Why Is Light Skin Better Than Dark Skin

this reality sarodj just looks better than the other girls

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98 Responses to Why Is Light Skin Better Than Dark Skin

  1. Faith says:

    Why do light skin girls look better than dark skin girls?
    The boys at church always tell me how fine my skin color is while they say dark skin girls look manly and have ashy skin. Why are we biracials, light skin blacks (beyonce) and of course whites soo blessed?

    • radacine1 says:

      Why do you say “at church”? You’re only told this by boys at “church”? I don’t believe you. I think you’re full of it. What could a question like this do anyway, other than stir up bad feelings in people? What’s your purpose here, “Faith”?

  2. germaine says:

    why do guys rather date a light skinned gurl better than dark skin ?
    im light n my friend she is dark n we are both beautiful but i get more attention from the guys then her n thats not nice i jus wonder y

    • mxxoxoxo says:

      I think it just the people you hang around. I see tons of dark skin gals with boyfriends. It has nothing to deal with skin tone so get over it.

  3. TRINa says:

    why do black guys like light skinned girls better than dark skinned?
    it hurts me b/c i am a shade darker than caramel and i feel ugly all the time b/c i am not light. my mom could pass for white and smetimes i wish i was light like her. but i really dnt understand that it is really dumb

    • laangel464 says:

      oh girl i understand. My mom is very light skinned, but i’m more of a mocha/caramel color. But most of the guys i like are light skinned, so i guess i don’t help much, but i have moments when i wish i were lighter skinned, but i have grown to love my darker skin and girl, u need to too. Blacker the berry, sweeter the juice, girl!!

  4. humes says:

    Why do some people with brown skin think they are better than people with black skin,but not worst than people?
    with white skin?

    Why do ‘light skinned’ India people/African Americans think they are better than the ‘dark skinned’ ones, but ironically don’t think the white skinned people?

    White: http://www.flickr.com/photos/57399358@N03/5402970426/sizes/m/in/photostream/
    Light brown skinned: http://www.flickr.com/photos/50961147@N03/4700094274/sizes/m/in/photostream/
    Dark black skinned: http://www.flickr.com/photos/53762751@N06/5126635103/sizes/m/in/set-72157625143582703/

    • Cle says:

      They only care about skin color because they are not White. Brown is still dark. So people in India or some African Americans try to push themselves up by pushing the really, jet-black dark ones down.

  5. THE 0LD ME iS DEAD & G0NE.... says:

    Why some feel that ligh-skin females are better than dark-skin females?
    I am a medium-dark colored african-american girl that is 15 years old. And I just understand why of today’s media put light-skin females have been put on a high level and being more noticed than the dark-skinned female who has so much power and talent inside, but then the media puts her in the backgroud, and brings the light-skinned female into light that doesn’t have that talent like a dark-skin female does. Now-a-days they even have skin lighting creame directing to the darker females, and men rather date a light skin female than a dark one. I’m not being rascist. But it seems like more and more each day, at the end of the day someone prefers a light-skin person over a dark-skin one. What is that’s so different about dark-skins, I don’t understand. Serious opinions, please. Thanks

    • The Lemur v1.03 says:

      It goes along with what society is into, which changes over time. Right now its cool to be black and look almost white.

  6. cool jc says:

    Why do light skin blacks think they are better than darker skinned blacks?
    So many times I hear light skinned blacks telling daker skinned blacks like myself that they are “so black”, I mean its so stupid we are all black, just different shades of black, those types of people are setting themselves and others back many years

    • wizard8100@sbcglobal.net says:

      It is time for all Americans to realize that racism is not confined to white people.

      Besides, since (obviously) races can interbreed, skin color is no more important than eye or hair color or even the shape of your earlobe when it comes to character and decency. We are all human beings. Let’s ALL start acting that way.

  7. Ryan says:

    I think that my dark skin black color is ugly? Is begin light skin black better than dark skin black?
    I think that my dark skin black color is ugly because people always made fun of my skin color it usually the black ones that do. Someone will a comment and say I am lighter you and i look better than you cause i am light skin and you dark. Everyone keeping say i am Africa but i was born In New Jersey. The light skin,white, Spanish always be getting girls and not made fun of there color. They always tell me that i have nappy hair and i look like a African booty snatcher blue black black. Is light skin people better than dark skin. Why everyone always made fun of me I am only 14. I wish God me white or Spanish. Is there any way I can be light skin, any good color contacts and how can i have good hair. I am stick tired of people madeing fun my dark skin. That not fair how black people treat light skin mixed black people better and they more prettier and have good hair.

