Small Raised Red Circle On Skin

Infant And Kid Rashes: Common Skin Inflammations And Conditions

When you are a parent of a child between two to five, you experience times where you are in a panic. Your tiny one is learning how to walk, then run, and fall. Your four year old wants to climb to the tallest part of the jungle gym, and your five year old wants to learn to ride a bike or skateboard. Little scrapes and bruises are the norm with little kids, but strange illnesses such as bumps and odd red patches that itch can send parents into fits of worry.

As common as small scrapes on the knee; skin reactions are a normal occurrence in children. They are exposed to many allergy triggering irritants. For this reason, there are a variety of skin conditions that can cause your child to suffer. Many rashes aren’t urgent and can wait until they can be checked by a pediatrician.

Different rashes can appear in various ways. Some are raised bumps that you can feel when you touch it while others are flat. Lacy outbreaks are ones that look as if lace left an impression on the skin. A pimply reaction is when there are many tiny, raised bumps with a white head. A blister is a bump that is filled with clear liquid, while pustules are filled with pus.

As stated before, there are many types of skin outbreaks. Hives are raised welts that spread quickly on the chest, belly and arms. These are brought on by allergic reactions. Eczema is a common skin condition in children and is due to two reasons, heredity and allergy. Eczema can appear as white flat patches on the skin or red, puffy raised patches. Some toddlers and young children will get skin outbreaks because of a viral or bacterial infection. Chicken pox is a common childhood disease that starts as a handful of red bumps. Then they become clear liquid filled blisters. Chicken pox is accompanied by fever and then the blisters start to crust over. Impetigo is caused by a bacteria infection that appears as red bumps around the nose and mouth area. This infection is cleared with antibiotics.

As you can see, there are different types of rashes that kids can be exposed to. This is only a small list of conditions that can cause these outbreaks. But remember, most are harmless and just take a little care and topical medication. However, if you feel that your child is in danger, contact your local doctor or urgent care physician. Always have a working phone number or email address so your child’s teacher at pre-school or school can inform you of any condition in the school that may be contagious.

About the author: Learn more about Toddler Eczema and read about Hives Treatment and other common skin conditions of kids and adults.


Frequently Asked Questions

    Small red raised circle on skin? What is it?
    I woke up the other morning and noticed this ring of raised skin on my shoulder. It is red and only raised in a ring. There is a circle of normal skin inside. It is also a perfect circle…it dosnt look like a bug bite. I am not sure what it is from.
    It doesn’t itch either

    • ANSWER:
      probably ring worm.

    What could this be on my sons skin?
    A couple of weeks ago i noticed a small perfect circle of red raised skin on my sons leg, in the middle of the cirle the skin was fine. It hasn’t grown, or spread or became like a rash over the weeks it’s just exactly the same. I showed this to the pharmasist to try get some cream is i was convinced it was wringworm but he said that he didn’t know what it was, but it wasn’t wringworm. Today i have notcied an identical circle on his hand?

    My son is also seeing an oncologist due to swollen lymph nodes in the groin and kneck they have been struggling to put a reason to, i’m almost hoping these are wringworms as this may finally explain why several lymph nodes are swollen due to fighting a fungus

    Has anyone ever experienced these raised red circles before and know what they are?


    • ANSWER:

    Itchy red spots on skin (stomach) not raised up like a bite tho?
    Idk what it is. Its not raised up like a bug bite or any kind but its red, itchy, and hurts to scratch. I have two spots right by each other but ones a small oval and the other is an even smaller circle, then there are 3 red dots leading away from the both of them

    • ANSWER:
      I used to have something like that but a bit more like hives, and believe me i know the feeling of wanting to scratch but being afraid you’ll hurt yourself. I made myself bleed once by accident. I suggest just going off certain foods you eat daily a good way of doing that is on the day that you get the rash think about what you ate, or what type of detergent you are using. Mine have gone away but it used to be REALLY bad. The weird things is, as soon as i left my school to go into a new one with higher grades, it went away….Haha, well if those suggestions dont work for you if they continue and they start getting worse, I would probably go see a doctor and maybe get a prescription cream, it might be because your skin is really dry too.
      Hope i helped!!

    red freckle like dot on skin?
    i have a red circle on my skin. its SLIGHTLY raised, but barely. its smaller than a pencil eraser head. and it’s not ringworm because its fully red, not a red ring. and i dont think its lime disease. any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:

    What is this red bump on my arm?
    About two days ago I noticed a red bump on my arm. It’s a small red & raised bump surrounded by a circle of red skin…what is this? A bug bite?

    • ANSWER:
      It could be a bug bit. It could be allergies. It could be anything. Who knows! Your description is vague at best. Apply 1% hydrocortisone for one week and see if it improves. If not, then I suggest you see a doctor.

      No one can accurately diagnose your skin condition via cyberspace. Any advice you get here is will never on par with that of a real doctor If you want medical advice, then Yahoo! Answer is the last place you want to go and ask your question when you can see a pharmacist or doctor. The trade-off is huge: a medical physician versus a total random stranger with no knowledge of your medical history and skin condition. No honest person will tell you that s/he knows exactly what you have and give you the correct treatment protocol. That is what you call wishful thinking. If you do not know, then no one knows honestly here.

      Bottom line: please see a board-certified dermatologist.

    small red bump on arm?
    I had a skin colored bump on my arm for months. I messed with it and it turned painful and red, and has a red welted (raised) skin, shaped in a circle around it. I popped it and white stuff and yellow “grease” came out (hurt so bad). Its still there (two days after messing with it) and hurts so bad, but there isn’t anything in it anymore. I also have another skin colored bump on my chest, that might turn into the same thing. any idea what it is?

    • ANSWER:
      i have no idea. get it checked might be an infection. might be a tick bight. or a scratch got infected or something

    Red, circular splotches on my skin?
    I have small red circles on my skin. They don’t hurt and are only irritating because I know they’re there. There is one on my forehead, one on my lower lip, and one where my left thigh connects to my pelvis. They are all about the size of the tip of my pinky. They are not raised, they just feel like very dry skin. (Except for my lip, which is swollen from how much I’ve messed with it.) I don’t. Know what it is.

    • ANSWER:
      if they begin to get bigger see your doctor.. it sounds similar to ringworm, go to google and search “ring worms” and do they look similar to that?

    Rash that has a red circular outline and white in the middle – what could it be?
    I have noticed that I have a small rash on my stomach that has a raised, thin red circle and is completely white in the middle, which I think is just normal skin.

    Anyone have any idea what this rash could be? I know going to see a doctor is the best port of call, but I was wondering if anyone could give me any ideas?
    I must add that it is also quite small, probably no more than half to three quaters of an inch in diameter.

    • ANSWER:
      The white is probably pus so then it would be infected. Go to the drugstore and buy some neosporam. I may have misspelled that as even spell check couldn’t pick up on it. Just ask a pharmacy tech or the pharmacist. That should take care of it.

    Raised Skin Colored Bumps?
    I’ve had these raised skin colored bumps on me for about three year and I have no idea what they are.

    The first one is on my right foot and is an oval shape about the size of a small mole/ beauty mark, it’s skin colored and raised a bit. It turns red when I scratch it and peels, then after some time it goes back to it’s original color and shape. It doesn’t feel like anything, it doesn’t hurt, and I’m sure it’s not a whitehead/ blackhead.

    Then there are two on my left leg, knee cap area, but these are differently shaped, the first one, a bit bigger than a millimeter in diameter and looks like a deformed pentagon-circle mix, and does the same thing as the other except it is slightly less red and bleeds, doesn’t feel like anything and is barely raised. The second one is smaller and similar to the larger and when scratched turns red. Both have hair coming out of them.

    I couldn’t find anything about this on, nor on the internet, so does anyone have any idea what it is? :S I don’t know if it’s cancer related.

    • ANSWER:
      All 3 of the main types of skin cancer (basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma) *can* present as flesh colored nodules/bumps. Melanoma less frequently presents that way, but it is possible (amelanotic nodular melanoma). But, flesh colored nodules can also be totally benign things like warts or dermatofibromas. And cancers generally do not grow hair. There’s really no way to tell without having it biopsied.

      The thing that worries me is that they itch occassionally (or I am assuming so because you mention scratching them), and particularly the one that bleeds. Is the bleeding recent or has it always done that? And does it happen randomly or just when you scratch?

      I would say you need to go ahead and get in to a dermatologist sooner rather than later. I would not freak out about it based on the above, but I do think you need to have it checked.

    What is this small lump on my finger?
    On my index finger slap bang in the middle I have a slightly raised area of skin about 5mm in diameter. It is red with a circle about 2mm in diameter of hard white skin. I have looked for a black spot so I don’t think it is a verucca, but it’s very embarrassing, so what is it and how do I cure it?

    • ANSWER:

    Large red circle, possible bug bite?
    About a month ago my 3 year old daughter had a small red circle (entirely red, not a bulls eye) which grew to the size of a silver dollar. It had a raised bump in the middle, so I assumed it was a bug bite. I called her doctor and he said to just watch it for 24 hours. It decreased within the 24 hours and within two days was gone. About five days ago, I noticed more of these bites on her legs and butt. They are not as big as the first circle, but I am still concerned. She doesn’t seem to have any symptoms. She’s acting normal. I haven’t noticed her itching them and they don’t hurt her if I touch them. She does have very sensitive skin and gets rashes easily. Any ideas as to what this is?

