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How to Cure White Spots on Skin Popular tips

How to Cure White Spots on Skin
White spots on skin are in fact more common in people those suffer from autoimmune diseases. One of these diseases is insufficiency of adrenocortical. The adrenal gland is mainly responsible for producing a hormone called corticosteroid. This disease actually occurs when there is a deficiency of this hormone in our body. Because of this reason the most common treatment that is suggested by doctors for vitiligo is corticosteroid cream.

Home Remedies to Cure White Spots

You may follow various few home remedies in order to prevent and cure white spots on the face. You must even keep your face clean by washing it with water a number of times in a day. Do not use soap all the time you wash your face except it is a very mild one, or rich in moisturizing oils. After washing your face let gently pat it dry. This will help further prevent fungal infections as they thrive in an unclean, moist environment. You could also rinse your face with a mixture of some apple cider vinegar and water twice in a day in order to keep your face clean as the acidic nature of vinegar kills bacteria and fungi and although reduces white spots.

How to Cure White Spots on Skin

Another good option for the treatment of the white spots is artificial phototherapy or exposure to sunlight for a quite long time. Melanocytes are cells those are mainly responsible for the pigmentation of the skin. When these cells stop functioning normally even and the production of pigment ceases then white spots can so appear on the skin. Exposure of the affected part of the skin to the light for a long time can effectively help these cells become active and reduce the white patches on the skin. Recent studies those have also shown that it is although possible to transfer the melanocytes from one part of the skin to another. This can eventually help in curing of the white patches completely.

You can also go for some homemade remedies for curing the white patches. Take some radish leaves and grind them to form a thick paste. Add some white vinegar and then set aside the mixture overnight. Apply this over the affected area the next morning and leave the application on the skin for just a few hours. The mixture has some reaction with the skin and within a period of two weeks you will notice a good change in your skin color.

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  1. Stephanie S says:

    what are these white dots is it skin cancer?
    i have been tanning a few times and the last two time i used booty call a tanning lotion after getting out of the tanning bed i had white spots on my stomach and legs ….
    could it been skin cancer?

  2. sage_vixen says:

    What are some warning signs of skin cancer?
    Well, I’ve been dating the same guy since the end of January. He doesn’t spend a lot of time in the sun and just recently started because I love it. I’ve noticed, now that he has a tan, some white spots on his back. He has a lot of moles and I’ve been watching them for any changes. At first it was just the one, now he has three more and another one starting. It’s a complete lack of pigment, all circular, no irregular shapes, they don’t hurt and the largest isn’t changing. It’s all in an area where he just got a tatoo? Could that have something to do with it? I’m just concerned because more are forming and fairly rapidly. Any answers would be helpful. Thank you so much.

    • Keifer says:

      Symptoms of Skin Cancer: Skin cancer can look many different ways. The most common sign of skin cancer is a change on the skin, such as a growth or a sore that won’t heal. Sometimes there may be a small lump. This lump can be smooth, shiny and waxy looking, or it can be red or reddish brown. Skin cancer may also appear as a flat red spot that is rough or scaly. Not all changes in your skin are cancer, but you should see your doctor if you notice changes in your skin. Melanoma can form from or near a mole, so it is important to have your health care provider check unusual (atypical) moles that are larger than others, have different colors, or that have irregular edges (borders). The American Academy of Dermatology says that if you notice a mole on your skin, look for the simple “ABCD” warning signs of melanoma:

      Asymmetry — one half does not match the other half.

      Border irregularity — the edges are ragged, notched or blurred.

      Color — the pigmentation is not uniform. Shades of tan, brown or black are present, causing a mottled, or splotchy, appearance. Dashes of red, white, and blue add to the mottled appearance.

      Diameter — the width is greater than six millimeters (about the size of a pencil eraser). Any growth of a mole should be of concern.

      Malignant melanoma usually begins as a mottled, light brown to black flat blemish with irregular edges and is at least one-quarter inch in size. It can turn red, blue or white, or bleed and crust on the surface.

      A skin growth called actinic keratoses (AKs) can be the earliest sign of squamous cell carcinoma. AKs are small, scaly spots that form on body parts that have been exposed to the sun. They may start as small, red, flat spots then grow larger and become scaly or thick, like a wart. Most AKs form on the face or back of the hands

      Hope this helps!