    • president eshia says:

      look its ok, i used to feel the same way
      but i learned to live with it
      wut they say can break me i have confidence
      and i know black is Beautiful
      its all gonna work out in the end hun just be who u are =]

  8. IAmChrishonda says:

    Do you think light skinned women look better than dark skinned women?
    Me personally, I don’t think anything is wrong with this. If that’s what men like then that’s what they like. Right? Why make a fuss over something so simple? So what if a man would rather date a light skinned woman than a dark skinned one. That IS his preference. Isn’t it?

    This is a poll/survey so your answers will be displayed on my site. iamchrishonda(dot)com

    (Names will be changed)

    • ♥¢яу fσя тнє ¢αмєяα♥ says:

      Everyone is different so everyone wants (is interested in) different things. It depends on who you are and what you want.

  9. Jason says:

    Why do dark skin women look better?
    Than light skin women? When I was young my mother told me that pigmented skin was more attractive than pale and all throughout my life Ive noticed how true this is. Dark brown skin looks better than lighter skin in general.

    If you comared a hot white girl to a sexy black woman the black woman would always look better. Anyone else notice this?
    its not just because my mother told me I noticed it myself, I dont believe everything my mother told me..BTW my mother is not dark skinned
    Compare the young Vivica Fox to Cristina Aguilera or somebody

    • ♥Hey Jude says:

      that’s just how it is. you do know this question is going to attract racist trolls, right?

  10. Isa says:

    Why are light-skinned blacks treated better than dark-skinned ones in general?
    I go to a predominantly black high school (about 90% black), the rest are latinos, and a very small percentage is white.

    i’ve noticed that lighter skinned girls tend to get more attention from guys than dark skinned ones. Like the most popular girls in my school are lighter skinned, and the ‘cool’ guys all date light-skinned girls. they seem to get better treatment in school by everyone, students and teachers alike. even my ex-BOYFRIEND dumped me for a light-skinned girl.
    Just look at hip-hop videos. most girls i see are either latina or light-skinned black.
    i can count the ones with beautiful dark-skinned women in them with one hand.

    why are dark-skinned people (especially women) treated this way?
    shouldn’t we all be equal?

    • **^-^**~Twinkle eyes says:

      LOL story of EVERY culture, in african, Indian, and arab culture. Im arabic and believe me, my fellow arabs LOVE the light skinned arab girls, and if they happen to have blue eyes or a wierd mutation of blonde hair they go APE SH*T over it. Me and my sister are both palestinian, she has lighter skin and dirty blonde hair (yes this is how wierd we are) while I have tann skin (like Indian shade) and black hair and she gets treated by our relatives like she is the queen of the palace. And I have a face that is 10X prettier than hers. Same in Indian culture, lighter skins get treated better. Its really sad but human reality

  11. anna says:

    Why do people think lighter skin black people are better than dark skinned blacks?
    Or prettier or hotter for that matter

    I think were all the same..

    • Brown Beauty Misa+lvl3+ says:

      ummm i rarely hear that where i live. its funny how i only hear about it online though

      anyway, skin color doesnt make a person

      personality does

  12. thug14 says:

    why do light skin and carmel skin men think they are better than dark skin men?
    im always in public and i notice when im in the mall light skin men are rude to the workers and dark skin men are nice to the workers

    • Kristi says:

      Because they are pompous pricks! Light skinned men have never had to deal with racist, or ppl being mean to them just because of the color of their skin. I think dark skinned ppl have more empathy because they have had to deal with judgmental ppl themselves. But this is just a presumption….

  13. Anonymous says:

    Why do people think light skin is more beautiful/handsome than dark skinned ?
    i am very bright in skin tone and if some ask for example if i look better than some who is dark skin and the person says yes they would say “he’s only got color” i like mostly white women but i mean im not racist but beauty is beauty so why do people look at it as just color. anyway what do you think

    • Bishop McFeely - Altar Boy Lover says:

      It’s a matter of personal preference. Some people like them dark. Some people don’t. That’s all there is to it.

  14. Miss Pink Princess says:

    why do guys seem to like white girls or light skin black girls better than black girls with darker skin?
    Im a dark skin black girl in high school, academic excellence, talented, can speak without misplacing my verbs ( you is, they was etc) i dont think im the shit. But some of my darker friends seem to notice more black guys with white girls or lighter black girls. Is there something wrong with a dark black girl rockin a dress, heels and a short hair style ( not extreme short but a nice bob). the girls im talking about aren’t “ghetto, arrogant, or dumb” is there something wrong with us? I think we are being overlooked because of the ghetto girls. am i right?

