Skin Lightening Cream For African Americans

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Skin Lighteners for African Americans – 5 Popular Products

Contrary to widespread belief, hydroquinone-based skin lightening products are not good for African-American skin. When hydroquinone is used on black skin in either high concentrations or for prolonged periods, it actually makes those areas appear darker! Hydroquinone bleaches the skin but if you are looking for skin lighteners for African Americans, you are better off considering those with natural ingredients that work by restricting the amount of pigment produced rather than by bleaching.

Makari – Makari is probably one of the most popular products for African American skin lightening. They offer face creams, cleansers, toners, body lotions and lightening pills. Makari products contain only natural derived products such as licorice root and bearberry extract (arbutin). Although very effective, some Makari users have reported breakouts on the face after using some of the creams, particular the Caviar cream. If you are prone to breakouts, it may not be for you but there are lots of other alternatives available.

Meladerm – Meladerm is targeted for all skin types and complexions but is very popular among African Americans simply because it works so well! Meladerm is made by a company called Civant and again, contains only naturally derived skin whitening ingredients. You can expect to begin seeing results within 2 weeks. Another great thing about Meladerm is that it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. If it doesn’t work for you, just return the unused portion within 30 days for a full refund.

Skin Whitening Pills – Skin whitening pills usually contain glutathione – an antioxidant that has many health benefits including boosting the immune system; skin lightening just happens to be a side effect of it. L-Glutamine contains 1000mg of glutathione and you can buy a pack of 240 capsules for around .

Oralight whitening pills from Makari work slightly differently in that they don’t contain glutathione. Using bearberry extract, Vitamin C and Vitamin E, they effectively balance pigment production throughout the body to even out your skin tone.

Skin Lightening Soaps – Skin whitening soaps are another alternative when it comes to African American skin lightening. Skin whitening soaps containing natural pigment suppressing ingredients can help in evening out the skin tone all over the body. One of the most popular is Likas papaya skin whitening herbal soap.

Kojic acid is another natural skin lightener and kojic acid soaps are also effective in providing all over skin lightening. Soaps do have a more gradual effect on the skin so if you want faster results one of the creams such as Meladerm will be able to provide that.

There are so many skin lighteners for African Americans available on the market that mean you do not have to turn to dangerous and ineffective hydroquine-based products.

About the author: To read reviews before you buy meladerm or any other skin lightening product, visit us at or Black Skin Lightening for reviews of the best African American Skin Lighteners to fade dark marks.


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70 Responses to Skin Lightening Cream For African Americans

  1. dafdaf2008 says:

    skin cream/lotion?
    i am a dark-skinned african american girl and i am looking for the best skin cream/soap available out there for fading away dark spots! I’ve been fighting skin problems my whole life (I’m 18), I had ringworm which left dark scars on my body, eczema which has also left scars on my body and face/body acne which has left scars on my face, chest and back. I don’t want to lighten up my skin tone, I love my skin! I just need something to get rid of these scars… it’s so embarassing and I don’t wear tank tops, tube tops or backless gowns because of it. If I wear a nice gown I try to add extensions to my hair so I can cover up my back and I put foundation on my chest to even it out… Sometimes I might wear make-up to even out my face but I’m getting tired of covering up! If I don’t cover up people (especially my mom) ask me what’s wrong with my skin (well.. those who have the guts to do so)… I just want nice, smooth even skin!

    • Sunny says:

      You should check with a dermatologist. Maybe something with Retin A would help. When looking for a good dermatologist, ask for one that can specifically address your issue. That way you will weed out the ones that don’t know how to deal with your problem.

  2. . says:

    Why do people like to pick on asians and blacks for lighting their skin?
    Ok so I am going to break this down clearly. It’s pretty obvious that skin lighting is pretty popular in asian countries and even african countries. We all know about skin bleaching creams, skin soaps, etc… yet some people are always so concerned as to why this is. Not trying to be racist or anything… but it’s mainly white people and some black people, saying we are self haters and we wish to “look” like them, lol. That is just a bunch of bull. Last month I posted a question asking how to lighten a “tan” i got over the summer time. I’m light skinned nigerian american ( about a shade or two lighter than beyonce) and I got so many mean comments. People calling em a self hater mainly, “wanna be white”, ‘oreo”. I mean what the hell? I do not want to be white, however I felt that from being in the sun so much (I live in Texas, it is HOT) it caused my skin to form uneven dark spots, and it just looked very unnatural and I wanted my skin to be the color it was before summer time. That’s all, nothing to do with wanting to be “white”. Same goes for asians, my best friend is asian and she lightens her skin, but is it because she wants to be white?…. NO. She just thinks that whiter skin looks beautiful on her, and it does, I couldn’t imagine her with a tan. She loves her Japanese culture and what not, why would something as little as that make her want to be white? If you get what I am saying. Not to say there are not some asians and blacks out there that actually wish to be of a different race, but you cannot stereotype them all to be like that. i just most definitely do not want to be white, and I am not saying that in a rude way, I am just proud of who I am. Does anyone else agree?(asian or black?)
    Also you see lots of white people that tan. does that mena they want to be black? NO, It’s just what they consider to beautiful for them.
    @terry- LOl I do not want to be white, I think i mentioned that twice.

