Small Round Red Spots On Skin

Cure For Protein In The Urine For Kidney Diseases

Normally the protein in the urine is very small, no more than 7~10 mg/24h, and the common urinary routine exam will not detect out. When the protein in the urine increases and the examination detect it out, that is called Proteinuria. If the urine protein exceeds 3.5g/24h, it is called large amount of proteinuria.

Proteinuria is one of the main symptoms of chronic kidney diseases. The formation of proteinuria is closely related with barrier function of the glomerulus. The glomerular capillary is composed by three layer construction, endothelial cell layer, basement-membrane layer and epithelial-cell layer from the inner side to the outside. These three layers are all scattered with filtration pores and negative charge, so the barrier function of the glomerular capillary can be seen as mechanical barrier–filtration pore and charge barriernegative charge.

The reason of the high proteinuria: The basement membrane of the glomerulus and the inherent cells are damaged which make the filtration pores expand, so the former filtrating blood function of the glomerulus are damaged, and the protein will leak out and flow out through the urine. At this time, the examination will show a high proteinuria, that is the proteinuria is positive.

How to treat high proteinuria?

Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital summarized a set of new method for treating the high proteinuria, which is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherpay. This method can not just decrease the proteinuria index, but also can repair the damaged part of the kidneys so as to solve the problem from the disease root. It starts from two aspects. First, the active medicines can expand the blood vessels, which can effectively relieve the ischemia and anoxia condition. Thereby, the damaged kidney functions of the inherent cells can be activated, the phenotype of the inherent cells can be reversed, and the inflammatory mediums can be prevented from further damaging the glomerulus and block the renal fibrosis. Second, the Micro-Chinese Medicines can supply many nutrient substances which can be used to repair the damaged kidney cells. They can be imported by microwave and arrive the nidus directly, which can accelerate the repairing work. This method completely solves the problem of the recurring proteinuria which cant be handled by the western medicines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    small round red spots that peel then clean off then peel again do not itch?
    I have these red spots that are smaller than a dime, they are NOT ringworm. They appeared on my arm now 2 more popped up today on leg.They have peeling dry skin on that flakes off and leaves just red spot. By next day flaky skin is back. Does not itch. Not ever allergic to anything. Mom also has them and she is afraid its from Lupus.They are popping up everywhere slowly. Any ideas?

    • ANSWER:

    My dog and kinda bumpy small Alot of red spots on her belly, skin us red, and round her eyes is red help?
    Dog is on the profile pic time limit

    • ANSWER:
      Agree, allergies sound like a possibility. It’s a good idea to check in with your vet if they don’t seem to be clearing up. They are likely uncomfortable for her, especially if you see her scratching, pawing at her eyes, etc. Good luck!

    I have small red dry spots on my skin…what are they?
    I have these small, red, dry, round spots on my skin that have been showing up. They don’t hurt and they usually go away after I put some neosporin on them. They are just circular and they are like little scabs, but flaky and scaly. They are weird and only show up one at a time. I had one on my upper arm, but it went away. Then I got one on my side, right at the top of my hip bone. It went away, too. Now I have one on the outter part of my upper thigh. It’s like right on the bottom/side of my bum. It’s weird. They go away with lotion or neosporin. I don’t know what to do. Any ideas on what it might be?

    • ANSWER:
      I’d advise seeing a dermatologist.

    Painless red spots on skin? Pregnancy related?
    They are red. Under the skin. small spots with tiny veins around them but without looking closely they just look like round little red spots. I have 2 on my face, a couple on my chest and arms.

    I think I had,.. one before I was pregnant.
    is this related to being pregnant.. what ARE they? and how can I get rid of them.

    They are painless

    Im 27 weeks pregnant
    they are painless. not raised but under the skin and feel just like my skin. no irritation

    • ANSWER:
      They are called Spider angiomas and I have them to, they are not dangerous at all, they are just little spots that have many veins leading away from them. I have had them since I was a kid and got alot more when I became pregnant. Some people call them beauty spot and you can get them removed by Lazar surgery but I like mine. Most of the time they tend to appear on the face chest arms.

      Just to let you know I have been to many doctors who all say the same, that is spider angiomas and I even saw a picture on the internet somewhere which looked like what the doctor said and it was the same.
      Hope this helps

      Link didn’t work but just look up the name and you will find all the info you need.

    Red spots/marks on skin?
    First of all it’s not acne spots, it’s something else

    Bright red
    Same surface as skin
    Pretty small

    So i asked my mom about this and she told me “Don’t worry old people sometimes get this” :/

    Any ideas on what it could be ?

    by the way im not old im 14

    • ANSWER:
      well sweetie, you can go to the doctors on your own, have them checked out anyway, then you will know. Can be lots of reasons for these, allergies to food or drink etc. bedding etc. have them seen to.

    Red, dry, round spots all over body.?
    Ok, I want to make two things clear. One, please do not suggest I should see a doctor, as if this option hasn’t crossed my mind yet. I want visiting the doctor as my final resort for personal reasons. Two, they don’t itch or are irritating whatsoever.
    Some details that might help:
    I’m allergic to pollen, and since it’s summer, my allergies are acting up. (itchy eyes, mouth, throat, nose, sometimes ears, and a whole lot of sneezing) So I’m thinking maybe it could be an additional symptom?
    I have been coughing a lot lately, it feels like there’s water in my throat if you get that, sort of an itchy sensation that makes me cough, sometimes mucus follows, sometimes not. Also, the red spots sometimes develop flaky skin on top. There sizes vary, some are as small as the eraser of a pencil and others are a bit smaller than a dime. So what I’m asking is, what do I have here? And are there any over the counter/ home remedies I could use to fix this? I’m extremely scared right now, because I fear it’s some sort of cancer (am I being paranoid?). Please help!

    • ANSWER:
      Psoriasis would be my guess.

    Red spots on skin from leg to upper arm. Not itchy, just noticed them this morning, and spreading?
    Sorry that was more of a statement rather than a question but, i want to describe it, rather than ask a question.

    They are small pinkish and round. They dont itch one bit, and its from my legs to my arms in different places, not in a patch. I never had anything like this. The only thing i did different in the past was to go tennessee( first trip to another state), i dont know if that has anything to do with it or what. I have never had these wierd itchless red dots?

    Anyone know what they are?

    • ANSWER:
      You need to see a doc…in the meanwhile take Benadryl should make them clear up….sounds like allergies…have you perhaps changed washing detergent or soap? Are you drinking enough water? Try not eating processed foods for a while…see your doc, only they can tell you for sure.

    Red Spot with white spots inside on skin?
    Hey Guys. Quick question for anyone with any experience…
    I have this spot on my side (just about on my back) the is small, flat, and red with white spots inside it. The spot is about the size of a pencil eraser, maybe a little larger, and mostly round. The spot is not dry and doesn’t itch. To be honest, aside from its color, you couldnt really tell it apart from the other skin. When I first noticed it, it was a light red but has now grown to be a darker shade of red. auld this be worrying me or is it a common and harmless blemish?

    Forgot to mention, I don’t know how long I have had it exactly but it has been at least a year and a half.

    • ANSWER:
      It may be a fungal infection of the skin. If you think it might be, you could ask the pharmacist if there is any over the counter anti-fungal and try it. For example, the products for athlete’s foot are anti-fungals.

    i have a red round spot on my arm and wont go away!?
    this morning i had a little contest.i had to rub a small eraser in my skin and who ever lasts the longest wins!i won!the skin on both of my arms are red!when i put any liquid(and cream) on the red spot it burns a lot!its already been 9 hours and still doesn’t go away!
    when will it go away?
    any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      You rubbed the skin off of your arm. It will heal and the skin will grow back. The only thing I would recommend you put on it is Neosporin. Everything else will burn and isn’t recommended for open wounds.

    What are these spots?
    I got out of the bath yesterday and I had round red spots of bumpy skin on my arms (small) they were all little circle. I thought it looked like ringworm but they have faded now. Any ideas????

    • ANSWER:
      might be hives from an allergic reaction do they itch?