  15. Jill K says:

    Why do dark-skin black people act like they’re so inferior of light-skin black people?
    I’ve never seen darker skin indians and latinas (at least it’s not that known) to pick each other apart by skin-color. It’s mainly dark-skin black people, esp the women. Every time an obviously beautiful woman like halle berry, beyonce, alicia keys, tyra, rihanna and vanessa williams (back then) are talked about then here comes the darker women (whom are probably just as beautiful) say things like ” Yall think she’s pretty because she’s light-skin” or “how come y’all don’t like dark-skin women?” etc..etc..

    Even a blind man can see that these women look better than alot of dark-skin, light-skin and white women. I’m starting to think it’s jealously, black women were always known to be jealous of one another, esp if the said woman is prettier than the other. No matter what complexion she is. Racist white people tried to divide black people a long time ago….they don’t have to anymore because blacks do a very good job of that themselves.

    • F U says:

      Because there are no pure full blooded light skinned Africans. If their light skinned it’s because there mixed with something maybe from centuries ago and the darker ones are more pure in their African descent. So dark black women get mad because their black men prefer light skinned non pure African Americans. So dark blacks consider them sell outs. There ain’t no Beyonce’s and Trya Banks looking women in Africa. And Tyra bleaches her skin. Look at her photos before she was in Fresh Prince She was blacker then the darkest night. But when she joined Fresh Prince she was light

  16. iluvashtonkutcher676 says:

    Do white guys prefer light skin black girls or dark skin ones??
    I was just wondering if white guys or other races prefer dating a light skin black girl or darker one. Because whenever I see a white guy with a black girl their usually light skin. Even though I’m hott, nice, fun to be around, they seem to choose the light skinned ones. Even if I look better than them. Why? I was just wondering…because I don’t think it’s fair. I’m really pretty (I get that alot) but it seems like I get overlooked by white guys because I’m dark (Brown skin)

    Why do some of you do that? Just wondering because I’m really into white guys. I think their hott, I just don’t know how to catch one because their usually after mixed, hispanic, or white girls (Which are pretty also.) I just wanna know what yall think about dark skin black girls….

    • dustin_w_c says:

      Me personally I think darker skinned women are more sexy but that’s just me, but I also like lighter skin too.

  17. Abhishek-the proud indian says:

    poll: why do fair skinned people look better than dark skinned ?
    i am not racist but i find vast majority of light skinned people look good at the same time majority of dark skinned people look ugly.why is that?

    • Luann says:

      I knew you were Indian ….isn’t there a colour complex over there? Colonial mentality, perhaps?

      What a shame because your thinking is ignorant. There is beauty in all colours, dumb ass!!

  18. Veronica says:

    Why?Why do people think that light skinned is better than dark skinned girls?
    is it good being dark skinned or light skinned.at my school boys don’t want a dark skinned girlfriend.i don’t know why.i think their cute in their own way.it doesn’t matter.this world doesn’t have to be BLACK AND WHITE!

  19. CHASE_ME says:

    Lighter Skin? Darker Skin? Why does today’s society view lighter skin as more attractive than darker skin?
    I fall somewhere in the middle, but I’ve always heard that women with lighter skin tend to be looked upon as more attractive especially when accompanied by a finer texture of hair. Why does the majority (until very recently) think that lighter skin / lighter shade of eyes / long wavy-textured hair is better? Is it just a phase? Is light in? Is dark in? Does it even matter…because everyone’s beautiful? What do you think?
    This seems to be true in the African American race but is totally opposite (from what I hear) for the Caucasians…It’s crazy
    This is not an issue for me…I’m in the middle, so I have the best of both worlds and I think that I am absolutely gorgeous!!!

    • I'm not you says:

      Girl i understand what you mean! I think its just where you were raised. I’m light skinned and when i lived up north all my darker friends were viewed as much prettier but then i moved to GA and all of a sudden it was just the opposite. My mom always told me its from back in the days of slavery

  20. ffgurl75 says:

    Why do light-skinned blacks look down on dark-skinned blacks or think they are better than the dark-skinned?
    “But while both countries struggled with democracy, economically they began to diverge. Haiti had long been exploited, by foreign powers, neighbors and its own rulers. France not only milked Haiti for coffee and sugar production but also extracted an indemnity from it: the young nation had to pay a burdensome sum to its former colonizer in order to achieve France’s diplomatic recognition. The lighter-skinned Dominicans looked down on the darker-skinned Haitians: in 1965, even as the Dominican Republic was embroiled in civil war, Haitians were working in Dominican fields and not the other way around”

    the excerpt came from this article below about the history of Haiti and Dominican Republic…


    • Wolpertinger says:

      The concept of racism, in it’s broadest sense, goes way back before the slave trades and scientific racism of white Europe and America. Dark-skinned peoples from various cultures going back to ancient times have engaged in racism among their own ethnic groups, dividing class systems based on skin variation (skin colour variations exist within any single ethnic group.) It’s thought that lighter skin has been associated with higher social class because those of nobility probably spent far less time outdoors in the sun and therefore did not develop a darker skin tone compared to slaves and those of the lower classes who spent much more time working outdoors exposed to the sunlight. This tradition was compounded by the extreme form of racism developed by white Europeans and Americans which eventually lead to scientific dogmas revolving around the concept. Although racism is no longer held within science, the racist tradition of associating lighter skin tone with higher social class still persists across many cultures.