  3. Brittany says:

    I have self inflicted cuts and i want the scars to go away so i can follow my dream to be a singer?
    I would always cut myself for a variety of reasons, mainly because i wasn’t happy with anything. I really want to work towards being a professional singer, but i know that if i take pictures, people will se my scars. I would love to know a safe and inexpensive way to get rid of them. Please let me know what to do. Will skin lightening cream work? I am african american.

  4. LbFaMdAb says:

    Whats the Best Saop /Cream that will Help Get rid of/ Fade Sever dark spots from acne?
    I’m african american. I had acne and it left my skin with sever dark spots on my forehead, what lightening soap shall I use and how often?? I’m hoping to see improvement at least by the summer, I NEED Help!!, thanks for reading

  5. B says:

    does Triamcinolone Acetonide cream really work?
    my dermatologist prescribed this to me 3 days ago for my skin. Im a brown skin african american female, i have really dry skin, dark blotches, bad bug bites, dark knees and elbows, and i suffered from eczema years back which cleared up but left dark marks…. anyways so she prescribed me Triamcinolone Acetonide 0.1% cream and said it would even out my skin tone and make my skin much softer… and it would lighten my skin color about 1 shade lighter…

    i really need something that works because i dont want to spend alot of money or something that doesnt work :-/

    how affective will this be for me?
    will it actually lighten my skin tone and even out my skin color?
    will it get ride of my dark bug bites and dark blotches?

    any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

    • Fly-Go-mez says:

      I was trying to find out this same thing. I’m Mexican and my dr gave me nystatin and triamcinolone acetonide cream too because like a dummy i put apple cider vinegar on a fungus i had on my face and the vinegar burnt my skin!!!

      my dr said that it will clear the fungus and lighten the burn mark. i have been using this since monday. it does look like its working a little but i dont know because im panicking so much about the burn so its always going to look big and dark to me.

  6. BGood says:

    How do I know if this applies to me,they declare that long-term use of lightening creams contain hydroqui…?
    How do I know if this applies to me?they declare that long-term use of lightening creams that contain hydroquinone and kojic acid can lead to exogenous ocronosis, a darkened, bluish discoloration of the treated area. This is only true for those with hydroquinone. Anyone with dark skin tones especially African Americans are prone to exogenous ocronosis if they are exposed to hydroquinone for too long.

  7. Married says:

    Ambi fade cream for african americans?
    I’ve had acne scars for a long time that won’t go away so i bought ambi and my mom just told me that ambi bleaches your skin is that true because i want to lighten my scars and now im scared because i dont want it to bleach my face. Is this true? Please help.

    • MRSADW says:

      Ambi Fade cream will not bleach your skin. I have used an entire tube of Ambi and it just faded the darker spots that was on my face. To bleach your skin you have to purchase a skin bleacher not a fade cream.

  8. Bre says:

    My neck is darker than the rest of my body! So annoying!?
    For as long as I can remember I have always had a really dark neck compared to my face and body. I’ve went to doctor to see if it was diabetes related and I was told I was completely healthy. I work out, eat healthy and I feel like I have tried almost a billion types of scrubs. Fruit scrubs, wash cloth scrubs, sea breeze and my neck is still way darker than the rest my body.

    As an african american, I know I do have hyper pigmentation because my knees, elbows, and armpits are darker as well. I even used this expensive hyper pigmentation cream called mama lotion and I seen results but after a few weeks it irritated my skin and I broke out. I also used Aveeno and while that worked great on my face, it didnt do crap for my neck.

    Does anyone else have any suggestions on things that may work to lighten up my neck so its the same shade as the rest of my body?

    • jaime rae says:

      I have never tried this for myself, but it’s something my mom has told me a bunch of times. She loves Barbra Streisand, and she always tells me that every night before Barbra goes to bed, she cuts a lemon in half and uses one half on each elbow.

      I always think of it like you’d but the lemon on a manual juicer, where you just put it on and turn it back and forth…. I know lemon juice has bleaching power. In the summertime, if I put it in my hair (light brown), and go in the sun, I get blond streaks.

      It’s natural, so I would think it wouldn’t cause an allergic reaction. Might be worth a try?

