anyways.
    No but the majority of natrually pale people are of European decent.. and chances are if you are from either Germany, Scotland etc.. you most likely wont be able to tan.. and if you do you go red..

    Your avatar doesnt even look white.. you look asian.. dont lie to yourself.

  30. Irene says:

    why is okay for white people to tan but black people can’t bleach their skin?
    I’m black I can’t say that never wanted to be lighter because i have. But i never went out and bleached my skin…but i was watching Tyra banks show on skin bleaching. and she and the audience made it seem like the girls that were bleaching were like killing babies…but if she saw two white girls were tanning then that’s OK. why is that black people can’t change the color of they’re skin but whites can. I know skin bleach isn’t that healthy for you but laying out in the sun cant be much better
    Laying out in the sun causes cancer,premature wrinkles and dark spots. it doesnt matter how “natural ” it is its still bad for you with the thinning Ozone layer..i know bleach is just as bad but i’m saying why is one ok by the other not?

    • ♥Cуαиι∂є♥ [мσяє тσχι¢ тнαи тнσυ] says:

      I completely agree.
      If white people want to tan, they should feel free to.
      If black people want to bleach their skin, they should also feel free to.
      Basically, as long as people aren’t hurting anybody else, what they do should be THEIR decision. It is none of my business what they choose to do with their skin.

      However, I think it is sad if they do it, not because they think white skin is prettier, but because they feel pressured to, due to the societal norms. I also think it is sad when Asian people have eyelid surgery IF they do it for the wrong reasons.

      If they do it because they want to look pretty, and they think their looks will improve because of it: Great. If they do it because of not being accepted by mainstream society, then that’s a pity.

      But still, they should be allowed to.
      It is THEIR lives after all.

  31. Xavier Do not care account says:

    Why are people trying to make excuses for black people who bleach their their skin?
    You know why their doing it, its self hatred. Just say it, its self hatred, its not something that just celebrities do, oh those crazy celebrities, no telling. That is a BS cop out answer, because its everywhere in the black community, its every day people.

    Tyra- Black Women Caught Bleaching Her and Kid’s Skin (Part1)

    I was watching a show the other day, of capture African youth in Africa before apartheid and after apartheid, and the little black girl was saying how she hates black people, and she hates her skin, and then they caught up with her later in life and she said, she can’t imagine herself saying that, now that apartheid has ended, and she’s seeing black people reclaim their rightful place in the country and seeing more positive images of her fellow black people.
    When you live in a white supremacist society, it “IS” going to take a toll on your self image especially when you don’t see the beauty of your people ever presented.

    • MooMoo says:

      I try to avoid friendships with people who hate the complexion that Allah has given them because jealousy runs deep, and if you hate the way Allah made you, then you’re eventually going to envy & hate me for embracing mine. Stay away.

  32. LisaLashes says:

    Why are Blacks Ridiculed for Using Skin Bleach?
    This really baffles me and I don’t think I will ever understand why many people believe if a black person bleaches themselves they hate being black? when whites can do what ever they like with themselves and are viewed as awesome and loving their whiteness. Some people bathe in bleach while others bathe in sun-tan lotion, or sun bathe, it is not an issue of blacks not loving their blackness but a matter of a prefered look and everyone has a right to look the way they want, and it doesn’t mean they are not proud of who they are.
    I’ve heard some people say bleaching agents damages the skin, but what about tanning salons, I’ve heard of some whites being cooked from the inside out, and skin cancer for them is another issue from tanning too much, so whites face dangers just as blacks do when it comes to doing things to alter their skin color, I just noticed blacks are put in a category as hating themselves and that’s not true but I wonder why whites are never seen as hating themselves when they tan knowing they could cook themselves inside out or even face the dangers of skin cancer from extended sun? There are skin dangers for both parties but why so much ridicule for blacks? Why should blacks be hardcore Natural while the rest of the world pampers themselves doing what they think is best for their looks?

    • Celebiluna says:

      I don’t know either. It’s like the people make fun of Michael Jackson for bleaching his skin run to the tanning bed every week to get darker. It’s all the same thing: changing your skin color. Everyone has a different idea of beauty, and if they want to look a certain way to make them happy, let them do it.