  3. YahYahYah says:

    skin cancer? mabey???
    i have multiple spots of white skin ( i am a pretty tan person) and it feels rough, and has many bumps (noticible ones and can feel them) about the size of goosebumps. do you think this might be a minor case of skin cancer? it hasent gone away and ive had it for roughly 3 weeks. but it is not painful/bleeding/ect?

    could this be sun cancer? or just a rash mabey? if you have any idea please help!
    even if its extremly dry skin, and is a little sore?

    and i was in mexico/ its also right by my shoulders…

    • Susan S says:

      Unlikely to be cancer! It might be a skin condition called vitiligo. You can ask your doctor about it.

  4. shadow.wolf76 says:

    What are these white dry spots on my skin? Is it cancer?
    I was in the shower recently, and when I got out, I noticed this white spot on the bottom of my big toe. A very noticeable white spot about the size of a dime..I didn’t know what it was, so i pokes it with my nails, and..I don’t know..It kind of peeled off like dead skin..The bottom was very dry. There was no blood or anything. Just another layer of skin underneath (it sounds nasty, i know)..

    I’ve had these before on my hands. They’re very rare, and they don’t irritate me at all…But this is the first time i’ve gotten one on my toe thats the size of a damn dime. Please talk to me..It isn’t cancer is it? I hear white spots on the skin are cancer.

    I’m not too concerned, i’ve had them before. I usually just peel the daed skin away, and regular skin naturally grows back. But what is it? And why do I get them?

  5. Brooke Wears Prada says:

    Could this be skin cancer?
    I’m 13 years old, and I burn easily in the sun. Well ever since I could remember, whenever my shoulders got sunburnt, they would be red naturally, but then there were these white spots on my skin, about 10 on each shoulder. Does anyone know what this could be? I know, I should get it checked by a doctor

    • lavender says:

      I think it is inflammation only.
      I also burn very easily and one summer I got burned on the forearms very badly. I also had lots of little white spots. Soon you will see your skin literally flaking away.

      If you get red very little spots which are very itchy but you have not burned it means you are dehydrated. Drink as much as you can and they will go away.

  6. Oh my! says:

    Tanning and white spots? what is this?
    I’ve been going to a tanning salon for over a year now.. I started off super pale and became dark bronze. Well everytime I stop tanning (to give my skin a break) White spots appear on my back, chest and legs. I thought it was my skin losing color faster than other parts of my skin. What do you think? Sun spots? OR skin cancer?? My skin is also very dry.. Please help!!

  7. Aubrey F says:

    does white spots on my shoulders from sun mean its skin cancer or a sympton of it?

    • kathy_is_a_nurse says:

      Let me guess… You are a blonde or red-head. That is a common problem for us. My avatar notwithstanding, I am actually a natural blonde and have quite a few of those white spots. They are basically skin cells that have little or no melanin… the chemical that causes tanning and our natural skin color. They do NOT mean you have skin cancer, but it does mean you are more at risk for it than darker skinned people.

      Take proper precautions when you are in the sun.

  8. Somebody says:

    could having some meduim-sized white spots on your arms be a cancer?
    is that a sign of skin cancer? i thought cancer cells are dark brown, red or black and are not white dots?
    I only had a sunburn once when i went to the beach and had some weird chemecial over me (somethinng other than a sunblock) and i stayed for like 4 hours and i got it couple days after that and it’s kinda getting worse but there are no symptoms at all. i hope its allergies or something?

    i don’t have a medicate but i really wanna know out of your knowlegde whether this could be skin cancer or not and is skin cancer deadly dangerous like other cancers? can it be removed in one surgey and u get rid of it or? …

    thank u please answer asap!

  9. RIAN♥ says:

    White spots from tanning bed? Please read (Do not tell me about skin cancer).?
    So I don’t tan very much, a few times in the winter then a few times before dances. I’ve noticed since I’ve begun tanning last January that my body has some small white speckles and white spots. It starts with a zit-like thing then just fades into a white spot. I know it’s not skin cancer, but how do I get rid of them? I haven’t tanned since April, just natural sunlight. Could it be the fungus Tiena versicolor? Please help…
    Oh and by the way, I am completely mole free and have not once had a mole.