  9. alonnac20 says:

    Skin Cream for dark spots on African American Skin ?
    Does anyone know of a good cream that works well with lightening dark spot. I had a rash on my leg and from scratching I irritated it, and they left dark marks. Ive never had dark spots , let alone a breakout before. Im dying to find something to lighten these spots on my legs before the summer. Any suggestions would be helpful/

    • rrichards2k3 says:

      I have people swore that Ambi or Nadinola cream works great and you can find them at any drugstore or mass merchandise retailer. You can also try some home remedies too. Try soaking a cotton ball in either lemon juice or buttermilk, then dabbing it to the affected area for a couple of weeks. Those dark spots should disappear.

  10. goddess says:

    Black marks all over my legs?
    I’ve had this problem for about 10 years. I have black marks all over my legs form mosquito bites from when I was younger. I’ve been using products off and on for years- Cocoa Butter, skin lightening creams, etc. I am African American and need to know is there anything that I can use to lighten them or to cover them up for now? Remember I have them everywhere.

  11. Tina F says:

    Black women bleaching vs white women tanning?
    I saw on the Tyra Banks show today that some African American women use bleaching creams to lighten their skin.
    I think everyone should be happy in their own skin, don’t get me wrong.

    But is this that much different from white women using tanning beds, and sprays/creams to achieve a darker skin tone?

    I mean, the women on the show didn’t want to be Caucasian, they just wanted a lighter skin tone (like Beyonce, Halle Berry etc).

    Why is it so much more taboo for a black woman to want a different skin tone?
    Okay, but why is it more acceptable for a white woman to tan, than a black woman to bleach?

  12. KataKlysmik says:

    How do I lighten my skin?
    Hello, I’m an African American female of about 18, who will be starting a new life in another state VERY soon. To tell you the truth, I’ve been working a lot on getting into better shape and taking more vitamins and such, but as the date of my move moves closer and closer, I’ve begun to really notice the uneven pigmentation of my skin tone in some areas. I’ve thought about trying all of those fancy creams and spending hundreds of dollars on lotions that may never work, but to tell you the truth, I don’t want to.

    I’ve never been to a dermatologist, because other than this issue with pigmentation, I’ve never suffered from acne or any other form of skin problem. As such, I don’t actually have a dermatologist, whose familiar with my skin type, to call up and ask for a quick solution.
    My move is in less than a week.

    Before I go running to a doctor in my new state, does anyone even know if they can focus give me a fast way to get rid of the uneven skin tone?

    • T says:

      Unfortunately, there’s no quick over-the-counter method for evening skin tone, excluding makeup. Microdermabrasion might be a solution. IDK if how long the process takes. I’ve heard of microdermabrasion kits that you can use at home, rather than going to a cosmetic surgeon. Perhaps, Oil of Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion & Peel System would work.

      Other methods for getting an even skin tone are fade creams and Vitamin E oil. I use Wal-Mart brand Vitamin E oil (found in the vitamin section) and Ambi Even and Clear Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30. These methods are really gradual. You might not see results for several weeks, but they work in the long-run. Vitamin E oil helps fade dark spots. It’s important to use a moisturizer with sunscreen in the summer cuz the harsh sun makes darkens dark spots. The sunscreen prevents that. You might want to try other Ambi products. Pretty much all of them are geared toward evening skin tone.

      Also, make sure you drink water often. If you drink a lot of sodas or juice, try to limit your intake of sugary drinks, especially ones that are heavily colored. The more water your drink, the clearer and brighter your skin will be.

  13. Stytch says:

    Best way to lighten skin?
    Thats not very expensive, I dont think I should be using creams, so are there any really good natrual ways, that are pretty quick, ive been using the lemon/lime idea, are there any other [quick]ways?

    [Side notes; I am african american, i am not extremly dark but i’d like to be lighter, and ive been using the lemon thing for about a month or two]

  14. B says:

    what is Triamcinolone Acetonide cream and how does it work?
    my dermatologist prescribed this to me 3 days ago for my skin. Im a brown skin african american female, i have really dry skin, dark blotches, bad bug bites, dark knees and elbows, and i suffered from eczema years back which cleared up but left dark marks…. anyways so she prescribed me Triamcinolone Acetonide 0.1% cream and said it would even out my skin tone and make my skin much softer… and it would lighten my skin color about 1 shade lighter…

    i really need something that works because i dont want to spend alot of money or something that doesnt work :-/

    how affective will this be for me?
    will it actually lighten my skin tone and even out my skin color?
    will it get ride of my dark bug bites and dark blotches?

    any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

    • Nona says:


      Triamcinolone cream is a steroid cream -it is similar to hydrocortisone cream (available OTC) but much stronger.

      It is usually prescribed to treat itchy, irritated skin. A side effect is that it can thin and lighten your skin.

      As for price, if you are in the U.S., I believe it is on Target and Walmart’s (and maybe other pharmacies) $4 list -which means that one tube would be $4.