    Circular, red marks on skin. Is this normal?
    I have these round, pinkish-red, circular marks on my skin near my breasts. They are smooth, round, and barely noticeable. Not itchy or painful. It started out as one, but now I have five or six small spots. At first I thought they were from my bra rubbing on my skin and forming a callous, but now there are a few little red spots that have spread onto my upper stomach. Is this normal, or should I be worried?

    They don’t look nasty, and I also suffer from mild acne–could this be related? Or could it possibility be an early form of skin cancer? (I am pale.)

    • ANSWER:
      I found complete relief from very painful sinus by giving up water and other liquids for 48 hours. That was 3 years back and no sinus since then. Earlier I used to get sinus 2-3 times in a year with extreme body pain and fever of 105. There was an additional factor. For last 2-3 years I was drinking 1 glass of water 1 hour before each meal and no other water or liquids during the day.

      The logic for this sinus relief is as under –
      There is swelling and inflamation during sinus. Water reduction will cause fast relief from swelling. That will make it easier and faster to get rid of cough.
      Water reductions boosts the immune system by increasing the blood acids by upto 10% of previous levels.

      Since then I tried the same approach on lot of other ailments – like renal failure, slip disk, dry skin, dandruff, constipation, mouth ulcers, dry eye syndrome etc. The result were shocking.

      I had been wearing spectacles since the age of 15 i.e. for last 34 years. I have been trying eye exercises since begining with practically no benefits. Last 3 months I started eye exercises in a different way. It gave benefits in a number of areas. Better concentration and memory, better digestion, clearing of dark eye circles, no head aches etc. In 15 days I could cure my + number. There is marked improvement in other parameters. The – number seems to be coming down but I have not checked.

      I wonder that cough effects every nerve in the nearby area. Food pipe is also close by. So it effects that as well. All mental problems also arise because of excess water. I am quite hopeful that drinking water and liquids on alternate days and giving up water and liquids on other days as a way of recovery from cancer and all other diseases. Eye exercises is additional way of speeding up recovery from cancer and other diseases.

      Dark eye circles are caused due to nasal congestion.
      Dark eye circles are also due to gluten intolerance and celiac diseases.
      That is a clear indication that cough effects eye muscles, brain, entire gastric system and could be responsible for cancer as well. Linking cough with cancer may seem to be a bit far fetched. But there are lot of other things which I am not able to share at yahoo answers because of limitations to number of charaters that I can post here.

      General Guidelines –

      Give up water and all other liquids for 24 hours. To avoid dehydration keep indoors. In case of cancer repeat this after every 24 hours.
      On other days drink 1 glass of water 1 hour before each meal. The total water intake on these days should not be more than 3 glasses.

      There are 3 main or rather only common symptoms of cancer –
      1) The cells are not able to produce 38 units of energy that is done in case of normal cells.
      2) The stomach acid is very low.
      3) Tumours or general swelling.

      The reason and logic for the above in short is as under –
      The cells of the human body are at the lowest level of producing energy. To produce energy cells burn glucose in presence of oxygen.
      When there is more water in the cell then the energy producing capacity of the cell is significantly reduced. Reduced energy by the cells cause build up of water outside the cells as well. That causes pain in the entire body due to constant excess weight on the cells.
      Continued less burning of glucose also causes accumulation of other minerals in the cell. That causes the cells to swell up.
      This does not happen overnight.
      There are various checks in the body to avoid build up of water in the cells. Like whenever there is change in atmosphere temperature the body adjusts the amount of water that cells carry. When this adjustments fails due to some reason the body tries various modes to get rid of the excess water – sinus, cold and cough, adrelin levels, water reduction thru increased urine etc.
      There are certain other complications that happen due to build up of excess water in the cells. One is build up of bacteria and infections in the body.
      These bacteria or infections cause the increase in the body temperature. The increased temperature takes care of the situation.

      What is the reason for cancer. Same. There are tumours in all kind of cancers. The tumours are caused due to cells not dieing. The reason for cells not dieing is cells not producing enough energy and that prolongs their life cycle.
      What is the cure for cancer. The cure for cancer and all other common ailments is same. I found that sinus, cold, cough, IBS, skin blood clots, slip disk, dry skin, mouth ulcers, renal failure etc can be cured effectively by giving up water and all other liquids for 24 hours to 48 hours. This has been tested on more than 50 persons so far. Thru Yahoo Answers this same been tested on more than 100 people but I do not have conclusive proof of this. The cerainity with which relief is produced in 24 hours gives enough hope for cancer cure in 15 days.

    My dog has scab like small spots on his skin?
    My dog is a mixed chihuahua male and is 1 year and a half. About 2 months ago we moved to another country. The country we are in now is summer and warm all year round but he seems ok with the heat. He is a short haired breed.

    About 5 weeks or so ago i noticed a few small red/brownish spots very very tiny on his skin, usually was either on his belly, thighs and on his back. He never scratched them or became annoyed with them, but they just appeared out of nowhere. So I went to the vet and asked to get him looked at. The vet said it may be food allergy and to not feed him too much meat especially chicken and no chicken skin whatsoever.

    I began treating the spots with petroleum jelly and an anti biotic cream for skin ailments in dogs that came from a vet. I gave him a bath with oatmeal shampoo and stopped giving him chicken. The spots disappeared for about 3 or so weeks.

    But now they have come back and its been a week already. I took him back to the vet the other day and he didn’t seem to worry and gave me a prescription for vitamins. My dog’s hair is getting worse each day, it seems more dry, brittle, coarse and excessive shedding. Don’t know if the shedding is only because it’s terribly hot around here.
    He is getting more and more of these scab like spots. The spots are brown, start off brown then form a scab that fall off or that i pick off and then the area becomes hairless and some heal, but others are still brown even after the scab has formed and fallen off.
    They are very tiny. They are dark brown spots (at first thought were insect bites or maybe him scratching himself but it’s never been seen like this before) They form a scab then fall off, either heal after 4 days or stay brownish.

    My dog has been vaccinated twice, heartwormed yes and dewormed. I rarely feed him meat these days, veges and fish sometimes.
    He has had a food change. When we first got here, the kibble that I took with us once opened the ants formed an entire civilization inside the kibble pack in half a day. It’s a terrible place if you hate insects. So I bought him some kibble but of a different type.

    He has been eating fine as always, even before, and during this strange skin ailment that he’s developed. His stool is firm and good. He doesn’t scratch either which is why i am confused about his skin.

    what are these spots?

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like to me that his skin is drying out from the heat. I would suggest that you put a teaspoon or two of mineral oil on his food everyday. That will help his hair and skin and keep the moisture. Also make sure not to give him a bath too often that can dry out the skin as well. I would only give him a bath every other week unless he is really dirty or smelly. Then I would give him a bath only once every 10 days.

      If that doesn’t help then you should ask the vet about getting him an allergy shot. There may be something in the environment that he is allergic to. You just moved and introduced him to lots of new potential allergens. It may take his body several months to get used to all the new stuff, or this may be a permanent thing that he will have to take allergy pills for.

      But the first thing I would do is add mineral oil to his food.

    I Need Pictures Of Dog Flea Bites..Does Their Hair Fall Off? Does It Leave A Red Small Hole On Them?
    My Dog Is Always Scratching Himself Behind His Tail..
    I Checked and he has a red rounded spot next to his anus..
    It looks like somethinq bit him and riped part of his skin out..
    i don’t know if its a flea bite. Help Me Please. Thank Youu

    • ANSWER:

      Yeah and what you described sounds like fleas. Take your dog to the vet and have them prescribe you K9 Advantix…it protects against, fleas, ticks and mosquitoes that can carry heart worms.