    • megannnn<3 says:

      i would have that examined by doctors. my friend tanned in beds only befor t big beach trip or a big dance, and she had to have moles removed due to it. but try using a toner on it :), and next time opt for a spray tan, there not orange anymore 🙂

  10. Jordon says:

    do i have skin cancer?PLEASE HELP?
    im worried that i might have skin cancer i dont know …i am getting these white spots on m stomach there not bad just noticable i only get them when im in the sun i just started noticing them since i got back from the beach last week please help…and i know i need to get them check dont tell me that ha

  11. pp418 says:

    Can ypu get skin cancer when your 13 ?
    In the summer i got to the pool alot, and since i live in florida the sun is relly hot and intense. Im getting these white spots on my face , and then they go away after a whiloe but when i go back in the sun tthey come back. Does this mean ima get skin cancer when i am older ?

    • Brandon B says:

      make sure and get sun screen first of all and sunglasses arn’t only for style if the sun is hot enough u can actually burn out ur corneas, you dont have to worry bout that though because the sun in florida is not that hot but u can styll damage ur eyes. me i dont like the sun at all i try my best so stay out of it for long periods of times but the pool is a good place to go but stal out for long periods of times getting a tan is not that inportant when 10 years from now u look like a prune or micheal jackson lol had to say it tel me if it helped

  12. gorgeous♥ says:

    Does this mean I have skin cancer?
    I’ve been tanning this summer. Recently, I’ve noticed these white patches of skin. One is on my cheek, and there are two on my stomach. There is also a dark one on my shin. None of them are very visible, unless you’re really looking at them.

    I did some research online, and I think I may have destroyed some melanocytes, which are your melanin (aka:pigment)-producing cells. Apparently, the sun can do two things to your melanocytes: enlarge them to create freckles, or destroy them to create uneven pigmentation, such as white spots.

    I think this may be my problem. It isn’t skin cancer, is it? And is it permanent? How can I treat it?

  13. BeEazy says:

    skin losing color and spots?
    I have white spots all over my upper body. Its mostly on the chest, arms, and neck but now there is a spot on my jaw and I am afraid it might go all over my face.I went to the doc he scratch my skin with a piece of something to test what it was and he said it was a type of fungus I think in my skin and said that everyone has it and said that something happened with the fungus thingy in my skin to cause this and he said it wasn’t anything harmful such as skin cancer. He then gave me a prescription for it but I’m worried that it might be unable to get my skin color back and that it might go all over my face.
    I really hope those pills I took will help my skin get back it just looks weird I don’t mind having them on my arms and chest but not on my face

  14. Rachel Jetsberg says:

    i have brownish white spots apearing all over my body is it skin cancer ?
    i noticed the first one on my stomach it started off as a bleached spot on my skin and then turned into a brownish whits color then another one of these marks spread to my arm and then i got another on my chest and leg could it be skin cancer ?

  15. heartbreaker2295 says:

    After tanning, i noticed two white spots on my face…?
    one of which is also white, compared to the rest of my face and it has a red dot in it, sort of like a pimple and i dont usually get pimples in that area. could it be skin cancer?

    • Daisy says:

      In some people, white spots will appear after prolonged exposure to UV rays either from the sun or from tanning beds. There can be a genetic trait in the skin that causes these white spots from tanning since these cells do not produce melanin and therefore they are unaffected by the tanning process. This idiopathic guttate hypomelanosis is a genetic disorder that disables the skin from keeping pigment. White spots show up more when tanning makes the skin around them darker. There is no cure for this form of white spots..

      If your really worried though, you should go and see your doctor for a second opinion

  16. sovan says:

    I have a white spot in my inner lips is it a cancer?
    I am 18 and I have been smoking for 4 months now. I smoke about 5- 10 cigarettes per day. From today I have noticed that there is a white spot in the inner side of my lower lip. And if I scratch it the skin pills off. Also, I have a slight burning sensation. Is it a lips cancer? Can I develop a cancer at 18 by just smoking for 4 months?
    Thank you!

    P.S : I have a family history of different types of cancer.

  17. Stephanie S says:

    skin cancer from tanning……….idk?
    i have been tanning a few times and the last two time i used booty call a tanning lotion after getting out of the tanning bed i had white spots on my stomach and legs ….
    could it been skin cancer?

  18. Blonde*n*Beautiful says:

    Is a plain white spot on your skin a type of skin cancer?
    I don’t sunbathe very often, but earlier this summer, I noticed a spot (about the size of a quarter) that is pale like I was before I got tanner. Is this skin cancer, or will that part of the skin just not tan? KInd of worried, I don’t want to give up the sunshine 🙁 Any thoughts?