  21. Fatima says:

    Why do many americans think light skinned women are better than dark skinned women?
    Im in a mainly african american high school and on facebook and school all the boys say oh i want a light skinned female cuz they the sexiest. and eww she ugly cuz she Dark.
    I get compliments from people that i don’t even know weather to take it to offense or not because certain people come up to me and are like your pretty for a dark skinned girl and im like ok and dark skinned girls aren’t often pretty? It is really aggravating and I think mainly it has to do with tv and music videos because the african american rappers are like redbone this light skin long hair that. and its very annoying because you barely ever see any dark skinned women on their. I just wanted to hear peoples opinions about this certain topic.

    • Swagnificent ♪♫™♪♫ says:

      All these “boys” saying they like light skin woman because they are more sexy and bs like that are just dumb.

      I also blame the media.. The way they portray dark skinned women is terrible.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Why light skin girls are better looking than dark skin girls?
    Which girl looks better?



    If you pick #1, than it is true that light skin is better.

    I wish I was light skin.
    Jazzy J: You’re not dark skin.
    Jazzy J: How did you get light now?
    Jazzy J: Oh, okay.

    • Jazzy J says:

      you have to love your skin color because you cannot change it i do not have light skin and im happy and do not wish to change it here is a pic of me for a better visual hope you get some confidence

      but im not light either when i was little i was a lot darker because i didnt take care of my skin and i would spend lots of times in the sun i heard everything from burnt pizza to burnt cookie to mud to just blackie.but now people always say im pretty boys both dark and light so stop worrying.

      i did not get light i went back to my original color you know the color i was born with and the reason for that is putting on sunblock whenever i go out in the sun and making sure my skin is always clear and not staying in the sun alot. spf90 sunblock not sunscreen is what i wear on a daily bases. this will not help you get lighter it will only help you maintain your color.


  23. Terrorist says:

    How come Africans look better than mixed or light skin blacks and white people?
    I have noticed that as an African, my skin is dark perfection and that Africans generally look better than mixed or lightskin blacks or white people. Why do you think that is?

  24. me246810 says:

    African americans Only Why do people always say that light skin girls look better than darker girls?
    why do people say Men in general say that light skin women look better than darker when i have always wanted to know???? wat do u Prefer and why this question is open To Males Especially and Females also

  25. BRICK CITY'S FINEST! says:

    Is light skin prettier than dark skin?
    I just wanna know because i’ve been so unhappy about my apperance everysince i was a little girl and i’m 18 now. My mother is light-skinned and she is so pretty and i look just like her but i’m darker and i think she looks better than me. I can’t even look at myself in the mirror without wantin to cry because of how ugly I am! And i really love to dress sexy because that brings me attention from my body to my face and it makes me feel good but my mother aint havin it and she won’t let me because she don’t understand how i feel! Which is one of the reasons why i never been in a relationship before because no one is attracted to me at all! All i really wanna do is to have the money to get plastic surgery on my entire skin, my nose, my eyes and get my teeth straightend and just look like the most beautiful light-skinned woman i deserve.

    • flowers says:

      It is not right that your Mum has made you feel this way. this is what I think about skin colour. All skin colours are beautiful and the important thing is that your skin is healthy and clear. Jesus was dark skinned. Find ways to develop your self esteem apart from what you look like and this will always be with you as people do get old.Do not dress sexy as this gives the opposite sex the wrong message. Dress tidy and appropriate for your age. You have your whole life for a relationship and it will happen in time and for the right reasons. Learn to love yourself and give to others. Good luck.

  26. Ryan says:

    Should I feel ashamed and bad about my dark skin black? Is light skin better than dark skin?
    Every time i am at school someone always made fun of my dark skin color. They always be saying come here black” why do you do that black. You blackest person i ever seen and are you Africa? When the teachers have school projects no one want to work with me because they say i meant turn them dark. I always have to work by my self. All girls in my school like putero rican,Mexican,white,light skin black dudes because they have good hair and they look good and dark skin ones are ugly and too black. Why do everyone treat me bad cause i am dark skin they act like i not even a human bee. I wish God made fun light skin with hazel eyes and good hair. If I take pill or bleach my skin and turn light skin or Hispanic will people treat better. Why light skin people always get treated better. What Bleaching Whitening Cream will work for a 15 year old boy and made him light skin. What contacts will made my eyes look hazed. Can you have surgery to my hair look Hispanic instead of this black nappy hair. Why most girls don’t like dark skin guys is because they dark and ugly?