    Small round spot on penis and testicles?
    Small round spot on penis and testicles?
    So here is the deal.I am currently 20 years old.About a couple of months ago I noticed a red spot on the shaft of my penis.At first I didn’t think anything of it but then it wouldn’t go away,it looks like a small rash,about the size of a droplet of water,but I just ignored it.Then after about another month or two I find another red spot on my testicles.It doesn’t look the same as the one on my penis and is about the same size,maybe a little bigger but not by much.It also looks like a rash and the skin around it peels off occasionally. Sometimes it itches,but rarely.So far both of the spots have not gone away and it has been 4-5 months,I have NEVER HAD SEX so I know it isn’t an std. I have told my parents but they said not to worry. I am still concerned and I wanna go to the doctor to check it out but I also don’t wanna go to the doctors to find out its nothing to worry about and that its normal or it might be just a rash.Has anyone else had anything like this before? Any ideas before I make an appointment with the doctor? Help?

    • ANSWER:
      yeah i think it normal don’t worry. i had it too. i probably happens because of the sweat. try to keep yourself moistured and do not itch, the more you itch the more its gonna spread.

    Dry, round, non-itchy red patch on skin..?
    In December, I had broken my leg, and amongst recovery, on my right side of my abdomen, I had a small, dry, non-itchy red patch.
    A month or so later, I developed another on my waist. Never thought about it, didn’t bother me. Someone pointed one out yesterday, and now I have 3 new spots come up. One on my left side of my abdomen, one by my elbow, and a small one on my forearm.

    It doesn’t look like ring worm..any other ideas what it might be???

    Thanks in advance. Any immature answers will be reported.
    *Thanks, but it doesn’t look like lyme’s
    *No bigger than a pencil eraser around, just feels really dry to the touch.. not flaky or scaly really

    • ANSWER:
      It could be exzema. It doesn’t have to be itchy. I have them too, little red dry patches on the skin that just pop up out of nowhere. Daily application of lotion helps them go away after a while.

      But of course if they worry you, a dermatologist would know better than I do.

    Rash/spots round mouth and one cheek?
    It looks like red spots, and there are a couple of big ones but mostly they’re small – they’re itchy and sometimes abit sore. I’m at a loss as to think what they might be, as I cleanse every day and and exfoliate every other day, I’ve not been using any new skin products which could be irritating my skin, although I did use some tinted moisturiser a couple of weeks ago which is when the spots on my cheek came, although I already had one before that. So I haven’t used that tinted moisturiser since, but the spots have got worse. Nothing seems to get rid of them, I’ve tried prescription spot creams, spot gel, even an insect bite soother (cos at first I thought my face had been attacked by mosquitos or something xD). Currently I’m just leaving it alone as best I can.
    I asked this question before, and several people suggested that I had an STI. Just to clear this up, yes I am sexually active, but have not had any action of that kind in over 2 months, and this rash has only appeared in the past 2 weeks.
    Sorry for ranting .. any ideas as to what the spots could be and how to get rid of them?

    Cheers (:
    Well that certainly opened my eyes about herpes Chuck. I might actually go get checked. Going abroad on saturday though so I dunno when I’ll be able to.

    • ANSWER:

    Red Spots on my face ( which are not acne i think)?
    Hi Everyone,
    I have naturally oily skin, and acne is like a everyday thing for me. ( its not bad though, its mild) and I recently started using this product, which worked wonders, but I skipped the moisturizing part because I thought oily skin doesnt need moisture ( stupid of me lol). I apply benzoyl peroxide 10% like everyday, morning, afternoon night, but i skip the moisturizing part. Is that why?

    Now, my skin is normal, because of the product but sometimes it is dry, which i think is SOO much better than oily skin!

    and Recently, I had pimples on my cheek and I applied the cream onto them but now there are small, flat, red round things? They are so gross looking, and I don’t pick them or anything.

    How could I get rid of this? and what are they?

    Thanks in Advance

    • ANSWER:
      What these spots are is called hyperpigmentation. They sometimes form after a pimple as the skin is healing. This can happen to anyone, whether they have moisturized skin or not. However, skin heals slower when it is not moisturized, so using a mild face lotion will help them fade faster. Also, make sure you’re getting a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and veggies and drinking lots of water. This will help.


    What would cause thin skin around the groin?
    I have a weird problem. I can’t find it anywhere on the internet, including, so hopefully someone here will know what’s going on. There was a small, round spot near my scrotum, where the skin dipped in and became thin. The spot spread, it has taken on a red color, and now it is moving up toward my thigh. This is alarming, as I’m sure you would know! I will make an appointment with the doctor soon, but if anyone has an explanation to put my mind at rest, that would be WONDERFUL! Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      jock itch?spreading or moving?spreading jock itch.movingmaybe hernia

    how to remove a red spot after attending to remove a mole?
    okay so 3 years ago i had a very tiny mole inside of my skin. ik i was stupid i tried to remove it. i did remove it after a awhile pucking it with a needel but after a while it kind of turned black and after pucking again ik stupid i made it turn red. idk whats wrong with it, idk if its infected or not. right now its on my jaw it looks like a small round red red spot please help me, i went to the doctor and he gave me this cream triamcinolone acetonide ointment usp 0.1. i started using for about a year and it didn’t do shit sorry. please i don’t no what to do?????? i have not touched it for 5,6 months and it still there all red??????? please helppppppp mmeeeeee

    • ANSWER:

    How do I get rid of BLEMISHES?! Not acne!?
    Ok first off they aren’t full on pimples, they have no height at all just small, flat, round red spots on both of my cheeks. there are about 5 on each side and they have no depth so they aren’t those “ice pick” scars you see that some people have. AND I never picked any of my pimples at all. I have SENSITIVE skin so don’t tell me to get PROACTIV okay? Anything with benzoyl peroxide is too harsh, even salicylic acid makes my skin red sometimes. I just need something for these blemishes…will a scar cream work? I these are even scars…..idk

    • ANSWER:

    Skin issue?
    I have this red circular “ring” on the top of my foot. It started out a couple of years ago as just one small fingerprint sized red spot. I figured it was a bruise but it got slightly larger over time and then developed around nine months ago into what looks like a ring, but also like several of those round spots connected forming the ring. I didn’t get treatment at the time because I was pregnant. It has not changed at all so far. Now there are two more spots, little red fingerprint sized ones, on each of my ankles. It doesn’t hurt, burn, itch or bother me in the slightest except it looks wierd. Any ideas? My doctor had no idea what it was and I couldn’t afford the tests, they suggested it was ringworm and gave me some cream. I’m using it and it makes the areas tingle for a while but i’m not seeing any results, its only been a week though. Also, my daughter and husband touch me all the time, why have they not gotten anything on their skin if it is ringworm?

    • ANSWER:
      sounds like ring orm to me too, just from the description, but if you have pets it could have been from a tick too. hope you get to the bottom of it.

    Small red marking on penis?
    I have a small red round marking on the shaft of my penis for a few days now. The marking isn’t raised or like an open wound but more like a bruise which is more ‘under’ the skin and when i stretch the skin it disappears. I don’t know if its important to mention but it also surrounds a fordyce spot which i know is a normal/common for majority of men.

    Any suggestions please????

    • ANSWER:
      It might be a bruise or a broken blood vessel, or a rash from an aggressive masturbation session.
      Wounds to the penis skin heal very rapidly, almost overnight, due to the high amount of blood flow into this area.
      Keep an eye on it,…like you won’t,… and you should see it becomes less noticeable and fades away with a day or so. If it gets larger,….speak to a doctor about it.
      Good luck with this.

    Red Spots All Over Legs – No Symptoms – No Itching etc – Just There?
    I have recently (Past 2 weeks) came out in these spots all over my legs & by spots I dont mean the simply normal rounded ones they all vary, & they seem as though they are underneath the skin, No raising or anything & they do not itch, They are just simply there, they have got worse & worse over time & seem as if they are carry on spreading, I think the best way to describe them is someone pinching you really hard and then it leaving like a friction mark underneath the skin but being pinched in different ways as they all vary (Some spot like others long ways) but they are quite small there are none really large , I can’t make out why only my legs are affected? I wanted to ask on here to see what people think as I see no reason to make a GP app when they aren’t bothering me, I just want to no what they are . Anyone experienced the same thing? Or no what they could be? Thanks . x (If it helps I am a healthy 19 year old – Married with 1 child – Non smoker & non drinker. )
    blimey can tell we are in a recession, i wasnt asking for websites!!!