    • CPL says:

      I am not a doctor, so I am just guessing based on common sense.

      Cancer, by definition, is abnormal growth of cells which multiply too fast and uncontrollably. They usually present themselves as a lump, a tumor, or a cluster of cells. I think a patch of pale skin only means the pigments are missing in that area.

      When in doubt, see a doctor to eliminate the unnecessary worry.

  19. Love Everyone; no exceptions. says:

    My girlfriend has white spots. Skin cancer?
    My girlfriend who is latino, so tan, has this white spot about a centimeter in diameter below her collarbone that showed up in the past year and just in the last week she got another white spot thats smaller few inches below that. She’s no out in the sun allll the time and never tans in beds but she goes to beaches here and there and never wears sunscreen cuz shes half peruvian and never gets burned. Does skin cancer ever show up in white smooth white spots?

    • Jayaraman says:

      Do not worry. It is not Cancer and not harmful. It is Leukoderma or Vitiligo (vit-ih-LI-go) is a condition in which your skin loses melanin, the pigment that determines the color of your skin, hair and eyes. Vitiligo occurs when the cells that produce melanin die or no longer form melanin causing slowly enlarging white patches of irregular shapes to appear on your skin.

      The main sign of vitiligo is pigment loss that produces milky-white patches (depigmentation) on your skin. Other less common signs may include:

      * Premature whitening or graying of the hair on your scalp, eyelashes, eyebrows or beard
      * Loss of color in the tissues that line the inside of your mouth (mucous membranes)

      In some cases, medical treatment for vitiligo may not be necessary. Self-care steps, such as using sunscreen and applying cosmetic camouflage cream, may improve the appearance of your skin. For fair-skinned individuals, avoiding tanning can make the areas almost unnoticeable.

      Depending on the number, size and location of the white patches, you may decide to seek medical treatment. Medical treatments for vitiligo aim to even out skin tone, either by restoring color (pigment) or destroying the remaining color.-

      For more details see website- http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/vitiligo/DS00586/DSECTION=treatments-and-drugs

  20. cc says:

    I have white spots on my skin?
    On my chest and arm there are small paper white spots just randomly there. Any one have any idea what they could be? One of my friends said it could be skin cancer but i dont know.

    • Teri says:

      It sounds like what I have which is called Tinea versicolor. It’s actually a skin fungas. It is very prevelent in young adults and with people that live in hot and humid climates. I live in South FL. It also is known as sun fungas. There are a lot of medicines that you can use for this and Selsum Blue shampoo used as a mask and left on over night sometimes helps. As with anything on your skin though it’s always best to have it checked by a DR. Hope this helps.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Why do I get white spots after a sunburn?
    It’s never happened before, but about three or four hours after a burn I noticed these white spots on my leg. They are not raised, but I am extremely worried that they could be skin cancer or something. I can’t go to a dermatologist right now, so what could this be, should i be worried?

    • lemondrop says:

      It’s not skin cancer. I can’t explain what it is but don’t worry it’s not cancer. Just use sunscreen from now on. Your skin is just burned and irritated and the blood is all coming up to the top of your skin. Treat it with aloe vera gel or with an aloe vera plant, soak in a tub of baking soda and luke warm water or use milk compresses…the milk from your fridge…it really does help.

  22. Lola says:

    white spots on skin? in random places like legs and arms ..?
    i have really really dry skin it looks like flaky, and then i have the random white spots that look more like patches. most are really small but theres this one on my leg thats like the save of halk a finger. should i be worried? its not like skin cancer or anything right? im going to a dermatologist soon, i just need some reassurance because im like convinced i have skin cancer lol. can somebody tell me other possibilites that could calm me down? like just dry skin or something?

  23. hustle4bread123 says:

    Not sure what it is, have a small (about 1/3 the size of a penny) area of white skin on the top of my scrotum/testicle next to the middle line that seperates the two. I think it could be an inflamation of a gland maybe? from masturbating to much? BUT I want to be sure it’s not any type of cancer or anything serious, and what can I do to make it go away or what is it?? Please advise and show me pictures online of what you say it is so I can see if it’s the same thing.

    Thanks so much!!! 10 pts!!!

    • Absolution1234 says:

      go to the doctors and get them to swab it / check it before jumping to conclusions. Would have no idea could be a variety of things. Don’t think it’s cancer… might be a wart, herpes, or just a skin irritation… could be nothing.