      Hope this helps!

  15. Lance Everett says:

    How do you lighten African-American skin darkened from the sun?
    I’m a 14 year old African American male. I used to have skin between Usher and Lil Wayne in lightness. Now it’s a about 2 shades lighter than Akon due to the sun!
    I’ve heard but haven’t tried anything but washing my face and staying inside but it doesn’t seem like it working at all. I can’t bleach my skin but I’ve heard of creams.

    It could be impossible to be my skin back to normal, but I’ll settle for a little lighter and to even out my skin tone. (The skin on my forehead is darker). And I have Brown instead of black hair so I look albino, help please. Thanks.

    • Bets says:

      Lime or lemon juice, turmeric, honey, etc are natural bleach that improve complexion. They remove tan and make your skin fairer. (Note that lemon juice is more effective than lime juice for getting fair complexion). Cucumber juice can be applied on dry as well as oily skin to get fair complexion. To make cucumber juice, grate cucumber (with skin) and squeeze it. Only 1/2 to 1 teaspoon is sufficient for a single application. Drink 10 glasses of water daily. It will help in getting rid off any dark circles under your eyes. Try out this paste- Apply a mixture of equal amounts of lemon juice and honey on the face and whole body. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash off.
      Hey just visit these skin care articles, hope you find it useful.

  16. Resolved says:

    Does anyone know of any lotion/cream that helps clear spots or even skin tone?
    I have some spots on my face, and I’m wondering if anyone knows (or knows of) a lotion or cream that would help clear them? I’m a dark skinned African American woman, and apart from these spots, seem to have very good skin. I don’t have acne or eczema, and the spots are just marks leftover from picking at my face as a teenager. I’m currently using Neutrogena’s ‘Visibly Even’ face wash and cream, which although it leaves my face feeling EXCEPTIONALLY smooth, hasn’t really done much for evening out my skin tone. (Which was why I bought it)…

    So does anyone have any suggestions? Again, my face is really, really smooth and soft… I’d just like my skin tone even… without the marks here and there. Preferably something that doesn’t noticably lighten my skin complexion either… I’m quite dark. Thank you.

    • monie0078 says:

      You should try Ambi cream. It works wonders with little spots on the face! I’m African American as well, and I had these little spots underneath my chin from picking at my acne. I started washing my face every night with a cleanser, and using nothing but Ambi for my face. I have to tell you that the change has been remarkable. I didn’t get lighter like I feared; only the spots did. Now, there’re barely noticable!

  17. Juicy Couture says:

    How would Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream work for African American Skin?
    I want to try Meladerm to lighten my uneven skin tone, get rid of scars and stretch marks. Will it work, how long will it take to see full results? Is it safe for African American skin?

    • purplerain1582 says:

      It is safe depending on your skin type. If you have sensitive skin, you may want to try it on a patch of skin like your inner wrist or inner ankle to see if you have an allergic reaction.
      All skin lightening creams work differently so just be patient and make sure you give yourself at least 6 wks to see the results. Also, make sure that you’re using sunscreen that is at least an SPF of 30. That will prevent any new skin and old scars from becoming darker. Try using a mild exfoliator because that will help to slough off the dead skin and make it more even toned.
      Pay attention to your diet and drink plenty of water. Stay wawy from junk food and greasy foods. Fruits and veggies will also help to change the tone and texture of your skin. Last but not least… watch your stress levels. Stress can make you eat bad foods and breakout. You don’t want to worry about new scars and breakouts… Good luck!!

  18. Lady T says:

    (For Ethnic Females) Do Rubbing Lemons on Elbows & Knees Work?
    This question is just specifically for ethnic women.
    I have been using Ambi soft and even skin tone enhancing moisture cream and it has been working very well on my scars, but it has only lightened my dark knees a little bit more and hasn’t done anything for my elbows! I heard that rubbing lemons on dark elbows and knees works, but I remember hearing an african american female saying that it made that area of her skin darker. Does it work or not on ethnic skin, preferably african american skin?

  19. Tina F says:

    Black women bleaching vs white women tanning?
    I saw on the Tyra Banks show today that some African American women use bleaching creams to lighten their skin.
    I think everyone should be happy in their own skin, don’t get me wrong.

    But is this that much different from white women using tanning beds, and sprays/creams to achieve a darker skin tone?

    I mean, the women on the show didn’t want to be Caucasian, they just wanted a lighter skin tone (like Beyonce, Halle Berry etc).

    Why is it so much more taboo for a black woman to want a different skin tone?

  20. karee1235 says:

    Is it ok for me to bleach my skin?
    I am African-American and I am 15 years old and my skin color is Brown,if you look at me i would be in the middle of light and brown skinned and i want to make my body or (face) lighter.Is there any home products like clorox (bleach),lemons,oatmeal,cucumber,or,oatmeal I can use to lighten up my (face) or body with,Or can can I buy creams or other lightening creams that can help brighten or lighten my skin? Please help me?? I would like to have honest opinions about my question not that “Oh You Should Be Fine The Way You Are Crap”!