  33. Veronica L says:

    What is it about black people and skin color?
    i do not understand. a black person will make fun another black person for being too dark or whatever. But once that dark-skinned black person bleaches their skin, they complain those people have self-hate issues. I do not understand how you can tease someone yet you expect them to accept themselves.
    What do you mean people are too sensitive?

    • 安全 第一 says:

      Black people call the Black-er people Purple. LMFAO..

      Bloody jokers.

      Don’t worry about the bloody user S. She is a just a fat slag.

  34. T L says:

    WHY? Why are people so damn ignorant and shallow when it comes to skin complextions?
    I am a brown skin/ dark skin black female, about kelly rowlands complextion. I was just looking for an answer about blush and foundation for my complextion, in doing so I’ve found some disturbing questions being asked on here about dark skin black females being less attractive than light skin females.People asking questions about why we straighten our hair, why we bleach our skin, why we get facial surgery to make our features more european.Its ridiculous!! How come no one ever ask the white or lighter skin females. Why do you tan? (tanning is doing nothing but making your skin darker, there is no denile in that? are you not happy with your pale skin that the media praise so much? why do you get lip jobs to make your lips seem fuller? are you not happy with your own european born lips? why do you get ass implants? your own body not curvy enough? why do you wear weave?? (extensions and weave are the same!) why do you straighten your hair?? I have nothing against any race, culture,complextion, religion..i have nothing against anybody.My husband is white and he and I have a beautiful baby boy together. I’ve always been told I was beautiful by guys of different nationallities. My whole point is…if your pretty your pretty…if your ugly your ugly! no matter your complextion. pretty white,black,brown,yellow or what may have you..I just hate when people talk about unattractiveness and complextion for some reason always has something to do with it? and it shouldnt because people always complimented me on the clearity and smoothness of my almond brown skin. For the females on here that are brown skin and want to do the whole mike jackson thing with the bleaching of the skin…I feel sorry for you,you really have some deep rooted issues that need to be addressed.

    • u<3me says:

      these are trolls

      as far as makeup, you should try Iman. it is more expensive than CoverGirl/Maybelline, but it is made in shades for black women

  35. mssweetness007 says:

    what is the best and most effective skin bleaching product i can buy for black skin?

    • Laura H says:

      There are many skin lightening products available in the market. The Body Shop has a range. It contains licorice extract which is meant to help.

  36. S.R. Reeves says:

    How to fade blemishes in black skin?
    I need other black women to help me out on this one:

    I rarely get acne, pimples, etc, but when I do get them, they leave noticeable dark marks that stay for months to years. They always seem to fade to a point, and then to stay like that until I just don’t notice them, anymore. Is there any way to help the blemishes fade faster and more completely?

    I keep my skin clean, and never use makeup. I’d like to find a natural remedy that does not involve skin bleaching.

    • Palacinkabeauty says:

      To get rid of these blemishes or stop them before they stop you’ll either have to find a really good face cleanser that works for you or see a dermatologist to determine your skin type.

      Sorry to hear the blemishes leave marks on your skin and that is not uncommon to happen to people of color. So, what you can do is find a really good toner or cream(not a bleach) that will lighten the blemishes on your face. You have to be really careful with some of them, because some are better than others while some have chemicals which can damage your skin and cause spots if not used properly.

      Or…you can get a stick of cocoa butter (for like 99 cents) which works wonders on dark spots, burns, stretch marks, and use that regularly and I guarantee you will see some difference. Good luck!

  37. Curious Girl says:

    what’s the big deal about people wanting to bleach there skin?
    I’m not one of those black people who wants to be lighter but I was wondering why is it such a baa thing to bleach urr skin when everyone thinks its ok for white ppl to tan?
    Therr are also people who use tanning beds, and some people spend hours out in the sun.. That isn’t safe.