  24. Davis says:

    Do I have skin cancer?
    I’m 18 and I have been tanning in tanning beds for about 2 months.
    Yesterday I noticed some white spots on my back.
    It is really freaking me out.
    My parents looked at it and told me my skin was peeling from when I got sunburned a week ago at the beach.

    I don’t think it is peeling. There is no skin coming off. Just white spots.
    Is this skin cancer?
    I’m really freaking out.
    I’m definitely gonna stop tanning now.

    • fald98 says:

      skin cancer usually manifests from a spot or a mole of sorts on your skin. a patchy white spot is no indication of cancer from what ive experienced.. i don’t think u have much to worry about, but seeing a doctor may ease your worry. your 18 and unless your family has a history of cancer, its unlikely u would get melanoma this young. especially if you have only been tanning for 2 months. as long as you have been doing it properly i think your ok.

  25. Adrian O says:

    White Spots on Skin Help Please?
    So for the past few days I was at my sister’s apartment where they have a pool, my friend and I went swimming like everyday. Next thing you know he tells me I have something going on with my back. I have these small white spots that are on my back just where my spine is it goes from top to bottom, I also have them on my chest. What could this be? He also said I had them earlier but he didn’t say nothing because it wasn’t to bad but it got worse.
    Is it from the sun?
    Will they go away?
    Do I have Skin Cancer?

  26. girl_happi says:

    I have white spots on my arms and legs can it be skin cancer?
    I was tanning the day before I got them

    • justasking says:

      It’s probably fungus.
      Usually the sun brings them out, ’cause the skin won’t tan where they are.
      Check with your doctor for a treatment and to be sure!


  27. keenan w says:

    are white spots on your back skin cancer?
    well my fiance has them but there small like a little smaller than a dime but she has like 5 in the same region and they have been there for a year and were both scared is it skin cancer or juss damaged skin? help us

  28. Alan P says:

    Does my little brother have a chance of getting skin cancer?
    He’s starting to get white spots on his face is that normal. I think it’s because he doesn’t use sun screen.

    • futurehistoryteacher says:

      everyone is at risk of skin cancer. any UV rays increase that risk. no sunscreen will protect you 100% from all UVA and UVB rays. none ever will. my dad puts it like this:
      think of a 5 gallon bucket
      every time you are exposed to the sun, it’s a drop of water in the bucket
      now those drops don’t mean much on their own
      but as you get older, they add on.
      eventually that bucket will overflow, but not until you are very old
      when that bucket overflows, you most likely will have skin cancer

      the only way to be sure to not be at risk of skin cancer would be to stay indoors with no windows for your entire life. it’s not worth it and it’s just plain silly to do that. just wear sunscreen every time you go outside. check the UV index to determine how long to stay outside and how much protection you will need. SPF only goes so far. the higher the number isn’t always the better nor will it protect you any more. stick to an SPF of 45 or so. and reapply every 30-60 minutes while in direct sunlight

  29. punchyou_withmyfoot © says:

    Random white spot shows up on shoulder, could this be a sign of skin cancer?
    So, my body was as white as it vould be, now it’s as red as it can be ( TRUST ME, USING THE FUCKING SUNSCREEN). Anyway, I noticed on my right shoulder, a kindof whitish, very small clump ( not a lump, it has no elevation)

    Skin cancer does ru nin my family, but I was just wondering

    • ilse72 says:

      I have never seen or had a skin cancer that was white. Your white spots might simply be milia caused by the sun. They could also be tinea versicolor since this often can be white and turn to a red/reddish brown. Tinea versicolor is a fungal infection and will need to be treated. And of course, they could be one of many other conditions. However, the only way to find out for sure what your spots are is to see a dermatologist. Please make an appointment.

  30. tayjed says:

    can skin cancer look like a small white spot on the face it looks v unusual?
    a small white mark has appeared on my face looks very unusual iv never seen anything like this before

    • I do care! says:

      Sounds like a Solar Keratosis.

      It’s NOT a skin cancer BUT can develop into one if not treated through being frozen off or surgically removed.

      They tend to burn them first.

  31. John Wallace says:

    White spots on my face?
    I have these white spots on my face that i got from being in the sun too much. Well thats what my parents tell me and i think its true. But anyways, i just wanna know how i can remove them like if o have to put on a cream or something and i also wanna know if its serious like if it could cause skin cancer.