    • ANSWER:
      Possibly bed bugs? Oh, gosh, I know that is a horrible thought, but go check it out anyway just to be sure. Odd that they don’t itch though. I guess you will have to take her to the pediatrician just to get the official diagnosis.

    Dark circle/ring of skin on penis shaft?
    I have this circle on the shaft of my penis that is painless, and doesn’t itch, it is just there. I noticed it about a month ago and it was very very small then, but now it seems to have expanded and grown. To describe it I can’t say much other than it is a circle or ring in which the ring is a darker skin color, not red or inflamed but like light brown/red (tan). The inside of the ring looks like normal skin, and there is no rim or crater (not raised).

    It responds to hydro-cortisone cream but then it just returns shortly after. I tried a mix of anti-biotic, anti-fungal creams to no avail as well.

    Can you guys help me diagnose this? I hate to have it staring back at me every time I look down there…
    I am uncircumcised. This ring is like ontop of my shaft. It does not go around the penis, just on top of it…

    • ANSWER:
      Some STDs and what not can be asymptomatic or something like that were it shows no symptoms for a little while then hits like a train. But yeah you should definitely get it checked out. Could be any sort of disease.

    1 month old sick, Could it be chicken pox?
    He was a little fussy this afternoon (he’s usually very agreeable) and felt warm so I checked and sure enough he had a temperature of 99.6. He slept for 2.5 hours which is unusual for him, I had to wake him up to eat something, to keep him from getting dehydrated, and stripped him down to his diaper to keep him cool (the temp in the house is 73). Then I noticed 3 bumps on his back, a small raised red bump surrounded by a circle of red skin. The other kids school has been having trouble with chicken pox…could they have carried it home?

    • ANSWER:

    Does this sound like skin cancer to you?
    I have a spot on the left side of my forehead right up near my hairline. It is kind of a dark brown colored circle but does not raise off the skin. It is not dark enough to where anyone can really notice it especially if I am tan but it worries me. Also, near it on my forehead is a small red mole looking bump. If that is not cancer, is it just a sunspot?

    • ANSWER:
      The first thing you described sounds like a sunspot. The second thing you described sounds like an angioma, which is not really a red mole but a blood vessel at the surface which appears as a mole. The first thing I would not worry about. The second one I would have looked at just to be sure. It doesn’t sound like it’s always been there since you are referring to it as a “sunspot”…so any time you get a new “red mole” or a typical mole changes color or shape, its cause for concern, or maybe not even concern, but worth checking into a little more to make sure it’s nothing cancerous. Even if it turned out to be cancerous just so you know, they just remove that area and biopsy surrounding tissue to make sure theres no spread, and usually thats it. But if you let it invade and become serious then you’re in a whole new mess…so just go to the dermatologist and make sure that it’s nothing to worry about which is probably the case anyways.

    What kind of bite or sting could I have?
    Last night I was out running around town playing manhunt, and ended up in some kind of poky spruce or something tree. I sat in the tree for maybe 45-50 minutes (I’m relentless..and won the game by the way.) The underside of the tree where I was, was very moist and well, gross. Throughout the game, I obtained lots of mosquito bites and scrapes. I have recently found that I have these other “bites” that look just like small circles of red skin. They aren’t raised..just look like many tiny red dots. I have probably 20 of them in clusters or randomly on my upper body/torso. They feel a lot like splinters if something goes across when I put on a shirt. They hurt pretty bad if anything scrapes them, even slightly. Could I have been bit by an ant? Did the poky tree give me splinters? Is this something I need to have checked? I didn’t notice them lastnight..only today. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like you rubbed up against a cactus or something similar, some plants have very tiny spikes that have an oil that stings and when rubbed against can leave very small red spots ,sometime when I work in the garden without gloves I get a few on my arm when working near the cactus . Dry your arm completely then take a small piece of duct tape and place it over the red spots and lift if there is a splinter the tape will pull them out. then put a little aloe vera on the spots within a few days they should disappear. but if now after a few days that they are still bothering you maybe you should get them looked at. Hope you feel well well soon.

    non itchy skin condition?
    I cannot get an appointment with a doc until Feb so I am asking here. Since high school I have occasionally gotten skin growths that last for about 6 months and go away. They are scaly red patches of raised skin with no fluid that if I peel bleed. There are small, 1/8th to 1/4 of an inch, round and even, ovals and circles. They are not patches, but individual and spaced out. I have not had them in years and in the last few days I have gotten dozens; on my legs, torso (the only place I used to get it), all across my forehead as well. I would normally wait, but they are spreading fast and take for ever to go away. I had it tested years ago and it is not eczema, psoriasis or seborrhoeic dermatitis.
    Any ideas would be so greatly appreciated as to what it is and what helps it beyond the basic dry skin treatments, I have tried all of them and have oily skin.

    • ANSWER:
      It could be a fungal infection.

    Skin Rash on skin?
    Recently I went to my doctor and showed her some of the problems my skin has had recently. Right above my belly button, I had a small pimple like sore, of course I scratched it now it turned red is slightly raised. Not RINGWORM or HERPES, Doctor said it is just a skin rash. I am not buying it! I have a few on my lower back as well. I will attempt to describe them perfectly. The sore looks like a small crater, with raised edges with a dark red small circle center. They do leave a scar, I had two on my belly about six months ago.

    Any ideas.. Doc told me to use some Hydrocortosone Cream, but I feel this is worse..

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Brian

      Here are some real answers on skin conditions. Remedies at the bottom. Cleansing the body of toxins is the key. Especially a colon cleanse! Educate yourself on detoxifying the blood.

      Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman N.D. – “What is your skin trying to tell you? Often the skin is a metaphor for deeper issues and a way for your body to send up a red flag to warn you that all is not well underneath. When our skin is unhealthy it is usually a reflection of the internal state of our bodies, and is often a sign of poor elimination of toxins and waste products. Most of us are embarrassed by skin problems such as rashes, rosacea, boils or acne, especially in places where others can see our imperfections. The skin is the body’s first line of defense against the environment. It has to deal with the effects of weather, sun , cold, heat, dryness, humidity, scrapes, bumps, soaps, detergents, chemicals, perspiration and dirt of all kinds. It is a wonder that our skin stays healthy most of the time! We can help our skin deal with this onslaught by optimizing our general health and by protecting our skin from harsh environmental exposure. Western medicine generally treats skin eruptions with either antibiotics, cortisone, or antifungal preparations. These medicines may alleviate the skin problem temporarily, or occasionally for good, but do not address the source of the problem. Putting a lid on skin symptoms without getting to the root of the imbalance may even result in suppression, that means the imbalance may be driven deeper causing more serious health problems later without ever strengthening the underlying vital force of the person. Fortunately, naturopathic medicine offers a wide vareity of effective treatments for skin problems.”

      Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman N.D. – “Your skin is a reflection of how well your body is eliminating the toxins that build up on a daily basis. Chronic skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis stem from a combination of genetic factors, immune stress, dietary deficiencies or sensitivities, and the accumulation of toxins in the body. For our skin to be radiant and clear, it is very important that the other organs of elimination (kidneys, liver, lungs, and colon) are cleansing the body effectively. If not, the skin will be overtaxed, pores will become clogged, and eruptions of one sort or another will result. Here are a number of steps you can take to improve your body’s overall elimination wtih specific emphasis on your skin.”

      Detoxification is a normal body process of eliminating or neutralizing toxins through the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, lymph and skin. Juice Fasting is the world’s most ancient and natural healing mechanism. Fasting triggers a truly wondrous cleansing process that reaches right down to each and every cell and tissue in the body.

      Learn more about Therapeutic Fasting and Detoxification – Colon Cleansing is the main step. Must remove the toxins from the colon, so the toxins dont get in the blood and cause illness and disease.

      Natural Cures

      1. Fruits and Vegetables for Acne: Carrot & spinach, celery & watercress, grapefruit juices are all useful to combat acne.

      2. Unwholesome Foods: Acne, a prevalent problem among teen-aged boys would not be possible in our society if our foods were wholesome. A most sad and disgusting sight is the pus-filled pimples due to inner toxicity — wastes trying desperately to escape through the face. This condition often turns a gentle face in the blossom of youth into a waste dump of pimples, pus and subsequent pock marks which can be prevented. The tons of acne medications and prescriptions sold annually act only on the effect of the harmful food, and not the cause of the disease, malnutrition. The traditional teenage meal, a grease burger, french fries and a milk shake or cola simply does not provide enough nourishment for anyone, let alone a boy going through puberty to adulthood. Our highly processed foods are devoid of hormones found in fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds. Must do a colon cleanse to rid of all the toxins in the body, which eventually get into the blood and cause acne and all other diseases.

      3. Cabbage: Apply a lotion of freshly prepared cabbage juice preceded, if desired, by the application of leaves. The eating of cabbage leaves or juice is also helpful.

      4. Lemon Juice: Skin problems such as acne… will often respond to a treatment of lemon juice. For blackheads rub lemon juice over them each night.

      5. Black Walnut: Externally, Black Walnut is nearly a miracle worker in cases of …acne, dandruff, boils, itch, shingles, ringworm–we could go on, but you can see that you can use Black Walnut whenever a skin disorder appears! The tincture is an excellent first-aid remedy for wounds.