    • ANSWER:
      if this was on ‘paranormal’ questions I’d say a ghost pinching, but you need to see a dermatologist, it could be something VERY wrong. I am no expert, but does not sound like an easy thing, ask your Dr for a suggestion of who is good.
      could be something to do with childbirth, like something you caught in Hospital at birthing time.

    Small painless lump now large and painful?
    I am a female who will turn 30 this month. I am currently breastfeeding an almost 6-month old (I added this in case it has an bearing, but I’m think the lump may have been there before giving birth.) I have had a small, painless and hard lump on my chest for several months (it is at the very start of my cleavage line. Actually looks like someone marked the top of my cleavage line with a mark.) I remember showing to my mom on Thanksgiving, but I know it was there for 3-6 month prior to that. It never grew or hurt, but was there. It was about the size of a pea. After a while, it got a little purple-ish red and dimpled a little near the bottom. Over the past two days the lump is now VERY painful and is now the size of a large marble (the kind that is made to shoot at other marbles in a bag of marbles) .. possibly a little larger. It no longer feels perfectly round. There is a red spot over it that is the size of a dime and the dimpling at the bottom is bigger now (you could probably set a pea inside it.) It is NOT movable with the skin. When I move my skin back and forth, the red spot moves, but the lump does not. It feels like it is attached to something below. Athough it has been small and painless this whole time (months and months,) it now hurts when I lay on my stomach or side or even touch near it and it has just quadupled in size within the last 2 days. I know I need to see a doctor and I know it is impossible to diagnois over the Internet, but I have no insurance and don’t know where to go to get this checked out. I have 5 kids and I can’t spend their food money or our rent/bill money to see a doctor. I’m hoping there is someone out there who has had a similar experience or a nurse or someone else with experience who can tell me what it could be. I once went to the ER (and still paying for it) with upper chest and back pain and before they even checked me in the nurse said “its probably an ulcer” and that is the diagnosis I went home with. I am hoping to find the same sort of insight here or even some suggestions on where to find help (Medicaid is not an options and KS does not have any state low-income health plans besides Medicaid.)

    Tod M — I’m not sure what “county” hospital is … we don’t have anything in Wyandotte or Johnson county KS called “county hospital.” We have Shawnee Mission Medical Center, Olathe Medical Center, Overland Park Regional Medical Center, Providence Medical Center, Menorah Medical Center, St. Luke’s Medical Center … and that’s it as far as hospitals go. Furthermore, they all operate like reg hospitals — you go there for treatment by your dr or by the ER for an emergency, but nothing where you can set up an appointment to be seen. Can you please explain further?

    • ANSWER:

    Mysterious injury/cut on my GSD?
    I don’t think it’s actually an injury, per se, but I didn’t know what to call it.
    I was brushing down my white german shepherd today, and I came across what looked like a black and white.. pebble? I don’t know how to describe it. I pulled it out of his fur and threw it away (I wish I hadn’t) and continued brushing. But where it was, there was a round red spot with white creamy residue in the middle. I applied pressure to it, and it erupted and caused him some mild discomfort from what I can tell (He looked at what I was doing, but didn’t struggle. I cut the hair away from the area and tried to empty it to the best of my ability, and it left a small round indentation/injury in his skin. There was a little blood, but not as much as I would expect from something of this size.

    Here’s some pictures of the “hole”

    Any ideas what could have caused this? Treatment? Should I take him to a vet? I put some tea tree oil on it and pet him for a while for putting up with me playing with it, but that’s it. I’m pretty worried :/

    • ANSWER: A big, ugly awful engorged tick.

      It’s possible that a small chunk of skin came up with the tick, I’ve had that happen with ticks that hadn’t even been there for long.

      Just look for signs of lyme disease, because the chances of your dog catching it go up the longer the tick is left on.

    Armpit and groin rash?
    My armpit and groin area have been itching really bad lately. When I start scratching my skin, it produce little small bumps or red round spots all over. This has been going on for about 2 weeks and its really frustrating. Please help me out!!!

    • ANSWER:
      I think you have a STD.

    i have a rash on both my inner thighs?
    I’ve had a rash on my inner thighs near my genitals for the past two weeks now, it started out as a small, round red spot on my right thigh then got bigger and now i have the same thing on my left thigh. i’ve ruled out any STD because im still a virgin and never had sex. im overweight and my thighs do rub together, but ive never had this happen before, what couls it be and what can i do to get rid of it?
    it looks like a cluster of red spots(not bumps, spots), it itches from time to time, and my skin is starting to peel alittle bit.
    please help! this is really annoying!
    thanks all!

    • ANSWER:

    dog skin problem again…?
    My other q was deleted in “violation” so I can’t reply anything to this one…

    Does anyone recognize thisskin problem, on my dogs ears that are itchy, there’s hair loss and it’s scaley and very dry, pink color and scabs, and in one area on his ear (outer flap side) it’s a grey patch.

    The backs of his front legs have hair loss and scabbed and bleeding..very dry scales again.

    His stomach has small round un-raised red spots that are VERY itchy..there’s about 4 i found on his stomach..his stomach is not scaley or dry though.

    He has been to vets. But seriously if this sounds like sarcoptic mange, I’m just going to get themedicine myself and treat it because no vet is considerng it and no other medicine is helping. He’s miserable and lethargic. I can’t treat him with revolution though because he’s part collie breed..if this sounds like sarcoptic mange..does anyone know what else besides reolution that is ok for border collies? thank you.
    my mom went away on vacation with my aunt…and took my camera. I have an older pic
    this was 2 weeks ago i think

    I’ll try getting a pic with my cell phone cam
    my cells cam is not good.
    this is the spot on his belly

    the spot looks more red than in the pic.

    this is is his ear

    that grey in the middle isn’t hair, that’s his skin
    AH THERE ***IS** A SMELL!!!!
    it says a smell for sarcoptic mange.
    although i think his stomach looks more like ringworm…
    but this sort of like mold
    wait that’s fungal then isn’t it.
    i hope the test results will be in tomorrow.
    what I read here though
    about sarcoptic mange sounds exactly what is going on though..
    i’ve only read Ivermectin to treat it, not interceptor…..
    WAIT one site says interceptor does treat sarcoptic mange…OMG I AM giving my dogs the interceptor tonight then.
    oh no. their interceptor expired 9/2009…
    I read this
    “Newer treatments include Interceptor, also used as a heartworm preventative, administered daily…it has to be continued for three months. ”
    so i guess i have to ask a vet anyway because i don’t know if i’m supposed to give a heartworm pill every day for 3 months that doesn’t sound right.

    • ANSWER:
      Still no results on the fungal infection? It really sounds like Ring worm to me…

      I know you already did a skin scraping to rule out the Mange though – And then they decided it was Fungal, not mange, am I right?

      The odds of both of your dogs having sarcoptic mange is very slim.

      Can you post pics of your dogs problems areas?

      Here is something that helped me learn about S-Mange:

      The scabs on the ears could also be eczema.

      ***EDIT: Mitaban dips are VERY TOXIC!

      **EDIT: Yes, I wasn’t trying to be rude, so sorry! Yes they are VERY toxic and almost NEVER used. I wanted to point that out because she is more of a “homeopathic” dog owner if you’ve read her other questions 🙂 🙂

      Those dips are NASTY and only for extreme EXTREME cases.

      Found another great resource. It has info on Mange, and Ring Worm like I had suggested earlier…

    What is this dry skin condition I have?
    I noticed about a dozen round small spots of dry skin on my body. In terms of size, it’s anywhere from 1 mm wide to a 1 cm wide. In terms of color, most are pale pink, not really red. They are not rashes and they don’t itch. It’s really just little dry spots but I keep getting more and more. Most are located on my back and on the back of my legs.

    I generally use body butter to moisturize after the shower. I also use a sponge with shower gel when I wash.

    What is the skin problem I have called?

    What causes it?

    What should I do about it?

    Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      It’s always hard to diagnose someone over the internet especially with a rash. It does sound like ring worm, it is a fungal infection, it is contagious.
      Try buying some cream at the drug store (Athlete foot section) and use it three times a day.
      Wash all bedding, towels and do your wash (shirts).

      If it doesn’t help see an MD for a true diagnosis and treatment plan.

    this isn’t an std right?
    so i have never had unprotected sex, i have only had sex with one girl and shes my current girlfriend, we were each others first, i know for a fact, im 15 so is she. this itchless, painless, rash type thing poped up and its on my penis, and my penis head. there red and round and small, they dont stick up off the skin. theres red spots in my pubs too. i almost think its just irritation or an alergic reaction.. but to what? i dont think its an std. what do you think it is?
    we have been dating 2 years, im her first kiss, hand job, blowjob, everything, shes my first everything but a kiss.

    • ANSWER:

    Just discovered a small lump….?
    It’s located behind my neck. What is it ?
    It’s about the size of my thumbnail, it’s round, on the inside, right
    under the skin. But there is a small red spot too. Is it a cyst > or an ingrown hair? Is it in a dangerous area ? I don’t know if I should
    go to the ER to have it checked or wait a month for a Doc. Appt.
    I never felt that there before…I just dunno…oh, I just felt it again..&
    I can feel the lump on my skin as well as under it.

    • ANSWER:
      Are you thinking “cancer”? If it hurts, it usually isn’t cancer as cancer is “the silent killer” and lumps and surface signs cause no pain and are usually ignored.

      Go to a doctor if you’re concerned, especially if it doesn’t hurt! If it hurts it may just be a cyst or an ingrown hair but even those can become infected. Have it checked out.

    Rash on inner elbow and dry skin above eyes?
    I dont know if they are related but heres how they apeared.
    A few months ago after some strenuous activity i noticed a small red spot on my inner elbow. it wasnt raised or painful jus itchy. I assumed it was from sweating and would go away. but now its doubled in size, it has become raised and is painful if it rubs against anything. about the same time it got worse the skin above my eyes got red and dry/flakey. Just above them not all round. Putting lotion above my eyes makes them better, but within a few days theyll be red and flakey again. I have a dr apointment soon but was wondering what other peoples opinions would be?

    • ANSWER:

      Although I think the problem is ‘most-likely’ long and or short term allergic reactions to ‘something’ COMBINED WITH a weakened lymph liver kidney and immune systems – IF the following symptoms would ever occur – I think the worst it might possibly be is deadly bacterial meningitis.

      The two quotes below are from: <> <>

      “IF a rash is present, it may indicate a particular cause of meningitis; for instance, meningitis caused by meningococcal bacteria may be accompanied by a characteristic rash.”

      “The MOST common symptoms of meningitis are headache and neck stiffness associated with fever, confusion or altered consciousness, vomiting, and an inability to tolerate light (photophobia) or loud noises (phonophobia). SOMETIMES, especially in small children, only nonspecific symptoms may be present, such as irritability and drowsiness.”

      For further details see <> <>


      Even so these are my thoughts of what ‘might’ be happening in almost any rash or itch situation >>=> I have not been educated to be an M.D. – just a lifelong learner.

      My own view from my own experiences is that rashes and/or itches break out in the weaker parts of one’s skin, usually because of allergic reactions; OR perhaps due to fungus problems that may also occur simultaneously, and both of these more easily occur when one has too many carbs and fats in one’s daily calorie allotments, and therefore one has inadequate micro-nutrition absorption in the gut which has contributed to a compromised immune system – due to a lack of adequate micro-nutrition to adequately rebuild one’s body on a continual basis.

      What I have learned is that my past naïveté to the consequences had allowed my occasional stresses to sometimes cause me to do things or to eat things or to inhale things that have more toxins in them and that have then weakened my immune system, like drinking and eating caffeine chocolate or high carb foods and sweets.

      It sounds like the malady may be a result of an allergic reaction to something that is toxic to the liver/kidneys. IF it is due to a toxin overload of the lymph system, you might then notice that when one gets hot – then a rash or itching will sometimes occur since the toxins are sweating out of one’s system ONTO an area of the skin that may be weaker and more easily irritated and inflamed.

      ALSO whenever one’s immune system has become weakened the other problem can easily become a bacteria-fungus i.e. ringworm and/or yeast infection thrush, but it is hard to tell what the root causes may be without seeing and learning the details about what one has been eating breathing and applying to the skin. SEE <> <> Monistat 7 will likely kill any fungus in a few days and better micro-nutrition will keep it killed and will also strengthen one’s liver lymph and kidney systems to be able to better handle both an allergic reaction AND/OR bacteria-fungus outbreaks with less suffering in the future.

      IF you think it may be an allergic reaction – although it may be a difficult process – try to identify the triggers from cosmetics meds nuts milk grains other-foods chlorine-water-in-showers smoke perfume moldy-smells laundry-cleaners etcetera by discontinuing them until the symptoms stop and then beginning them again to see how the body reacts. If one is like me one may start to see allergies to many things because the root problem for me was a severely weakened liver from too many nutritional supplements that were toxic and I never knew it until it was almost too late.

      After several months of pruritus Urticaria with blisters and skin fevers primarily at the back of my knees and thighs sometimes when I got warmer, that had begun during the colder months of November inside a gas heated low humidity home, I have identified enough of my own triggers to allow my legs to heal with only a super-minimal amount of coconut cream cut with de-chlorinated water rubbed over my skin and a minimal number of full body showers.

      After several applications my lymph glands have become severely allergic to petrolatum products that are similar to Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, and common sense has now taught me that any petroleum products should always become toxic to anyone’s kidney and liver with repeated applications. I had flare-ups immediately after I had applied organic olive oil so I eventually changed to minimal amounts of coconut oil after I had used a minimal amount of a petrolatum steroid for a few days to allow my legs to heal up. I also have flareups when I eat over 150 calories of nuts and/or milk fats and/or oils, but these usually flare up about three hours after eating them, but the olive oil always took about five to thirty minutes to begin itching.

      Skin diseases can always return again and again and again and can get much much worse over time if they are not resolved. Soo I would strongly encourage you to seek out a ‘good’ doctor or a ‘good’ nurse and s/he will make a knowledgeable medical diagnosis and thoroughly explain the causes preventions and solutions much better than anyone on Yahoo_Answers could do without being able to see you personally.

      Also, to know how difficult or easy it should be for a doctor to make a ‘good’ diagnosis – I encourage you to also become a ‘good’ medical diagnostician from your doctor’s advice and your own research through Yahoo_Answers and via browser searches.


      * an allergic reaction to ‘toxins’ in one’s food or skin applications or meds or air (i.e. molds or smoke or vapors) etc.
      <> <>

      * fungal_bacterial = Meningitis Anthrax Scarlet_fever Thrush Yeast_infection Jock_itch Ringworm Impetigo Athletes_ foot etc.
      <> <>

      * viral = Measles Smallpox Shingles Hand_foot_and_mouth_disease Roseola etc.
      <>,_foot_and_mouth_disease <>

      * parasitical = Scabies_mite lice chiggers mosquitos ants etc.
      <> <>

      * inadequate micro-nutrition absorption in the gut = Pellagra Scurvy Beriberi Rickets etc.
      <> <>

      * also other treatments for various skin eruptions
      <> <>
      <> <>

      * either sun or hormonal or stress related or a combination of the above that make it difficult to find a definite single cause since there are multiple causes at the same time
      <> <>

      <> <>
      <> <>
      <> <>
      <> <>
      <> <>
      <> <>

      I truly hope what you learn will help you to decide on the correct choices that will remedy your painful experience of pruritus-itching and rashes in the future.