    • A Human Being says:

      Sir, this is self depreciation, and plainly, simple stupidity. Don’t listen to what others say because if they’re making fun of you, it usually means they have problems too. If you really want to get technical about it, dark skin is better because it provides a higher protection from the sun. Don’t feel bad. Feel good.

  27. Love Allah-THE REAL ONE says:

    Why’s West face considered better than the rest? Why’re people of other races getting nose job&skin lightening
    Each nation has gorgeous distinctive features. Nowadays, Western features (light skin, blonde hair, western noses) are favoured over features of the particular race that you belong to.
    I think people from different races have their own beauty:
    The Middle East: deep set, hazel, beautiful eyes, & usually brown hair, along with straight noses. Usually a sophisticated look. Middle East are now obsessed with blonde hair, and white skin to look more Western. They’re having nose jobs to make noses smaller
    The far east (chinese, Japanese) : Long, straight black hair&shapely eyes. Japanese&Chinese people are enlargening their noses&eyes to look Western.
    The East (India, Pakistan etc): Beautiful, long black (or very dark brown) hair, raven coloured eyes&typically brown skin.
    European: tanned skin, healthy look+diet, lovely skin
    They’ve skin lightening creams due to obsession with Western, white skin. Why’re Western women considered more beautiful that women of other countries?
    I’m just saying that sometimes it’s R depressing. for people of say; dark skin or whatever, it can be really hard to measure up. Is it just me or are celebs totally ruining what ‘beauty’ really is? Suddenly beauty is being totally air brushed, and according to ‘Sugar’ magazine, mothers are spending up to 300 quid on their 10 yr old daughters for them to transform themselves with hair extensions and stuff. Are we becoming an utterly vain society?

    • Candy J says:

      Whoa! “Love Allah”

      I think you have not been noticing how white women are having collagen injected into their lips to fill them like Black women. They are also having butt implants to effect a fuller (black woman) look. This is not new. During the turn of the century, in order to present themselves more attractive to white men, aristocratic southern white women were already wearing large corsets with extended backs to effect the much sensualized butts of black women.

      There are many young white girls who are wearing corn rolls, and some white men are sporting locs. Both are African originated styles of beauty. Some white women are even assimilating black women expressive styles, especially those who date exclusively black men. Many white women are also tanning their skins darker and darker through artificial means.

      This cultural fact also applies to wearing other cosmetics such as make-up, in which many white women need it in order to enhance their daily features and looks. White women also age (wrinkle) at much younger ages as oppose to black women who typically do not “need” excessive daily cosmetics to enhance their looks, and tend to age less unattractively.

      30 years ago, these African attributes would have been considered sacrilege in a world where whiteness was promoted and considered the only standard of beauty.

      Economics also plays an important role in defining concepts
      of “beauty.” Poorer (usually ethnic) women have less free time and financial resources to artificially enhance their appearance via surgical and other artificial means, and are less likely to be profiled in the mass print, and public media as symbols of beauty.

      In today’s world where white women are universally promoted as “the” only standard of beauty is simply a reversal of the times. During ancient times, Africa (Egypt) was the center of the world, and those African women were the universal symbol of beauty that the world emulated.Celopatra is a historic case in point in which she set the beauty standard for Greek women by sporting African-styled braided hair/wigs, and copied the cosmetic style of the African Egyptian women.

      When only one form of beauty is forced on the world through the media, implying that other forms of original (ethnic) beauty are less acceptable, the coming generations are naturally wanting to fit-in by attempting to assimilate those qualities. The unfortunate concept of one form of beauty at the expense of others underminds all of God’s creation. It is not normal.

      When these artifical means of mass promoting one form of beauty are sucessfully suppressed, one truly learns that beauty is culturally and personally specific to each ethnic group. It truly rests in the eye of the beholder where it should remain.

      I will guestimate that in the future, as the climate becomes more warmer, more whites will (out of necessity) artificially darken their skins, to protect themselves against the ultra-violent rays. Dark skin is the natural hue of the first humans on earth. (Africans).

  28. if huey freeman was a girl...... says:

    why are light skin black women stuck up even though they dont look any better than dark black girls.?
    i moved to the south and lets just say colorism is thriving in georgia.