    • ^__^ says:

      society is weird. they think its racist if white people have pride in their whiteness, not its not if a black person does it. so if a white person wants to have darker skin, its ok, because atleast theyre not trying to be whiter, right? so they arent racist? but if a black person wants lighter skin it MUST mean they want to be whiter, and that means they dont have pride (sarcasm)?
      but i think thats sooo stupid. if someone wants to change their skin color it doesnt mean anything. maybe they like the way it looks with their clothes, or in the sun or something. its just as simple as wearing contacts or dying your hair. it doesnt mean anything. but it is a different story if you are actually ashamed of or deny your race/ethnicity or something like that, and you are ignoring everything your ancestors did, and you want to claim someones elses people or pretend to be someone you’re not or something like that. then its self hate. there is a huuuuuggeeeee difference.

  38. Drop Dead, Gorgeous. says:

    Blacks bleaching skin? (20 characters?)?
    I saw on oprah in a preview thing that this woman was bleaching her skin (like bleach for clothes!) and she was doing it to her sons too!

    does anyone else think this is horribly wrong? Especially for her to make her sons do it!

    you’re beautiful how you are, you know? jeezz

    • sofasoph says:

      I think its pretty wrong but in some african american societies the lighter u r, the more respected and bigger chance of getting married it is. Was it there custom to do that? Or was it just the mom’s individual choice? These are things to think about too.

  39. Ebony says:

    Why won’t black people accept that I am light skin and not dark?
    I hate it when black people put me in the dark skin category, I am no way dark skin I am lighter than Beyonce – I often mistake myself for biracial because I am so light. What can I do to show you guys I am not dark! If I bleach my skin then I will just become white, which I guess won’t be bad.. but what do you yall think?

  40. The Troll Goddess says:

    Wrong to use skin lighting/bleaching for black women?
    My doctor told me that I should use some skin lighting/bleaching for certain areas on my body to get rid of the uneven skin color. I told my friends about this and they are saying “you’re trying to turn white? What’s wrong with being black” and to be honest, I also feel uncomfortable using such products. It’s just treating for uneven skin color (eg. knees, elbows, between thighs, etc) but I feel like this is wrong. Should I do it?

  41. BS,MS,Ph.D says:

    OBama lied about a story of a black man bleaching his skin — why vote for a manipulative liar?
    In his memoir, “Dreams of My Father,” Obama writes of a story in Life magazine that influenced him — about a black man trying to bleach his skin white. No such article could be found in Life or Ebony.,CST-NWS-sweet28.article

    Only Michael Jackson probably bleached, maybe obama was drugged and confused when he wrote the book?

    • buttercup says:

      Wow, I went to the website and read this. Geezzze……’
      how could anyone ever vote for either Democratic
      liar, Obama or Clinton? At least McCain and Huckabee
      are good citizens and don’t lie to their voters.

  42. Gone, Gone, Gone. says:

    Dark skin, Light Skin, Whats the big deal?
    How do you feel about the praise of light skin over dark skin in the media, particularly with the case of African Americans? Do you personally think that light skinned lack people or mixed people are more attractive than dark skinned black people?

    Im black and I personally think the idea of finding one race more attractive is ridiculous and idiotic but most people are that way so I usually don’t find too many people outside my group of friends who feel the same way. When I was just a couple years younger I bought into it but after being educated a bit more and doing some reflection I realized that I had things within myself that weren’t right and how I saw the world. I’m 19 now and Ive done like a complete 360 since then and I think the idea of “preffering” a race is somewhat subconsciously racist depending on the motive behind it. My own 45 year old mother (who is very light skinned – lighter than I am) actually told me that she thinks dark skinned women are generally unattractive to her when I was 18 I think. I was livid. Not only was I upset about her views but I think I blame her for my problems with how I viewed black people growing up. We argued about it several times back then and even still now; I basically told her that she was a pathetic excuse for a black woman and that I was ashamed to have a mother like that. I guess I shouldnt be so hard on her because shes just another victim of society but it just pisses me off when I hear black people talking about light skin being prettier or “good hair” or any of that other nonsense. She has gotten better though; she has even gone natural and quit the relaxers which is something along a whole different topic that I wont get into lol Anyway I was very proud of her.

    I remember watching an episode of Tyra where all these dark skinned women were trying to bleach their skin. I was disgusted but ive seen people like that in my life so it wasnt anything new. Its just proof that mental oppression has succeeded and even in 2009 people are still fucked in the head and narrow minded when it comes to beauty within the black community.