      My best to you and yours,

      AI – self taught nutritionIsT ><+>[(-:]

      PS – IF you are interested, I feel I have become a quasi-expert on rashes and pruritus itching after many years of off and on flare ups due to my own nutritionally related asthma and gallbladder disease that ‘continued’ to become heart disease and T2 diabetes and then non-alcoholic fatty liver disease with either PBC or PSC. So you are not alone. Many many people suffer from pruritus and I have learned very late in my own disease(s) that when it is nutritionally related most doctors do not tell their patients that inadequate micro-nutrition absorption in the gut and liver ‘might’ be the root cause and the best solution, and is also the most likely cause to the pruritus and liver diseases that are currently overwhelming our American culture. So to do my part to make a difference in the world I now take a little time each week to help others understand why better micro-nutrition absorption in the gut is so important, and I have posted much of my own story via the link at: <> <>. I hope you will have learned something today from my own mistakes and would not duplicate them – please pass on what you will learn from your own malady to your family friends neighbors and acquaintances. My best to you and yours. AI – self taught nutritionIsT ><3>[(-:]

    Skin problem,any idea what it might be?
    A few days ago a red spot appeared on my left shoulder close to the chest,it’s a little raised and the skin is broken it’s not really round but you can say it’s 1.5 cm in diameter.I didn’t feel any itching until a few other spots appeared,these are really small compared to the first one,and from what i’ve noticed they appeared along my torso.Under my breasts,on my sides,around my hips and more on my back and around the neck.
    I’m going to the doctor to check it out soon,but i’m not that patient and i want to know what to expect.
    So any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      u’d better go to the doctor and check cuz u might have allergies that u don’t know about or soem sort of other thing. but care for ur body though cuz more of those might start to appear!

    Weird (delayed) skin reactions to allergy testing.?
    I was diagnosed w/non-allergic rhinitis, but I’m not convinced. After my first round of allergy tests (via pin-prick and injection) I had no reaction whatsoever. Yet I’ve always been slightly allergic to mesquite and when I walk by olive trees in bloom it’s hard to breathe, my face gets really hot and my eyes water so badly I can’t see clearly.

    The next day after my testing I developed a skin rash behind my right ear (my right arm got the shots) & it’s been itchy with flat small red spots. I have this over a week later. I also got a bizarre blister behind my left knee that itched. My IBS flared up randomly. For the second set & only reacted slightly to dust mites, but this dust mite spot has not gone away & it has been inflamed for over a week as well. My IBS got even worse the day after that & I’ve still been suffering with these rashes. I also got pimple-looking spots that pop up & go away quickly and itch along my stomach. I also have milk & wheat allergies. What is going on?
    My problem is my allergist brushed me off when I showed him the rashes and told him what happened. He’s insistent I have no allergies and told me to go see a dermatologist. He even said that my dust mite spot shouldn’t still be swelling, but didn’t say any more about it 🙁 :(. This is the second allergist I’ve seen on the advice from my general doctor to get a second opinion. I think my city is full of terrible allergists 🙁 Should I go to my general doctor to get medical attention since my allergist wont help me?

    • ANSWER:
      yes, allergies. have you called the allergist back to let them know? I also had testing done… the nurse looked at me laughed and said… “you can’t lv. here until we put you in a bubble!”. My arms flared up w/ everything!!!
      You should def. call the dr. back.

    I have this raised red spot on my bikini and im afraid…?
    That it could be something like a STD. Its visible in the mirror, its nowhere near the opening of my vag.

    I almost wonder if its just a bad razor bump, because its the size of my pinky nail. maybe even smaller.

    Its round with a small dot in the middle.

    And when i feel around it its hard under the skin. And when i put a hot rag on it for a little bit, the swelling goes down. What could it be?

    • ANSWER:
      sounds like in growing hair, where bacteria, dirt ,excess oil is causing problems, actually it may be a boil, it should go away.Does it hurt cause when i had something like that on my forehead it hurt alot.

    I Need a professional answer about HIV rash?
    please someone can help me? i need some real descriptions
    i search the whole internet for some conclusive answer. but i wasn’t able to find it
    believe me.. can find almost anything on the internet, so if somebody is planning, to Copy and Paste a text that was found….its almost 90% of chance that i have already read it before on the main site

    the the internet is REALLY poor about the descriptions and characteristics of HIV rashes not talking about AIDS rashes that is very different from the initial infection of the HIV virus

    far as i study and know about it. there is NO precise dermatological category that initial HIV can be included…or even a category for the own HIV skin rash
    some people and sites say that HIV rash can be similar to some dermatological category such as Exanthem

    other people say that it looks like a erythematous maculopapular rash

    others says that is like Psoriasis ..

    personally i dont belive that even a ”slight” Psoriasis can be similar to a HIV rash….Psoriasis is much more like a advanced stage of AIDS rashes

    some people say that the characteristics of rash is , red circular dots, others says that is not circular

    so its ALOT of confusion about THIS particular HIV initial infection symptom itself

    HIV Skin Rash appear after the “fever” or during the fever because of the imunological system? or it can appear ANY time, with or withour fever, alot of times during the infection?

    Does HIV Skin Rash spreads fast throughout the body? or it will appear little by little just in some spots?

    (just wondering this, for example: Is possible to “notice” that a person could might be infected with HIV just by looking at the Skin Rash …i mean… a professional dermathologist and/or a infectologist ?

    Can someone please send a link to a REAL photo of a person with Skin Rash from HIV (if possible? if you dont find its ok, but im curious to see a tipical HIV Rash)?

    the appearance of a HIV Skin Rash looks like a pimple, or small, round and flat wart or Red Blood spot Point on skin…or it looks like none or a mix of those that i discribe?



    please if someone could give me a proper answer i would be so much thankful

    • ANSWER:
      You’re asking people to spend hours/days doing research and answering the multitude of questions you’ve asked without any explanation. Personally I doubt there’s anyone out on the net with the time or patience to do the task you command. So how about we get to the basics.

      A Rash, no matter how “typical” looking of a seroconversion rash, cannot be used to diagnose HIV, NEVER. No Dr (unless he wanted to be sued for malpractice) would ever use the presence of such a rash as the basis for diagnosis of HIV infection. The only way to diagnose HIV is with an antibody test conducted 3 months after the exposure event. If that test is negative then you don’t have HIV.

    HIV Rash sympton questions ( Good Answer = 10Points + alot of thanks)?
    i search everywhere….photos, text …but none of them was Clearly focused on hiv skin rash…i dont know how a “normal” rash from a person with HIV looks like….i dont know if it appear really fast (i know that it last for some weeks), or keeps appearing for some time… i dont have an exaclty photo reference so i cant see how it really looks like…and i dont know if is a large and spread rash, or it can only show a few red things in the whole body…and… damm theses questions really gets me nervous..

    please someone can help me?

    HIV Skin Rash appear after the “fever” or during the fever?

    Does HIV Skin Rash spreads fast throughout the body? or it will appear little by little just in some spots?

    (just wondering this, for example: Is possible to “notice” that a person could might be infected with HIV just by looking at the Skin Rash ?

    Can someone please send a link to a REAL photo of a person with Skin Rash from HIV (if possible? if you dont find its ok, but im curious to see a tipical HIV Rash)?

    the appearance of a HIV Skin Rash looks like a pimple, or small, round and flat wart or Red Blood spot Point on skin…or it looks like none or a mix of those that i discribe?

    please if someone could give me a proper answer i would be so much thankful

    thx alooooot for your answers, seriously…

    yes i am worried about myself very much…already explain it in a topic here before (;_ylt=AktJ.m3v6nm_Ug_jjcTdL0_sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110914013555AAeaDJs )

    to resume

    i had a “””possible”””” exposion at day 3 of septemper (yea this month , this year)…it was a one night stand….during the sex my comdom brokes…we stop ….but i have NO idea if it was broken for sometime, or the girl was able to notice and stop…so its a possible exposion

    day 16 from this month i had flu and fever (2 or 3 days ago from now)…was just like 4 hours of fever…now i feel ok, no flu anymore no fever…but i notice some litle spots on my skin…somes in the arms , somes in the leg, and chest…they have diferent forms and colours (all red but diferent tonalitys) they are all tiny

    some of them looks like a little red spot on skin…very little,..and others looks like a round and flat wart, they
    ……, they all have similar sizes…some are in groups like 2 or 3, some are just 1 but in other locations…it let me very worried…seens like theses things are poping, i dont know……there are not more than 40 of them, and they arent in a single place….they are far from each other mostly