  32. nirvanaguy83 says:

    What does skin cancer look like?
    I’ve had this white spot on my forehead for about 6 years and it hasent gotten bigger and I don’t know what it is from, but it always get’s burnt in the sun, what could it be?

  33. Kristian says:

    I have random white spots on my forearm…?
    A couple months ago three or four white spots randomly appeared on my right forearm, and they itch really bad. A couple weeks later after that, two appeared on my left forearm. I put lotion on everyday, and I showed my parents, and they seem worried about it, but we haven’t been to the doctor yet. Two of the white spots on my right forearm has a little tiny red dot inside of it. Is it skin cancer or something else. I’m worried. Thanks.

  34. hustle4bread123 says:

    **WHAT IS THIS WHITE SPOT NEAR MY SCROTUM??**((CANCER??))PLZ help!!! 10 pts!!?
    **WHAT IS THIS WHITE SPOT NEAR SCROTUM??**((CANCER??))PLZ help!!! 10 pts!!?
    white circular spot of colored skin size of eraser, flat no texture, but white while other skin is tan/slightly darker….wondering if any type of cancer possibly or just inflammation from 2 much masterbation?? any ideas or help…cant go 2 doc cuz only 17 n wont tell mom unless sure..its under part of penis without pee hole near top of ball sack if location helps with possible diagnosis/guess. (hard 2 describe here ppl) 10 pts!!! plz help…i beg u!!!

  35. hustle4bread123 says:

    What would you like to a***WHITE SKIN SPOT ON SCROTUM/TESTICLE***(((PLEASE HELP!!!)))…NEED MEDICAL help!!sk?
    Not sure what it is, have a small (about 1/3 the size of a penny) area of white skin on the top of my scrotum/testicle next to the middle line that seperates the two. I think it could be an inflamation of a gland maybe? from masturbating to much? BUT I want to be sure it’s not any type of cancer or anything serious, and what can I do to make it go away or what is it?? Please advise and show me pictures online of what you say it is so I can see if it’s the same thing.

    Thanks so much!!! 10 pts!!!

  36. Martine Blake says:

    does this sound like skin cancer?
    last year i got extremely sun burnt and developed a red, scaly, weepy, bumpy sore on my chest that was about an inch long and half an inch wide. it took about a week to heal, and at one stage had white spots in it.
    does this sound like a 2nd degree burn (a friend saw it and said it did) or could it mean i will develop skin cancer?

    • Quietscherin says:

      You can’t develop skin cancer after just one burn. It probably was a burn blister, meaning 2nd degree burn. It takes years of sun exposure and burns to develop skin cancer, next time just wear sunblock.

  37. tankfan92 says:

    what’s up w/ my white blotches on fair skin?
    I’m a 33yr old male, have had bad sunburns repeatedly, none lately. On the back of my neck I have a white spot that never changes color even after much sun and one under a sideburn that is new. My skin color is fair, blond hair, good color generally. I’m worried about skin cancer, doctors say don’t worry about it too much.

    • Mert says:

      In the area of the white spots your skin has lost its pigmentation, and a friend of mine has the same problem but it is on his hands and lower arms. The body produces no melomine in this area, the melomine is what causes the pigment (color) of our skin. dont be overly worried about skin cancer but use a good sunbleock and quit getting sunburns or you might end up with skin cancer.

  38. tiffany Hayes says:

    white spots on tan skin?
    i have been going to the tanning bed for awhile and my back is very tan but i have some white spots. what are they from. are they skin cancer?

    • april says:

      If the spots are kind of like splotches, it could be tinea versicolor. I have it and it doesn’t bother me as much as it used to. It’s a fungus that’s easily cleared up with tinactin ointment.

  39. Anonymous says:

    i tan alot, & im tan but i have white spots on my shoulders,can i have cancer?
    i tan everyday 15 minets to an hour or more daily under the texas sun,i noticed that my skin has white spots what does that mean?

    • april says:

      It IS a fungus, yeast to be exact. It’s called tinea versicolor. While you are tanning, the spots will be white. When you are pale, the spots will be beige. Before they turn white, they will have a pinkish look to them from getting exposed to the sun. I also have had it off and on since I was a teen. If you can get rid of it, you would need to bleach everything your skin will come in contact with. If not, you will just keep re exposing yourself. Humidity doesn’t help either.
      Check this site out for what to use to get rid of it. I think I used lotrimin oil, not cream…I’m old enough now, I just don’t care if I have a few splotches…

      Just remembered, tinactin not lotrimin

  40. Jay M says:

    Skin cancer question?
    I have a bruise like bump on my stomach
    Bruise like color
    It’s been there for a while
    Also I have white spots on my neck
    Could it be skin cancer?