    What do you think? Disagree? Agree? Why?

    Also there is this amazing mini documentary called A Girl Like Me kind of about this topic. So sad. Here it is if you want to watch it.
    all very good answers : ]

    • Shai says:

      It would help if Black celebrities like Beyonce would stop trying to look white. Beyonce is a star, she would still be a star if she lost the blond weave and light contacts and started looking like the beautiful Black woman she is. She could be a role model, instead she chose to be a sell-out. You see her with her parents and it’s obvious she is not biracial but she has spent her entire career trying to look like she is.

  43. GETitGIRL -------- says:

    What do you think of Black women who bleach their skin vs?
    White women who tan?

    We all know that the former is not as common but still has a much greater stigma attached.

    Just to be clear, I’m not saying I condone either practice. I think it’s sad that women even have to change their appearance to conform to God knows who’s standard of beauty, but I just wonder why there is such a double standard.

    Why do bm get labeled self-haters within their community while tanning for wm is pretty much universally accepted and considered just another part of some women’s weekly/daily regimen?
    Actually over abuse of both can lead to permanent damage to the skin. There are even creams out there to reverse the effects of excessive tanning.

    • Lola says:

      I think bleaching is dangerous but there are natural products (Nur76) that do the same thing. I think both are fine, just not in excess. People think that there’s just one color white and one color black but both races naturally come in many shade so when someone changes their color it’s not anything against their race…they just want to experience what they’ve never had before. All colors are pretty though, from the palest pale to the darkest plum brown.

  44. sunnygirly2k4 says:

    Safest way to bleach dark black skin, without risking cancer?
    i’ve had enough weird, strange looks from people to last me a lifetime. What’s the safest way to become about 2 shades lighter, so I’m back to my original skin tone (as I have blotches of dark and lighter shades of brown)?

    I don’t want to be Beyonce-light, just for once, have my skin all one shade. It’s seriously getting me down. I’m in the UK, and I was an affordable and quick way of doing this (like under £10)

    • Rueben C says:

      Don’t try it! I am dark skinned too and many of my family have tried to bleach their skin. It may work initially but months later, the skin can react in ways it never has before to heat or even the other products you use. You can be scarred permanently, especially if the bleached skin reacts to light.

      If you are going to use anything, avoid products with hydroquinnone. It is illegal to sell them in the UK and there is just cause. I would try mixing in some Bio Oil to your face cream or shea butter. If people stare now, having grey patches from heat reacted bleached skin, will make them stare harder.

      Love your skin. I am dark, but my boobs are light and my nose goes red! I have blotches of different colour everywhere and I’ve come to love the skin I’m in! I was light when I was born, dark as anything as a baby, light when I was 3 and the cycle goes on. Hormones affect your skin colour too. No single person in the world is the same colour all over. Don’t end up like MJ!

  45. matty says:

    Why are blacks criticised for skin-bleaching, but whites aren’t for tanning?
    I am from Australia, and white, and have seen episodes of shows and other media where blacks have bleached their skin, and get so criticised for it. Yes, it is bad and self-hating, but what about whites who get their skin tanned? Isn’t that just as bad? Why aren’t they criticised? I’m not defending skin-bleaching, I just don’t understand the double standard. I am white, and proud. I would never tan my skin.

    • i dont need an avatar says:

      i would say because skin bleaching deals with chemicals that are even more direct to danger because they absorb into the skin and seep below causing harmful things. escpeically if it is one of the products containing mercury.

      but tanning is bad too because it can lead to skin cancer.

      and also i guess its because many white ppl tan, so its become a norm.
      but bleaching isnt heard of by too many people so its more of a shocker

  46. Jade2k392 says:

    I feel ashamed of begin dark skin black?.?
    Every time i go to school someone always made fun of me and call me burnt and black monkey . You black you should bleach your skin up to beyonce or T.I complexion. Everyone told me that light skin people look better than dark skin. They said dark skin black people are ugly and stuffs. This girl told me that she will date me if i would bleach my skin up to Christ brown color. No one want to be Friend cause i am dark every time we at gym i am always the last to get pick when they put on someone team they told the teacher he meant turn me black or he bother me. I wish God made me Putero Rican or Light skin cause they get treated better, and get all the girls and everyone want to be there Friend. So there anyway i can get light skin. What pills or creams will work for a 13 year old boy dark skinned african american boy to made them light skin or hispainic light color.