      Best of health to you

    Weird Bumps… Please Help!?
    on the insie of my foreskin there are two small bumps. They look like an incomplete circle of raised thin skin which is red but normal inside (they are like craters). One is bigger than the other and they are next to each other. I have not had sexual contact with anyone. What are they???
    no it isnt Fordyce’s Spots

    This is really freakin me out!

    Im 15 btw
    I will post a picture

    There are more on there

    • ANSWER:
      It’s a condition called Fordyce’s Spots–completely normal but can virtually not be treated (Wikipedia says creams MAY help). Over time, they may or may not dissipate.

    What Are These Red Patches On My Leg?
    I noticed a while ago I had a small red patch of red skin on my lower leg. Later I forgot about it since it didn’t really bother me, and only noticed a few weeks later.

    So when I noticed it again, the patches started to have raised edges (not all the way around in a circle though, just around parts of it). It is still here and has been steadily creeping across my leg and up to almost the back of my knee. Most of the time it doesn’t bother me, but every so often it will become itchy, sometimes extremely itchy. Right now, one of the red patches is about the size of a quarter of my palm, and it’s in an uneven shape. The patches feels smooth, like normal skin, but parts of them are slightly raised around the edges. Also, the patches don’t connect, but are close to each other (about 2 – 3cm between most of them).

    A week ago I went to the doctor, he said it might be ringworm but he wasn’t sure. I got some cream for ringworm and have been using it 3 times a day for the past week, and it hasn’t gone down at all. I’m planning to see him soon, but does anyone else know what this might be?

    • ANSWER:
      I recommend you see a dermatologist ASAP since your doctor doesn’t know what it is.

    Flat, red circles on the inside of my thighs?!?
    Hi there, a couple months ago I noticed a small dark pink circle on the inside of my thigh. I assumed it was just some sort of rash or irritation so I ignored it. But a few days later I noticed a smaller but similar one on the inside of my other thigh.

    About a month ago, I measured the larger one to be about 1/2 an inch in diameter. The other one was much smaller. But this morning I measured them again and now the large one is just over 3/4 of an inch in diameter, while the small one is now about 1/2 an inch. It seems they are getting larger.

    The circles are solid colour (therefore not just a ring shape). They are a dark pink-brown shade as compared to my normally pale skin. They were nearly perfect circles, although the larger one now looks like an almost deformed circle (the edge is not even). The smaller one is still an even circle, but one half is slightly darker than the other. They are flat to the skin (although to the eye they look raised, but they really aren’t). They are also smooth, even though the dark colour makes them look a bit like dry skin (but this isn’t dry skin).
    They are located high on high inside of my thighs, near where the thigh meets the pubic bone.

    Does anyone have any ideas as to what these might be? They do not appear to be going away, in fact they appear to be getting larger. I have a few moles on my arms so I know these circles are not moles. As well, I do not have any birth marks, so it wouldn’t be that either.

    Thanks for you help. Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.
    Wow, Thanks everyone. Your ideas are all pretty consistant. I guess it must be a fungal infection. Is that bad? I’m a clean person and I shower daily.
    I will definitely go see a doctor as soon as I can. I read up on ring worm, but it seems these infections normally affect men. How could I have gotten this? I guess these are questions for the doctor.

    Thanks again everyone!

    Oh.. and no I haven’t noticed any itching with them. The only reason I noticed them is because of the obvious difference in skin tone where the circles are in comparison to my normal skin tone.

    • ANSWER:
      Wow, it could be nearly anything–which a Doctor would label a Dermatitis.

      Ringworm is a fungal infection and the area is a circle (thus the term RING). Most often they pop up in different areas–the upper thigh is not usually where this would be confined to.

      You could have irritation from detergent or an allergic reaction. Does it itch at all?

      My suggestion is to go to your doctor to determine the cause and treatment for this.A Dermatologist would be the Specialist that you should see.

    Skin puncture biopsy with no stitches?
    I had two puncture biopsies on Tuesday. One was on the chest and pretty much
    Just took a small puncture. The other was on my calf. The dr took a Pretty good sized
    Puncture, a bit larger than a pencil eraser. She put some kind on cauterizing
    Ointment on it that turned it black but it looks to me like there should have been
    At least two stitches in it. It looks like it will heal with a crater hole in it. Right now,3
    Days after the puncture, it looks infected. I’ve been putting the cream the dr
    Gave me on it twice a day as instructed and have kept it very clean but it still
    Seems as though it may be infected? There is a very red ring right on the edges
    Of were the biopsy was taken plus there is now a circle about an Inch around the area
    Of slightly raised skin, kind of looks like a welt surrounding the biopsies area
    I have an apt to go back on Wednesday and will go earlier if it seems to be getting
    Worse but maybe it’s just the healing processes? And from what I’ve read about other peoples
    Biopsies they all had stitches put in , has anyone had a puncture done and not
    Had stitches??

    • ANSWER:
      The same thing happened to my sister. Apply the medicine and keep it covered with gauze and tape, or a non-latex bandage.

    What’s wrong with my skin? Cannot get a diagnoses?..?
    Hey everyone,
    First off, if anyone can actually diagnosis and/or give me any idea of what this it will be GREATLY appreciated, so, here is my story:

    Around March of this year my girlfriend noticed I had these weird spots on my lower back. There were around four or five of them. The largest was nearly the size of a penny. I don’t have any pictures of these spots, but I will try to provide a description. At first glance, my dad simply asked me if someone had been putting their cigarettes out on my back. They were almost perfectly circular, and had a scab in the middle. Not really raised from my skin, but more of an inset type scab. I went to see my first doctor then, he had no explination but his best guess was spider bites. He didn’t prescribe me anything, but said to clean my room and to use some insect killer. So, I did. After I had this cluster on my lower back there started to be the exact same thing on my right shoulder, going down to around my bicep. Same thing, but smaller bumps. It was around this time that the originals on my back had started to change. The scabs fell off, and scar tissue began to form. This cycle continued, but the spots kept getting smaller, and less clumped. Today, I have the five on my back, four or so on my shoulder and arm, two on my forearm (one that is new as of July 4th), two on my chest, and now, as of three days ago, two on my right leg. Between all this time I have seen a dermatologist, and two different doctors. I have had blood tests, urinanalysis, a culture, and a biopsy. All of which have came up with negative results. This problem alone has some frustrating details, I have often gone down to a friend’s lake house, roughly an hour away. The house does have bugs in it, and for the most part these spots have appeared after I visit the lake house (besides two of the times I got these spots). These things do not itch, they do not puss, and if I hadn’t seen them I would have never known they were even there. Furthermore, no one else that stays at this lake house has gotten the same thing, and neither has my girlfriend who has slept in my bed multiple times. I’m eighteen years old, and am very healthy. I know many won’t take the time to read this, and most will wonder why I’m asking people on the internet when professionals do not even have an idea of what it is that I have. If anyone has even the slightest of ideas of what this is then please tell me. Thanks, and below are some links of the spots.

    Lower Back:




    Note: You will see different stages of these ‘spots’ in the different pictures. The one on my leg is brand new, you can somewhat make out the appearance of a scab; on the other hand, you can notice just red circles that appear to be part of my epidermis in others. I will be seeing a dermatologist for the third time on Monday (July 13th), and also scheduling an appointment with a a dermotapathologist on monday as well.

    • ANSWER:

    What kind of ‘bite’ is this?
    I was outside today and I noticed a red circle on my arm with a small patch of skin inside. Its not raised and its not itchy. The red circle isn’t big either, smaller then a quarter but more like an oval shape. I wasn’t sure if it was a bug bite or spider or ant bite. Does anyone know what kind of a bite this is, and if I would need to do anything for it?

    • ANSWER:
      It could be ringworm. It is not a parasite despite the ‘worm’ in the name, its a bacterial infection.
      if it looks like this, you may have ringworm. Go to a doctors before it spreads!

    Skin Infection pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease help?
    Idk why Im even asking, know one seems to no and I’ve done soooo much research on every skin irritation and infection…Got a black and white tattoo a month ago on my forearm.
    Healed completely, then a red spider bite-looking bump popped up in it. It itched. A few days later, small red bumps spread out on a small part of my tat. After that, chaos hit, and the red bumps became puss-filled and looked like tiny pimples. It spread out into a huge circle, my skin was very reddish-purple, and raised. The edges began to blister, and now it is peeling and starting to go down.
    Doc said it was a reaction to the ink.
    Makes no sense.
    Its in a circle, most of it outside of the tattoo, and didn’t affect any other part of the tat. Circle is about 3in x 3in.
    So I was given antibiotics and a cream. Which did nothing.
    My concern? I thought it was fading and becoming better. I look closer, and the red bumps are reoccurring like they did in the beginning.
    It’s terrible. I’ve had it for about 2 or 3 weeks now. Tell me if you’ve heard anything of it.

    • ANSWER:

    Third Nipple? Strange bug bite?…HELP!!!!!?
    My brother recently got bitten by something(we think) and now he is forming what appears to be a third nipple. It is on his chest, so this is actually funny. However, the bite is just red, and it has a small circle around the raised skin in the center. Anyone have any experience with these type of bites? The question is: what bit him?

    • ANSWER:
      It might be a spider bite. Depending on your location, a couple types of spider’s bites can leave a mark like that. One is the brown recluse. I would suggest seeing a doctor.