    Far as i know i cant get Tested Now…not even a month pass from the possible exposion
    i planing to get tested, once per month (if everything go negative) for at least 5 months

    but now…there is not much i can do and im very very nervous about it (((

    and i need to find out what tha hell is this in my skin

    oww…and another thing…the worst scares me aloooot

    after the fever…i feel like needles sometimes in some parts of my body….its fast, and not really painful but , i can feel it

    i think is probably my Lymph nodes ((( it scares me alot

    • ANSWER:
      don’t know if you are asking about a rash you have or if you are asking if you can tell when someone else has hiv or aids by a rash. i’ve seen people with full blown aids & they had more like large & small purple splotches on their bodies. i think if your concern is for yourself, get tested. if you are asking if you can pick non hiv sex partners by looking for some rash on them, i don’t think that is possible

    how to get rid of acne with out sepnding more than ?
    how can i get rid of acne i have acne that looks like red small spots but round. i get it on my for head. i used clean and clear nutrogiena proactive and skin id but nothing works to get rid of all only got rid of 40% out of 100% plz help me i will appreciate

    • ANSWER:
      Go to the doctors and they give you a prescription for some cream or lotion, i get it every month, 🙂 It works miracles i tell you! xD

    what’s wrong with my skin? (oh crap, this is long)?
    Mmmk so when I was like, seven years old, I noticed this spot on my skin. It’s perfectly round, raised, a salmon color, and kind of glossy looking, but It’s really small, like the size of a small mole. But I can tell that it Isn’t a mole just by looking at it. I don’t know how to explain it, but I just know for sure it Isn’t a mole.
    A few years ago, I can’t pinpoint when, but I was just chilling on my couch and I don’t know what happened, I THINK a small black spider bit me, but my leg started bleeding. So I put a band-aid on it, blahblahblah, and then months later I notice theres a growth looking thing on my skin. It was like the size of a big mole but flesh colored, and dry around the edges. So I ignored it thinking it was a scar and then a year later it turns a redish color. Then, something like it grows right beside it, but smaller. It’s the same redish color, and it seems to be growing.. And then, just a few weeks ago, there’s ANOTHER one growing right beside it, which started off really small but now It’s almost the same size as the second. They aren’t shiny at all, they’re VERY matte.
    & I have a spot less noticeable on the area of my head right where the hair starts? I don’t know how to explain it but my sidebangs are covering it.

    Here’s a picture of the ones on my leg:
    I know they look a lot like moles in the picture but that’s because my webcam quality is a failure and doesn’t show the color properly. They’re actually a bright pink, almost red, and they’re VERY noticeable when I wear shorts.

    * Also, there’s a 99% chance my parents won’t take me to the dermatologist because I’ve asked them about it and they just shrugged and said “It’s probably just a weird mole, I get them all the time. (which they don’t) Don’t worry about it”. They hate going to any type of doctor unless It’s COMPLETELY necessary. And if you think I could persuade them to take me, you’re wrong. Unless you guys think that It’s skin cancer or something, in which case I’d probably strap them on top of the car and drive myself to the dermatologist or something. BUT I’m only fourteen so yeah I don’t see that happening.
    & Also I didn’t state this, but the ones on my legs are raised.

    • ANSWER:
      Ok, tell your parents ” Mom, Dad, i think this is serious. Just let me go to the doctor, or atleast let me talk to the doctor over the phone. What if there is something really wrong with me?” say this is a very grown up voice not all whiney. It will probably work. Best of Luck! xoxo

    how to cure my skin and with what?
    ok so im 14 and these spots and blackheads are really irritating me lots of other people in my school have clear skin and i use everything i can think of and nothing works. I have a few black heads on the left side of my nose which i have had for about 6months now and they just wont go i get spots on my chin, round my mouth, and on my nose, also i have noticed dozens of small skin coloured bumps appearing on my forehead which i know will soon turn red and become horrible spots. HOW CAN I GET RID OF THEM!!?? i have a number of treatments which i have acess to including: Clearasil spot control deep cleansing 3 in 1 wash, Clearasil ultra deep pore treatment pads and panoxyl aquagel 5. Which should i use? when should i use them? with what? do ice cubes work? does toothpaste make a difference? how do i correctly open and shut my pores? soooooooooo many questions please helppppppppp

    • ANSWER:
      my best mate, whos a boy, had this problem, he couldnt get rid of them for years
      he went to the doctors about it and they gave him something which im not sure what for it
      and now his skin is really good
      go and see your doctor

    my daughters hamster?
    my daughters hamster suddenly got ill became very quiet and wasnt eating much ,we noticed she was getting bald spots an her skin was red so we rushed her off to the vets who decided it was either mites or a hormone problem. so he treated her for mites and gave us antibiotics which she has been having for the last few days. she seemed to have picked up and was getting back to normal and doing all her usual things like running round her cage and moving her house ect. today when my daughter got her out shes suddenly got some red small spots and some have white heads on, we cleaned her cage replaced her sawdust with tissue paper bedding just on the off chance its a allergy, she is due to go back to the vets but does anyone know what it could be. also for her house we bought some bedding for hamsters thats a bit like cotton wool could this irritate her. she is still active, but not as much as normal.
    shes 17 months old
    my daughter has her hamster out every day shes a very friendly hamster who loves being handled and she still enjoys coming out
    with handeling the hamster everyday we obviously have been checking on her progress and these spots have appeared over night

    • ANSWER:
      sounds like it has a skin infection of some description or other i should know as i have 2 hamsters myself and been lookin after hamsters for years so i do have good knowledge of them!
      best thing you’re doing is takin it to the vets

    Does my face just suck?
    Okay, I’ve always had acne problems but honestly, I do not understand why.

    I wash my face two times everyday and completely take all of my makeup off every night. I also have some acne medication that I put on when I need it, but it just doesn’t seem to work at all!!

    I also have red spots on my face, that aren’t that noticable but I have really low self-esteem so basically every little thing gets at me. Anyways, the red spots are small and round like pimples but there is nothing ever there–JUST RED!

    I don’t understand why I have been having so many face problems when I think I take pretty good care of my skin. Is there any other, more powerful medicine that I should get. I mean, its not like I have huge, puss-filled things on my face, its just really, really dry (despite the use of lotion) and red!

    So, I can’t wear makeup because my skin gets kind-of flaky, but if I don’t then I freak out beause my face is red! Its just a huge, never-ending cycle! Someone tell me how to break it!

    • ANSWER:
      get some proactive it works on any type of skin

    Is this an insect bite or a skin infection?
    About a month ago, I woke up with a sore leg (my right leg). It was itchy and looked like a spot had appeared. During the course of the day my leg developed two more of these spots lower down. It starts with a red blotch looking like a spot. Then a very small spot puss like head appears and gets bigger. Over the course of the next 24 hours I can feel my leg tightening up as the surrounding area around the spot swells. Immediately round the head of the spot is a deep red and surrounding that it is a paler red. All of the area is swollen and very very painful. When I have my leg rested with no weight on it, it will just throb. When I put my weight onto the leg immediately I have to pause as it feels like someone is stabbing my leg. This lasts for a minute or so then subsides but is still painful to walk on.

    I went to the doctor originally and he was totally baffled. I think it looks like a bite but both the hospital and the doctor disagree with me. My one calf had swollen up three inches bigger than the other. He sent me to the hospital. The hospital said they hadn’t a clue what it was or what had caused it. I was told antihistamines wouldn’t make a difference to it (even though I have been taking them for hay fever anyway) and was given a seven day course of antibiotics which didn’t clear it so I had to go back to the hospital and ended up getting two more five day courses.

    Now, I was out this week and my other leg (my left one) started to itch. It now appears approx four weeks after my legs last cleared, another ‘spot/bite’ has appeared. I have to get this sorted and I can’t find any spots or bites that look similar to what I have through google.

    I have posted the pictures so you can see here:

    Any advice if you have had something similar would be great. I know I will have this pain for the next two weeks or so now so want to sort it out asap!!