    • Van J says:

      Dude don’t do that those people are racist, forget them. Don’t bleach your skin or you will be like michael jackson. I have allot of black friends and some of them are really really dark skin but i don’t say racist things like that. Forget those people

  47. Jean M says:

    hi i need help finding the most powerful and effective bleaching creme for black,dark skin.?
    hi there i am black and by black i mean really dark skined and was looking for the best,most powerful and strongest bleaching creme i also have severe acne scars pliz give me a really fast acting bleaching creme i recommend a black person answer this question cause the know more about my skin type.But you can post all ideas cause i will take anything.

    • Lee M says:

      Girl, I do not think that can be a good idea to bleach your skin. I was tempted to try it several times and stopped after I had seen my friends’ results. It scared me to see how they ended up looking like. Now they have to cover up by using a lot of makeup, which is pretty noticiable. Its your choice, I’m really dark too, but I’d rather keep it that way because the results are not always the way you dream they should be.

  48. Nacho Chacho says:

    Black Women, Have You Ever Felt The Need To Bleach Your Skin…?
    in order to be lighter, because you were raised to think “light & white are right”?

    this question comes up because i was watching the tyra show this morning, and she had these gorgeous dark women on, and the topic of the show was skin bleaching. all these women had been bleaching their skin for years (using bleaching cream, or in one instance, actual liquid bleach, like clorox) because they wanted to be light-skinned; they were raised, or conditioned, to think that being light-skinned is somehow better than being dark-skinned, that there is somehow more opportunities in life if your complexion is a lighter shade of brown.
    when i was watching it, all i could think is that those women were insane to ever think such a thing. i’m dark-skinned, and no one in my life has ever told me that i’d be “prettier” if i were lighter, and never has a man told me that he wouldn’t date me or talk to me because he prefers lighter women, nor in any way has anyone told me that my life would be more amazing if i was somewhere near beyonce’s color. so i couldn’t really understand the logic of those women who chose to bleach their skin, and in one case, their children’s skin. i’ve always been taught to love me for me, no matter what other people say or think. so i was just wondering, are there really other black women who are like this, who want to be a fairer complexion because they think it’s better than being dark? is being light-skinned actually better than being dark-skinned? if you think so, why?

    • Question says:

      Women, please for the love of al things holy, stop thinking you’d be better off if you were like this or that. Every woman is pretty (I reserve beautiful for those people that are beautiful inside and out) and no one should ever think differently. Someone may not like the way you look, and if that’s the case then screw them they don’t deserve the chance to get to know you.

      Dark skinned, pale skinned and all those in between your skin color doesn’t make or break yourappearancee, it’s your attitude.

  49. Crystal Cotton says:

    What is a good bleaching cream for black skin for dark spots?
    I have a very dark spot left after a bad burn. What can I use to clear it to my nomal skin tone?

    • Staci says:

      Black Opal Fade Gel is perfect for dark spots and uneven skin tones. I first learned about it when a friend of mine had open heart surgery and used it to clear the surgical scar. I was amazed that a cream could do that so I tried it and was also successful.

      Ambi clean and clear products are also good.

  50. yng says:

    Is there a natural skin bleach that really works to improve scattered black patches on skin?
    I applied some turmeric powder all over my face some 2 months back.Looks like the turmeric powder was adulterated with chemicals.I used it continuously for a few days.And one morning when I got up there were dark black patches on my forehead,cheeks,around my chin.It looks odd and ugly.Please help.

    • ♥♥♪♪♪αттιтυ∂є ωιт¢н яυℓєz♪♪♪♥♥ says:

      LimE JuiCe + Glicrine + RosE WaTer

      Is A NaturAl SkiN BlEaCh..
      It AlSo ReMoVes ScArEs… And ImProVes SkiN ComPlEXioN

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