    I have a skin rash and I don’t know what it is!?
    I have a skin rash. it started out as little red bumps that circled my elbow, also the were on the back of my knee, and ankle. It has now spread to various parts of my body but its worst on my arms. There are small little raised bumps that make my skin look blotchy and leave an overall red appearance. The rash itches very often when i scratch it bleeds in little spots where the bumps are. my doctor thought it might be scarlet fever so he gave me antibiotics but i don’t have strep throat or anything. I feel perfectly healthy, but my skin on my arms looks gross and I am beginning to itch everywhere. ANY HELP!?

    The rash has spread to: my entire leg, but is not really visible except for several big bumps that are not red; they are just scattered bumps, the rash is also behing my armpit very badly, my thigh, my buttocks, and it is the most worse on my inner forearm.

    • ANSWER:

    help identifying this skin condition/rash?
    for about 3 weeks now i have noticed these patches on my skin. they are not raised, they dont itch and are not painful in any way.
    I have 2 small patches on my arm….one looks almost perfectly round but the others arnt. i also have one slightly larger patch on my stomach, but again it is not round and none of them are that large.
    I had thought it maybe ring worm but as only one is round im not sure, its a full circle not a ring.

    the area just feels like dry skin and is a pink/red colour!

    any suggestion and pictures of what you think it might be would be great!

    • ANSWER:
      There are so many different causes of rashes that it is very difficult to narrow down any specific cause of one, especially without being able to see it. Common categories of rash are:

      scaly patches of skin not caused by infection,
      scaly patches of skin produced by fungal or bacterial infection,
      red, itchy bumps or patches over the body, such as on the chest and back.

      Although rashes are seldom dangerous, self-diagnosis is not usually a good idea. Proper evaluation of a skin rash requires a visit to a doctor or other health-care professional. Check this site for good information and you may be able to figure out what is going on.

    3 month old with dry skin, eczema, or something else?
    My daughter is 3 monthes old and about 3 weeks ago she started getting dry skin patches. I have applied lotion periodically but it doesn’t seem to help. She has actually has more patches of dry skin. Its some small circles, and medium patches around and behind her knees, arms and on her hip. They are rough and raised, but only turn red if I apply lotion of after her bath, they don’t seem to bother her at all. I didn’t know if this is basic dry skin, or maybe eczema or something else. She has a few weeks until her 4 month check up and I don’t want to wait that long to make it better.

    • ANSWER:
      Hey, Mel.

      My first instinct is the same as JMK’s, and because of the locations you mention, I’d guess it was an allergic reaction to chemicals remaining in her clothes after laundering, because the points you mention are where clothes gets pressed to the skin.

      Run her clothes in plain water — no detergent, softeners, or dryer sheets.

      It may take 3 days or so to clear up if that’s the problem.

      Her skin turning red after applying lotion is a sign that she’s slightly allergic to something in the lotion (possibly alcohol), and that’s an indication she has sensitive skin. Get the gentlest,hypo-/ non-allergenic stuff you can find if you’re going to put lotion on her.

      In case this is eczema, Aveeno makes a 1% hydrocortizone product you can get over the counter, but I’d hold off on that until seeing the doctor.

    Will my lip piercing scar my face?
    i’ve had my lip pierced for about 2 months now.
    i’ve had to take it out when im at school and near my parents so they don’t see, so basically only wearing it at night, and just pushing the stud through the small layer of skin on it.
    it’s now got a red circle with a diameter of about 0.5cm.
    its raised slightly.
    will this scar me for life?
    and don’t say “omg how stupid”, it’s my decision, i’m not asking your opinion, im just asking if it will scar.

    • ANSWER:
      About a year ago i pierced my own lip (not a good idea!)
      And took it out about a week later, i remember having a small red circle but now i have a very small white scar. Its barely noticeable.
      However i think everyone scars in different ways.
      Hope this answers your question ok


    Insect bite. Do I need to seek medical attention?
    Okay. So last night I noticed I had a bite on my left leg, just below my knee. I tried not to scratch it, but the inevitable happened and I occasionally had to give it a scratch. Anyway, a little later on last night, I started to have trouble breathing. I have been diagnosed with Sinus Tachycardia, so i’m used to becoming breathless, but it was different this time as I too felt dizzy and my chest felt as though someone were sitting on it. I thought it was just due to the tachycardia, so I thought nothing of it, took my medication and went to bed.

    Well this morning, I woke up to see that there is a large red circle around the bite on my leg, about 3 inches wide. The red area is slightly raised, and a smaller area about 2cm around the bite is a darker shade of red and feels hard under skin as well as being a little more raised than the surrounding red area.
    I’ve had bites before, but never one like this. So, the questions. Could the bite have somehow caused the breathlessness, or triggered my tachycardia? Should I just apply cream to the bite? Or should I go seek medical advice concerning it?

    • ANSWER:
      I’m pretty sure the bite is on its way to becoming infected.
      Look at the bite again, does it have more than one hole? If it has 2 or more, it’s likely that the area was bitten by a spider or some other more uncommon insects.
      For now, wash the bite and apply cream to it.Then you should seek medical attention, just to make sure everything is all right.

    Strange discoloration on my heel (picture)?
    Over a week ago, as I was sitting on my carpet floor, I noticed the back of my heel was itching. So I rubbed it against the carpet to relieve the itch, and it remained slightly itchy for about 4-5 days, nothing too bad at all and i usually forgot I had it. It was a small bump with a bit of redness, just like a small ant bite. Then after the itching stopped completely, for 2 whole days it was completely gone and no redness or anything.
    Well yesterday I noticed that my heel had this dark red/slightly purple circle on it, about 1-1.5 inches in diameter. And it’s slowly getting a little more purple. It doesn’t really itch at all, and it doesn’t hurt, and there is no raised skin or pus.. it’s just “there”.
    What is this and should I go to the doctor on Monday?

    Yes actually i just started going to a tanning bed on February 24th actually…

    • ANSWER:
      Do you go to a tanning bed?
      I’ve gotten something similar to that before from hot bulbs in a tanning bed.

    Test result question?
    Hey guys..I had a tuberculosis shot (PPD shot) about a week ago.. my results came back positive on the skin test, I also had a chest x-ray but had not heard anything so I imagine I am ok.. but am asking, since I had the shot last Wednesday, is it normal for the injection site on the arm to still be a small, red circle? It’s not really raised anymore, just a medium circle thats red. Is this normal when testing positive, or not normal and it should be gone?
    It was exactly a week ago and I was being told its common and not common for it to still be red and a circle.

    • ANSWER:
      Don’t assume everything is ok. Contact your doctor or whoever did you chest x-ray and see if they can let you know the results and what you need to do next.

    Can anyone help me identify a large rash on my back? (pictures included!)?
    I first noticed a spot on my back that my boyfriend and I thought was an insect bite. I had an outer-circle of itchy, red, raised bumps and a single bump in the middle (sort of a ‘bulls eye’ effect, about 1.5 inches in diameter–first picture). The first doctor told me it was either ringworm or nummular eczema, and the anti-fungal cream had no effect (the spot continued to expand) but the corticosteriod cream caused it to stop spreading and it faded and stopped the itch. After the prescribed 2-weeks of use I stopped, and within a few days it started getting red again, growing larger, and became a sort of cluster of bumps about 3 inches in diameter with additional smaller circles forming around it as well (3 to be exact–2nd picture). That was in the course of a month, and about a week ago the ‘red bumpy areas’ got really dry/scaly and a thick, red, raised border formed along the outside of each red area. Most of the ‘circles’ are touching each other and the total area it covers on my back about 5 – 6 inches long/4 inches wide. The doctor I saw today spent a while looking through his skin-books before he came up with a diagnosis, and then said he thinks it’s an ‘atypical case’ because it looks slightly different.

    I don’t want to say his diagnosis because I don’t want to bias anyone… but I’m wondering if ANYONE has had anything similar and how long it took to clear up and/or what they had to use to do so. Any other ideas just what it might be?

    Any advice/suggestions are appreciated!

    Pictures (I apologize for the images, but I did this quickly and couldn’t figure out how to re-size them to equal size):
    Thanks for the responses so far… I figued I’d add what the doctor told me. He said it definitely wasn’t shingles (and there isn’t any pain involved, just itching!) and he thinks it’s an ‘atypical form of EAC– Erythema Annulare Centrifugum.’ Although from the pictures on the internet, I don’t think it looks like that either and most of those cases don’t seem to have much itching involved. I don’t think there’s an infection (no pus or open sores, just dry, raised, red, itchy skin). Other ideas? Thanks for the responses so far!

    • ANSWER:
      Well, I am not a doctor or anything, but do you think it could be this:

      It says the atypical (raised) form is commonly misdiagnosed as ringworm and it also says that it goes away in 6-8 weeks.

      The pictures kind of look the same to me!