    I live in the UK if that helps any……..

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds and looks like it could be some sort of insect/spider bite but no one on here can do better than a doctor actually looking at it.

    What could this rash be?
    Three weeks ago, I developed a rash on my face due to a medication I was taking at the time. I was advised to stop the medication and start taking antibiotics. Within about a week, the rash cleared up and I thought I was going to be okay. Just to be sure there were no more rashes elsewhere on my body, I did a thorough check of everything – and that’s when I discovered a new rash down south.

    At first I immediately thought it was ringworm/jock itch because there was a sort of round, red rash between my thigh and vagina, within the hairline area. There were also a few very small red dots on both inner thighs – but they weren’t big enough to notice unless you were looking for them. So I went and got Clotrimazole 1% cream to put on it and I did this twice a day for a week. All the while my anxiety is through the roof with this new rash, especially around such a delicate area. I’ve avoided grooming down there so as to not bother the hair follicles and possibly make it worse.

    Every morning, I wake up with more and more spread out red dots and now very slightly raised spots. Not all of them are round in shape, in fact they’re very randomly shaped. Some are very red and have dry skin kind of flaking off every now and then. They barely itch, and only kind of burn, but overall, it’s just uncomfortable to wear anything but loose fitting pajamas and cotton underwear.

    Yesterday, I went to the clinic thinking the doctor might have a solution for me, but I was less than pleased about her telling me it’s folliculitis – it looks nothing like folliculitis and it’s not bothering any of the hair follicles at all, just the skin. Anyway, she gave me fucidin ointment to put on the rash, which is an antibiotic, and even though it’s only been one day, it seems like the rash is redder and might even be getting worse.

    I have never been sexually active in any way, and I am extremely hygienic. I’m very distraught over this rash and am hoping someone could give advice?

    • ANSWER:
      There are so many different causes of rashes that it is very difficult to narrow down any specific cause of one, especially without being able to see it. Common categories of rash are:

      scaly patches of skin not caused by infection,
      scaly patches of skin produced by fungal or bacterial infection,
      red, itchy bumps or patches over the body, such as on the chest and back.

      Although rashes are seldom dangerous, self-diagnosis is not usually a good idea. Proper evaluation of a skin rash requires a visit to a doctor or other health-care professional. If you are not satisfied with the doctor you saw, try to see someone else. Check this site for good information and you may be able to figure out what is going on.

    Odd itchy spots on my cousin?
    Hello all,
    My cousin has something very strange on her body. Basically, she has these round, either red or white bumps all over her body, particularly legs but NOT on her face that started about a month ago when she was sick. They itch fairly often and some are dark red-filled papules. And just recently, one is raised. She went to a derm, but they want to do a puncture skin biopsy which she absolutely REFUSES to get “unless I’m going to die from these things”. Beside the itching, they have caused no other symptoms, but she is embarrassed to go out in public with shorts on because they look like she has chicken pox or something. Does anyone have any idea what these mystery bumps could be, and how to treat them? Here’s a quick recap:
    -Red, sometimes white small bumps
    -Occasional dark red papules
    -Started when she had a cough/sore throat
    -Have been around for about a month
    -She recently found that one is raised
    -There are none on her face

    • ANSWER:
      These could be due to suppression of the infection that your cousin had during the cold and cough and may now be manifesting now. U may like to try a dose of homeopathic remedy called Ambra Grisea 30 c and see if that helps. This remedy has been found to good in people who get embarrassed feeling in public about their Personal appearance. It just might help your cousin

    White Spot on Skin that Will Not Tan?
    I have a perfectly round circle on my back not large in size but noticeable. It has a small red bump in the center that I don’t beleive is acne because it has been there for quite a while. I do tan in tanning beds.
    [not by choice,my mom forced me into it.]
    I do think they are dangerous and I would like to know what this could be and if the tanning bed could have had anything to do with it.
    Thanks in advance. 🙂

    • ANSWER:
      It appears that you have Tinea Versicolor – a common fungal skin infection characterized by white or light brown patches on the skin. It is easily treatable by prescription anti-fungal medications (you may have contracted it from your tanning salon or elsewhere).

      To be sure you should see a doctor for an exam and possible biopsy (you would need to see a doctor for a prescription anyway) to rule out any other type of lesion or vitiligo (A disorder in which the immune system destroys pigment-making cells called melanocytes. This results in white patches of skin on different parts of the body). If it is indeed Tinea Versicolor (and most likely it is) it is a very benign ailment and is nothing to worry about…

      Hope it helps

    red and grayish mark on my penis glans after hard masturbation?
    Hello eveyone let me tell you about my problem I hope that someone can help. it was sort of a bright redish and pretty small i’d say less than a quarter of the size of a pencil eraser. It has since then become about half the size of a pencil eraser or a little larger and more oval than round, is slightly raised ( not much at all maybe it’s just my eyes) and gone to more of a purple color and somewhat “shiney” but you can still tell there is red there if that makes sense to anyone and it doesn’t seem to be getting better or larger. That’s all because of lotion i put as lube when i masturbate. I don’t have any discharge blood or other odd things coming out of my penis and the spot doesn’t have any dicernable head or anything to suggest there would be somethig like that. Last night after my shower I dried myself and when drying my penis in just grabbed with the towel as to not cause undue friction and i noticed some skin covering the spot was peeling off so I peeled it off; it looks no different now. I have a few concerns I don’t think that it hurts or itches but the thing is that I have never had a whole lot of feeling on the top of my penis so that I dont know if it doesn’t hurt or itch. I’ve read a million things on the internet form herpes to cancer but I can’t really find anything specific about my problem and I’m freaked out. Please give me your thoughts if I go to the dr should i go to a urologist, gp, derm or GUM clinic? I dunno what to do I’ve worried about it for a 3 solid weeks and I’m tired of worrying. Is there something over the counter I should try before I go?
    picture of my problem

    • ANSWER:
      You are damaging your nerves and blood vessel, volcano boy. These are the early stages of erectile disfunction. Mt. Penis is about to become inactive if it isn’t allowed to lay dormant.

    Reddish dry round patch on leg that doesn’t itch?
    A couple months ago I noticed a small, approximately nickel-sized spot on my let that was an orangeish-red color (light) that didn’t itch at all, and was somewhat drier than the rest of my skin. Now, I’ve noticed recently that it really hasn’t changed, other than being slightly larger. What might this be? This is the only spot I’ve found this, and it doesn’t appear to spread. It doesn’t look like ringworm, either.

    • ANSWER:
      I think I’ve had the same spot you’re talking about. I bought some Aveno Intensive care lotion and used it once a day for about 5days and it went away.

    What is this bump under my skin?
    I have had a small, round, hard to the touch bump under my skin, by my hip bone for at least 4 years now. I don’t know why it’s never gone away, I’ve always thought it was an ingrown blackhead because on the top of it there is a little black spot. I have always been to afraid to try and pop it, so I just left it alone. So yesterday I was laying down for a nap, and I felt the bump because it was kinda sore and it has never had any feeling before. So I squeezed it so gently, and felt a sharp pain. I left it alone and took an hours nap. When I woke up, I looked at it and it is much bigger, about the size of a half dollar when before it was the size of a pea, and the skin is a little red and it is pretty painful when touched. It has spread out and it’s sticking out more. I don’t know what this is!!! Help!

    • ANSWER:

    What could cause this?
    My friend said that she has bruises on her skin. She has one large one and one small one. The large one is about the size of her palm but started out like the small which is the size of a nickle. She said that she suddenly developed a round brown spot w/ a red outline in her waist. Not a bruise, not a rash, might be an allergic reaction to elastic or medication? She was told that it could have been ibuprofen recation. Its been there for about 2 months and doesnt hurt.
    She saw a doctor, people. They said it was a reaction to ibuprofen. She didnt take very much of it and she still has the marks. So she doubts what they say.

    • ANSWER:
      My first thought when you said red outline was lyme disease.

      check out the pics and see if it looks like it.

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