  41. cucumbers424 says:

    what are white spots…?
    i have a friend that has white spots on his arm and its spreading.. could it be skin cancer? hes 18. if not,, what else could it be?

  42. Keenen O says:

    i have 10 white sun spots on my chest will someone help me?
    idk if they are sun spots or skin cancer im 13 and i’ve been crying cause alot of people have been saying it looks like skin cancer please help me

    • Anonymous says:

      I doubt you have skin cancer. I’ve been researching this because I have the same thing. It looks like it’s some sort of skin fungus. Go get some Selsun Blue and use it as a lotion for 15-30 min then wash it off. Keep doing that each day till the fungus fades.

      And trust me, I’m 30 years old, stop TANNING. You WILL regret it. Go use a good selfless tanner like the new Kardashian one or something, but DON’T go into the sun without sunscreen EVER.

      Use a good soap like Lava 3 times to wash your hands with after applying the self tanner and be sure to use regular lotion on your elbows, knees, hands and feet before using the tanner. Makes a beautiful natural tan.

  43. Johnny Rotten says:

    Does my boxer have skin cancer?
    She is the typical white boxer…We have found scabs on her hind leg.They are just on her dark spots on her skin.My wife says she may have skin cancer what do you think?Yes we are gonna take her to our vet soon.

    • Anonymous says:

      There is a possibility, but you will not know this unless it is biopsied and sent in for histopath on the skin lesion. Also, it depends on the texture and appearance of the scabs on her hind legs, most medium to large breeds develop calluses on their front legs and back hind legs from either laying on concrete/gravel/ or hard flooring inside or outside the house. If the scabs are circular and may have been on other areas of her body, it could be ringworm, a woods lamp test will have to be performed in order to diagnose this as well.

      Hope this helps!

  44. Dolly Sugar says:

    Why do people say that Asians want to be white just because a lot of us whiten our skin?
    Most white people tan. Is that because they want to look like us? We are not orange. We want to look like pale Asians, not white people. If I woke up a white person, I would cry. When Asians whiten, we get creamy, milky, porcelain skin like this: http://www.oneasianworld.com/images/Kim_Tae-Hee_pic.jpg

    Not pink splotchy freckled spotted skin like white people have. Calling white people “white” is almost laughable.

    Whitening is much healthier than tanning. There are many natural ways to whiten like lemon, honey, flour, and milk. Whereas tanning, you either spend lots of time in the sun or artificiallly bake yourself. Either way = skin cancer and ugly wrinkles.
    1) white guys are the ones stomping US down.
    2) having big eyes won’t make us look any more white, and our eye shape is prettier than bulging lightbulbs, that’s why your people like Taylor Swift so much
    3) we are respectful by nature
    4) I’m not Japanese, so no comment

    • penguin hippo says:

      Information for all the ignorant morons (including Sarah K) who are responding to this question:

      1) Pale skin has been a beauty standard in Asia from the dawn of their civilisation. That is, before Whites ever even came into contact with them. It was ALSO a beauty standard for Whites back in the day, for the same reasons – paler skin meant more time spent indoors and aristocracy, darker skin meant a lot of time spent outside in manual labour jobs.

      2) Whites DO NOT tan as easily as Asians – they lack the same amount of melanin and do not need it in their Nordic countries as there is not much sun. Terrible argument in any case. Why do they WANT so desperately to be tanned, if we’re going to argue ethnic rejection here? It is not an ethnic trait for Whites, hence why they are called WHITES. And the ‘Spanish/Italian’ argument? This area of Europe was invaded by the Arab Moors. Here they mixed with the Nordic Spanish natives. Essentially, it is only politically correct to refer to modern day Italians and Spaniards as ‘White’.

      3) Double eyelid surgery is not a procedure sought after by all Asians. It is also not suggestive of wanting to look ‘White’. Many East Asian countries have a high prevalence of doubles (pretty much EVERYBODY in the Southeast has doubles, idiots!), and plenty of European countries have natives that sport monolids and epicanthal folds. And wait, what about Black people and Desi Asian (Indians, Bangladeshi etc) people? Why don’t you say Asians want to look like them?