  21. bananarepublic says:

    I want my natrual skin back.?
    Ok so i’m an african american, and right now i’m a medium brown color. But I was born light brown. I spent alot of time under the sun last year and I think that’s what caused me to get darker. I want my beautiful natural light-brown skin back. I’ve tried alot of things to get it back i’ve tried skin lightening creams, scrubbing hard when i shower and even staying out of the sun this summer but still nothing really happened. My goal is to get to the color of skin that is under my forearms and near my biceps (parts that weren’t exposed to the sun) or is it justnormal for those parts to be lighter because i’ve noticed those spots don’t have hair, which could potentially be the reason it’s lighter
    anyways give me some advice pls.
    thanks in advance

    • tatal_nostru2006 says:

      I don’t know if it will work…but you can try to put clay and water, let it dry and clean…if it doesn’t help, in summer, after some days in the sun your skin will be back…don’t you think? Pray for that!

  22. jigglypuffer says:

    Can you tell me which skin lightening creams are good for dark skin?
    I am Indian, but the skin on my face is about as dark as most African Americans.

    • Otter says:

      Please don’t change! Black is beautiful, Brown is beautiful, and whoever made you think otherwise needs a boot to the head and a kick in the butt. I’m white, and frankly, we look like crap when it’s cold, or when we bruise, or get too much sun. If it’s peer pressure of some kind, you need to get some new friends. If it’s your parents, leave their old way of thinking behind and join us in the 21st century already! Be proud of your Melanin and happy that your risk of melanoma is low! I’ve been to India and was very saddened by how little the images in advertising reflect the actual population. Indians are beautiful precisely because of centuries of mixture between Aryans and Dravidians and besides all that, beauty is about behavior and spirit, no matter what superficial people/ads might say. Rise above them!

  23. Tee says:

    I have embarrassing dark marks on my legs from old bug mites and scratches. What are some good fade creams?
    My school starts in less than 4 weeks. And I used to wear knee high socks with my skirt to school to cover up my marks. But I dont think we can wear knee highs anymore! Im devastated. What over the counter fade creams that’ll lighten brown marks on light skin, will work fast enough for me to be able to wear crew socks?? The marks aren’t really that dark. My skin is just light(im african american). I at least want the marks to BRIGHTEN. My price limit is $20.

    • reynoldscutie12 says:

      try AMBI it worked for me in about 2 weeks you can get it at like walgreens walmart ect. hope it works

  24. memyselfandI says:

    Black skin care advice?
    I have tried it all. Its sad to say but alot of products do not work for all skin types. african american skin is wuite different. i dnt have acne yet i have a few scars left from ocassional pimples. they are dark marks that will not go away. i need a good fade cream that is safe for black skin to spot treat these uncomfortable spots. i wear makeup by bare minerals but without it i feel horrible tht my skin has theses ugly dark marks. i have a tanish brown complexion so the marks are noticably embarrassing. please tell me what fade creams are safe!! ive heard palmers has good products for fading darks marks. please someone help. ur opinions matter…o yea i just purchased murad lightening gel for dark marks…will this do?

    • adisha Cant Deal With dis anymor says:

      yes palmers skin sucess fade cream that Works great but Remember just put it on the Scars NEVER Put all over the Face because that will give your complexion a Uneven tone also i heard Ambi Works great

  25. Jen D says:

    How to lighten skin and keep it that way?
    If you’re going to say “OMG, Don’t lighten it,” i really don’t care.
    It’s funny how people who are white can tan their skin but people who are black are ridiculed for wanting to lighten it.

    Anyway, anyone know any thing that’s not skin-bleach and doesn’t have the answer “Michael Jackson” that works?
    Also, if you trying Likas Papaya Soap or Mena Products or any other cream that lightens your skin, can you tell me?
    Also, which sunscreen SPF should I use? I was thinking of 50, but I’m not really sure if I should use SPF 50.
    Also, if theirs a natural way to lighten your skin, please tell me.

    P.S. I’m african american o_O.
    Oh and if theirs a product that can prevent wrinkles and acne, and remove stretch marks and scars, please tell me ^-^. Thanks 🙂

    • Tila Tequila says:

      I get what your saying with the whole “dont lighten your skin” thing and how if a white person tans its ok. Unfortunatley it looks “racist” if its the other way around. I have relatively light skin. Its a light light tan and i dont tan at all. Im scared of the sun because if i stay in the sun for 5 minutes im already a couple shades darker. The reason i DONT want to get darker is simply because i like my skin color. So i would not want to be lighter either. Whats wrong with dark skin though? Is it really THAT bad? Anyways… the only “natural” product i have heard of to lighten skin is to rub lemon on you. The juices lighten up the skin. You can even look up “how to lighten skin” on youtube and you can run across some videos.