    • BeGood. says:

      i feel u,gurl,cause they light-skinned they think they got all the boys,but the boys love the dark-skinned gurls,cause we chocolate the boys love them some chocolate

  29. Jade2k392 says:

    I want to bleach my dark skin black skin to light skin?
    Well, I am 14 year old in 8th grade and every time the kids made fun of me for begin dark skin all the time. They would’nt call me by my right name they would come here black or come here Africa. I hate when the teacher show movies about black people cause they would say the darkest black one and the ugly one would be me. They treat the light skinned kids better than me and putero ricans,whites. They always put chalk of my face and say he lighter now. Why god got made me dark and made me look ugly i feel light skinned people look better than me. Should I bleach my ugly dark skin

    • 78%sarcastic♥ says:

      Oh my goodness.

      Listen, Dark skin is gorgeous and beautiful. Those kids are ignorant and absolutely disgusting for making fun of you for such a stupid reason. You should never let anyone put you down and make you feel like crap for being born with a skin color they dislike. Who gives a damn? who are they to judge you? Africa is a beautiful place with beautiful dark skinned people who have been kissed by the sun.

      I’m going to guess you are a male but I will suggest this. Go on youtube and type in beautiful Black women, you will fine many slideshows of women with beautiful dark skin than will be the same color as you, even though they are female look at how confident and beautiful they are in their gorgeous dark skin.

      They are the ones with issues, if that are that caught up in thinking there is something wrong with dark skin than there is definitely something wrong with them. You should ask them, “Why don’t you like dark skin?, what is so bad about it?” and I can guarantee that the answer they give you won’t be logical or make any sense at all.

      You have dark beautiful skin like people from Africa LOVE it. Because it is gorgeous.

  30. Ty Brown says:

    Why do Light Skin Black people think they are better than Dark Skin Black people ?
    I am a Dark Skinned Black Man of Haitian Descent always get dirty looks from Light Skinned Black people on the bus.It’s annoying that they hate me more than White People worse that they stare and give dirty looks for it .Well at least when people look at me they know my race unlike them who sometimes look spanish,white chinese etc.. I do not consider Light skinned Blacks black they do not look like people from Africa..

  31. Number29 says:

    Why does it seem like light-skinned boys think they are better than dark-skinned boys?

    • Da Black X says:

      If you’re talking about lighter black people vs. darker black people then it’s the age old story of the “House Slave vs. Field Slave”. If you’re not talking about that, then I dunno.

  32. Brownie_baby says:

    Why does the majority of society feel that light skin girls are better looking than dark-skin girls?

    • hallm26 says:


  33. Bobby Cox says:

    If the color of ones skin means nothing why do light skinned blacks look down on dark skinned blacks?
    and want nothing to do with them cause they think they are better than them isnt that the reason half white and half black kids are rejected by both races its all about color or lack of it.

    • -.- says:

      I’m half black and half white. I don’t look down on anyone or any race, nor do I feel rejected by either of my races. ALL people are beautiful, no matter what color they are 🙂

  34. Ryan says:

    Is light skin black better than dark skin black?
    Well, I am in 8 grade and everyone always made fun of how black i am and mostly black kids do that all the time. They treat the Hispanic,white,light skin blacks better than me and give them complements and they have good hair and they pretty. They said i look African and i eat elephant blood. I told them i not African . Everyday they always made fun of me of begin dark skin they said when i was born my mom left me in the sun and when she came me out she i turned dark and she couldn’t see me. I feel ashamed of begin dark skin black I think it is ugly and too dark. I wish I was white or Hispanic they got pretty eyes,nice hair and they look better and the girls always like them better. I hate having big nose why god got made me fun. Is there Bleaching Cream to made light skin cause it look more better and they got treated better and have things easy in life.

  35. imlovingmenow says:

    Is it better to be dark skin or light skin?
    i am fifteen years old.I am black but i am very light skin that people mistake me as Hispanic or American when my ancestor are African. Poeple can not tell my Race. I also look Asain because i have small eyes and when i smile i look Asain.i was not born in the United States.I am the lightest of my whole family and i do not have an accent. When i walk down the street people do not think i am black and start talking to me in other languages i do not know like Spanish. I am tired of being asked If i am Black when my answer is that I AM. I hangout with my friends for years and they still didn’t know if i was BLACK! I always wish i had really dark Skin and i think it would be much better. What do you think? Which is better light skin or dark skin? Why do boys like light skin girls better than dark skin girls? Do people consider light skin girl as mixed race? The darker the better or the lighter the skin the better?