      4) Tanning is not a safe procedure and it DOES NOT MAKE YOU LOOK HEALTHY. A tanning bed is a carcinogen – cancer-causing, like the tar in cigarettes. Tanned skin in people who are not naturally of this tone is also indicative of skin damage – yes, your skin looks tanned in appearance because it is already DAMAGED from UVA and UVB rays. It is over-producing melanin to stop you from cooking yourself further.

      5) Dyeing your hair jet black, tanning your skin, constantly straightening your hair so that it’s poker straight, getting a nose job to reduce your high nasal bridge (a feature that IS exclusive to Caucasians and Caucasoid skeletal structure), Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie’s ‘Asian eye surgery’ are all indicative of ethnic rejection, if you want to be a f***ing idiot.

  45. Psalm 46:10 says:

    How to get rid of eczema white spots?
    I have engagement pictures coming up soon and I have little white spots on my arms from where eczema was during winter. I have plenty of ointment to keep my eczema under control, but now I have all these spots that stand out. My fiance works in the medical field and doesn’t want me to tan because of skin cancer fears, and I respect him for that.

    If anyone knows how to get rid of these spots, I would greatly appreciate some advice 🙂

  46. 60sbabe says:

    I have white spots cause by sunburn, what are those?
    i went to disney a week ago and i did apply sunscreen but i guess it didn’t work, so i got this bad sunburn on my shoulders and then like 3 days later my skin was peeling off and then i notice i also have these white spots, they’re not that white they’re just lighter than my skin is. this has never happened to me, i’m really scared D: is it skin cancer?…is there any way of getting rid of them? or am i gonna have white spots on my shoulders forever? :'(

    • Manatee Mayhem says:

      nope. probably little blisters. if you scratch them does water come out? it could also just be your skin getting ready to peel. i wouldnt worry unless they dont go away after a few weeks. it sounds just like a normal sun burn symptom.

  47. hustle4bread123 says:

    **WHAT IS THIS WHITE SPOT NEAR SCROTUM??**((CANCER??))PLZ help!!! 10 pts!!?
    white circular spot of colored skin size of eraser, flat no texture, but white while other skin is tan/slightly darker….wondering if any type of cancer possibly or just inflammation from 2 much masterbation?? any ideas or help…cant go 2 doc cuz only 17 n wont tell mom unless sure..its under part of penis without pee hole near top of ball sack if location helps with possible diagnosis/guess. (hard 2 describe here ppl) 10 pts!!! plz help…i beg u!!!

  48. îςɛ, ɱσόɴ, ѕʈȧɾȿ says:

    Could this be melanoma (skin cancer)? I’m very scared?
    I am 12 years old and I don’t burn very easily. I have this mole on my leg and it is smaller than a pencil eraser and light brown. It has a white spot in the middle off to the side but it isn’t pure white, more of a skin white but I am pretty tan. The mole has one brown spot that is a little darker than the rest. In some areas the edges are a bit bumpy (not to the touch) but jagged looking but very slightly. I think I have had this for around 6 months. I wear sunscreen about 70% of the time when I am in the sun and I have lived in Hawaii and Florida for 5 years. I don’t go outside a lot. Do you think this could be melanoma? How fast does it progress through the stages? How long does it USUALLY take to spread to other parts of the body or vital organs? I am very scared and I have a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday to remove a skin tag and check out the mole but I would like to know now too.
    It is also a bit raised and very slightly the shape of an oval

    • booomboom says:

      is the mole circular or irregularly shaped?

      if its a near perfect circle then it does not fit the characterisitics of cancer.
      if its oddly shaped then check it out ASAP

  49. Chivo A says:

    Emergency! Can this be skin cancer? I asked before but not enough help?
    I shaved my head with a razor blade, and a couple days later i have these white spots. They dont itch or anything, it dont bother me at all. They look like leapord spots. I have never had them before, and i have been swimming in the sun for the past week. It has been very hot and my heads been in the sun for a very long time this week. I’m white with a dark tan. Can it be the sun that caused this or the razor? Please help and what can i do?

  50. john p says:

    what makes skin turn white?
    some kind fo skin cancer white spots on hands

    • Vortex says:

      There is a fungus that can do that and a skin condition called vitiligo which can cause that. Age will also cause some white spots to appear which is normal. Try selsun blue shampoo on your hands as it is a cure for the fungus. I suspect it may be age though.

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