    Is this a boil or MRSA? Is it healing?
    I had a growth on my belly area for the past few weeks (2-3). It started small, like a pimple, grew to be about the width that is greater than a pencil eraser, but smaller than a dime and was raised (like a dome-shaped mole). It seemed soft at first, then got hard and sensative, then drained (on its own) and started to get smaller. About this time, I began putting an antibiotic bandaid on it, with a larger water-proof bandaid over it. Because I wanted to limit the chances of spreading it to my kids if something contagious, I would only change the bandage every 2-3 days. It kept getting smaller, but turned bright red and now it a deep purple (both the bump and a small circle of skin surrounding the bump. The skin aound the actual bump (although purple now) has never been hot, red, or raised. So, it doesn’t seem like there is anything “under” the skin, just on it. But the fact that it is getting so dark is worrying me. Could this be a healing boil or infected hair follicle or is my skin “dying” from something worse, like MRSA?
    Angie – I do plan on getting it checked out as soon as I can see a doc, but there is only one doc available at the practice I would go to, as the rest are on vaca. Therefore, can’t get seen till next week. I have been playing with the idea of paying to go to the Minute Clinic, but would hate to pay for them to tell me to go to the ER.

    Wade – I am a pregnant mom of five…no needle sharing here. I actually don’t know HOW it could have gotten where it is, if it is something contagious. NO ONE (not even hubby) as access to the area and it is ALWAYS covered by undies and clothing. I did try on some maternity pants at Kohls not long before I first noticed it, but don’t know if MRSA can spread that easily (besides, wouldn’t my panties have acted as a barrier?) My Aunt had MRSA last summer and we see her quite often, but that was almost a year ago and no one (her, my grandma, me, hubby nor our kids) have gotten it since.

    Thanks for the responses!

    • ANSWER:
      I’m pretty sure it’s not MRSA so don’t get that worried about it. It sounds very strange though. I would suggest seeing a doctor about it.

    Raised rash and black circles – what does this sound like?
    It started off really small (3 weeks ago), like an inch wide, and just a raised rash. It seemed like an allergic reaction to something. It’s much bigger now, about 6 inches in diameter. It’s pinkish-red. Sometimes it’s itchy. There are sporadic marks throughout, kind of the size of age spots, but they’re black. They’re raised too. Benadryl/cortisone cream alleviates the discomfort. No fever, or any other symptoms other than that one.

    “See a doctor”. Thank you but save it. I know that. It’s not bothering him enough to make an appt. He’s old school and where he’s not bleeding out his eyes it’s not worth the trip. But I’m worried. I never saw anything like it. If it sounds familiar to you, and you could forward me links/information, it would be really helpful. If it’s serious, I’ll show him and he’ll surely make an appt. And if it’s not serious, well, I’ll feel better.

    He’s 39, male and it’s on his mid-lower back. I put this in skin conditions and nobody is answering it. So now I’m trying to work backwards from worst-case-scenario.

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like a pressure sore. If it’s worrying you that badly and your doctor won’t see him then I’d find another physician. That is something that needs to be seen by a medical doctor.

      I worked as a nurse aide in a nursing home before and what you described is usually what I saw when a bed sore was developing. His mid lower back has a pressure point, so I wouldn’t rule out that possibility,

      Also like the poster above me suggested, it could be shingles. EIther way, whether your doctor will see him or not, he needs to be seen, especially if this is worrying you and you don’t know what it is.

    possible skin cancer?
    im a 19 year old female and concerned about skin cancer, but im scared to go to the docs!
    ive always had a lot of little moles with the exception of 3 that are larger.. some are discolored but only with barker shades of brown. but over the last few years i have been getting more, and some are growing. the biggest is raised and about the width of a pencil eraser. second largest is flat, not quite circle, and when i burn or tan the skin around it stays white. i have 6 that have grown on my tummy, not huge, but i think they may still be growing. ive got a ‘scar’ type thing on the side of my calf, it is raised and a little dry but is not painful and i have had it for about 4 years, it just appeared very small to begin with and now is about the same width as a pencil eraser. i have eczema (on my arms, legs, feet and chest) but it comes and goes and usually is different types. i have these tiny red spots that appear and stay. they look like blood spots almost, but just under the skin.. ive got about four on my chest and more all other my body. altogether i do have bad skin, but others wouldn’t notice unless i pointed all this out lol.. im extremely fair skinned, white as a ghost and burn within 10 mins of being in the sun. i get rashes from ANYTHING.. my skin is extremely dry so i do have to moisturize all the time.
    sorry there is so much to read!! thought it would be best to get it all out.. so if anyone has any suggestions or opinions about anything i said, please share 🙂

    • ANSWER:
      Given you have moles, and their number is increasing, you need to see a Dr and have a skin map done.

      This is where the Dr checks you all over taking note of the location, size and colour of all moles.

      This skin map is then used for comparison to ensure any changes are caught quickly so they can be treated before they become untreatable.

      Skin cancer, left untreated, can result in loss of a limb or even death.

    Who do looks matter so much in my life? Or is it the people in my life that have let me down?
    The FACT is that i am not good looking. I am in fact down right ugly and damaged. I got funny looking ears, my teeth are not that messed up but they arent perfect, i am short & small and I these weired really really bad dark circles… my skin doesnt have acne but its texture isnt too great… BUT the biggest problem i have is that i am sort of a burns vitcim.. I have some keloid or raised thick red scars on my body( no one knows it there cause i wear normal clothes and they dont show)..

    This all resulted in me never having a chance with the women i have liked… that one like you just read cant describe what i feel about this… its truely painful…

    It also means that i have dont have a social life… ie no friends… Dont get me wrong… If you see me at the office or in a class room i always have people around me called work mates or uni mates… but there are never friends… I use to have best friends in school who i use to go out with but all of them either grew apart or ditched me…Now i never go out.. Social media such as facebook and stuff like txting etc all seem to make me feel bad aboutmy self…

    My family alright but as we all know.. no family is perfect.. and we have fights some times but this makes me feel so alone cause if my family doesnt care about me then who does?…

    My question is why do my looks have so much effect on people… that i have NEVER had a girlfriend or havent been able to make proper friends since i left school.. I am uni now and i am 21…

    life just sucks…period…

    • ANSWER:

    Need some help with a friends skin condition.?
    My friend has had this circle on his arm, it started out fairly small. Over a period of four days, it grew to the size of a golfball. It is raised, and is very rough. It was a solid red, like a rash. Now the center of it is turning a darker red and is growing towards the edges. It grows roughly half a centimeter a night. He’s been taken to the doctor, and the doctor said it was not any type of fungus, it wasn’t ringworm. His skin over the center of the “wound” is peeling. It itches slightly. It doesn’t hurt, but he notices it there. Any help would be great. Thank you all!
    The doctor gave him some topal triamcinolone .1% cream to be applied directly to the area as well as some sulfameth/trimethoprim pills and neither have worked.

    • ANSWER:

    discoloration on boyfriends area?
    i noticed my boyfriend had a small discoloration on the tip of his penis off to one side its not raised and is just skin colored but is lighter than the rest of him it doesnt itch or anything has no opening not red or raised just a bump or more of a circle this barely appeared today and im somewhat worried we have been together 3 years and he said he has not cheated on me which i believe but what could this be…no stupid remarks if you dont have an answer move along please

    • ANSWER:
      It is a bruise, if it is new, and may not go away. If it was there before, it is part of a common velvety-skin condition, and there is accompanying dark pigmentation.

    Can people catch infections from hamsters?
    I bought two dwarf hamsters about a month ago and a Syrian hamster two weeks ago. So here’s the story:

    I moved house about a month ago & it was really dirty so spent 5 days cleaning & disinfecting it. Around two & a half weeks ago I was in bed & i felt something like an insect bite on my lower neck, just above my chest & it was itchy straight away. It was not raised like a normal insect bite, but it’s in a flat red circle about 1.5cm from edge to edge & the skin is a little flaky. I then considered Eczema but it is only in one small spot and there is no history of this in our family. I went to a pharmacist & she gave me something to take for allergies but that was 3 days ago but no change.

    Today my brother brought his 10yr old son to visit (in my parents house where I keep the hamsters – the house I moved in to is a seperate house where I go to college) & he has what looks like the same markings on his arm, neck and back and these have been coming up in places for around the last two weeks.

    I was wondering would there be a connection between these markings and the hamsters?? My nephew was not handling them at all, & i havent been much either, but I have been changing their bedding every week and i have been in contact with my nephew. Out initial reaction today that it looks something similar to ringworm, but not enough visible symptoms for it to actually be ringworm.

    My hamsters are in good condition. I’ve seen them cleaning & scratching themselves in a normal manner so Im not sure if there may be a connection.

    Thanks for reading & any info would be greatly appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      its possible to get things from hamster but its not likely that is what is causing it. they seem healthy and happy and you haven’t gotten a bite. unless you have been giving them a little friendly kiss on the head (like some people do to cats or dogs and that kinda stuff) and there sick. it is very unlikely that it is the hamsters

    Something on my face?
    Hi, so i was doing this thing i read all over the internet. Something with a piece of garlic will remove a mole on my face (above my lip on the right side of my nose) after sometime. So i did this on Sunday night and it stung like crazy. Monday morning there was this red circle around the mole,it looked like it was raised a tiny bit higher then my facial skin. i didnt goto school on monday and i kept putting vaseline all day. Its now tuesday and i still didnt goto school because it looks different. The circle is a bit smaller but it looks like it got burnt and is this wierd mix of blackish, reddish.

    If anyone has a solution to this problem PLEASE help. I really don’t want to go to school on wednesday with this thing on my face.