  26. DEe J says:

    what skin lightener creams really works on dark african american skin?
    i realize the rest of my body is significantly lighter that my face!!! my face has gotten so dark because of me carelessly being out in the sun and the lightest part of my face is my nose.Its been like this for a while My skin tone has gotten dark and uneven, i want to lighten my face (not like sammy sosa) but i just want to enjoy a even nice medium orange brown skintone all over again like how i wasb4 being i was darkened by the sun and get rid of these Acne scars. its really has lowered my self confidence and esteem its like im afraid to talk the girl i like now, because i think she’ll find my face ugly, Ive been made fun of almost all the time because of my darkened skin, and has made me so insecure. bcuz of this wen girls say im cute and like me i dont believe it, and prom is coming in 3 MOnthes OMG , i cant look like this, im afraid of taking pictures and even goin on camera because of how i look now. I know im not naturally dark person so the dark skin on my face looks weird on me. im so afraid of how ppl think me now and i dnt want to wrry about this nemore. Im thinking of using diana stadler, kojc papaya soap along with the skin lightener, please guys i need help im sick and tired of this, does anyone know any safe potent, effect skin lighteners online, that arent so expensive and that work for sure to get me my desired even medium brown skin tone back or lightened significantly within the 3 monthes?there are so many online!!??

    • pri says:

      hey pal…keep cool first of all..!! try olay products….they are best for correcting uneven skin tone problem…now that you realised-try avoiding harsh afternoon sun..or use a good sunscreen…banana boat brand is the best!! if you hav sunburns and scars….apply fresh aloevera gel…its the best remedy…try getting aloevera leaf-slit it in the middle-cut the gel out from it and directly apply it on your face(there’ll be two kinds of gel in the leaf-sum white n sum green-make sure u use only the white part)…know your skin type well-use products accordingly(any queries ask me again!!! hehe)…follow 4 step skin routne-cleansing,toning,moisturising,and scrubing(once in two weeks)…all this will definately help you in achieving the complexion you lik….drink lots of water-control oily stuff intake…you hav 3 months….dont worry…you will look lik a prince on ur prom…..!!!! hav fun!!!!

  27. Faith says:

    Have you ever judged someone based on hearsay & rumour only to learn later?
    that the person’s actions stemmed from an illness beyond his control?

    (CNN) — Michael Jackson’s single white glove was his trademark — an iconic image for a performer whose career constantly set, then redefined, pop culture trends.But it also was an early effort to mask a skin condition that he would struggle with for the rest of his life, say some who were close to him.

    “The glove was to cover the vitiligo; that’s how that glove came into being.”

    Jackson’s dermatologist, Dr. Arnie Klein, told CNN that Jackson suffered from vitiligo, a disease that causes blotches of lightening skin, as well as a form of lupus that led to rashes and flaking of skin on his scalp.

    “His was bad because he began to get a speckled look over his body,” Klein said. “All over his body — on his face and hands, which is hard to treat.”It’s a report that rings true to others with the disease.

    “I have to wear sleeves and carry an umbrella,” said Lee Thomas, who wrote a memoir called “Turning White,” which discusses his physical and mental struggles as an African-American man whose skin changes because of vitiligo. “It totally makes sense to me.” “I got [white spots] on one of my hands, so I used to wear a glove to hold a microphone,” he said.

    Dr. James Norlund, a dermatologist, never treated Jackson, but said the singer’s use of the gloves and lipstick was consistent with the patterns of vitiligo, since the spots frequently first appear on the hands and face, including the lips.

    Klein said he treated Jackson’s vitiligo with a cream that eventually bleached Jackson’s darker pigmentation to even out his skin color. He said it was that treatment — not a once-rumored desire by Jackson to be white — that lightened his skin over the years.

    “Michael was black,” Klein said. “He was very proud of his black heritage.”
    Edit: GeeCee, exactly! x

    • Eden* says:

      I agree with Brian. Rumours and hearsay with a desire to hurt and dismantle someone is pernicious. And as you said once in another post, useless to defend yourself when a person’s mindset is immovable.
      I can understand the Lupus rash for obvious reasons, although it was the one thing my daughter was never afflicted with severely, now and then she did have patches of dry skin that turned red and brown and were very painful and as a result she never wore dresses or skirts in the summertime so if Michael wore a glove to try and disguise his condition why does anyone have a problem with that?
      He’s going to be judged no matter what facts come out to the contrary sadly

  28. Scenario Jewel Murphy says:

    How can i make my skin lighter?
    I really hate the fact that my skin is brown. I’m constantly a victim of stereotyping because i’m african american. I really want to rid myself of the labels, and everything else that i’m “associated” with. People automatically make assumptions such as i’m probably not smart, i listen to rap music, that i am loud, etc. I don’t like these stereotypes that my teachers and co-workers assume of me, because other black men and women exhibit this behavior. Maybe i’m foolish, or maybe my co-workers and professors are racist. I don’t know, but i don’t appreciate it and i want to change myself for good.