    • sophialinae says:

      I think it is better to just accept who you are. I am a white girl. My dad is part Irish and German. My mom is part German and Cherokee Indian. I guess I AM a mixed breed. But what’s funny is … often people ask me if I’m Italian. They say I have strong Italian characteristics. It doesn’t bother me. I am who I am and the thoughts other people have about my race don’t particularly bother me. I’m not saying it never did. I use to get aggravated because I couldn’t understand why so many people seemed so opinionated about my race. I couldn’t understand why the “issue” of what race I was would come up so often. But I realized that I must have a unique look that people admire or else why would they bother. You must be beautiful and kind for so many to openly ask you about your race. Have a blessed life!

  36. Gretchen says:

    Honey, why do light skinned bIack men look so much better than dark skinned bIack men?
    I was watching that BET awards with my daughters and grambabies a few days ago and i payed alot of attention to that program and i remembered all the men and singers. the light skinned bIack guys looked so much more better, darling.

    Trey Songz
    the Chris Brown

    and so much more

    On the other hand you have Lil Wayne, Kanye West, T-Pain…. oh goodness, have mercy.
    And may I say that that man on Tyler Perry House of Pain is just delicious.
    That woman from Tiny&Toya is an exception, honey.
    Danielle, your going to have some respect for your elders and talk to me properly. You hear?

    • A black Dude says:


  37. fruitydevil says:

    why do some black men say that light skin girls are better than dark skin girls?
    I am light skin but still think that it is rude black is black 2 me no matter how light skin u are u are still black.

  38. dira67 says:

    why do brown and light skin black girls get treated better than dark skin black girls?
    I ask this question because I was talking to this guy,(black guy) at my school and we were talking about the kind of people we would date and he said that the only girls he would ever date are light skin girls and light brown skin girls but never a real dark girl because they are most of them are bitter.

  39. U MUST NOT KN0 SHAWTTY says:

    Light Skins Prettier Than Dark Skin?????
    Okay Im dark skin, & my friend who is overweight will get a lot of attention just because she is light skin (mixed) & has light brown eyes.

    Why is that I have a way better body, but its like nobody notices that, & way better personality.
    She’s really stuck up & barely takes care of her hair & stuff, I mean its long but she barely has it nice..

    I mean Why do people now days consider light skins prettier than dark skins…
    Im talking about blacks.

    • liL mIsS kRis says:

      well i am chocolate and it is kind of annoying because mixed or light skinned girls seem get more attention
      but i’ve just got to the point to where if a guy wants that particualr type of female then go for it
      but if she doesnt take care of her self what’s the point of having her and he sure aint gunna wanna claim her in public
      plus i just like the saying
      the darker the berry the sweeter the juice!
      and black people come in all shades,
      and people have to appreciate that
      and about the hair thing she doesnt know how lucky she really is to have long hair-something that i wish i had
      k anyway that’s my answer hope it helps

  40. Uncle Tom says:

    Aren’t light skinned black women better than dark skinned black women with white women being at top?
    Of the ladder of desirability? It seems barely anyone these days want a dark skinned girl but many brothas want themselves a red bone. Most of us can agree white women being at the top. Why are dark skinned black women unwanted? How does this reality make them feel? I don’t think this is brainwashing because all around the world dark skinned women are undesirable. Is it just natural?

  41. only gettin better says:

    Why is it okay for Dark skinned women to boast but not light skinned?
    Like every week i hear of like a dark skinned women boasting about how they love their color and noone gets mad at them. But if a light skinned black women did that everyone would get mad and think she was trying to “be better than everyone else” Why is that? smh… (ps im not a women lmao)

  42. Pazzo says:

    Why do black women always want a light-skin/biracial man nowadays?
    It seems that nowadays, that black women, or even all women, want a light skin man or a biracial dude, and I dont understand this. What in the world is wrong with us dark-skin brothers, there is nothing about a light skin dude thats better than me, or nothing about me better than him. This self prejudice got to stop

    • Geeto Surfer says:

      You see dude, It because of “media”! Yup media makes something amazing and “beautiful” to someone.
      And not only woman but it also goes with all the people in the world, If there’s something “new” and unique is considered ” beautiful” hehe most of the time.

      Asians like white skin, West wants tanned “not in general” Because it’s not usual to see someone like them. It’s like a box of full of “black choco” mixed with few white ones. As simple as that dude.

      We all have our preferences when it comes to selection of “chick”

      Just accept it, and maximize what you got. I mean your looks.

  43. R.I.P. Michael Joesph Jackson says:

    Why does society say light skin is better than dark?
    unfortunately i have dark skin. and i wanted to be light. i just want to know why light is better than dark.

    • the eyes have it! says:

      it’s not. it is what it is. what’s better is loving you for you and not relying on others for your happiness

  44. littlecutething01@ymail.com says:

    Do you think light skin or dark skin has it easier?
    I watch alot of bet and tv and i was watching the trya show one night; i really thought about this topic. I that light skin somtimes has it better than dark skin in relations to getting jobs,movies, and, especially videos! I feel that both are color are lovely but now when i watch tv i think of this topic? Really i think that all colors are hot but why do i sometimes feel disconnected?