    • ANSWER:

    What are the chances of getting hiv from a solid bore pen lancet?????????*****?
    i think i might have poked myself with my friends pen lancet on accident. it was late at night around 10, and i dont know the last time he used it(if you can give me a schedual that would be helpful). while i was playing with it i felt no sudden pains nor did i see any blood.

    the next morning i woke up with a small red dot, wich was not see through around 2mm-3mm in diameter and when i pulled the top layer off clear liquid was in it, and there didint seem to be a puncture wound, so i put a bandaid on it, and 2 weeks later, today, there is a 3mm in diameter circle of harder skin over where the red dot used to be, and it is raised only a very tiny bit, like a extra sheet of skin.

    what are the chances of getting hiv from the solid needle from a pen lancet, and is this mark even from the lancet???

    • ANSWER:

    Do I have either a self-perception problem or an eating disorder?
    I’m so sorry that this is so long.. but please read it.. I’m so upset and worried right now..

    I lost 30 pounds lately and I went to exremes to do so. Now at 14 years old, I’m 5’2″ and around 105-107lbs. I wasn’t fat to begin with, just chubby, but the more weight I lose, the more I feel I need to lose and the worse I feel. Today I woke up and I could’ve sworn that since I had finished a 10-day detox program which made me shed seven pounds, I gained them all back and then some. I literally felt fatter then when I started the pills, but I just ate a huge dinner (which I seriously regret like crazy right now) and weighed myself. I’m full of food and feel extremely fat, even though I felt fat when I was hungry too, but the scale said I’m 105 pounds. Then I looked in the mirror in that bathroom and I looked a ton skinnier than I did in my bedroom mirror and my other bathroom mirror. I OBSESS over my looks because I’m an insanely vain and jealous person, but though that has been good motivation for me, it has also made me more and more miserable. Could i possibly have some sort of problem, or is this just a result of strong personality traits?
    23 minutes ago – 4 days left to answer.
    Additional Details
    No, this isn’t restricted to weight. I want a nose job, but everyone tells me I have a perfectly normal nose. I hate my profile view because of my nose and the indents my high cheekbones make across my face. I spend so much money on skincare products and use them religiously. I hate everything about my skin; my aunt says my arms have some type of skin condition with no cure. They’re red and blotchy with some raised red bumps that can be painful at times. I have acne, but I have it mostly under control. I have little skin colored bumps on my chin that are barely visible, but I’m extremely concious of them in sunlight. I absolutely loathe my hair color, freckles, hairstyle, wow I’m making myself sound like a crazy person. I think I need to see a professional, but I feel like I’m so terrible hideous that it’s not a perception disorder, I’m just actually THAT UGLY, but like I’ve gotten lots of compliments before and boys always talk to me not them when I go out with my friends…
    6 minutes ago

    I feel like my eyes are far too small even though I like the color and I work so hard with make-up constantly to make them look bigger. I spend tons of money and time on make-up. I have major dark circles under my eyes that I always feel like people are staring at. When my hair has the slightest wave to it, I’m extremely self concious of it and put it up. And the bulge under my arm pits that everyone has and the fact that my thighs touch bothers me immensely. I have braces and thin lips, so I hate my mouth. If I’m not being complimented, I feel below ugly. I thrive off of compliments. I don’t know what to do. Please help..
    3 minutes ago

    And I’m always comparing myself to other girls, which makes me hate myself even more. I can think of tons of other things about myself that I don’t like and this obsession keeps me from concentrating on school work and grades. I can’t go out without make-up on, and since I feel so hideous some days, it prevents me from going out altogether.
    1 second ago

    I can think of a million other things that are wrong with me, and when I have nothing to do (or sometimes even when I do have things to do) I’ll just sit and write and re-write lists of what’s wrong with me and how to fix each thing. I hate when people complain about their problems but don’t try to do anything about it, so I get organized, find the problems, then find the solutions by doing countless hours of research. I have tons of lists of my flaws and all these expensive products that claim to fix them that I’m not even sure are effective.
    I always feel the need to be the prettiest person, or I feel horrible, and when I see happy couples, I get incredibly jealous, especially if the girl is pretty.

    • ANSWER:
      It is only an eating disorder if you do not eat, binge, or binge and then purge. It sounds more of a self-perception problem. You need to see a professional. Then you will be fine. BTW, 105 is extremely low weight for a girl of your age. Be careful.

    How to heal a “ice burn”?
    6 days ago i got my navel pierced and the freeze spray was used. i don’t think it is infected becuase it doesn’t hurt and there is no weeping but in a small circle between the 2 holes there is a deep red area of skin which is slightly raised and very dry. i wouldnt say it was sore to touch but there is a slightly stinging sensation. i went back to the piercer and he said it was a burn from the spray. has anyone got any adive on how to make it go down? i want to show it off but am embarresed from the mark!! thanks xx

    • ANSWER:
      time will do it. An ice burn is about the same as freezing your hand by sticking it into a fire. dosent happen. he may have frost bit the skin a little.

    What kind of rash do I have?
    I have a small circular rash that appears periodically on my belly, chest, arms, or thighs. The most that I have had on me at one time are 5. They start out as raised bumps from the hair folicles. Then the gradually turn red. There is one bump in the the middle then a circle of bumps around that then another circle of bumps. The bumps then start getting dry and starting from the middle the bumps evolve into dry skin. Sometimes leaving middle yellow(depending how bad it is). Then the spot fades to a slight darker skin color. Finally it goes back to normal. The typical rash lasts up to a month evolving through several stages. Some of them are itchy or sting/burn and other times I don’t even know that they are there until I see them. I have been getting them ever since I was 12 or 14 and I am 23 now. The first one was right after I got hepatitis shot, in the same exact spot. I am not sure if that has any thing to do with it.

    • ANSWER:
      psoriasis? athletes foot fungus? go see a doctor

    AHH spider bite!?
    OUCH!!!! I am pretty positive I got bit by a spider! I live in Alabama and was laying on my bed doing work when suddenly my stomach kinda felt like it was on fire… Not like absolute pain, but just heat in a certain spot. I reached for it and it was tender. I looked and it looked sortof like a zit. A red raised spot.. Well, I pressed and squeezed and nothing came out but it did kinda get pointy (I squeezed hard bc it was HURTING BAD) and so I just took my fingernails in alcohol and pulled the point off the top and then squuezed again. A SMALLLLLLL white something came out, tho i cant say if it was just skin or what, and some “juice” and blood came out. It hurt unbearably for the next 30 min or so, and is now tender. It has a pinky size head with a quarter sized pink circle around it. I saw a small white/yellow spider crawling on my computer later and killed the sucker.. He was tinyy.. Is this anything to worry about?

    • ANSWER:
      Wow, that’s a lot for a spider bite. I imagine whatever damage the venom might have done was nothing compared to what your fingers have done. The “juice” was probably cellular fluid from the skin cells in the area you ruptured with all the pinching and squeezing. I bet it is tender now. The good news is that for most healthy adults, the routine spider bite is painful but not deadly. There are a few exceptions, like if it were likely to be a fiddleback spider or brown recluse, even a black widow is survivable for most humans in fair health though. You are describing the usual house spider, though, and those aren’t hazardous as a rule. Just quit poking and pinching at the site of the suspected bite. It will likely stay red and slightly tender and swollen for a few days, and then fade away to nothingness. If it gets any worse as far as swelling, pain or redness, then it will be time to seek medical assistance. Next time you suspect you have been bitten by something, though, it’s generally not a good idea to go squeezing and poking at things. The venom for most poisonous creatures is absorbed by body tissues fairly quickly, and you don’t need to increase the damaged area. Apply ice to the area, and go for help. Capture suspect creature if possible, kill if needed and bring for identification. Anyway, a little ice- frozen peas work well, to the spot, a little Tylenol for the discomfort, and some deep breathes should see you through it just fine.

    Please read a section of my novel – feedback please?
    This is my second draft, i have edited alot and was wondering what i could change to better it??

    I don’t remember much of my early childhood, except the night my parents were murdered. I remember that like it was yesterday.
    It was a dark and stormy night, the full moon shone behind the thick layer of clouds creating an ery glow across the sky. My mum, a tall elegant Woman with long golden hair and the palest of blue eyes, snatched me from my warm bed and lead me to the small room under the stairs. She tucked me behind some boxes and threw some old blankets over me.
    “Look at me Lillian” she whispered, “You need to stay here and be very quiet.” She pressed her soft lips against my forehead as a tear fell from her eye and drizzled down my left cheek.
    “Whats going on?” I asked, still half asleep.
    She took a quick glance over her shoulder and began to hurry toward the door. She paused to looked back at me,
    “I love you.” She sobbed, giving me a warm smile. I was too confused to reply, I just watched as she rushed to shut the door behind her, leaving me in darkness.
    For a moment I heard nothing and began to wonder if my mum had lost her mind. Then I heard a mans voice, sarcastic and menacing.
    “I believe you have something that belongs to me?”
    “I don’t know what your talking about” My mum screeched in reply.
    “Your blood!” He snapped.
    I could hear my mum sobbing as she began begging for her life. My dad’s gentle voice desperately tried to sooth her.
    “It’s going to be okay.” he whispered. “What’s important is safe.”
    “Ricki, Kill him… but bring her to me.” the man ordered.
    “Certainly, Cyrus.” hissed Ricki.
    I wanted to scream and help my parents but I was frozen with fright. I could hear my mum as he dragged her across the floor.
    I heard my dad’s high pitched shriek before silence followed. My mum screamed as Cyrus bit his teeth into the thin pink skin of her neck. Ready for the surge of power he expected to rise in his body. But her blood did not hold the key…
    I heard a sudden thud on the floor, then a loud, angry roar coming from Cyrus.
    “She’s not the one… her blood… Its useless!” he spat in disgust.
    “Time is almost up, My lord.” said Ricki.
    “Let’s go!” Huffed Cyrus, punching the wall on the way out, It made the stairs shudder above me. I shut my eyes and blocked my ears as the two men left my house. I sat in silence for what felt like hours, after a few minutes I raised my head and listened carefully until I was sure the men were gone. I slowly stood up and walked forward on shaky legs to peer through a tiny crack in the door. I could see my mum laying face down on the floor, blood trickling from Two puncture wounds on her neck. The once clean white carpet was now blood stained beneath her lifeless body. Tears began to seep from my eyes when I realized my parents were dead. Without warning, I heard a voice, another man. His sounded softer compared to Cyrus and Ricki.
    “Uriel, burn the house. We can’t have anyone find this mess!” He ordered.
    “Thore, Help me find some matches.” Uriel asked in a hurry.
    It went deadly silent. I could hear my heart pounding in my chest, my breathing slowed almost to a stop.
    “What’s that?” Uriel whispered, sniffing the air. “Do you smell that?”
    Uriel took a step toward the stair case door. I gasped and turned to run, forgetting I was in the tiny room under the stairs. The boxes around me crashed and cluttered to the floor as I stumbled over them and ran straight into the wall.