    I use relaxers in my hair 2x a month to keep it straight. I wear wigs and hair extensions so that my hair looks longer. I’m scheduled to get breast augmentation surgery in July , but my physician has told me that there is no guaranteed method to lighten the skin except melanin inhibitors at least 5-6 times a year. are there creams i can use instead? where can i get them?

    please help
    i am a black person, i’m not white…

    telling me to stfu is not helping me at all…

    I am serious about my question…

    Yes… i do hate myself, and i hate being stereotyped. i just want to fit in..

    Not all black people listen to rap music….

    • Label addict!!~ says:

      well ambi skin cream worked wonders for me… lighten my have to use it daily along with the soap….and you will see results trust me…i was once a caramel skin tone…now my skin is very light and smooth…there’s only one problem….the rest on my body is caramel and my face is pale…oh welll!

  29. voyagerfan67 says:

    Ambi Fade facial cream?
    I am African American, and I have very noticeable discoloration of the skin on my face and neck, so much so that it looks like my face is a shade darker than the rest of my body. I was recommended Ambi products and have started using the complexion bar and daily moisturizer, but was more interested in the fade cream. Would it help with my discoloration or is it really only for dark spots? If not, what other products may help lighten my skin?

    • T says:

      I’m African American. I use Ambi Daily Moisturizer and it really has helped fade my discoloration. Generally, my discolorations become darker in the summer, but I believe the SPF in the moisturizer prevents the spots from getting darker. I guess the other ingredients helps fade the spots.

      I don’t use the other products, but if the moisturizer works so well on its own, then I’d venture to guess that the other products work just as well.

  30. Annlee says:

    Strong Bleaching cream for african americans?
    I ask that you Please Don’t respond if you don’t have an answer, i’m seeking answers not opinions. I would like to know what are some strong bleaching creams for black people i really want to lighten my skin by at least 3 shades. As of now i would say i’m gabrielle unions complextion but i would like to lighten my complextion by 3 shades. I tried some of the over the counter creams that contain hydroquinone but i would like to know if there is anything stronger.

    • Sarah D says:

      You really need to be careful using hydroquinone, quite strong and the side effects can lead to cancer!!!

      The best products I used to lighten my skin up to two shades over a period of say three months was the Lighter and Brighter Skin Lightening Ritual, mainly the LIghter and Brighter Age Resisting Skin Lightening cream which works wonders and you will see results within 4 weeks!!!

      to get more information FREE check out or

      Skin Lightening should be long term therefore any rapid miracle cures overnight will be more damaging long term.

      Hope that helps

  31. Ms. Unique says:

    Does anyone know what kind of skin disorder that would turn your hands including the palm of your hands black.
    Literally the color black. This has ocurred on a african american male. It started about 5 months ago and got worse. His dermatalogist don’t know what it is but prescripted a cream for him to apply. The first cream didn’t work and seem to make it worse. Then he Rx another cream and it seems to be helping but the doctor still doesn’t know what it is or what caused it. My friend is 64 years old. Some parts of his fingers and palms has very hard callouses and the skin is very hard. Parts of his hands have begun to lighten up somewhat. Can someone help. I told him it may be time to seek another doctor.

    • TweetyBird says:

      I have no idea what this could be. Is there something he comes into contact with on a regular basis with his hands? Perhaps as a part of his job? The hard skin sounds like scleroderma but the hyperpigmentation (darkening) doesn’t quite fit. Suggest to him again to see a different dermatologist and have a check up with his primary care provider to rule out disease or other disorders.

  32. African American Civil Rights says:

    question on safe skin bleaching creams for African Americans!?
    I’m a black male that wants to lighten some dark areas of my skin. I have heard how products with hydroquinone are harmful so I’m looking for bleaching products that don’t contain that and that and I’ve found Maladerm and Lightenex. I have heard some negative reviews about Maladerm but none about Lightenex. Does anyone know of any other skin bleaching creams without hydroquinone and have any thoughts about Lightenex?

  33. Hershey Kiss says:

    How can I take better care of my skin?
    Hello, I am a 24 yr old African American women. I am wanting to take better care of my skin but don’t really know where to begin. I have a combination of dry and oily skin. I have been using the Ambi fade cream to lighten any dark spots on my skin. My skin just look bland and I feel that my complexion is uneven. Could anyone reccomend some products or a routine for me to use?