    • Bridget D says:

      If someone walks around with a chip on their shoulder playing victim, it doesn’t matter what the color of their skin is, right?

  45. you can bet that neva gotta sweat that says:

    Culturally Speaking: Why do people say that Light Skin is better than Dark Skin?
    Years ago, Skin tone didn’t even matter. Where did this Dark Skin VS Light Skin movement come from? Does it really matter about what skin color you are?
    BQ: Why is Dark Skinned perceived as dirty and unclean, whereas Light skin is not? Like seriously? Someone explain this to me…

    • Angel from your nightmare says:

      It was(color struck) instilled in people during slavery and unfortunately that got carried down generation to generation. It is believed that the lighter skinned slaves were in the house and therefore able to present themselves as cleaner because they had access to things that the field slaves did not. They had to be presented as nice and neat as they could be, considering their standing, because it reflected on the house. It doesn’t matter the skin tone of a person at all. It is what is inside. There are dirty light skinned folks and there are dirty dark skinned folks.

  46. Leanne Williams says:

    Why are light skin females better than dark skin?
    being light skin i love the attention that boys give me. i have long curly hair and a lot of dark skin girls dont like me. dark skin females always talk down about light skin females but you never hear a light skinned chick hating on dark skinned females. yall darkies need to chill out and stop the hating.

    • Natasha says:

      i don’t know i think it’s the stupid mentality you dumb americans have actually i mean you african americans. Here in the uk there’s no such thing as light skin dark skin who gives a s h i t about how light or dark you are you’re still a negro at the end of the day hate to break it to you….

      really??? yahoo you’re really gonna blurr the word n.e.g.r.o out how dumb

  47. Hypnos says:

    Why do light skin black people think they are better than dark skin black people?
    I was on the classroom and these two guys were shouting who knows what. Then one told the other compared to you “I am white”, the other guy didn’t say nothing back. The teacher wasn’t there because it was a credit recuperation class after school or something like that.
    The two of them were black but one was lighter than the other, I felt sorry how he didn’t say anything back.

    • Honey Bear says:

      Because they r just haterz. Mainly because they’ve been brought up that way thinking that and it’s surrounding them everywhere they go. But to be honest, whites don’t care how light u are. You are still a n****r. And if your biracial, they’ll just call you half a n****r. So there’s no way of getting around it. And it just boils down to the basic fact that people who make fun of others usually have a problem with themselves. It really doesn’t matter though because they still have the features of a black person. That is a dead give away. Hope this helped some!

  48. marshamarsha3333 says:

    Why do light skinned “black” women have only light skinned friends & think they are better than us dark girls?
    I’ve noticed that “every” single light skinned black girl has no dark skinned friends, think they are better than everyone, they act superior, have no courtesy for anyone, are SEVERELY stuck up, and always want a light skinned man. Why is that?

    • On the upside says:

      Oh please! I am a light skinned black woman. I have plenty of dark skinned girl friends and a dark skinned black husband. I am happy in my own skin, you should be too.

      Stop hating on us. I get enough racism from other people, I don’t need any more from my own race thanks.

  49. kerab7 says:

    Is light skin better than dark skin?
    I understand that most people prefer light skin girls but why? When I was younger I used to get made fun of everyday due to my skin color. I’ve gotten lighter over the years but not enough, because I’m still dark skin. (well brown) I have great features, beautiful brown eyes (which I luv), long hair, and cute lips. But if i was light skin, that would make me sooo much prettier. I feel like it’s a waste when i have dark skin….
    IDK I just wanted some peoples opinions on dark/light skin.

    • Aaliyah fan 4 ever! says:

      I am also darkskinned and I feel where you’re coming from. I am 14 years of age and I do believe people prefer lighter skin. My sister believes she is better than me because she is lightskinned so I guess some people believe in this…BTW she’s 13…email me adgaray13@yahoo.com

  50. Rocco Raccoon says:

    Why do people think light skin is better than dark skin?

    • SB says:

      depends on the person. Some whites think being tan is better than being pale because it it implies something more exotic. Some blacks think lighter skin is more beautiful because longer hair and lighter eye follow it and others think the blacker the better since it show pride in an african Heritage.

      Some of the old skool thinkng with black people dates back to slaves. The lighter slaves served in the house or were the “Masters” mistress and the darker slave worked the field, therefore instill the light ones are better than or more civilized that the dark ones; unfortunately that idiotic notion has followed us in america through history and still hurts and affects people today.

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