    “Who is she?”
    “Is she alive?” Uriel asked, watching me as I slowly opened my eyes. My head hurt and I felt dizzy, I widened my eyes, blinking a few times as I became conscious. A man was standing over me, His face was pale and his eyes where Black with dark purplish circles staining the skin around them. He smiled at me, his lips looked deep red against his ivory skin. He was very handsome and looked to be about my age.
    “Are you okay?” He whispered, stroking my forehead. I felt a sudden sting as my body woke from his touch. I reached up to touch my head. Ouch, I had a big lump just above my brow bone and what felt like a small cut. For a moment I could’nt remember anything.
    “Where am I?” I stuttered, lifting my head slightly to look around the room.
    “My name is Uriel, Your in my bed.” He laughed.
    I sat up suddenly, pushing him away from me. Uriel, who looked no older than 18 years, had dark Brown hair that he spiked up 2 inches above his scalp. His skin was firm and supple, his face was handsome.
    What am I doing in his bed? I asked myself as I quickly inspected my body to make sure I had some clothes on. I was fully dressed, thank god!
    I looked up and glared around the room, it was dimly lit room casting a warm glow throughout and it smelt surprisingly pleasant. There was a small wooden desk in the corner of the room with a desk lamp and some books resting on it. Next to the desk was a small window slightly open. I could see trees and hear birds
    begin to sing as the sun rose through the leaves. I notice Two other men in the room as well, I narrowed my eyes and examined them.
    “This is Raymus” Uriel said, pointing toward an elderly man. His thinned Grey hair was kept neat and tidy, his skin was papery and wrinkled. His eyes, although Black as the night, were kind.
    “And Thore” he continued pointing toward the door where the third man stood.
    Thore looked a little older than Uriel. He had thick wispy Bronze hair that framed his face. His features were strong but pleasant to look at. He was also very tall, taller than the others and a lot more brawny and solid.
    “What’s your name?” Raymas asked.
    “L… Lilly” I replied in a quiet voice.
    Raymus gave me a cheesy grin and sat on the end of the bed.
    “You hit your head and have been asleep for along time”
    “You must be hungry?” He asked quietly.
    I stared at him with curious eyes, something about him made me feel at ease, perhaps because he reminded me of my father, tall and strong, bu

    • ANSWER:
      Section 1 – Proofread
      At this point, I’m going to go through you story and highlight any sentences that have grammatical/punctuation/spelling errors and then offer some corrections. I just want you to know, I’m really picky about grammar, etc. so if I leave lots of corrections then don’t think I’m saying your story is bad, it’s just that errors, no matter how small, can distract your reader from the story, which is something to be avoided. You don’t have to use my advice if you don’t want – after all, it’s your story – but I would really appreciate it if you took it into consideration 🙂

      -‘It was a dark and stormy night, the full moon shone behind the thick layer of clouds creating an ery glow across the sky.’ << Firstly, as previous answerers have said, the beginning is very clichéd. However, I like that you're setting the mood for the story straight away through the weather. I think you need to alter the first part of the sentence slightly, perhaps to something like: 'Brilliant streaks of lightning tore at the night sky, which roiled like the sea in a storm. The full moon was barely visible behind the ragged, thick clouds and yet still managed to cast an eerie glow across the sky.’ -'My mum, a tall elegant Woman with long golden hair and the palest of blue eyes, snatched me from my warm bed and lead me to the small room under the stairs.' << This sentence should be: 'My mum, a tall, elegant woman with long golden hair and the palest of blue eyes, snatched me from my warm bed and led me to the small room under the stairs.' -'“Look at me Lillian” she whispered, “You need to stay here and be very quiet.”' << When a character addresses another character by their name, there should be a comma before the name. If that didn't make sense then I'll use this sentence as an example: '“Look at me, Lillian,” she whispered, “You need to stay here and be very quiet.”' -'“Whats going on?” I asked, still half asleep.' << This sentence should be: '“What's going on?” I asked, still half asleep.' -'She took a quick glance over her shoulder and began to hurry toward the door. She paused to looked back at me,' << To create more tension here, you just need to reword the second sentence slightly to: 'She took a quick glance over her shoulder and began to hurry toward the door. Then she paused and looked back at me.' By adding in the 'then' and ‘paused and looked back at me’, it gives more deliberation to her movements and creates more drama than it would if you had, ‘She paused to look back at me.’ -'“I love you.” She sobbed, giving me a warm smile.' << Firstly, here's a rule to remember: if the sentence after the dialogue explains the tone he, she or they used, then don't capitalise he, she or they, and use a comma (e.g. “I love you,” she sobbed.). Secondly, if she's crying, I don't think she'd give a 'warm smile'; she might TRY to give one, but if she's terrified then I don't think she'd quite manage it. Also, she was only crying a solitary tear before and now she's sobbing - that's fine, but you don't actually mention the transition. Therefore, I would reword this sentence to this instead: '“I love you,” she choked, her voice breaking as more and more tears streamed down her face. She tried to smile warmly, but it wavered and died after a few seconds.' -'I was too confused to reply, I just watched as she rushed to shut the door behind her, leaving me in darkness.' << This sentence should be: 'I was too confused to reply; I just watched as she rushed to shut the door behind her, leaving me in darkness.' -'Then I heard a mans voice, sarcastic and menacing.' << This sentence should be: 'Then I heard a man's voice, sarcastic and menacing.' -'“I believe you have something that belongs to me?”' << This is more a statement than a question, and if you want it to be more menacing then I think it would be better without the question mark. -'“I don’t know what your talking about” My mum screeched in reply.' << First of all, remember that rule I mentioned earlier referring to the comma and un-capitalised words after the dialogue. Second, I know that her mum's becoming hysterical and you want to increase the drama but if she screeches that she doesn't know what he's talking about then it's obvious that she does, and it's really quite overdramatic. Therefore, I would reword this sentence to: '“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” my mum said in reply, her voice strained and higher than usual.' -'“Your blood!” He snapped.' << Again, remember and apply the rule I mentioned. The sentence should read: '“Your blood!” he snapped.' -'My dad's gentle voice desperately tried to sooth her.' << Typo - 'sooth' should be 'soothe'. -'“It’s going to be okay.” he whispered.' << The rule! 😀 This sentence should be: '“It’s going to be okay,” he whispered.' -'“Ricki, Kill him... but bring her to me.” the man ordered.' << Lower case letter for 'kill' and comma after 'to me'. -'“Certainly, Cyrus.” hissed Ricki.' << First, Ricki calls Cyrus 'My Lord' later in the story so I don't think it fits for him to be calling him by his name to begin with. I assume you did that so that Lillian would know what the two men were called, but if you're going to do that, then maybe it should be her mum or dad that say Cyrus' name, not his servant. That's up to you to decide. Also, since she's hearing this, not seeing it, I would reword this sentence to: '“Certainly, Cyrus,” hissed a male voice, which must have been Ricki.' OR '“Certainly, master,” hissed a male voice, which must have been Ricki.' -'My mum screamed as Cyrus bit his teeth into the thin pink skin of her neck.' << I thought she couldn't see what was happening? Maybe you should alter the beginning of the story slightly so that she can see through a tiny crack between the door and the doorframe, or through the keyhole? If not, then you need to change this sentence because she wouldn't see this happening - she would hear it. Maybe something like: 'My mum screamed and I heard the soft whoosh of something puncturing skin, followed by a greedy slurping sound.' While that doesn't actually SAY Cyrus bit her, the reader can use inference and deduction to work it out. -'Ready for the surge of power he expected to rise in his body. But her blood did not hold the key...' << If you're telling this from Lillian's POV (and not having her see what's happening) then she wouldn't know this. However, I understand that you need to incorporate this into the story so how about: 'My mum screamed and I heard the soft whoosh of something puncturing skin, followed by a greedy slurping sound. I don't know how, but I *knew* that it was Cyrus. I sensed him tense, ready for the surge of power he expected to rise in his body, but my mother's blood did not hold the key...' (*knew* means put knew in italics) -'“She’s not the one... her blood... Its useless!” he spat in disgust.' << This sentence should be: '“She’s not the one... her blood... it's useless!” he spat in disgust.' -'“Time is almost up, My lord.” said Ricki.' << should be: '“Time is almost up, my lord,” said Ricki.' -'“Let's go!” Huffed Cyrus, punching the wall on the way out, It made the stairs shudder above me.' << First point - this should be two separate sentences or be made all into one. Second point - your word choice (i.e. 'huffed' and 'let's go!') makes it seem like Cyrus is being a stroppy teenager. I would use: '“Time is almost up, my lord,” said Ricki. I heard a low growl emanate from Cyrus. “Then let us be gone!” he ordered, punching the wall on the way out, making the stairs shudder above me.' -'I sat in silence for what felt like hours, after a few minutes I raised my head and listened carefully until I was sure the men were gone.' << This sentence doesn't really work the way it is at the moment. Therefore I would suggest this instead: 'I sat in silence and listened carefully, each second seeming like an hour, and raised my head once I was sure the men were gone.' -'I could see my mum laying face down on the floor, blood trickling from Two puncture wounds on her neck.' << Lower case letter for 'two'. -'Without warning, I heard a voice, another man.' << Should be: 'Without warning, I heard a voice - another man.' -'“Uriel, burn the house. We can’t have anyone find this mess!” He ordered.' << Once again, the rule of commas and capitalising! Also, if his voice is soft then it doesn't seem quite right to me that he's 'ordering' Uriel. Instead, to create that feeling of authority without contradicting the soft voice: '“Uriel, burn the house. We can’t have anyone find this mess,” he commanded quietly, but firmly.' Eeek! I don't think this is going to all fit. Could I email you the rest of the critique? If so, then, as you don't allow emails, could you please email me at and I'll reply to you. I hope the bit that's posted has helped and I'd really like to read the rest 🙂