    • Night Rainbow says:

      Take warm showers, but not too hot as it can cause rough skin.

      Take warm shower,
      Dry self good,
      Immediatly apply lotion right after you dry yourself ( your pores are likely to be open, a great time to sneak and lock moisture in ) ( I recommend nivea happy bodywash and nivea happy lotion ),
      apply hand creme throughout the day, or regular lotion will do.
      Do not expose your skin to cold weather without having lotion around.

  34. African American Civil Rights says:

    question on skin lightening creams for African Americans?
    I’m a black male that wants to lighten some dark areas of my skin. I have heard how products with hydroquinone are harmful so I’m looking for bleaching products that don’t contain that and that and I’ve found Maladerm and Lightenex. I have heard some negative reviews about Maladerm but none about Lightenex. Does anyone know of any other skin bleaching creams without hydroquinone and have any thoughts about Lightenex?

  35. Back to Basiccs,! :) says:

    *sigh*. Another question about being biracial?
    Okay, so. My mom is black, father is white and he’s deceased. At school today, we were in class talking about segregation and things. The teacher called on me and wanted my input on the subject. I really didn’t have anything to say, except that it was wrong and should have never happened. I consider myself more white than I am black even though my skin in darker than my mixed friend Bailey’s. I get passed on as African-American, which isn’t bad at all, but I feel bad because I should stand up for my background (especially my father.) I get really offended when people constantly tell me I’m too dark to be mixed..the only way I can prove myself is with photos of my brothers who took more after my dad and are 2000 times lighter than I am. Phew, so my question is: Should I use lightening creams to lighten my skin? Any advice I should take so I do get offended? Thanks for all of your help!
    my hair is sandy brownish/blondish.. to the question about features.
    small nose.. thin lips.. i had to get a mirror..LOL..

    • :D says:

      Interesting, from my (limited) teaching experience back in the US, I only met mixed kids who wished they were more ”black” and would give anything for a darker skin tone. Lightening your skin doesn’t sound like the right thing to do, though. Instead, I’d confront the issue straight on. It might be difficult, but tell your teacher (who shouldn’t be singling any kid out based on their skin color anyways) that you don’t feel comfortable speaking for all black people and instead should direct the question to the whole class. Working at a school in Japan now I get asked to speak on behalf of all Americans everyday – and it can be really difficult, especially when people ask really ”cookie cutter” questions. Hang in there, you’ll be alright. (BTW, I miss black and mixed people ;_; )

  36. bianca says:

    does lemon lighten skin?
    does lemon lighten naturally brown skin? i would love to lighten up about 4 shades, every time a light skin african american girl past me i get mad cause dats the color i want to be. i have been doing a little googling about it and it says it does lighten up your skin a few shades as well as help acne, helps scars but u have to use it for guessing maybe 5 months does anyone have experience or know about this? cause i have been putting lemon all over my body for about a week now & i dnt want to keep my hopes high. I dont want to use bleaching creams because it damages your skin, i actually have picked it up and use it but i felt bad about it so i stopped.. i stopped before i could even see results. Im just looking for a better way.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Why is being fairer considered more beautiful?
    I am taking ethnic studies and we are studying this so I couldn’t help ask you guys. I only took this class because I had to and I was seriously really sick of the “racism debate” before I took this but this really opened my eyes.
    This is all over the world too the lighter a person to most people the more “beautfiul” even in demographically non white countries.
    In class we learned about how in some African countries 88% of the models, movie stars etc are the lighter golden skinned blacks rather than the darker ones.
    In India they even sell “skin lightening” cream for those who happen to be unfortunatly a few shades too dark. Again most of the movie stars there are the lighter skinned indians.
    In Latin American the rich and famous are often those with European Spanish (from spain) roots rather than darker native indian heritage.
    Among white people blondes are quite frequently viewed as more beatuiful than brunettes. Blonde is the most popular color to dye ones hair. Blue and green eyed color contacts are the most popular not brown.
    You can’t deny it its all over the world and in all racial groups. The fairer the better. So why is this? Any thoughts?

  38. ‡Kyuketsuki‡ says:

    Brighten Skin Color.?
    Yeah, what are some ways to brighten skin color? Creams or anything? I’m an African American girl and I want to know if anything good works.

    I’ve read alot of questions like this and alot of answers were rude and the person that asked the question was usually called a ‘rasist’. Well, you can STFU if you plan on calling me that. Got it? O_o

    The reason is, their are certain areas of my skin that are darker than the others, and when I put on make-up, it doesn’t come out the way I want. So I want a way to even & lighten my skin color.

    Thank you for listening/helping and not being complete jerks!



    • Michelle S says:

      you can try esoterica.. you can get it at your local pharmacy .. or you can get a stronger cream but needs a prescription.. its hydroquinone

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