    I’m 15, please tell me If I am a ‘talented’ writer by reading this small extract?
    Ok, so I quickly wrote this extract, probably not a story introduction but just a slice of the middle action. I need to know if I have any hope. I’m only 15 SO IT NOT VERY GOOD I KNOW. But please tell me advice and comments, THANK YOU!!

    His eyes seem to glisten in a vermillion tint, like a cherry delight dunked into red wine. This is bad. Real bad. Oh how I can guess the illegal strips of film that must be stuck on repeat behind his eye lids. I gulp in distaste. He looks so hungry.
    “I’m guessing you’re drunk, mate?” I laugh nervously, my breath painting the air a pasty white. He chuckles at my nervousness.
    “Not in the way you’re thinking of” He replies casually. The strange thing is, by the elegant swagger of his smooth talking tongue, he really doesn’t sound that drunk at all. I frown in confusion.
    “But you smell so vile” I wrinkle my nose, decorating it with ripples at either side.”Like cologne and whiskey. And your eyes look so disorientated” I tell him honestly, but soon I regret my sad case of ‘foot in mouth’ disease. He’s so going to rape me now. Well done Hannah. Well fucking done, you smart ass. He chuckles again, but this time with a light brew of amusement cloudy within purple eyes. Oh why do I study this stranger’s eyes so closely?
    “I like your honesty, girl. Your impulsive nature protects that stench of fear I just detected a moment ago” He comments, nodding his head of short cropped blackness smothered in hair gel. I narrow my eyes.
    “Detected?” I scoff. “You sound like you can actually smell my fear” Foot in mouth. FOOT IN MOUTH! Damn it girl, why don’t you listen to your conscious? Dear god, I’m talking to myself. This is just great. Oh crap now I’m so screwed. The man raises one eye brow.
    “Well that’s because I can” He tells me this as if it is the simplest thing in the world. I hug myself awkwardly, the coldness of the winter night finally slapping my skin. The stranger tilts his head.
    “You’re cold” He notes, and then is silent as his eyes rake my every curve and flaw. “No older that sixteen” He then adds, whispering to himself. My chest ripples in a sensation of panic. His eyes lick over my body again, but this time with a hint of pleasure hidden in the corner of his upturned mouth, probably undressing me with his mind as I stand here uncomfortably, soaking in the bitter air.
    “Are you going to hurt me” My voice breaks, but still I try my best to sound civilized and strong. He smiles.
    “Only if you want me to” He replies with a devious grin. I frown. That sentence sounded way too…kinky.
    “Excuse me?” I snap, again without thinking. His eyes shimmer with amusement. “Here mate you better scatter. I’m meeting my boyfriend right here, so don’t go thinking I’m some prostitute waiting for her next job, alright?” I tell him sharply. OH MY GOD! This is no way for a sixteen year old girl to be pursuing a potential sexual offender. What am I thinking? That’s just it, I’m not thinking at all!
    “No” His smile grows bigger. “No you’re not waiting for some boyfriend, Hannah” He disagrees in a gentle voice, as if he finds my lies cute. My eyes amplify.
    “How do you know my name?” I demand heatedly, the feeling in my legs slowly dissolving with my common sense. He steps forward and into the diluted light streaming from the street lamp above him. As he continues to stride forward I see several dirty shadows dance across his face when moves. An awkward lump crawls down the back of my throat. Why don’t I move away?
    “But I’ve been waiting for you, my dear Hannah” He speaks softly, raising his right hand to touch my cheek. I shiver at his closeness.
    “Why can’t I move?” I whisper to him, gazing into his ludicrously abnormal blackcurrant eyes, which to me are brimmed with blasphemy and dirty lust. He circles around me, hiding behind my back. The stranger’s fingers dance over my neck, and his lips move against my ear. I slowly let my eyes drop shut in a climax of utter helplessness. Strange.
    “Because I do not wish it so” He answers in a low murmur, a seductive moan almost. I can even here the light crust of pleasure surrounding his words as he speaks to me. And against all logic and common sense I have gained from my sixteen years of life…I find myself aroused by his attractive manner of mystery and tension. But why can’t I move?


    Tell me what you think guys!!! Peace out.

    • ANSWER:
      I’m 16, and I love writing too! Let me say that I like what you wrote, it kept me reading and didn’t have a lot of flowery adjectives that people our age usually cram into every peice they write, which I liked. And at the end I was wondering; ‘what’s next?’, I really want to read on.
      I like the story, from what I can see. It started off being a bit creepy, like it he really was going to rape her, but at the end it seems like hes an off-the-rails CIA, or something like that, and I want to find out now!!!
      I like your style.

      OH, and you are a good writer. I wasted like a year and a half of my life not writing because I thought I was bad, when I’m actually pretty goo. You’re good, so don’t lose faith in yourself.

    I think I have ringworm on my finger?
    On my right index finger there is this ‘rash’ that itches like crazy! I thought it was ivy or something like that, but it has little raised bumps kinda in a circle shape that wraps around the finger, and ivy doesn’t look like that. The skin has started to peel in the middle of the ‘circle’ shape, and the skin around it is sorta yellowing and the whole area, even the middle is red and irritated. Shortly after I discovered this, my son developed a perfect circle ‘rash’ on his forehead, his is way less irritated and can barely see it. I looked on my dog and sure enough she has a small round ring on her belly. I know it’s contagious and all the facts about ringworm, and I got the cream you should put on it, but the cream isn’t doing anything for it on me. I just want it gone. I type for a living and I can’t type with this on my finger! What should I do?
    I’ve been putting the right cream on it for 3 days now and it has not improved at all. I do put bandaids on it once in awhile so i can type, should i quit using the bandaids?

    • ANSWER:
      3.Dyshidrosis. Google images and …… does it look like this?
      It is allergy to a dermatophyte, which is any kind of skin loving bug. mold, yeast, bacteria, virus, parasite, pollen. It could be anywhere on your body. The rash on the hands is just a red flag. Take anti-histamines for immediate relief. The best for skin rashes is fexofenadine 180mg then 60mg every 12 hours thereafter. (Since March 4th an over the counter med in the US, it has been OTC in the rest of the world for a long time. It is a very successful 2nd generation anti-histamine.) This is not the cure. But it will stop the itching. Go to dyshidrosis@yahoogroups for treatments and information.
      Ringworm is a dermatophyte, this is the allergy to the ringworm, not the ringworm. Others in your house have ringworm, you are ‘colonized’, not infected, but you are allergic to the ‘colonization’,
      Do not put steroid creams on the rash, they cause it to spread beyond the edges of it’s current area. Heat increases the histamine reaction.

    Do I have cancer or is it just a weird new mole?
    Over the past half a year or so I developed a new mole type thing on my arm, it just grew out of nowhere, at first i thought it might be a wart, but then it turned pinkish/brownish red, and its slightly raised but smooth. its shaped like a circle, kind of blending into the skin around it. sometimes the edges flake a bit. i went to the doctor and he took a quick look and said it was a mole… but i cant stop worrying about it, ive never had a mole that just came out of nowhere before, and its a dif color than my other ones. Could it be cancer.. maybe something else? or should I just take the doctors word for it? Also Im 20 years old. Thanks oh also its just a bit smaller than a pencil eraser.

    • ANSWER:
      well if you don’t trust your doctor you can get a second option but I would think if he said it was okay as long as it didn’t grow since then or change shape you should be okay

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